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Cake Boss Cake Vending Machines Available In Calgary

A Visit to Carlo’s Bake Shop – Hoboken, NJ

Straight from a hit reality show to your taste buds, a new way to pick up a piece of cake has arrived in Calgary.

Slices from Carlos Bake Shop in Hoboken, New Jersey the setting of TLCs Cake Boss are offering instant sweet-tooth satisfaction from vending machines at four locations in Calgary.

The delicious dispensaries offer a variety of cake flavours from chocolate, carrot, red velvet and rainbow, at roughly $10 per slice.

CF Chinook Centres express bakery saw several customers on Friday and everyone appeared to be pleased with their purchase.

That was pretty cool. I like how it just mechanically just gave me cake, said Sophie Garcia.

The novelty of the experience is key, if not preferred, said another customer.

I hate to say it but its kind of nice not to have to worry about human interaction in this day and age, said Lisa Garci.

Korey Oleksow was drawn in by the cake design and sprinkles.

It looks delicious it looks fabulous and wonderful so I mean how much more expression can you get in a single slice of cake? He said.

Carlos Bake Shop and brand is led by Buddy Valastro, the same man who appears on the reality show that has been on air since 2009.

The cakes are baked in Hoboken and then shipped out to distributors.

The company has expanded with two dozen automatic bake shop locations in Canada. Calgarys other locations include The Core, Southcentre Mall and CrossIron Mills.

More locations may be added.

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Can You Meet Buddy Or Other Family Members At Carlos Bakery

Im sorry to burst your bubble, but meeting Buddy at Carlos Bake Shop is highly unlikely and borders on impossible. Due to numerous other projects and commitments, hes hardly ever present at the bakery. However, his sisters Mary and Grace often serve customers and I have seen many photos of people who got to meet them even the official website says youre always free to ask if any of the cast members are around! We werent lucky enough, but its definitely worth a shot!

Where Is The Cake Boss Location

Carlos Bake Shop, commonly known as Carlos Bakery and also known as Carlos City Hall Bake Shop, is a bakery in Hoboken, New Jersey, owned by Buddy Valastro. The bakery has gained public attention as the setting of the TLC television series, Cake Boss.Valastro is the star of Cake Buddy Valastros House in East Hanover, NJ Virtual Globetrotting The celebrity chef, entrepreneur, and reality television personality purchased this house in 2010 for $1.35 million.

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Where Can You Find One

Stephanie White | Narcity

In Canada, Carlos Bake Shop currently has multiple locations in Ottawa and the greater Toronto area. All of the cake ATMs are inside malls, like Yorkdale, Square One, Eaton Centre, Upper Canada, Bayshore, and St. Laurent.

There is a handy map online where you can search for the location closest to you. The useful tool will not only give you the address but provide a detailed description of where to go, such as in the food court or beside the Apple Store.

The vending machine will be easy to spot, as it will have a large photo of chef Buddy Valastro.

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Despite Growth Carlos Bakery Locations Have Had To Shut Down


Yes, it took more than a century for Carlos Bakery to open a branch location, quickly followed by an actual location. And yes, now there are 13 locations across the United States and more in Brazil. But there used to be more Carlos Bakeries out there.

For instance, Carlos Bakery locations are dropping like flies in New Jersey. A site in Westfield, New Jersey closed in April 2018. Then, a location in Red Bank closed that same summer after five years of operation. By January 2019, the Ridgewood and Morristown locations were shuttered, citing that leases were up, and they were not to be renewed. Looks like the one at Waynes Willowbrook Mall dropped off as well. Now, only two shops remain in the Garden State one in Marlton and, of course, the original spot in Hoboken.

Down the coast, both Carlos Bake Shop locations in Atlanta closed in May 2019. The closures even spread to Long Island, as the Garden City, New York, location closed in August 2019. And in 2020, the Carlos Bakery kiosk inside the Stonebriar Center in Frisco, Texas, also closed where one woman even camped out in 2017 for 18 hours before it opened.

