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Best Hard Folding Tonneau Cover In 2022

2019 RAM 1500 BAK Industries BAKFlip FiberMax Tri Fold Tonneau Cover Review & Install

We all know the amount of fun associated with owning a good truck. These vehicles are not only convenient for carrying large hauls, but they also run smoothly on the road. However, carrying large hauls at the back of your truck can sometimes be challenging if you are not well equipped.

You need to be able to cover your items from exposure to elements such as rain and dust. Having to install a DIY cover can also prove to be a challenging and time-wasting task.

The best solution for securing your items on the truck is to invest in the best hard folding tonneau cover that is more resilient and easier to clean. Simply put, this refers to a specially made cover that provides a flush fit over the carry area on your truck. Usually, the covers come with specially made materials and installations such as buckles to ensure the perfect fit. Start with this review to learn more

Which Is Better: Roll Up Vs Tri

The tri-fold tonneau cover is our best selling tonneau cover, by far.

But there are times when a roll up tonneau is a better option.

This guide should help you pick the best tonneau cover for your needs.

As always, if you have any questions, text our team at 281-761-6097 and well help you pick one out.


  • Quick & easy to open panels
  • Open from either side of truck
  • Budget and premium options available
  • Takes longer to open and close
  • Snaps or velcro can be cumbersome for some
  • Great option if you have a smaller budget
  • More availability for older trucks

Premium Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

  • Benefits of a rolling cover, without the hassle
  • Quick opening and closing
  • Dont need to deal with velcro or snaps
  • More expensive than the others

How To Install A Hard Folding Tonneau Cover

Installing the Trifold cover is usually a simple process that you can do DIY. However, some of the poorly made covers can take a lot of time to install correctly. This is why we recommend that you first choose a good tri-fold that offers the simplicity of use. Usually, the installation steps include the following:

  • Get the tri-fold cover from storage and place it over the truck bed. You might have to release the storage latches on the cover before placing it on the truck bed. Also, get feel for the correct positions of the thumbscrews, latches and more that you will use to secure the cover to the truck.
  • Drag it over the other end of the truck bed, so that it sits close to the window of the back seat.
  • Once there, find the special latch that sits under the cover, and use it to secure the cover to the edge of the truck. Usually, the latch is a special thumbscrew, that helps hold the cover in place. Conduct this step for both sides of the cover.
  • The next step is to release the latches on the main tonneau cover. Following this, fold the cover out until it covers the entire truck.
  • The next step is to secure the rear section of the cover, and secure the latches on the tailgate. Once secured, then the cover is fully secured on the track
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    How To Replace/install A Bakflip Cover For Your Truck

    Disclaimer: The guidelines in this story are general and not meant to replace instructions for your specific vehicle. Please consult your owner’s manual or repair guide before attempting repairs.

    While the exact instructions may vary depending on the model and year of your truck and the BAKFlip tonneau cover you choose, you can follow this general guide to install a new BAKFlip cover on your truck:

    • To install your new BAKFlip cover, make sure you have a 9/16 wrench. You may also want to ask a friend or family member to help you lift the tonneau cover on the back of your truck.
    • Place the tonneau cover on the bed rails of your truck.
    • Secure your BAKFlip cover to the two supporting rails using the clamps on the sides of the truck bed.
    • Tighten all the clamps on each side of your truck bed with the 9/16 wrench to secure the cover. Most BAKFlip covers include three clamps on each side, but longer truck beds may have four clamps on each side to provide additional security.

    Do Tonneau Covers Deter Theft

    10 Best Truck Bed Covers For Ford F250

    All tonneau covers conceal a truck beds cargo from onlookers, which is a good deterrent in itself. But most depend on the trucks tailgate being locked to prevent someone physically accessing your gear. Thats because the release latches are located under the cover near the tailgate.

    Soft covers are also inherently more vulnerable to theft than hard covers because they can be cut open with a sharp implement. And covers sealed with Velcro or another hook-and-loop fastener, such as roll-up covers, can often be separated enough on the sides to allow someone to look inside.

    Covers secured with snaps are typically the most vulnerable, which is why we dont recommend any. Conversely, some one-piece hinged hard-shell tonneaus are the most secure because their design prevents the tailgate from being opened. But they are also expensive, heavy, and harder to use than the covers highlighted here.

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    Bakflip Fibermax Tonneau Cover

    The BAKFlip Fibermax tonneau cover includes many of the same features as the F1 and G2 for an affordable price. This lightweight and durable option is made with fiberglass reinforced polymer that provides protection against scuffing and dents. Rubber bumpers provide full protection against rain, snow, and dirt, while the aluminum base offers structural support. The advanced hitch and latch system make this tonneau cover a secure option to keep your cargo safe.

    Fib Auto Hard Tonneau Cover Lock & Tri

    You are not taking good care of your truck if you dont have a tonneau cover. This is why the FIB Auto hardcover is the perfect place to start. It comes with a unique tri-fold hardstyle and aluminum material that is durable.

