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Create Social Media Pages

How To Make Money Selling Baked Goods From Home

Social media is your friend when it comes to starting your baking business. As people are constantly on their phones these days, you want to be able to advertise your baked goods for people to see.

Facebook and Instagram are both great platforms to share your baked goods. They allow you to share photos, prices, contact information, and descriptions of what you bake. People can easily message you to order goods and find out more information.

Get A California Food Handler’s License

To operate a home-based food business in California, you must complete a California Department of Public Health food processor course within three months of obtaining your cottage food permit. After you complete the course, hold onto the food handler card or certificate as proof that you completed the training.

In addition, before you are permitted to sell food from home, your business must comply with extensive health and safety rules, including the following:

  • You may not conduct domestic activities in your home kitchen such as family meal preparation, dishwashing, clothes washing, or entertaining guests while you are preparing cottage foods.
  • No infants, small children, or pets may be in the kitchen while you are preparing cottage foods.
  • All kitchen equipment and utensils used to prepare cottage food must be kept clean and in good repair.
  • All food contact surfaces and equipment must be washed, rinsed, and sanitized before each use.
  • All food preparation and storage areas must be free of rodents and insects.
  • No smoking is allowed in the kitchen during the preparation or processing of cottage foods.
  • No person with a contagious illness may participate in the preparation or packaging of cottage foods.
  • Hands must be properly washed before food preparation or packaging.
  • Water used to prepare cottage foods must be potable. This includes water used for washing hands and equipment as well as water used as an ingredient.

Choose Your Sales Channels

The best way to start a food business is to sell online through your own website. This method gives you full control over your brand and ownership of your customer list. Reaching your target audience is a bit trickier with an online store than with a marketplace, so you may wish to explore other sales channels as you grow.

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How To Calculate Your Sales Price For Home

Your sale price for home-baked goods is calculated by marking up your cost of goods sold. Youll need to know the cost of goods sold for each bakery item that you sell.

The formula for cost of goods sold is:

cost of goods sold=ingredient cost + labor cost + variable costs + overhead

To mark up the cost of your product by a percentage, you multiply COGS by the percent markup and add that number to your CoGs.

+ CoGS= Sales Price

Heres what a mark-up looks like with my sugar cookie recipe:

  • CoGS for 1 cookie
  • 50 % mark up + 0.66-$0.99

Applying a 50% mark on a cookie that cost me $0.66 to produce, yields a sales price of $0.99 per cookie.

Virginia Cottage Food Labeling

How To Make Money Selling Baked Goods

Virginia cottage food producers must package their goods with labels displaying the name, physical address and telephone number of the person preparing the food, and the date the food was processed. Labels also must include the name of the product, net weight, list of ingredients, and possibly nutritional information. Labels also must include the statement: NOT FOR RESALE PROCESSED AND PREPARED WITHOUT STATE INSPECTION.

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This Is The Part Where I Motivate You:

Put your hands on your heart and repeat after me:




Okay, consider yourself motivated and fearless! These tips for perfect cheesecake will help you to get a perfect bake on your favourite cheesecake recipes.

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Virginia Cottage Food Facts

Myths about cottage food abound. Here are the facts:

  • Cottage food is safe. Critics who talk about the risk of food-borne illness give hypothetical examples of what could go wrong because real-world cases are rare or nonexistent.
  • Cottage food is local. When neighbors trade with neighbors, money stays in the local economy.
  • Cottage food is transparent. People who buy from a cottage food producer know what they get. If they have questions about ingredients, sourcing or safety, they can ask.
  • Cottage food creates jobs. Many homemade food producers use their income to provide for their families. Others seek a secondary or supplemental income.
  • Cottage food empowers women. IJ cottage food research shows that most cottage food producers are women, and many live in rural areas with limited economic opportunity.
  • Cottage food expands consumer choice. Some stores simply dont sell what you want. This is especially true if you have a gluten-free, peanut-free, halal, kosher or vegan diet. Cottage food fills market gaps, giving consumers more options.

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Company Structure And Finance

This section of your home-bakery business plan details your business structure as a sole proprietor, partnership, LLC â limited liability corporation, or corporation. And the final section includes a financial plan, goals, and projections.

For example, you could base your projections on the number of vegan cupcakes you think you’ll make each month. Or how much you’ll earn in a given period.

Cottage Food Laws By State: Selling Your Homemade And Home

7 Best Places to Sell Baked Goods (Home Bakery Business Tips)

Have you got a great recipe for home-made salsa, jam, jelly or otherhome-canned food? Your friends and family tell you that you should go intobusiness selling it? And now you’re wondering what it would take to actuallysell your award-winning tomato salsa, apple butter, applesauce or strawberryjam? This page should answer your questions to help you Decide if it’s right foryou!

