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Laura Geller Double Take Baked Foundation w/ Brush on QVC

After reviewing product on several sites & watching YouTube how-to videos, I hoped Id see a great before & after on me. Im still playing with it to try to use more, use less, use a different brush etc. Not wearing makeup since I retired , Im looking for something lightweight & natural for an upcoming wedding other than liquid foundation, mineral powders etc that would fade, smear, wear off quickly, as well as get on collars & sleeves and air & hair . So verdict is still out. I chose the right colormedium but its not as forgiving & natural as I hoped after I watched videos. Im continuing to experiment with different moisturizers, primer, etc & still not sure. Ive done 1/2 my face & took a pic to see if I notice a difference. Still not happy with under eye lines, laugh lines, etc being so prominent. Now Im wondering if I should have bought the other formula instead. But Ill keep trying different applications because I so want this to work like I saw on videos!


Why Do Women Use Makeup

When it comes to makeup, there are a thousand and one reasons why women put it on.

If you survey a certain number of women and ask them why they wear makeup, their answers will be entirely different.

This isnt a situation where one answer solves the entire equation. However, here are the common reasons we found that make women wear makeup.

Laura Geller Foundation Ingredients

For additional skin benefits, the Baked Balance-n-Brighten Foundation includes antioxidants, Camellia Sinensis, Centella Asiatica, and jojoba seed oil, and vitamin E.


The skin is protected by antioxidants, which can affect the production of free radicals. They can help suppress lentigines , fight noticeable symptoms of aging, and soothe skin inflammations when used regularly. Several antioxidants hydrate the skin and improve moisture concentration, helping to revitalize dreary skin.

Camellia Sinensis

Because of its beneficial impact on skin health and beauty, Camellia Sinensis leaf extract has been used for a long time in the cosmetics industry. It will protect the skin against ultraviolet damage that results in sunburn and premature aging, and skin cancer with non-melanoma due to EgcGs antioxidant ability. Besides, an investigation has shown that topical and oral use of the extract decreases skin scaling and improves blood circulation, skin elasticity, oxygenation, and density.

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Centella Asiatica

Studies reveal that Centella Asiatica is not just a trend its active compounds, like madecassoside, are really of use to the skin and are antioxidants. The Centella Asiatica itself has proven to be a rich source of amino acids. Further research shows that it is an excellent moisturizing ingredient for alleviating skin upheavals or damage.

Jojoba Seed Oil

Vitamin E

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What Is Baked Makeup And How Can I Use It

Baked makeup comes in powder form. However, the powder is a special kind of powder that is filled with minerals and other natural ingredients.

Baked makeup is very light and can be easily applied to ones skin. Many experts have thrown their weight around baked makeup and explained how it helps to create a natural glow for women.

If you love to apply makeup, you already know that a good foundation is required to set the pace. However, with the renowned Laura Geller New York baked balance foundation, youll never go wrong.

It Has The Same Benefits As Mineral Makeup

Laura Geller New York Baked Balance

Usually, your makeup should compliment you and be consistent with your skin color. Baked makeup is similar to mineral makeup because they are a favorite among clean beauty lovers.

Also, the ingredients used in formulating the baked makeup are known for their weightless and gentle feel when applied to the skin.

Laura Geller makeup contains natural, pure ingredients that will help to make your skin glow.

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Laura Geller Baked Balance

Correct imperfections while building your glow at the same time. Combining the Laura Geller Balance-n-Brighten Foundation with the Laura Geller Baked Highlighter, this foundation visibly evens skin tone while the added touch of highlighter delivers a natural-looking radiance.

The foundation is made through a unique baking process. First, swirls of pigment are baked for 24 hours on terracotta tile. The powder is then hand finished in Italy, creating a product that goes on like a powder and adheres to skin like a cream while feeling weightless.

Key Features:

  • Applies like a powder and adheres like a cream
  • Self-adjusting pigments provide the ideal balance to skin tone
  • Corrects and illuminates in one step
  • Offers medium coverage
  • 95% pigment to 5% highlighter balance
  • Antioxidants like vitamin C defend against damage from environmental stress
  • Vegan and free of fragrance, gluten, parabens and mineral oil

Fade imperfections and enhance radiance with Laura Geller Baked Balance-n-Glow Illuminating Foundation.

What Exactly Is A Baked Foundation

It is a mixture of a base of fluid and powder, and its baked aspect refers to the way it is made. It begins as a cream made of swirls of multi-colored liquid pigments , then baked for 24 hours on terracotta tiles. Its hand-polished into a silky dome after cooking, and since its made without fillers or binders to alter bulk, feel, or form, the color payoff and vibrancy are better than a regular powder. In the end, youll get a more refined commodity.

