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How To Price Your Bake Sale

Comic Relief Fundraising Tips: How to Throw a Bake Sale

Most of your products will probably be donated by friends, families and businesses, so you wont need to charge much for each baked good. However, It can be tempting to increase the price of your products to raise more money for your chosen cause.

Pricing the goods depends on a variety of factors such as the types of goods your selling and the location of the event. If youre selling butterfly cakes and brownies at a school fete, for example, you should keep prices low and no more than 50p per item.

If your location attracts adults and you have higher-quality products, you can price them from £1 upwards.

This Is The Best Rice Krispies Treat Recipe I Have Ever Used Cut Nicely And Tasted So Good Perfect Gooey And Sweet ~ Alisa

Everyone got excited about the opportunity to make and purchase homemade goodies. And even though they are so easy to make at home, the Rice Krispies Treats always sold like hot cakes.

Sure, these cereal and marshmallow squares have been around forever, but theres something about them thats just irresistible. Especially with a few added ingredients that make them even harder to resist.

Ive taken the basic recipe for Rice Krispies Treats that we all know and love, and added a few simple tweaks. First of all, the original recipe comes out a little too thin for me.

Theres something about a nice thick Rice Krispies Treat that really appeals to me. So I add some extra cereal to my recipe. Which of course means adding a little extra butter and some extra marshmallows too.

The result is a slightly thicker bar, which just looks more appealing and bake sale worthy, if you ask me.

I also like to add a splash of vanilla and a pinch of salt. Nothing fancy, but its a subtle change that makes people wonder whats so special about your Rice Krispies Treats.

Trust me, you cant go wrong with these buttery, chewy, cereal squares.

Rice Krispies Treats will never go out of style, at bakes sales, or as a quick and easy treat for your family. In fact, you should whip up a batch today!

Accompany A Sports Team

If your school has field hockey, soccer, or other sports teams, think about working the bake sale into a big game. This may work best if the game is earlier in the morning, and bring in some fresh croissants, fruit, and muffins to fuel the kids and their parents. Up your game by offering tea or coffee for the parents, and watch the sales roll in!

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Sort Out The Behind The Scenes

Although a bake sale is only as good as the treats being sold, it still takes a ton of planning behind the scenes to make sure everything runs smoothly. Having easy ways to organize volunteers, take payments, and an integrated communication system are just a few ways to keep your focus on the important things raising money!

FutureFund can help you manage your events, collect funds, sell merchandise, and so much more. Want to know more about how it can help you take your PTA events to the next level? Start a free trial today!

Bake Sale Ideas For Fundraisingand Successful Bake Sale Events

The 25+ best Bake sale ideas ideas on Pinterest

These delicious bake sale ideas will help you create a unique bake sale event to raise funds for your favorite school, church or charity benefit.

Having a successful bake sale idea is wonderful but… if you want to attract lots and lots of hungry, generous customers you need to advertise your bake sale as much as possible.

Use as many of these great promotional ideas as possible to create a buzz about your non-profit fundraising event.

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Pick Your Favourite Book Or Movie

Ever read a book or watch a movie that features something sweet that makes your mouth water? Thats a perfect theme for your bake sale! Get the kids to pick a couple of books, TV, or movie series and make their favourite treats! Turkish delight from The Chronicles of Narnia, chocolate frogs from Harry Potter, or peach pie from James and the Giant Peach are great ideas to get the ball rolling!

Sell Your Sweets In Advance

Dont plan to sit at a table outside the school cafeteria or wrestling meet to sell your cupcakes and snickerdoodles sell preorders for your identified favorite sweet treats. A family can order a packet of cookies that will last the entire month this way exponentially increasing your order and saving your Saturday woman/man hours sitting at tables at school functions.

Put an organized committee member in charge of accepting phone calls for pre-orders, and put at least three in charge of calling, emailing, Facebooking, and tweeting the advertisement for sweets availability to your market. You can also make each individual responsible for selling a set amount of pre-orders to their personal network!

Set a pickup destination, like your school gym or classroom on Friday afternoons, so that you dont incur any transportation cost as well. That way the table-sitting hour is reduced to a minimum!

Turn a bake sale into a real fundraiser to celebrate this Octobers National Dessert, Cookie, and Caramel Month and help out your school or nonprofit!

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Top Tips For Hosting A Charity Bake Sale

Supporting a local organization or group doesnt have take up a lot of time. For the bake sale I spent 2 evenings making EASY recipes with the kids, we printed up some flyers on our home computer, and will be spending a couple of hours outside in our neighborhood selling our goodies. There is no pressure to raise a certain amount, just a fun learning experience for my kids on how to run a small business and give back.

