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Holiday Cooking & Baking Recipes: Decorating a Gingerbread House with Ginger Betty

This holiday lets ring in the festive season with beautiful songs just like it used to be when we were kids. Lets cook and bake with friends and family and share beautiful holiday memories together.

Invite a friend to come with you as you spend beautiful times together because cooking with love provides food for the soul.

As Goodrich puts it Christmas is like candy it slowly melts in your mouth sweetening every taste bud, making you wish it could last forever.

Do you have a little Chef at your house? Do you have a friend or family who is not sure of what to do during the holidays? Invite them to join you.When you pull out the mixing bowl do your children want to dive in and help? I know that feeling- the smell of fresh baked goods is simply irresistible Does your child want cooking and baking utensils as birthday gifts? Yes, you have come to the right place.Do you want your child to gradually learn to make Christmas treats, lunch or dinner?Do you want your children to develop lifelong independent skills but lack the time to guide them? We are here to help.

Ninis Cooking Class is the perfect place for students to develop, share memories, build relationships, and sharpen their culinary skills .

Morning or Afternoon classes are available. You can sign up for AM session or PM session or both. Please take note of your session once registered.

Morning classes run 9am 12pm.

Afternoon classes run 1pm 4pm.

Camps are for kids 5-18 yers old.

Go Now: Ginger And Baker

Make sure to visit Fort Collins newest gathering placewhich features a bakery, cafe, two restaurants, a teaching kitchen, three outdoor patios, and two event spaceson an empty stomach.

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Once upon a time, the Northern Colorado Feeders Supply building was a gathering place for farmers and ranchers. It was where they bought grain, caught up over cups of coffee, and mingled with the locals who stopped by to pick up dog food.

Today, the 100-plus-year-old building is once again a gathering placeexcept now its over fresh-baked pies and craft cocktails. Ginger and Baker opened in the former feed building on November 14. I always thought it would be fun to open a pie shop and a flower shopalmost like a French market with fresh-baked goods and fresh flowers. They make people happy, and they add to the quality of our lives, frankly, says owner Ginger Graham. I had been looking since 2013 for a location in Old Town Fort Collins. I fell in love with the old building its such an iconic and historic facility.

Ginger and Baker is housed in the restored structure and a new addition, and it pays homage to its origins. For example, a massive chandelier hanging above the center stairway is made of the poured-steel wheels that were used to move grain through the mill.

359 Linden St., Fort Collins, 970-223-7437

Places To Take Cooking Classes In Vancouver

Looking for a hands-on cooking class to help build up your repertoire in the kitchen?

Here are 10 great places in Vancouver offering cooking, baking, and even kombucha-making classes, all designed to sharpen your skills, whether youre on your way to being a culinary pro, or are just an ambitious amateur.

A photo posted by The Dirty Apron on Nov 22, 2016 at 3:34pm PST

The Dirty Apron is probably the most well-known cooking school for food enthusiasts in Vancouverand theyve got their own cookbook, too. The school is owned by former Chambar Sous-Chef David Robertson and his wife Sara. Robertson teaches many of the classes and also brings in talented instructors and famous names to add to their impressive and wide-ranging roster of course offerings. The hands-on classes cover anything from the basics to themed courses focused on meat or seafood, or regional cuisine.

Address: 540 Beatty Street, VancouverPhone: 604-879-8588

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Have Fun Share Love And Eat

A few days ago, Juli & I, gave our first cooking class at Ginger & Baker’s Teaching Kitchen. Since we move to Fort Collins, we have been trying to create an environment where we can teach. It is our passion to share our love for the Culinary Arts, and our love to preserve the knowledge of good food. We believe that “in order for Life to bless you with more knowledge, it is imperative that you share the one you have acquired by Life.”, for us it is some sort of trade we play.

Meet The Baker Behind Ginger And Baker

The Teaching Kitchen at Ginger and Baker

Rachel Brickel felt like she was a Food Network game show contestant in Fort Collins earlier this year.