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Did Not Cover And Turned Orangey

I tried this mainly out of curiousity — did that baked powder really cover as well as other foundations? In a word – NO. I tried the original Balance N Brighten several years ago – back then, there was only one color choice. It was waaay too dark for my fair skin, but it did even out my skin tone, even tho it was too dark. I was delighted when LG came out with the “fair” Balance N Brighten and couldn’t wait to try it. Again, it did not cover my red rosacea cheeks – it didn’t even blend away the blotches from too many sunburns as a teenager. Also, it turns orangey and gets darker as the hours go by. Maybe it only works on some people and certain skin types. I have oily, very fair skin with a few blotches and redness. I do wear it on the weekends for quick trips and errands – it’s fast and easy to apply. Just brush it on and go. However, like I said, after a couple hours, it changes color on me.


Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator

Makeup Demo 101: Baked Balance-n-Brighten Color Correcting Foundation | Laura Geller Beauty

These highlighters are enough to make anyone fall in love with sparkle and shine. With their gorgeous swirled shapes and glimmering tones, the highlighters also use Laura Geller’s signature baked technology for gorgeous pigmentation and a silky feel.

How to apply the Laura Geller Baked Highlighter

With a hybrid texture, they feel like a cream but apply like a translucent powder. Either sweep all over the face for a soft-focus finish or build up on the high points of the face for an incredible glow.

Available in 3 shades, we might just want them all…

  • Laura Geller Ballerina is a soft rose gold shade, ideal for most skin colours.
  • Laura Geller Charming Pink is a pearly pale pink that works beautiful on paler skin tones.
  • Laura Geller Gilded Honey is a beautiful metallic caramel that adds a gorgeous subtle warmth to the skin.

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Your Mileage Mary Vary

This did not work well with my skin – it seemed to accentuate dry patches and texture that i didn’t want to be highlighted. The color skews a bit dark even on the lightest shade. I think this might be the type of product where if it works for your skin then it will be your holy grail, but that was not the case for me. I found it a bit chalky, but that could just be me.

Baked Balance N Brighten Color Correcting Foundation

This baked powder foundation is one of Laura Geller’s bestselling products of all time. Lightweight and packed with skin-boosting antioxidant ingredients like White Tea, it uses a combination of pigments that swirl together to do exactly what the name suggests: balance and brighten the skin.

You can use it alone and build up the coverage or apply it as a finishing touch over your favourite base for a flawless look.

The Balance n Brighten is available in 5 different shades to suit a good range of skin tones:

  • For pink undertones: Porcelain
  • For yellow undertones: Tan and Deep
  • For neutral undertones: Fair and Medium

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Baked Liquid Radiance Cream Concealer

Just like the Baked Liquid Radiance Foundation, this uses Laura Geller’s innovative blend of baked powder pigments and skin-friendly moisturisers to create a rich, creamy and pigmented concealer.

It uses nourishing ingredients like Jojoba Oil and Safflower Seed Oil to make it feel conditioning without ever becoming heavy. Pop a small amount on underneath your eyes and on blemsihes to banish dark circles and breakouts, leaving a velvety smooth, flawless result.

The colour range includes 6 different tones, starting with Porcelain. It is good to note that this Porcelain is deeper and more yellow toned than the original Balance n Brighten, working best for fair skin rather than very fair.

  • For yellow undertones: Porcelain, Medium, Tan,and Deep
  • For pink undertones: Light and Sand

However Who Is Laura Geller

Laura Geller New York Baked Balance

Laura Geller is a household name in the beauty and women lifestyle industry, making them the favorite makeup brand for old and young women.

Since 1997, Laura Geller has been the reason why most women look incredibly beautiful. Laura Geller helps women maintain their beauty and delay the aging process.

One of the unique selling points of Laura Gellers makeups is that they are easy to use, which means you can apply them on the go, wherever youre.

Laura Gellers mandate has always been to elevate the quality of a womans facial appearance. Every woman can be transformed into a beautiful model with a little touch of Laura Geller makeup.

With Laura Gellers makeup, your inner glow and beauty will come alive.

If youre a woman that desires glamour but doesnt want to give up your natural style, Laura Geller should be your preferred choice.

Below, Ill list the bestselling Laura Geller beauty product while focusing on the customer satisfaction angle.

Youll see what a handful of Laura Geller clients said about the product and their opinion of the company. There are thousands of Laura Geller product reviews online,

Laura Geller Balance N Brighten

A few weeks ago I saw **Laura Geller Balance N Brighten Baked Powder foundation **demonstrated on TV and decided to give it a try. I’ve used Bare Minerals foundation for years and like it, but I’m always on the lookout for something better, less messy, and easier to travel with.Although I had pretty good results with Balance N Brighten, it’s not better than Bare Minerals. I’ll still use up the rest of it, but I won’t order it again.Balance N Brighten appealed to me as it is a dry cake of foundation, kind of like pressed powder. It is applied with a foundation brush and buffed onto the skin much the same way Bare Minerals is applied. I found that the coverage is not as good as Bare Minerals and it’s actually messier to use.It’s better to travel with but when I run the foundation brush over the powder to apply it to the brush, it falls over the side of the container and onto my counter, shirt, pants, whatever is nearby. This is not only a mess, it’s also wasteful. If the container were a bit larger and able to hold the excess powder that comes loose from the cake I’d like it a lot more.Laura Geller Balance N Brighten seems like it would work best for people who already have a fairly even skin tone. I have red spots and scars that need more full coverage so this is not the best product for me. It did balance my color out a bit, just not to the extent I am comfortable with. It feels very light on the skin though which is nice, especially for spring and summer.