    Furthermore, weather stripping does well to prevent the effects of water and dust from entering. This truck tonneau covers is also appealing and it does well to complement the aesthetic appeal of your car. It also helps in controlling the effects of drag, and to enhance aerodynamics.

    To provide ease of installation, this unit comes with a pre-assembled no-drill design for optimal performance.


    • Tri-fold hardstyle with vinyl and aluminum
    • Weatherstripping to prevent water and dust from entering
    • Comes with a pre-assembled and no-drill design


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    One Tonneau Cover That Balances Security And Accessibility Rather Well

    With decades of combined experience covering the latest news, reviewing the greatest gear, and advising you on your next car purchase, The Drive is the leading authority on all things automotive.

    The Drive and its partners may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links.Read more.

    BY Austin Fracchia / LAST UPDATED ON July 29, 2021

    This bed cover isnt the best in terms of absolute security and protection, but it does offer a lot in terms of quick installation and use. As a result, we recommend this cover as a budget option for anyone who doesnt have anything covering their truck bed.

    • Simple and easy installation.
    • Limited theft protection like many soft folding truck tonneau covers.
    • Limited compatibility with older Dodge Rams, Ford F150s, Chevy Silverados, etc.
    • Weight of the cover can make ease of use and installation a bit difficult at first.
    • Lacks noticeable gains in fuel economy.
    • Not much of a low-profile design. The overhand may restrict access to bed rails, tie down points, and other accessories. Might be difficult to use with some bed liners.

    TheDrive and its partners may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links. Read more.

    Lomax Professional Series Hard Tri

    2015-2020 F-150 BAK Industries BAKFlip G2 Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover Review & Install

    With the LOMAX Professional Series Tonneau Cover B10400191 cover, you can easily cover your truck for the best results. It comes with a sleek and ultra-low profile design that sits less than an inch above the truck bed. The watertight seal does well to prevent the access of water and elements such as dust.

    The LOMAX B10400191 also features extruded aluminum channels that can hold as much as 400 pounds of weight. Equipped with sleek and retractable storage clips, the tonneau cover holds secure for a secure installation.

    The panels are also made using aluminum allow and coated with a matte black finish.


    • Sleek and ultra-low profile design
    • Comes with a watertight seal to prevent water entry
    • Has extruded aluminum channels to hold up to 400 pounds


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    Bakflip Mx4 Vs Bakflip G2 Tonneau Covers

    BAKFlip is a line of hard folding tonneau covers that gives you security and weather protection for small cargo while also offering you near-total bed access when you need to haul large items. BAK Industries designed and patented the popular BakFlip hard folding tonneau, which is the only hard folding truck bed cover to give you full access to the entire truck bed. While tri-fold tonneau covers are very popular, BAK has taken the category to new heights with it’s range of BakFlip Quad-fold tonneau covers. While many of these covers seem similar at a glance, the differences are in the details. Both MX4 and G2 hard folding tonneau covers are very similar in that they are folding aluminum tonneau covers that will fit and work great, but there are a few difference. The biggest being that the G2 has three sections that fold and the MX4 has 4. The MX4 is also compatible with the BakBox which is a storage box The MX4 also has a weight rating of 400 lbs evenly distributed on it while the G2 isn’t rated at all.Find out what traits the BAKFlip G2 and MX4 hard folding tonneau covers share, and where their differences lie.

    Do Tonneau Covers Improve Fuel Economy

    This is a hotly debated topic, with advocates on both sides. And any effect on fuel economy will depend on the cover, the truck, and the speed that youre driving. But dont buy a tonneau if your main reason is better mpg any real improvement will take many years to offset the price of the cover.

    According to Sawtooth, a tonneau cover manufacturer, a 2007 wind-tunnel test by the trade group SEMA showed that tonneau covers reduced aerodynamic drag by an average of 5.7%, which resulted in a 1.8% improvement in fuel economy. In 2013, however, Consumer Reports tested a Dodge Ram V8 pickup with a tonneau while driving at a constant 65 mph, and they measured a slight drop of almost one mpg.

    According to the truck accessory retailer, RealTruck, soft roll-up and folding covers are the best choice if fuel economy is a concern because the higher weight of hard tonneaus can offset any reductions in aerodynamic drag.

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    Best Painted Hinged Tonneau

    UnderCover Elite LX Truck Bed Cover

    If you are trying to go top of the line and get all the luxury, convenience, and top security then this is the way to go. The UnderCover Elite LX Hinged tonneau cover is one of the most premium and luxurious hinged covers you can get.

    The cover is made with ABS composite and perimeter. Because the cover overlaps over the rails, all the rainwater will slide down. The seals keep your cargo even safer from the weather.

    Its best feature is that it comes pre-painted and color matched to your truck. The manufacturer makes the covers available in 80 different finishes. One more feature worth mentioning is the super-tough aluminum top. This will pass the knife test keeping your cargo extra secure.