I know life it busy, but it can be easy and fun to find ways to give back in your community. If you need a little more positive in your live, and who doesnt these days, make sure you check out Local Love for good news stories that are happening right in the Toronto and Peel region! You can also connect with them by getting the Good News Letter, on , , and .

Bake Sale Recipe #1 Trix Treats

12 Amazing Bake Sale Ideas

When we made these, the kids went BONKERS. They are sure to be a sell-out at any bake sale event!!

One great thing about Trix Treats is that they hold up well when its hot outside. So definitely make these if youre expecting hot weather!

Warm Weather Tip:Even if you make a dessert that will not melt or fall apart easily, try to keep the treats cool unless you absolutely cant. We like to place a few samples on the table and then keep the rest in a cooler on or under the booth table. This way your sale inventory will stay looking nice until youre ready to sell it.

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Four: Market The Bake Sale

Now that you know your bake sale goal, theme, and what items will be available, it’s time to market the event. Use social media or old-fashioned posters around the community to let people know about your sale. Include the location and time of the sale along with brief info about what will be available, general costs, and what the proceeds will be used for. Keep all your marketing materials cohesive by using the same graphics and fonts.

The Great Elementary School Bake Off

Take a page out of some popular baking shows, like The Great British Bake Off. Pick some of your favourite recipes from the show and task some classes or grades with their take on them! Youll draw out some awesome creativity, and have a fun theme to promote throughout the school.

This specific theme will allow you to pick some faculty to judge the goodies, too! Winners can be awarded fun prizes to add a bit of healthy competition to the mix.

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Best Fundraising Bake Sale Ideas

I asked a few of my blogging friends for suggestions, and boy, did they come through!

Here are some of their best recipes. I found a good variety, so I never have an excuse to be boring again!

I think theres a good variety of easy to make desserts, non-traditional bake sale recipes, and even one no-bake option .

If you are brainstorming bake sale treats with others, dont forget to share this list with them. Good luck with your fundraising efforts!

How To Host A Charity Bake Sale

10 Most Popular Bake Sale Ideas For Fundraising 2021

Our emotional connection with food and its ability to bring people together makes a bake sale the perfect way to raise funds for charity or non-profit organisations.

A bake sale appeals to all ages and demographics, is suitable for groups and events of any size and is relatively easy and cheap to set up.

Anyone from first-time bakers to professional cake artists can get involved, and the best part about it is getting to eat cake in the name of a good cause!

It may sound easy but there are some things you may not have considered, so read on to find out how to make your bake sale a success!

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Bake Sale Pricing Suggestions

When you’re pricing items, keep in mind the average cost of the ingredients and aim to price everything at round numbers to make cashing out simple for any volunteer. Use these suggested prices as a starting point from which you can multiply or divide to get prices for larger or smaller quantities. Prices can vary based on variety, especially if an item contains more expensive ingredients.

Baked Good

M& m Christmas Cookie Bars

The Spruce Eats / Gwen Squires

Cookie bars are a quick alternative to individual cookies, and this M& M Christmas cookie bar recipe is an easy option. Red and green M& M candies are folded into the batter along with dark chocolate chips, so they have a festive look for the holidays. It works any time of the year, though, when you switch to regular M& Ms.

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Creative Bake Sale Ideas For Fun And Easy Fundraising

Michele has experience with charity sourcing funds, community resources, and volunteers for daily programming and special events.

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Knowing how to do a fundraiser bake sale well can mean the difference between big profits and wasted volunteer hours. Bake sale ideas for fundraising are more than simply selling homemade baked goods, they’re small businesses that can be used as fundraising ideas for kids and adults.

Check Your Local Health Codes

Quick Tips for Non Profits – Bake Sale Fundraisers | “Event Planning 101”

Some states have health codes stating that everything must be individually wrapped. Also, each baked good donated should have an index card prominently attached that has the name of the dish and a list of non-obvious and/or outstanding ingredients . The name of the person who baked it could be important to know as well.

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Healthy Halloween Treats Baking Contest

While Halloween candy, bars, and other sweets are very delicious, they are also usually loaded with sugar.

Put a spin on a traditional baking contest and ask your nonprofits volunteers, or your entire community, to enter a baking contest for the best Halloween healthy treat.

These treats should be refined sugar-free, with all-natural and locally sourced ingredients. Have your judges rate the treats based on health value, Halloween spirit, and taste!

The winner could get a bag of goodies from a local health store, a blender, or another health-related item as a prize.