The seasoned pastry chef was actually in the midst of a job interview for the head baker position at Ginger and Baker the new $12 million Fort Collins eatery specializing in pies that yielded more than 100 applicants from across the country.

Brickel prepared a biscuit, a blackberry lime éclair and an apricot peach liquor pie in a bake-off to win the position.

Her level of finish and refinement was clearly hands above , said Deb Traylor, Ginger and Bakers culinary director, who was tasked with filling the position.

Brickel joined Ginger and Baker in July, developing recipes in area test kitchens while final renovations were made to the century-old feed and grain building at 359 Linden St. She adapted several family recipes of Ginger and Baker founder and Arkansas native Ginger Graham.

Ginger and Baker opened about a month ago with all brand new equipment, including a state-of-the-art smart oven that alerts bakers of finished goods with the sound of a trumpet.

The operation has already produced a 1,000 of its signature pies, including more than 150 for Thanksgiving alone. Brickel, who typically arrives daily at 3 a.m., worked an overnight shift to make sure all Thanksgiving orders were filled.

The bakery also produces numerous breads, pastries and desserts for the other two restaurants within Ginger and Baker.

It ended up being too slow of pace, Brickel joked.

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Makers Haven Part Restaurant And Bakery Part Loving Community Hub Ginger And Baker Is A Foodies Dream Made Real

WALK UP THE FRONT STEPS OF GINGER AND BAKER, the larger-than-life food hub in the Fort Collins River District, and you wouldnt be the first person to pause in the doorway to take it all in.

A barista pulls a thick slab of quadruple coconut cream pie from the case, bits of flaky, golden crust falling on the plate. Laughter echoes from the large kitchen classroom in the back where students are rolling out dough. To the left, The Café hums with conversation as wait staff serve plate after plate of the ultimate comfort foodall-day breakfast.

Its like being transported back in time, standing at the threshold of your favorite kitchen on the morning of your favorite memory. Theres a buzz of friendly conversation. The anticipation of good things to come. And, good Lord, it smells divinea mix of brewing coffee, fresh-cut flowers and bubbling pies straight from the oven.

The building feels happy, like it knows it has purpose again. Obvious care has gone into restoring the old Northern Colorado Feeders Supply building, brick by exposed brick. What was once a spot where folks stopped in to buy feed and baby chicks and swap gossip is now a communal hub of a different sorta gathering space and farm-to-table utopia with a coffee bar, bakery, retail market, two restaurants, rooftop bar and lounge, dog-friendly patio, teaching kitchen and two private event spaces unlike any in town. Its a realized dream, with hospitality at the heart of everything.

And it almost did. Several times.

Featured WordPress Events Calendar: Ginger And Baker

Here we have a perfect example of how you can create a WordPress events calendar to meet all of your needs, no matter what kind of events youd like to showcase. Ginger and Baker is not your typical restaurant. Or cafe. Or kitchen. Or bakery. Its all of those packed together in a historic building just north of Downtown Fort Collins in Colorado that owner Ginger Graham remodeled into the operation it is today.

With so much activity, Ginger and Baker relies on an online calendar of events both to promote happenings and help visualize everything. Were talking about weddings, cooking classes, corporate meetings the works!

The Ginger and Baker website is built in WordPress and, as such, they have turned to The Events Calendar as their platform for highlighting and showcasing events. No arguments from us over here on our team!

What makes the calendar so nice is the way it seamlessly integrates with the overall design of the site. It uses bold red as the primary color, implements custom fonts, and removes a lot of the extra affordances to maintain the stark, minimal look and feel that is echoed throughout the site.

Another takeaway? Getting this same sort of calendar can cost as little as zilch. Everything you see comes baked right into The Events Calendar, which is freely available in the WordPress plugin directory. Simply install, activate, and start customizingits really that simple.

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