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Bakflip Mx4 Tonneau Cover

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If you’re looking for a truck bed cover that’s easy to install and use, the BAKFlip MX4 tonneau cover may be the perfect option for you. This soft bed cover features a tri-fold design and aluminum panel sections to provide convenience and protection. The matte marine-grade vinyl is tear, scratch, and UV resistant to help you keep your tonneau cover look new longer.

Bakflip G2 Tonneau Cover

The BAKFlip G2 tonneau cover is an affordable and durable option. Crafted with aluminum, the textured surface is stylish and matches many truck designs. EPDM rubber seals provide a weatherproof barrier that prevents rain from leaking in through the individual cover panels. The aerodynamic design also improves your truck’s performance and gas mileage.

Bakflip Mx4 Vs Bakflip G2 Tonneau Covers

BAKFlip is a line of hard folding tonneau covers that gives you security and weather protection for small cargo while also offering you near-total bed access when you need to haul large items. BAK Industries designed and patented the popular BakFlip hard folding tonneau, which is the only hard folding truck bed cover to give you full access to the entire truck bed. While tri-fold tonneau covers are very popular, BAK has taken the category to new heights with it’s range of BakFlip Quad-fold tonneau covers. While many of these covers seem similar at a glance, the differences are in the details. Both MX4 and G2 hard folding tonneau covers are very similar in that they are folding aluminum tonneau covers that will fit and work great, but there are a few difference. The biggest being that the G2 has three sections that fold and the MX4 has 4. The MX4 is also compatible with the BakBox which is a storage box The MX4 also has a weight rating of 400 lbs evenly distributed on it while the G2 isn’t rated at all.Find out what traits the BAKFlip G2 and MX4 hard folding tonneau covers share, and where their differences lie.

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Bakflip F1 Tonneau Cover

The BAKFlip F1 truck bed cover is well-known for its aerodynamic fit and impact-resistant fiberglass skin. It’s easy to use and easy to install with invisible bolts that don’t require any drilling. With a near-factory fit, this tonneau cover will look like it was manufactured exclusively for your truck. The advanced latching and locking system provides additional security to keep your cargo safe.

Bakflip Hd Tonneau Cover

BAK BAKFLIP G2 Hard Folding Tonneau Cover for 04

This heavy-duty cover provides the ultimate protection for all your cargo. The aluminum design is both strong and surprisingly lightweight, making it easy to install and handle. The powder coat and UV-resistant finish prevent corrosion to keep your tonneau cover looking new even after heavy use. The 5/8-inch thick sporting panels also provide protection in even the harshest weather conditions.

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How To Replace/install A Bakflip Cover For Your Truck

Disclaimer: The guidelines in this story are general and not meant to replace instructions for your specific vehicle. Please consult your owner’s manual or repair guide before attempting repairs.

While the exact instructions may vary depending on the model and year of your truck and the BAKFlip tonneau cover you choose, you can follow this general guide to install a new BAKFlip cover on your truck:

  • To install your new BAKFlip cover, make sure you have a 9/16 wrench. You may also want to ask a friend or family member to help you lift the tonneau cover on the back of your truck.
  • Place the tonneau cover on the bed rails of your truck.
  • Secure your BAKFlip cover to the two supporting rails using the clamps on the sides of the truck bed.
  • Tighten all the clamps on each side of your truck bed with the 9/16 wrench to secure the cover. Most BAKFlip covers include three clamps on each side, but longer truck beds may have four clamps on each side to provide additional security.

What Are Bakflip Bed Covers

BAKFlip produces a wide range of truck bed covers to protect your cargo while offering a unique design that allows you to fold up each of the panels for added convenience. Some of the main benefits of using a BAKFlip bed cover include:

  • Easy access to your truck bed.
  • Safe and secure transportation of cargo.
  • Increased security from theft.
  • Weather protection from rain, snow, and dirt.
  • Organization and maximized storage space.

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Types Of Bakflip Bed Covers

BAKFlip provides a wide variety of tonneau covers featuring different materials and styles. In this guide, we explore five Tf the most popular BAKFlip covers available today. Each of these BAKFlip tonneau covers folds up to allow you to access your entire truck bed. You can also choose to fold them down one panel at a time for partial coverage.

Features Of The Bakflip Hard Folding Tonneau Cover Line

2015-2020 F-150 BAK Industries BAKFlip G2 Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover Review & Install
  • Hard FoldingHard Folding Cover opens by flipping backwards towards cab.
  • Locks with TailgateLocks with Tailgate With the cover shut and your tailgate locked, your bed is more secure than your cab.
  • Aluminum ConstructionAluminum Construction Aluminum panels won’t rust or corrode.
  • No-Drill InstallationNo-Drill Installation Installs using bolt-on clamps.
  • Made in the UsaMade in the Usa The cover is made in the United States.
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    Bakflip Fibermax Tonneau Cover

    The BAKFlip Fibermax tonneau cover includes many of the same features as the F1 and G2 for an affordable price. This lightweight and durable option is made with fiberglass reinforced polymer that provides protection against scuffing and dents. Rubber bumpers provide full protection against rain, snow, and dirt, while the aluminum base offers structural support. The advanced hitch and latch system make this tonneau cover a secure option to keep your cargo safe.

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