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Lunch Chef Salad $8.49 Ham, smoked turkey, bacon, cheddar and Swiss cheese, tomato & cucumber on a fresh bed of greens served with your choice of dressing on the side and your choice of a cookie or brownie. 0
Lunch Garden Salad $8.49 Fresh cucumbers & tomato on a fresh bed of greens served with your choice of dressing on the side and your choice of a cookie or brownie. 0
Lunch Turkey Caesar Salad $8.49 Your choice of smoke or roasted turkey breast on a bed of crisp romaine with Parmesan cheese and croutons served with Caesar dressing on the side and your choice of a cookie or brownie. 0

Where To Get Your Christmas Ham In Asheville

Christmas doesn’t exactly have its iconic foods like, say, Thanksgiving. Still, ham is as close to being a Christmas-table essential as it gets. Sure, there are plentiful hams in grocery and big-box stores, not to mentioned the Honeybaked Ham store at 707 Merrimon Ave. But these following three stores offer local options, from raw hams for the backyard-smoker enthusiast to the already brined, smoked, wrapped and ready-to-go options.

If going raw, ask your meat provider for tips and tricks, well before it’s time for dinner.

Foothills Deli and Butchery

Foothills Butchery in Black Mountain has hams that owner Casey McKissick said are the “real deal.” The pork, from North Carolina, is pasture-raised and free of added hormones or antibiotics.

They’re small just 2-4 pounds boneless. “We break whole hams and separate out the three main muscles to create these petite hams,” McKissick said.

The hams are brined for seven days with bay leaves, sugar, salt and pickling spices. After they’re removed from the brine, they’re rubbed with paprika and salt, smoked over oak Defiant Whiskey barrels, and then smothered with a local honey and Defiant whiskey glaze.

McKissick said the butcher shop can pre-slice the hams and wrap them in holiday foil.

Hams are $12.99 per pound and must be reserved by calling the shop at 669-8200. Pick up is now through 2 p.m. Dec. 24. There will be another round of hams for New Years celebrations, McKissick said.

The Chop Shop

Hickory Nut Gap Farms

The Honey Baked Ham Company

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I guess I need to take the blame for my disappointment. First time I had been to Honey Baked Ham, I assumed when I asked for a 5lb bone in ham it would be honeyglazed. I received a smoked ham, not a fan.

I actually prefer their turkey, but the ham is yummy, staff can be friendly, place is clean and prices are not bad. Enjoy!

HoneyBaked Hams are without a doubt quality hams. They are a great go to ham for the holidays if you are limited to one oven and are cooking multiple dishes. They are easy and can feed a crowd. They are expensive if you are comparing…them to a grocery store ham, but then you have to cook and season those. I love the convenience of HoneyBaked hams, and they taste so good! I assure you that your guests will enjoy them as well.More

I needed an instant Christmas meal with not much notice. Honey baked ham company fixed me up in no time. I had no idea that they had a great selection of side dishes that saved me from having to settle for grocery store deli sides.

The counter help explained they were seasonal, which might explain there was very little ham on the sandwiches. The radio was tuned to a rock chanel that was turned up too loud. We will take our food to go next time.

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