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Baker College Of Port Huron

Baker College Student Housing – Make Yourself at Home
  • Baker College is the largest independent college in Michigan with the most focused approach to education and training available. Our mission is to prepare you for meaningful employment. Were proud to have a 97 percent employment rate among our available graduates. In addition, all our graduates receive Lifetime Employment Assistancefree and forever. Minutes away from the Blue Water Bridge, nestled against a pond, Baker College of Port Huron offers the best of several worlds. Were conveniently located in the heart of town, yet situated in a peaceful setting. Our programs are structured for students of all ages and circumstances. The Port Huron campus has some of the most advanced classroom and lab environments found on any college campus in the state, yet with small classes, and dedicated instructors, youll receive plenty of personalized attention.

Where Is Baker College Online Located

Baker Colleges main campus is located in Owosso, Michigan. Aside from that, it also has several campuses across Michigan, such as in Auburn Hills, Cadillac, and Jackson. The distance of campuses should not be too big of a concern if you are looking to learn online, as requirements to show up should not frequently happen, if at all.

Tuition And Financial Aid

Tuition at Baker College is $390 per credit hour for most undergraduate programs and $695 per credit hour for graduate programs. The military tuition rate is $247 per credit hour for undergraduate studies and $367 per credit hour for graduate studies. Baker College offers one of the lowest graduation rates among private colleges in Michigan. As a non-profit college, they are invested in their students, not stockholders. This allows them to keep tuition rates down and focus on the learning experiences of each student. There are also no extra fees or hidden costs.

Financial aid is available in the form of grants, scholarships and loans. Students must complete the FAFSA. Students should also discuss their financial situation with a financial advisor to learn what options they have for covering the cost of higher education.

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Baker College Online Acceptance Rate

According to NCES, Baker College had an acceptance rate of 41 percent in fall 2021. It is somewhat low, meaning that admission may be competitive. However, this isnt a drastically low percentage, so getting in may not be overwhelmingly grueling as long as you are above average in terms of academic performance.

Is Baker College A Good School

Baker College

There is no one way to define a “good” college or university. Admissions difficulty and admitted student statistics can give you a sense of how competitive a school is, but they don’t tell you how happy or successful students are. However, there are a few good ways to get a better sense how satisfied students are and how well a school supports its student body.

Let’s take a look at all of these areas to get a better sense of what Baker College offers and if it might be the right college for you.

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Baker College Online Healthcare Administration

Baker College has one bachelors degree program in Healthcare Administration, which equips students with the skills to manage various aspects of healthcare services. The program requires 120 credit hours to complete, and classes are available online. Students study healthcare administration and biology and must also complete an externship, which is similar to an internship, but students shadow employees instead of performing all the work themselves.

Baker College Online Healthcare Administration Jobs

  • Healthcare consultant. Healthcare consultants work with healthcare facilities to create solutions and conduct research. They oversee and ensure insurance compliance and patient confidentiality.
  • Clinical supervisor. Clinical supervisors maintain employee schedules and handle clinical records. They also enforce quality standards and supervise the efficiency of employees and the delegation of tasks.
  • Medical billing manager. Medical billing managers handle the paperwork for various healthcare organizations, ensure medical codes are being used correctly for billing, and track patient payments. They also recruit employees in their billing department.

Baker College Online Us News & World Report Ranking

Baker College is ranked #119-#157 in Regional Universities Midwest by US News & World Report. This means that Baker College is one of the best private institutions and online schools in the area. On top of that, the school is also ranked #12 in Top Performers on Social Mobility and #216-#239 in Engineering Programs Without a Doctorate.

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Baker College Online Business Administration

Baker College Onlines business administration program offerings range from bachelors to doctoral degrees. You can also opt for accelerated courses when earning your Bachelors Degree in Business Administration. Most of Baker College Onlines business administration programs are accredited by the International Accreditation Council for Business Education .

Baker College Online Business Administration Jobs

  • Business consultant. Business consultants analyze practices and identify the weaknesses of organizations and companies. They help businesses by recommending solutions to help solve various organizational issues.
  • Franchising manager. Franchising managers oversee and plan the franchising department of a business. They have to review contracts, process renewals, and enforce various business policies and procedures in business franchises.
  • Office administrator. Office administrators are one of the most common jobs in the business field. They complete various administrative tasks in the office, such as organizing operations, overseeing correspondence, and preparing payroll.

Baker College Online Computer Science

Baker College of Owosso Housing

The Computer Science programs at Baker College are available at the bachelors degree level, and students can choose from two concentrations. They may choose Computer Programming or Computer Science. The programs are taught by industry professionals and require 120 credit hours to complete.