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We Bring Break Time To Everyone

As the largest vending company in the nation, we feed guests during those unexpected moments when they crave a snack or meal. Our innovative technology, healthy options, dedicated service, and custom solutions have kept us as a leader in the industry since it all began.

Clean, filled and working you can count on us as your vending company. Our technicians and service representatives keep machines stocked and maintained, bringing new meaning to full-service vending. From coast to coast with our network of corporate and franchise branches, we can provide the same great vending services no matter where youre located through our Canteen One team.

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Building The Cake Factory From Scratch

To support the companys tremendous growth, Carlos recently opened a 55,000 square foot facility called the Cake Factory at Lackawanna Center in Jersey City, approximately one mile from its flagship retail store in Hoboken. This state-of-the-art building houses all of the companys major baking and cake decorating operations, as well as its business offices and call center.When architecting its Cake Factory, Carlos wanted to build the most innovative facility for baking, and knew that technology would play a critical role. Because the Factory also houses its call center, reliable voice service was critical. High-speed Internet was also important to help ensure that all communications between the Factory and store locations were delivered in a timely fashion, and to support e-commerce initiatives and future bandwidth intensive applications, like videoconferencing. The company was also looking for reliable, high-speed Internet service to support its growing use of cloud-based business applications. Carlos turned to Comcast Business to help bring its IT vision to life.

For a bakery, we are doing some interesting things with technology which makes my job extremely fun. However, at the end of the day it is about the customer. With Comcast we know we have the confidence that we can grow our business while still offering the quality and consistency of a neighborhood bakery. Leo Minervini

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Do You Have To Queue Outside Carlos Bake Shop

Given the unflagging popularity of Cake Boss, I wanted to do some research on estimated wait time so that I could plan our trip to Hoboken accordingly. I couldnt find much information, but I did come across one source that showed a sign in front of the bakery pointing to a massive line starting right around the block.

As we were going on Sunday afternoon, we prepared ourselves for increased traffic by scheduling in some extra time So, imagine our surprise when we arrived at our destination and there was neither a sign nor a single soul in sight!

After we took some mandatory photos outside the bakery, we finally went inside, where we were one of the few customers. We took our time walking back and forth between the display cases and taking sneak peeks inside the baking area, which brings us to

In A World Where People Are Continually Looking For The Next Experience And Instant Gratification What Creates An Exceptional Guest Experience

Carlo’s Original Bake Shop Hoboken, N.J.

CAKE. Not just any cake but cake delivered in an unusual way. Enter the Cake Boss the internationally renowned chef and owner of the now world-famous Carlos Bake Shop in Hoboken, NJ. Areas is proudly rolling out Carlos Bake Shop Express cake-dispensing machines revolutionary upscale vending dressed to replicate the iconic Carlos Bake Shop. The ultimate guest food experience provided by cutting-edge technology.

Plans are underway to install this system in three Florida Turnpike service plazas by year-end: West Palm Beach, Fort Pierce, and Turkey Lake. Filinto Galban, Regional Director of Operations, explained, It was our desire to give guests a unique experience, especially in the turnpike service plazas. Carlos Bake Shop Express is a destination that gives Florida Turnpike travelers added reason to stop at one of our plazas. Theyll experience a social media-worthy moment with the added bonus of a truly fantastic treat to enjoy right then or save for later.

Filinto, who has been creating praise-worthy experiences for Areas guests for more than 12 years, is excited about the installation of these elegant vending machines. Hes especially excited at the prospect that Buddy Valastro, the Cake Boss himself, might make a personal appearance at the Turkey Lake Plaza for the grand unveiling of Carlos Bake Shop Express late this year. If this happens, it will truly be an elevated experience for Areas guests.

Save settings & proceed

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The Best Holiday Gifts For Everyone On Your List

The New CAKE ATM has arrived at Upper Canada!