    Bakflip Mx4 Tonneau Cover

    BAK BAKFlip MX4 Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

    If you’re looking for a truck bed cover that’s easy to install and use, the BAKFlip MX4 tonneau cover may be the perfect option for you. This soft bed cover features a tri-fold design and aluminum panel sections to provide convenience and protection. The matte marine-grade vinyl is tear, scratch, and UV resistant to help you keep your tonneau cover look new longer.

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    Types Of Bakflip Bed Covers

    BAKFlip provides a wide variety of tonneau covers featuring different materials and styles. In this guide, we explore five Tf the most popular BAKFlip covers available today. Each of these BAKFlip tonneau covers folds up to allow you to access your entire truck bed. You can also choose to fold them down one panel at a time for partial coverage.

    Bakflip Hd Tonneau Cover

    This heavy-duty cover provides the ultimate protection for all your cargo. The aluminum design is both strong and surprisingly lightweight, making it easy to install and handle. The powder coat and UV-resistant finish prevent corrosion to keep your tonneau cover looking new even after heavy use. The 5/8-inch thick sporting panels also provide protection in even the harshest weather conditions.

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    Can I Use The Full Bed When A Tonneau Cover Is Attached

    This depends on the cover. All roll-up and retractable tonneaus allow full-bed access. But most tri-fold designs cover the front third of the bed when folded up, and they need to be removed for full-bed access. An exception is our Best Overall recommendation, the Gator FX3, which has support struts that can secure it against the cabs rear window when driving.

    Which Products Can Be Returned Or Exchanged

    Tacoma BAK Industries BAKFlip FiberMax Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover (2016-2019) Review & Install

    Most products can be returned within 30 days of purchase, provided it is returned in original packaging and the items are in new and unused condition. We reserve the right to charge up to the full value of the product for items not received in this condition.

    Products that cannot be returned or exchanged:

    • Some products, including, but not limited to, custom patterned and custom, and painted items are not returnable
    • Products that shipped via freight, typically oversized and heavy items.
    • Products that have been installed on your vehicle
    • Products that have been modified

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    Receive Your Refund Or Exchange

    After we receive your package, we’ll process your refund or exchange immediately. You can expect to see the refund, less any applicable restocking fees, credited within 5-7 business days, to the payment method that you used when you originally placed your order. If you selected an exchange, we will ship you replacement item out immediately.

    Best Retractable Tonneau Cover

    Roll-N-Lock M-Series Tonneau Cover

    The first glance at the price of this Roll-N-Lock M-Series tonneau may have you canceling it out of your list. But good things do not come cheap and this is certainly an amazing cover.

    The cover has vinyl material laminated to tough aluminum which explains why it is so rigid. Additionally, the construction has a torsion spring drive enclosed in an aluminum reel. This feature offers long durability and easy operation of the cover.

    With the Roll-N-Lock Locking M-Series retractable, everything is smooth and quiet. This is all thanks to the hinged design which does away with all the friction.

    The ratchet-style latching mechanism of the cover allows it to open at 4 different positions.

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    An Important Message To Our Valued Customers

    Due to industry-wide production issues stemming from COVID-19, many of our products are experiencing longer than average shipping times. While we are working to update the site with accurate shipping timelines, our estimated delivery dates are based on historical shipping information which may be impacted by supply chain issues and subject to delays. Due to these delays our incoming call volume has risen substantially, which has led to longer hold times. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and frustration this may be causing. Rest assured were working diligently to reach any customer who has requested contact via email or a return call. Were truck enthusiasts who understand how eager our customers are to get their parts and upgrade their trucks. We ask for your patience as our service team continues to work toward addressing all of your questions, concerns, and return requests.

    Bak 26309 Bakflip G2 Truck Bed Cover

    BAK BAKFlip MX4 Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover
    • Make sure this fitsby entering your model number.
    • All Panels flip open in the same direction to reveal 100% of the bed if desired
    • The BAKFlip is built from extremely tough, scratch resistant UV-Protected ABS laminate panels
    • Revolutionary “living hinge” system ensures water resistance
    • Panels automatically latch to both sides of the truck bed
    • Entirely “Clamp on” installation, no drilling required

    FREE Shipping

    Similar item to consider

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    Undercover Flex Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

    The Flex FX11019 Cover provides the best of both worlds. In particular, the cover offers the benefits of a hard locking cover, with the simplicity of a soft roll cover. Developed using high-quality materials, this best tonneau cover can withstand natures toughest elements.

    Equipped with a sleek black profile design, this best cover adds style to any type of pick-up truck. It provides the best in function, with benefits such as bed protection and enhanced gas mileage. The rugged liner on the exterior structure offers enhanced longevity benefits.

    The cover also allows access to the bed and with inbuilt props to help secure the bed in one position. Even more, the FRP composite panels are stronger and provide high dent resistance than aluminum material.


    • Ultra-low profile design is simple to install
    • Provides full access to the bed
    • Inbuilt prop rods to help secure the cover


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