Baker College Online Computer Science Jobs

  • Software developer. Software developers create and develop software programs meant to perform specific tasks. They oversee the whole development, testing, and maintenance phases of software and are fluent in various coding languages to write code for the programs.
  • Database administrator.Database administrators are paid well and handle the data needs of their clients. They develop and improve various databases or data resources for their clients to keep critical information safe in storage. They ensure the maintenance of these databases and adjust them according to the needs of their clients.
  • Computer systems analyst. Computer systems analysts oversee and analyze computer systems to spot weaknesses. They recommend changes to hardware and software to help the organization improve its efficiency.

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Baker College: The Basics

Baker is based in Flint, MI. In addition to offering classes online, it also has quite a few campuses and satellite campuses throughout the state.

As far as online programs go, Baker has an impressive list of both degree and certificate programs, including:

  • Computer Science – Concentrations in Computer Programming or Database Technology
  • Criminal Justice
  • Elementary Teacher Preparation Early Childhood ZS
  • Elementary Teacher Preparation Language Arts
  • Elementary Teacher Preparation Mathematics
  • Elementary Teacher Preparation Social Studies
  • Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • Information Systems , Concentrations in Assurance Specialist, Project Management, and Web Development
  • Information Technology and Security – Concentrations in Information Assurance, Information Assurance and Cyber Security, Network Professional, Server Administration
  • Leadership Studies
  • Secondary Teacher Preparation for English, Mathematics, Social Studies
  • Surgical Technology

Pro: Computer Science And Information Technology Get High Marks

Online college students in the technology field generally gave positive reviews of the program. Because many of the professors work in the field, students often felt that they were getting instruction that was aligned with current industry practices. However, a few students noted that professors with PhDs could benefit from updating their skill sets.

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Baker College Online Notable Alumni

Two of Baker Colleges notable alumni are Angela Medley and Dr. Ralph Griffith. Angela Medley is a family law attorney and a managing partner of Polizzi & Medley Law, who was named a Rising Star by Super Lawyers. Dr. Ralph Griffith is a doctoral degree alumnus of Baker College Online who is a professor of entrepreneurship and a program coordinator of an MBA program.

How To Apply To Baker College Online

Baker College
  • Create an account for the Baker College Online application. You will have to register and log in to start filling out an online application.
  • Fill out and complete the application. The online application consists of basic questions regarding your personal information, which major youre interested in, and your military affiliations, if applicable.
  • Send the college a copy of your official transcripts or GED. You can send your copy electronically or through snail mail, although Baker College prefers the electronic method.
  • Wait for any further contact from the school. The school may call, text, or email you regarding further questions or to inform you of your acceptance. Make sure to keep an eye out.
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    Baker College Accreditation Details

    Baker College is recognized by the State of Michigan, Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs as a not-for-profit educational corporation and is also licensed by the U.S. Department of Education for status as a school of higher education. These accreditations allow the school to grant degrees ranging from associates to doctoral levels, as well as educational certificates. The schools status also allows it to receive funds for the benefit of veterans. For its regional accreditation, the school is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of Chicago, Illinois. The school is also a participant in the Academic Quality Improvement Program . Specialized accreditations also exist for programs in the Schools of Education, Nursing, and Occupational Therapy, as well as degrees in the areas of Business Administration, Health Sciences, Running Start, Human Services, and Engineering & Technology.

    Students Lost In The Shuffle

    Bakers dismal graduation rate almost certainly has something to do with the at-risk students Spicer mentioned people who may come from low-income backgrounds, who didnt excel in high school or who are balancing school, parenting and a full-time job.

    Open enrollment institutions generally do not have high graduation rates, Baker officials noted to reporters in a written statement.

    But for many students, the biggest hurdles placed in their way came from Baker itself.

    Baker often starts programs, then changes them, moves them or shuts them down before students finish. It opened a campus in Reading, Pennsylvania, in 2016 that closed nine months later.

    A common criticism among students is the lack of guidance once they begin school about everything from internships to graduation requirements. Students said they were on their own to find required internships. Baker once promoted free lifetime placement service, but recent graduates said they were simply referred to Handshake, an online platform.

    Baker College does have a Career Services department that continues to offer both current students and alumni assistance with social media profiles, resume writing, and career search and placement services, Baker said in its response.

    The department has four full-time and two part-time staffers. Davenport, which has roughly the same student population as Baker, employs 12 people full-time. It also makes use of Handshake and offers lifetime services.

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    Baker College Online Review

    If you live in or near Michigan, you probably know that Baker College has a large selection of online degree programs.

    As one of the ten largest non-profit schools in the country, Baker has a massive presence in the Michigan area. But how do their online offerings stack up? Here, we’ll take a deep dive into what online students had to say about their experience.