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Other Marketing Ideas For Food Brands


Building a successful online food business relies on a consistent effort to drive customers to your ecommerce store. As algorithms change and new social platforms emerge, its especially important to build your own customer lists. Incentivize signing up to your email newsletter or creating a customer account. Offer discounts or membership perks in exchange for an email address.

Other marketing tactics to attract customers:

  • Send product to food influencers
  • Partner with complementary brands to run a promo or develop a limited time co-branded product
  • Incentivize reviews and user-generated content
  • Sponsor an event by providing your product as part of the catering offering
  • Create gated recipe content for subscribers only

Working With An Existing Manufacturer

This option is great for hands-off entrepreneurs who are more interested in the business than the production. Its a safe option for industry newbies, too, as the manufacturers should already be versed in food safety and regulations. While the idea, recipe, and brand are all yours, the execution is left to the pros. This gives you more time to invest in other aspects of the business.

We partnered up with someone that had a USDA-inspected facility so that we could ship across the US sooner, without any food safety issues, says Bull & Cleaver founder Daniel Patricio. It is really impressive how much diligence goes into running a USDA-inspected facility.

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Charging The Right Amount For Your Bakery Items Is A Great Way To Grow Your Small Business

Now that you know how to price baked goods the right way, you are on the way to making a profit on every sale. Just be sure to factor in the cost of your ingredients, labour cost, packaging, and profit to come up with a good price.

In the beginning stages of your business, it may be hard to imagine that someday your business will grow into something much larger. One day you may decide to expand into a retail or commercial space. You may have a bookkeeper, an accountant, or even an investor. You might even decide to sell your business!

Understanding terms like profit margin, cost of goods sold, and gross profit are going to be important. Start now and learn as much as you can about the business side of baking so that you can build the foundation for success!

Are you looking for an easy way to calculate your prices without hours of work? Check out The Perfect Pricing Method. Its a cake calculator, cookie calculator, and recipe coster all in one. Click here to learn more about the Perfect Pricing Method.

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Im laying a foundation here so that you will know exactly what to do when I share my perfect cheesecake recipes in the next 3 posts.

So get yourself a cup of tea and absorb all these tips and tricks Im sharing with you today.


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Smart Tips On How To Sell Baked Goods To Coffee Shops

Do you own a bakery or you bake from home and you want to sell to coffee shops? If YES, here are 20 smart tips on how to sell baked goods to coffee stores. According to reports, the U.S. bakery industry includes more than 2,800 commercial bakeries with combined annual revenue of about $30 billion, along with about 6,700 retail bakeries with annual revenue of about $3 billion. With the growth of the industry and revenue opportunities, the need for bakeries to set themselves apart with market specialization is becoming very huge.

However, one of the biggest advantages bakeries have over other food-centric businesses is their unique ability to market their products. Profitability for individual companies is determined not only by the efficiency of operations, but marketing efforts as well. Bakeries are known to make a certain amount of profit per item sold. In many bakeries, the revenue from beverages, including coffee, tea, juice, and other specialty drinks, is even greater than the profit from baked goods themselves.

According to reports, individual baked goods generally range from $2.00 to $5.00, depending on the cost of ingredients and also the demographic where your shop is located. Generally, the cost of labour and ingredients should be around 30-50% of the final sale cost. This means a treat that costs $1.50 to make could sell for anywhere from $3.00 to $4.50.

Keep Ingredients On Hand But Not Finished Products

Save yourself the hassle of rushing to the store each time someone asks for your specialty. Keep ingredients on hand so you can make it within your set time frame. But dont make items in advance anticipating sales, unless you are going to alert your customer base that you just made a big batch.

Whether youre starting a business or not, stocking up on pantry essentials can help you save money and beat inflation.

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Order Pickup And Local Delivery

If youre selling an item that simply cannot be shipped by post , consider alternatives that still allow you to sell food online. Offer online options to customers who preorder your product: in-store pickup or local delivery.

At the start of the pandemic, many retail stores pivoted to selling food online and set up contactless curbside pickup in lieu of in-store shopping. In response to these challenges, weve put together a comprehensive guide to help you set up these delivery methods for your store, too.

How To Start Selling Baked Goods Online

How to Start Selling Baked Goods From Home

When your initial research on how to sell products online is complete, there are other tasks necessary in setting up your business to start selling baked goods from home. The more you can set up ahead of time, the less youâll be burdened by unforeseen difficulties.

Hereâs what you need to complete before the sales come rolling in:

Finalize Your Legal Paperwork

All of your business files should be completed before you start baking goods. This includes sales taxes, eCommerce shipping and handling fees, and any other cost you need to include in the sale of goods. It will also prevent legal issues later on.