Used Old Product And Slow Shipping

Since Laura Geller has new owners, things have gone down hill. I placed 3 orders. All 3 had used or old product shipped. First, order had a used eye shadow, LG refunded $4 on the order. 2nd order had nick in the lipstick which seemed to have already been opened. 3rd order, mascara was dried out and eyeshadow stick fell out of holder when first opened. Shipping time was 19 to 27 days. Poor customer service, no phone number and long email responses. Do not buy from them unless you want nasty products and have almost a month to wait for your order.

Baked Liquid Radiance Foundation

This is an incredibly innovative foundation that helps to even out the skin tone and give a beautiful luminosity to the skin. Baked pigments are known for giving incredible payoff but are usually in a powder form. This foundation changes that, placing baked pigments into an easy to use liquid formula.

In Italy, the pigments are first covered in Almond Oil and baked, before being combined with nourishing ingredients like Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to form a liquid foundation. Thanks to all this, it gives a full coverage finish that looks natural and radiant, whether you use a brush or your fingers.

The 9 shades cover a good range of colours with different undertones:

  • For yellow undertones: Porcelain, Golden Medium, Tan and Deep
  • For neutral undertones: Light and Medium
  • For pink undertones: Fair, Sand and Deep Honey

Put On A Fresh Face With These Makeup Essentials

Laura Geller Balance-n-Brighten Baked Color Correcting Foundation

The easy and simple everyday routine is here! First, primer skin using our Spackle Primer. The lightweight, non-greasy formula minimizes the look of pores and fills in fine lines for a smooth complexion. Hyaluronic Acid and Squalane plump and hydrate, while Rice Extract and Marine Fennel brighten your skin. Our beloved Balance-n-Brighten foundation makes shade matching a breeze. Color correcting swirls of multicolored liquid pigments are baked for 24 hours on terracotta tiles and hand-finished in Italy. The result is weightless coverage that applies with the ease of a powder but has the benefits of a cream. Create the appearance of naturally rosy cheeks for a radiant effect with Baked Blush-n-Brighten powder blush.

Top Laura Geller Powder Foundation Reviews By Consumer Reports December 2021

Here is the top list of Laura geller powder foundation that you can consider in your purchase:

  • DOUBLE TAKE BAKED FULL COVERAGE MATTE POWDER FOUNDATION: Our long-wearing baked powder foundation delivers around-the-clock medium to full coverage leaving you with a flawless, natural, Matte finish.
  • SWEAT-RESISTANT, LONG WEARING formula: The blend of special silicones and spherical powders allows for maximum movement and facial expression, without cracking or fading.
  • VERSETAILLE APPLICATION: Using the included dual-sided pink and white applicator sponge, apply this baked foundation all over your face for buildable even coverage and a flawless, natural matte finish. Apply dry for medium full coverage and apply wet for high-impact full coverage.
  • PERFECT FOR: Oily Skin, Mature Skin, Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  • HOW TO APPLY: Dry application: Apply it dry with the pink side of the sponge for medium coverage. Gently dab the powder, pat it on the areas that need the most attention first, then blend outward and upward. Repeat to build coverage. Wet Application: Apply it wet with the white side of the sponge for full coverage. Dampen the sponge, dab the powder and pat onto face until fully blended. Repeat to build coverage.

Application Is As Easy As 1

Step 1: As you would with all our Spackle Primers, pump one to two shots on the back of your hand. Step 2: Blend a thin layer onto clean skin before makeup application. For best results, really massage product into your skin and allow the formula for about one minute to fully absorb before applying the rest of your make-up. Step 3: Once absorbed, you can either wear alone or apply and blend your foundation. Viola! Youâre all set.

Laura Geller : Foundation

The right foundation will not only elevate your glam but also enhance your existing skin tone. Whether youre looking for light, deep or neutral undertones, getting the base of your makeup on point is essential. At Target, we have a wide collection of some of the best foundations in the market. For a picture-perfect complexion, look through our range of full-coverage foundations, LOreal foundation and foundation makeup. A good foundation is sure to make you look like a star. The best full-coverage foundation will help you get rid of redness and dark circles in a jiffy. We have something for every skin type. Check out our range of foundation for oily skin, foundation for combination skin, oil-free foundation and matte foundation that will give you a poreless finish. A special day coming up? Look effortlessly glamorous with our collection of powder foundations, liquid foundations and foundation creams. The best liquid foundation comes with a pump that makes application easy, whether you use your fingers or a sponge. Amp up your makeup game with some of the best lightweight foundations. Perfect for a flawless finish that will last all day. Ideal for on-the-go beautification, our range of foundation sticks will definitely do the trick. Create a look that you want no matter how busy you are. Finding the best makeup foundation for your skin can be challenging, but weve got you covered. Browse through our large collection of foundations to find the right pick for you.

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