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Bush’s Best Baked Beans

A Tour of the Bush’s Best Baked Beans Visitor Center

The year 1969 proved to be a tough one for the canning industry due to overproduction and low prices. As the family stockholders considered their options and discussed strategies for riding out the tough times ahead, Claude’s son Condon Bush hit on the idea of offering a new product that would appeal to a wide audience as well as keep his Augusta plant busy during the off season. Inspired by the company’s earlier success with pork and beans, Condon decided to develop a baked bean product based on his mother Kathleen’s secret recipe.

The experiment proved far more successful than the Bush family had ever imagined. Sales of Bush’s Best Baked Beans went from ten thousand cases in 1969 to a hundred thousand in 1970, eventually hitting close to a million cases in 1971. Baked beans became a very popular dish during the United States Bicentennial, and so Bush Brothers decided to devote all of their resources to Bush’s Best Baked Beans sales. Their campaign was a success, with sales increasing by 173% in 1976, and an additional 34% in 1977.

In 1978, Claude stepped down as Chairman of the Board, and C.J. Ethier replaced him. Condon was elected as the new President of Bush Brothers & Company.

Bush Brothers & Company Company Profile Knoxville Tn

    Bush Brothers also cans other beans , chili, savory, and grillin beans, all of which are sold through retail food outlets, healthcare, educational institutions, and food service operators in the US, and Canada. Founded as a tomato cannery in 1908 by A.J. Bush, Bush Brothers remains family owned and operated.

Visit The Aj And Sallie Bush Homeplace In Jefferson County Tn

This holiday season, experience the AJ and Sallie Bush Homeplace in all its glory. At the Bushs Homeplace Open House, you can expect to be transported back in time to when AJ Bush first set out to create a brand that has become a staple in so many homes across the globe. The home is open to the public from 11:00 a.m. 2:00 p.m. beginning Wednesday, December 15 through Saturday, December 18th.

After visiting the Homeplace, be sure to stop by the Bushs Visitor Center to learn more about the history of the company, and you wont want to miss out on one of their lunch specials at the café where you can get a slice of their famous pinto bean pie. You can even make it an event for the whole family by calling 865-509-3077 to book a group tour. To learn more about the upcoming AJ and Sallie Bush Homeplace Tour, visit our website or contact us today.

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Bush Brothers And Company

Jim Ethier
Website bushbeans.com

Bush Brothers and Company is a family-owned corporation best known for its Bush’s Best brand canned baked beans. The company produces approximately 80 percent of the canned baked beans consumed in the United States, representing estimated annual sales in excess of $400 million and the processing of more than 55 million pounds of beans per year. In addition, the company also offers other canned beans , as well as peas, hominy, and cut green beans. Based in Knoxville, Tennessee, Bush Brothers operates plants in and Chestnut Hill, Tennessee. Its canned goods are sold through retail food outlets and food service operators throughout the United States and Canada.

I Am Unable To Find A Particular Product In My Area Can You Help Me Locate It


Yes, we can help. Although distribution of our products are national, not all stores carry all varieties. To find the item youre looking for, please try our product finder tool or contact our Consumer Relations department via our Contact Us page, call us at 1-800-590-3797 from 8 a.m.5 p.m., Monday through Friday, Eastern Time, or write to us at:Bush Brothers & Company

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The iconic confection that began in 1912 and also the first time a chocolate bar consisted of more than just one ingredient, Goo Goo Cluster has become a candy staple in Tennessee, nationwide and even internationally. While the production factory isnt open for tours, you can visit the Goo Goo Shop and Dessert Bar to see the milk chocolate-caramel-peanut-and-marshmallow-nugget creation crafted by hand. Buy the iconic candies, merchandise and even a sundae or milkshake from the dessert bar. You can even take a chocolate- making class 2 p.m. Thursdays and Fridays and 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. Saturdays.

Bushs Beans Visitor Center

I got to visit the Bushs Beans Visitor Center and I thought I would share this as part of Travel Thursday. This adventure takes you to Chestnut Hills, TN. . A community located in Jefferson County, TN. Just outside of Dandridge, TN. Not to mention to view the Bushs Beans Visitor Center is completely free! Some people might call this Bushs Baked Beans Visitor Center.

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What Is The Aj And Sallie Bush Homeplace

In Chestnut Hill, TN, the AJ and Sallie Bush Homeplace is a beautifully preserved window into the past. AJ Bush lived with his wife, Sallie, in this home that they built together in 1909, just one year after the incorporation of Bush Brothers. Not lacking in charm, the AJ and Sallie Bush Homeplace allows for visitors to understand what the lives of AJ and Sallie Bush were like during the beginnings of Bush Brothers.

Once a year, the historic Homeplace opens to the public to experience an old-fashioned Christmas. Across from the Bushs Visitor Center and Café, the AJ and Sallie Bush Homeplace is the perfect addition to a December day spent browsing the Bush Brothers memorabilia and learning about the history of the famous company. Stepping into the AJ and Sallie Bush Homeplace allows for guests to picture life in the beginning of the 20th century in East Tennessee.

A History Of Bushs Beans

Bush’s Baked Beans Visitor Center, Family Cafe & General Store Museum

Bushs Beans has established themselves as the majority shareholder of the canned bean market, and the road to get to this place has been long and winding. While Bush Brothers & Co. is now headquartered in Knoxville, TN, Andrew Jackson Bush began this journey in the small farming town of Chestnut Hill, TN.

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Properties Lost To Tennessee Valley Authority

In 1942, the Tennessee Valley Authority announced the closing of the Douglas Dam floodgates within the year. The end result would be the flooding of the French Broad River bottom, where Bush Brothers had a number of farms. After several months of negotiation, Bush Brothers & Company agreed to sell seven prime tracts of their farmland to the TVA, as well as the Oak Grove Canning Plant.