Bringing dessert from Cake Boss Buddy Valastros renown Carlos Bake Shop to Toronto, enjoy decadent slices and soon full cakes from a kiosk offering a quick, easy and convenient experience.

The CAKE ATM is restocked daily to guarantee freshness, stored in the temperature-controlled, self serve automated retail kiosk.

Try Buddys most popular flavours, including Rainbow, Red Velvet, Chocolate Fudge, Confetti, Cookies & Cream, Rainbow Fudge and Carrot.

The New CAKE ATM has arrived at Upper Canada!

Bringing dessert from Cake Boss Buddy Valastros renown Carlos Bake Shop to Toronto, enjoy decadent slices and soon full cakes from a kiosk offering a quick, easy and convenient experience.

The CAKE ATM is restocked daily to guarantee freshness, stored in the temperature-controlled, self serve automated retail kiosk.

Try Buddys most popular flavours, including Rainbow, Red Velvet, Chocolate Fudge, Confetti, Cookies & Cream, Rainbow Fudge and Carrot.

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Carlos Bake Shop Cakes

The cannoli, without a doubt, is one of Carlos most famous creations.Its a traditional Italian dessert made out of a rolled-up cake filled with a delectable cream filling.Also recommended is the Lobster Tail, which is a similarly packed Italian pastry that is shaped in the shape of a lobsters tail.

Buddy has chosen the Lobster Tail, so you can be assured that you are in for a tasty treat!There are a variety of additional cookies, cakes, and pastries to pick from as well as.A delectable experience awaits you as you choose from the tempting goodies displayed in the display cabinets.In the Carlos Bake Shop, you can get chocolate chip cookies for as little as $1.50.It is highly recommended that you pay a visit to Carlos Bake Store if you enjoy a decent pastry shop or are a huge fan of Buddy Valastro and the Cake Boss television program.

You should certainly try one of their renowned cannoli, for example.A unique feature of Carlos Bake Shop is that you can look right into the kitchen, where everything is created from start to finish.During the day, the business is quite popular and may be extremely busy.

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    What Happened To Carlos From Cake Boss

    Cake Boss is an ad for a bakery.Buddy Valastro provides an update on his recovery from a hand of Cake Boss Buddy Valastro is thanking his fortunate stars that he is still alive and well after his hand was impaled in a horrible bowling accident at his house last year, despite his initial skepticism about his ability to recover.

    I had absolutely no notion what I was going to do when I got back.Sponsored Links are those that have been paid for by a company.READ ON FOR MORE INFORMATION.

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    Sorry Cake Boss Fans Carlos Bake Shop Closes 2 Nj Locations Because Thats The Way The Cookie Crumbles


    ‘Cake Boss’ Buddy Valastro at Carlo’s Bake Shop in Hoboken, which after several closures is now one of three Carlo’s locations in New Jersey.Kathryn Brenzel | NJ Advance Med

    Buddy Valastros empire of cake and pastry just got a little smaller, at least in New Jersey.

    When it comes to Bergen and Morris counties, the Cake Boss will not be in, not any more.

    The Ridgewood and Morristown locations of Carlos Bake Shop have closed, confirms Carlos spokeswoman Nicole Valdes.

    The leases at the two locations ended and the company chose not to renew, she tells NJ Advance Media.

    Valastros fleet of Cake Boss bakeries has shrunk by more than just a few crumbs. In August, the bakery chain shuttered another location in Red Bank. That closure followed another in Westfield this past April. There are now three Carlos Bake Shops in the state.

    The Ridgewood location of Carlos Bake Shop, which opened in 2013 in Wilsey Square, was Valastros first foray in New Jersey outside of Hoboken. The bakery has been in operation in the Mile Square City since 1910. Valastros family took over in 1964, when his father, Bartolo Valastro Sr., bought the bakery.

    The company ships confections including rainbow cookies, red velvet cake and cannoli nationwide and sells bakeware on its website.

