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How To Make These Cream Puffs

Simple Truth Organic Baked Puffs: Aged White Cheddar, Maple Pecan and Sea Salt & Butter Review

If you have never made pâte à choux before, don’t worry! The process is honestly way easier than you would expect, and you will undoubtedly impress your friends and family with your cream puffs.

Here is all you have to do to make these maple pecan cream puffs:

1. Make the pâte à choux: Start by heating water, butter, salt, and sugar in a saucepan on the stove. Once it starts to boil, dump in the flour and mix vigorously for about 30 seconds. Then, transfer the mixture to a stand mixer with a paddle attachment and beat until the mixture is no longer hot to the touch. Finally, add in the eggs one at a time until the dough is smooth and hangs off the paddle/mixer like a ribbon.

2. Pipe the pâte à choux: Transfer the choux pastry to a piping bag fitted with a circular tip. I personally used the Ateco #805 Round Tip and it is one of my favorites! On a sheet pan lined with parchment paper or a silicone baking mat, pipe 1-inch diameter rounds spaced 2 inches apart. Brush the rounds with egg wash, then bake at 400°F for 30-35 minutes, or until golden brown and hard on the bottom. Let cool completely.

3. Make the maple whippedcream: While the cream puffs are cooling, whisk together heavy cream, maple syrup, vanilla extract, and salt until medium-stiff peaks form. At this point, you just want to make sure the whipped cream will hold its shape when piped. Transfer the whipped cream to a piping bag, and use whatever tip you prefer! I used the Ateco #825 Star Tip for this part.

Keto & Health Insights For Simple Truth Organic Maple Pecan Baked Puffs

  • Net Carbs are 17% of calories per serving, at 20g per serving. This meal falls within the range for standard keto diet guidelines . If your daily net carb quota is 25g and if this food almost equals that much, consider whether you’re going to eat more food later. Always take into account any foods you’ve already consumed. It’s recommended that you track the macros of your daily food consumptionsthis makes it easier to avoid overconsumption.
  • This food’s %DV for sodium is 3%. At 80mg, it’s considered low in sodium according to the FDA’s standard for %DV , which considers any food with %DV of less than 5% as low sodium. The organization recommends 2300mg of sodium as the daily limit. High sodium is believed to be associated with health problems such as heart disease, strokes, high blood pressure, and kidney malfunctions. Too much low sodium is also associated with health problems. For most adults, a healthy range for daily maximum sodium consumption is between 1500-2300mg foods should have 5%-20% DV per serving.

Maple Pecan Cream Puffs

Today, I’ve only got four words for you: maple. pecan. cream. puffs. *drops the mic*

Just kidding! But seriously, does anything sound better than that? Cream puffs are one of my all-time favorite dessertsthey’re light and airy, yet bursting with flavor.

With an autumnal twist, these maple pecan cream puffs are filled with fresh maple whipped cream and topped with toasted pecans. They are perfect for those cozy October nights spent snuggled under a blanket, and I bet they would be perfect enjoyed with a hot mug of apple cider.

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Common Questions About These Cream Puffs

What is the best way to store the maple pecan cream puffs?

While you can store the unfilled cream puffs in the freezer, you should store the filled cream puffs in the fridge. However, they are best served immediately, so I would recommend waiting until the last minute to fill them.

What can cause choux pastry to not rise up in the oven?

There are a few reasons why this can occur, and it’s definitely happened to me before! Here are some possible reasons: The dough has too much moisture and The oven was opened during the first 20 minutes of baking .

Can you make the choux pastry in advance?

Yes! You can store uncooked choux pastry dough in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 2 days.

What Is Pte Choux

Simple Truth Organic Maple Pecan Baked Puffs, 6 oz

If you’ve ever had éclairs or cream puffs, then you might be a bit familiar with pâte à choux. Made mainly with butter, flour, water, and eggs, pâte à choux is a light pastry dough used for many desserts.

Pâte à choux is unique because it does not involve the use of leavening agentsinstead, it has a high moisture content, which creates steam and makes the choux rise during baking. Choux pastry is twice-cooked: first on the stove, then later in the oven.

Once you get the basic technique down for making choux, the possibilities are endless! Try making some homemade éclairs, or even make some gougères if you’re in the mood for something savory.

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Simple Truth Organic Baked Puffs Maple Pecan 4 Oz Popped Puffed Chips Snacks

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33 oz .

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