    Baker College Online Admissions

    Baker College of Royal Oak

    The admissions and application process of Baker College Online is simple. Prospective students complete an online application and send their official transcripts. The schools admissions team then reviews the application, GPA, and general background of each student. If the admissions team needs more information, they will call, text, or send an email to the student.

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    Top Review Highlights By Sentiment

    His Is The Place If You Want To Be Disrespected

    • Use of Technology:

    I started this school a month ago because it was close to home. I had planned on going for a few semesters and then transferring to an accredited university. Guess what they don’t tell you? You credits mean nothing! You cannot transfer without wasting all that time and money for no reason. I have 2 racist instructors who are not professors, nor even seem intelligent enough to teach! They spend the time talking about themselves or yelling at students. I am middle aged and have been ridiculed and harassed for weeks! No one will help me. The Dean is a joke. I pay almost $100 each class to be subjected to a nightmare. Do not send your kids or go to this joke. And the 97% employed? Prove it! Their job fair consisted of only Lowes, Where you can make minimum wage. Really?

    Was this review helpful?

    6 of 8 people found the following review helpful

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    Baker Spends More On Marketing Than Student Aid

    In the 2019-20 school year, Baker Colleges marketing spending outstripped what it devoted to financial aid.

    In 2019, Chief Operating Officer Jacqui Spicer gave a rare response to critiques of Baker when residents in Ferndale, outside Detroit, pushed back against the colleges plan to move its main campus there. Some complained at public meetings about Bakers academic reputation and called the school predatory.

    More: Parking crunch derails Baker College in downtown Ferndale

    Being predatory, I dont think thats the way in which we operate, Spicer told a reporter at the time, adding: We always put our students first, and I think its just disappointing people think that were predatory, because we really do have the students theyre top of mind for us.

    Baker began as a for-profit school in 1911 but became a nonprofit in 1977, then entered a period of rapid growth. Since the recession, however, enrollment has been in a tailspin.

    Competition in the online education market contributed to the erosion, as did its own decisions to close campuses, including those in historically industrial communities like Flint and Allen Park, while eliminating most certificate and associate degree programs. It is now Michigans second-largest four-year private college by enrollment, after Davenport University.

    Your path to your dream career begins at Baker College, the ad declares.

    Pro: Work At Your Own Pace

    Baker College high school program earns national accreditation for ...

    Baker’s online coursework is very self-directed. For most courses of study, there doesn’t seem to be a requirement that students are online at certain times. Several people who were working full-time mentioned that they appreciated the flexibility of being able to fit their studies into their schedules easily.

    One person said that they appreciated the ability to participate in a class discussion during a lunch break or while waiting in line, right from their phone.

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    Baker College Online Student Reviews

    On the Niche college review board, Baker College has 281 reviews and an overall rating of four stars. The reviews are a mix of online and on-campus students, and most of the reviews speak of helpful staff and knowledgeable instructors. Some reviews speak of small class sizes. There are a few reviews that mentioned difficulty when it comes to transferring earned credit hours to other schools.

    On, there are 112 reviews on Baker College Online from online graduates specifically. Baker College, however, seems to have more of a bad reputation among these reviews, as they speak of unsatisfactory curriculum and unhelpful instructors. Like the Niche reviews, the reviews here also spoke of the difficulty in trying to transfer credits.

    However, some reviews say that Baker College Online was a good experience with career counseling and tutoring services, and students must simply have self-discipline because the online learning method is not for everyone.

    Saveyour Money Time And Sanity

    • Use of Technology:

    Horrible experience. Lazy, uncaring, unprofessional instructor. Zero support from faculty.No mention at the beginning that NOTHING transfers out and very little transfers in.If massage is you calling, explore all options. Graduation rates are less than 20%Become an indentured student…go to baker

    Was this review helpful?

    4 of 5 people found the following review helpful

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    How To Calculate Value

    College Factual calculates value by calculating average Baker College cost multiplied by time to graduate, and then compares that number to other schools of a similar quality ranking. If the school is priced fairly based on the educational quality it receives a fair ranking. If it is underpriced it receives a good or excellent value.

    All About Baker College Online

    Baker High School

    Baker College first opened in 1965 upon the merging of two schools named Muskegon College and Baker Business University. In 1994, the college started offering online classes to students all over the United States and several foreign countries. By 2005, Baker College reached a record enrollment of 34,000 and received several awards and accreditations.

    Today, Baker College has a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate programs available in eight academic colleges. It is one of many private colleges offering immersive, hands-on learning to thousands of students across Michigan and throughout the United States through its online degree programs.

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