In October 1944, Bush Brothers attempted to offset some of their farmland loss by purchasing the Blytheville Canning Company in Arkansas. However, the plant was in bad shape and struggled during its first four years of Bush ownership. Claude Bush moved to Arkansas in 1948 to oversee the facilities and eventually managed to turn it into a profitable business.

Bush Beans Visitor Center In Dandridge Tn

    The 12-000-square-foot center features a turn-of-the-century general store, museum, gift shop, theater and cafe serving the “No. 1 Baked Beans in the World.” A perfect way to finish your Sunny Side Trail adventure, this is your final on-trail stop. To schedule your group tour at the BUSH’S® Museum, please call in advance at 865-509-3077.

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Visit Bushs Visitor Center In Tennessee

Wanna know a secret? Okay, so maybe we cant tell you the secret family recipe behind Bushs baked beans. But we can tell you where to find out so much more about them: Bushs Visitor Center just outside of Pigeon Forge!

Bushs Visitor Center is located in Chestnut Hill, Tennessee, which is 19 miles or about a half-hour drive from Pigeon Forge. At the Visitor Centerwhich is housed in the original A.J. Bush & Company General Store, founded in 1897youll get to tour the museum, watch a film on the history of the company, and even try a new family recipe, like their Pinto Bean Pie. Once inside, we think youll agree that this unique attraction was worth the drive during your next visit to Pigeon Forge.

History of Bush Brothers & Co.

For more than 100 years now, Bush Brothers & Co. has been a family-owned company dedicated to serving only the best when it comes to their beans. But, interestingly, they didnt get their start with their baked bean recipe.

Instead, A.J. Bush, the founder of the company, opened a tomato cannery in Chestnut Hill, Tennessee, where the Visitor Center stands today. With Americans quickly warming up to the convenience of canned foods, this business quickly ripened into selling other canned ingredients including, you guessed it, beans.

About the Visitor Center

Find Bush’s In Stores

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Bushs Bean Spice Cake

When you think sweet, you may not automatically think beans. But this cake, with pureed BUSHS®Baked Beans with Honey, will change your mind.

  • Prep Time
  • 1 can BUSHS® Baked Beans with Honey, drained*
  • 1 box spice cake mix
  • 3 large eggs
  • 1 can crushed pineapple, drained well reserving juice
  • 1 cup chopped walnuts optional

    For the glaze

  • 1-2 tablespoon reserved pineapple juice
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • Place water and baked beans in a blender and puree.

  • 1 can of beans

  • 2BLEND

    Blend spice cake mix, oil, eggs and bean puree in a large bowl at low speed until all ingredients are moistened. Beat at medium speed up to 2 minutes to combine all ingredients.

  • Cake mix

  • Humble Beginnings In Chestnut Hill Tn

    Chestnut Hill, TN, is the birthplace of this American classic however, baked beans werent always an item on the menu. AJ Bush first entered the canning industry in 1898 when he opened his first general store and tomato cannery. AJs canned tomatoes were such a success that he officially incorporated Bush Brothers & Co. in 1908, and it has been family-owned ever since. During the 1920s, Bush Brothers experimented within the canning industry, branching out from canned tomatoes into peaches and more. Eventually, they found themselves canning beans and developing the now famous baked bean recipe that we all know & love today.

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    Are Your Products Gluten

    All Bushs® canned bean products are gluten-free. We do use corn starch in some of our products, but it does not contain gliadin gluten from wheat, barley, oats or rye grains, which may cause adverse responses in people suffering from celiac sprue. In addition, the vinegar used in our canned bean products is corn-based and distilled.

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    A.J. Bush & Co. Visitor center | Bush’s Baked Beans | Chestnut Hill, TN

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    What Happened To The Bushs Beans Guy

    Duke the iconic spokesdog from the Bushs Baked Beans commercials went to that great cookout in the sky last week following a brief battle with cancer. His death was confirmed Tuesday by company officials after it was originally revealed on Facebook. Most know him as Duke the Bushs Baked Beans dog.

    Who Is The Guy In The Bushs Baked Beans Commercial

    When the time came for Jay Bush to appear in commercials as the spokesman for his familys brand of baked beans, he turned to his Golden Retriever, Duketo, for comfort. At a meeting to discuss commercial ideas in 1996, someone at the table suggested Jay tell Duke the secret family recipe for the delicious beans.

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    Contact Us Bushs Beans

      Have a question, concern or suggestion about our beans? You’re in the right place! There’s nothing you can’t ask us – except for our Secret Family Recipe! You can also call our Consumer Relations team: 1-800-590-3797 8 am – 5pm, Monday – Friday, Eastern Time

    Beautiful Visitor Center Across From Their Large Factory


    We stopped here on our route from Pigeon Forge to Johnson City. The web site says it should be open from 10-4 from April to the end of October but it was closed. We walked around the 12,000 Sq Ft combination museum, theater, cafe and gift shop noting other tourists stopping to see it closed. The large factory across the road is working with steam rising at different points. Bush produces ~80% of the baked beans consumed in the US, so there are a lot of fans like us.


    This business is still closed. Not sure why since every other business and museum, gift shop, and restaurants are fully open. Was hoping to visit but maybe another time.

    If you are a fan of Bush’s, please visit. Even if you just enjoy food history, make the trek. The folks there are friendly. There is a restaurant onsite also.

    We were there at closing so we didnt get to see the educational videos. We did get to tour their museum which was very interesting. My family was about to get a group picture with Duke and the gift shop had some very interesting purchases!

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