Fundraising Potential: ++

Didnt find the one? Look at more Halloween fundraisers here.

How To Package Baked Goods

Treats that are a delight to the eye are sure to impress, and attractive packaging could be the special touch that brings more customers to your baked goods. Whether you use plastic wrap, cellophane, or a cardboard box to sell your items, consider dressing up your treats with these bake sale packaging ideas to make them more appealing.

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Fundraising Ideas For All Ages

  • Host a Race – Choose a distance appropriate for your age group and set up an area where people can run. Then, ask local businesses and individuals to sponsor the race and the racers. For schools, donations can be per lap or just a flat donation. Add music and a fun twist to make it your own. Genius Tip: Check out these creative 5k race themes and ideas to get started.
  • Car Wash – An easy fundraiser the whole family can engage in. Invest in supplies to wash cars, invite the local community to drive over and donate to a good cause for a car bath. Make it more creative with a fun theme or by wearing costumes.
  • Food Cook-off – Organize a cook-off to find the best food in a genre . Ask volunteers, such as local restaurant managers and cooking instructors, to judge the results. Sell tickets to enter and to get a taste of the finished product.
  • Family Game Night – A super affordable way to raise money. Collect a bunch of popular family games and set them all up in a large area, such as a gym. Offer pizza, snacks and refreshments for purchase. Sell tickets to enter. Genius Tip: Need inspiration? Choose a few of these family game night ideas.
  • Holiday Festival – Set up a holiday-themed festival. Sell food and ask for equipment rentals in exchange for company promotion. Consider including other ways to raise money, such as a raffle and silent auction.
  • Sell food for a barbeque fundraiser with a sign up. View an Example

    Holiday Bake Sale Ideas

    10 Most Popular Bake Sale Ideas For Fundraising 2021

    Whether you’re hosting an Easter bake sale or Christmas cookie sale, holiday themed bake sales are great because they help busy customers provide awesome baked goods for holiday celebrations without all the work of making them.

    • Host a “Christmas Cookie Smorgasbord” where customers pay a flat fee for a single container they can fill with their choice of Christmas cookies.
    • An “Easter Egg Hunt” bake sale could include cookies, cupcakes, and cakes decorated like Easter eggs followed by an actual Easter egg hunt for kids.
    • Sell all things chocolate, pink, or red at a Valentine’s Day bake sale that includes options to buy special gift packaging so the baked goods can be given as gifts.
    • For a Thanksgiving bake sale you could sell only pies, both by the slice and whole.

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    How Should You Price Your Bake Sale Items

    One of the most common questions fundraisers ask when planning a bake sale is how much should each item cost? This is an important decision to make, as you want to ensure youll make enough money to meet your fundraising goals while still making the bake sale items reasonably priced.

    Use this list of best practices to help make your pricing decisions:

    • A good rule of thumb is to price items based on size. For instance, you might offer cookies for $1 and large slices of pie for $3. You might sell slices of banana bread for $1 each and the full loaf for $8.
    • Youll want to avoid pricing anything under $1, as that might make it more difficult to reach your fundraising goals. In addition, its helpful to offer all items for a full dollar amount, such as $1 or $3, rather than $1.50 or $3.75. This makes it easier for customers, allowing them to pull out their singles rather than rifle around their purses and pockets for change.
    • Consider offering a variety of items in a bundle or package deal. For instance, you might offer a deal of five cookies for $4, or an assortment of cupcakes, cookies, and brownies for $25 a bundle.

    Super Simple Last Minute Bake Sale Recipes

    Youre putting the kids to bed on a school night when one of them pop up and say Oh Mom, theres a bake sale tomorrow, I told my teacher you could make some stuff. Seriously?!

    You begin a MAD scramble to figure out how youre going to handle this one!

    How do you come up with bake sale ideas at a moments notice?! Let alone a good idea. We know that baked goods for sale are one of the best ways to raise funds, but cant we get a little more notice?

    The good news, weve got you covered to take the bake sale to the next level. We have gathered a bunch of Super Simple Last Minute Bake Sale Recipes!

    With these easy baking recipes, youll be done in no time! You might even end up being the Mom with the best bake sale sweet treat ideas for fundraising! Some of the recipes include easy cake recipes, quick bread, and chewy cookies.

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    Make sure you bookmark this page because you KNOW this will happen, and youll definitely need this list of bake sale ideas for school more than just this first time. Youll be a bake sale fundraiser pro in no time with these easy recipes!

    You could also make some of your favorite baking recipes for any special occasion. All you need to do now is head to the grocery store.

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