Establish a Basic Business Plan

While your business will grow over time, you still need a basic framework to guide your operations. At a minimum, your eCommerce business plan should include:

  • Purpose of business
  • Starting equipment and miscellaneous inventory
  • Basic sales and eCommerce marketing plan
  • Potential or realized funding sources
  • Initial financial projections

This information acts as a reference tool when youâre feeling unmotivated, fleshing out a particular part of your business, or hiring employees. A business plan makes it easier to track goals and spot problem areas that need to be fixed.

Set Up Your Online Storefront

Firm Up Your Product Offering or Menu

Create and Equip Your Kitchen

  • Refrigerator, freezer, and/or other food preservation equipment

Buy eCommerce Packaging and Labeling Supplies

Put Together a Marketing and Sales Plan

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Keep Improving Your Production Process

Keep a critical eye on your process. You may notice that a time saver actually costs you in other ways.

I was using a food processor but then at the end of a block of cheese it gets slimy and balled up and I was losing about two ounces of cheese I couldnt use because it lost the texture, Thompson said. So I hand grate everything now. I cant afford to lose that cheese.

What Are Cottage Foods

Cottage foods are non-potentially hazardous foods, such as baked goods, jams and jellies. These can be baked outside of a commercial kitchen inside your home and sold to consumers under the cottage food law.

Some ingredients have the potential to cause problems if the food were to go bad, like meat, seafood and dairy products. These items cannot be used to bake cottage foods, to help ensure that products sold under the cottage foods law are safe to eat.

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Meet The Bakery Pro: Melissa Ben

Before launching the popular Baked by Melissa, Melissa worked full-time in advertising. But getting fired in June 2008 from a New York City advertising firm turned out to be the start of a wonderfully creative and fulfilling career. Within days of being fired, I started baking cupcakes for events and one-off cupcake orders I received out of my apartment, says Melissa. Melissas older brother Brian, now the CEO of Baked by Melissa, suggested she consider turning her cupcakes into a company. Eight years later, Melissa is no longer frosting her fanciful mini-cupcakes in her apartment. Instead, she shares her treats with her loyal fan base through her 14 locations in New York City and via shipping nationwide.

Make Sure Youre Legally Set Before Doing Anything Else

Selling Home Baked Goods?

A home-based bakery is a business, which means its still subject to state and local laws around food, business licensing, and taxes. Additionally, there are nuanced laws surrounding the sale of food items from ones home.

Here are some general guidelines, but since laws vary from location to location, make sure to consult your local food and business regulatory agencies before moving forward!

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Do I Need A Permit To Sell Food From Home In Wisconsin

If you intend to sell directly to customers, you must obtain a retail food license. Internet sales are considered retail sales when compared to other types of sales. If you intend to distribute primarily through wholesale channels, you must obtain a food processing plant license from the Department of Agriculture.

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Fixed Costs For Home Bakers

Fixes costs are costs associated with running your business that dont change each month.

The easiest way to calculate your fixed costs is to add up your monthly expenses and divide them by your monthly sales. This will give you a cost per dollar value. Add this amount to your markup when you are calculating your sales price.

Heres a look at my monthly fixed expenses for my home baking business

  • Farmers market costs
  • Business insurance
  • In this example, I have fixed costs of $65/month for running my baking business. In a typical month, I make $1000 in sales. My indirect cost for overhead expenses is $65/$1000=$0.065.

    This means that for every dollar I sell, 6 cents of that goes to cover overhead.

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    How To Quit Your Day Job And Launch A Bakery

    If youre an avid baker who impresses friends and family with your ridiculously delicious, gooey cookie bars, you might want to think about a career in baked goods. Perhaps it seems impossible when youre whipping up dozens of crazy colorful sweet treats in your tiny apartment kitchen, but as Melissa Ben-Ishay, founder of Baked by Melissa, can tell you, sweet dreams do come true. This week, in our How to Quit Your Day Job series, we chat with Melissa about how she turned her love of cupcakes into a successful bakery.

    Can You Make Money Baking From Home

    How Can I sell Baked Goods Online: Best Way to Sell Baked Goods Online

    Yes, you can make money baking from home–the upside potential is unlimited. Launching your home-based baking business requires significant financial, time, and energy investments, though.

    Whether youâre learning how to sell cookies online or another kind of sweet treat, thereâs a lot of work to be done. Obtaining business licensure, buying equipment, and online sales and marketing are all part of making money with baked goods.

    You should also learn how to ship cookies because sending food directly to customers is often more difficult than meets the eye. With a clear marketing plan, excellent products, and top-notch customer service, you can make as much money as you want baking from home.

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