    Carlos Bake Shops remain open in Hoboken, Wayne and Marlton. The Wayne bakery is located within the Willowbrook Mall.

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    Who Runs Carlos Bakery In Las Vegas

    Christina Nasso, the general manager and head baker and decorator of Carlos Bakery Las Vegas, worked at his original location in Hoboken, N.J., before taking over Cake Boss Cafe in New York Citys Times Square. The Cake Boss himself appointed Nasso to open his very first Las Vegas bake shop, where she runs all operations from the back of house baking to front of house customer service.

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    Did Al And Lia Go To Vegas

    Al and Lia were victorious and advanced to the finals in Las Vegas, where they will face elimination-challenge champions Manny and Al. During the pre-finals supper, Lia and Manny engaged in a tremendously amusing round of joking and teasing. He referred to her job as boring, and she responded by reminding him that his work may be boring on sometimes.

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    After Five Surgeries About 75% Of His Strength Is Back

    His mobility has returned, and he can now create a fist with all of his fingers straight.He also claims to have regained around 75% of his strength.He demonstrated this by making a fist and straightening his fingers to demonstrate the amount of progress he had made .Despite his improvement, Valastro continues to participate in physical therapy in the hopes of building even more strength in his hand.

    How Much Does Carlos Bakery Make A Year

    Walking Hoboken, NJ to Frank Sinatra Statue & Carlo’s Bake Shop (January 2022)

    Carlos Bakery Inc. is the business name under which the company operates. Carlos Bakery Inc. is a Specialty Food Stores company based in Jersey City, New Jersey, United States, and is a member of the Specialty Food Stores industry. Across all of its sites, Carlos Bakery Inc. employs 1,050 people and produces revenues of $103.81 million. Carlos Bakery Inc. has 1,050 employees overall .

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    Five Unusual Gourmet Vending Machines You Can Find In Toronto

    Vending machines have come a long way since they were first introduced in London in the 1880s, dispensing envelopes, postcards, and notepaper. And while Toronto may not have a vending machine culture as quirky as places like Japan they have more per capita than any other country we do have our fair share of interesting ones too.

    Here are five unusual vending machines you can find in the streets of Toronto.

    Local Store Classes And Consultations

    hereATTN: BUDDY AUTOGRAPH Carloâs Bakery Lackawanna 631 Grove Street Jersey City, NJ 07310


    Thank you to the BEST customers around for your patience and support during these times! We look forward to continuing to deliver to you the sweet joy of desserts at Carlo’s Bakery.

    We ship Nationwide and deliver five days a week, Tuesday through Saturday.

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    Cake Atms: For When You Just Cant Wait For Regular Banking Hours To Make A Cake Withdrawal

    Image Via YouTube screen capture


    In July 2021, TikTok users @izzy_serious posted a video about a cake ATM located at the Harrahs Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada:

    This video captures a real cake dispenser, although it is more properly termed a cake vending machine than a cake ATM . At a price of $8.95, the machine dispenses pieces of six different kinds of cake: chocolate, rainbow, Americana, red velvet, carrot, and chocolate rainbow. Flavors differ from location to location:

    These cake vending machines stock confections from Cake Boss Buddy Valastros Carlos Bake Shop and originally appeared in Torontos PATH back in November 2019 and spread to other Canadian locations:

    The Cake ATMs are at locations from Toronto to Hamilton to Ottawa, including Yorkdale Mall, the Rideau Centre and the Eaton Centre.

    Each cake is baked in Hoboken and shipped to Ontario where the Cake ATMs are restocked fresh daily with flavors including Chocolate Fudge, Red Velvet, Cookies and Cream, Carrot and Vanilla Rainbow.

    Slices are delivered to the customer in a fully automated manner while Buddy Valastros voice announces Your Cake Is Coming Right Up!

    Each slice is $9.99, and select machines also offer full cakes on weekends for $49.99.

    Heres a video of the cake ATM in action:

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