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  • On time and enjoyed by all. Always a good choice.

  • 29 days ago

    Christy in Tuscaloosa, AL

    Great job by Honey Baked Ham! Boxed lunches plus broccoli salad makes for a light summer lunch. Love that all condiments are on the side.

  • about 1 month ago

    Kaela in Waukegan, IL

    I am a huge fan of Honey Baked Ham. Not only are they reliable and work quickly, but the quality of food is great. An easy way to give employees tons of options for boxed lunches!

  • about 1 month ago

    The VIP buffet is so easy to order and was a crowd pleaser.

  • about 1 month ago

    Great food, on time & boxed lunches were Fantastic. Excellent

  • about 1 month ago

Millennials Love Working At Honeybaked Ham Here’s Why

People begin gathering this week for annual holiday celebrations. Families, friends, and loved ones come together during this season to celebrate time together. And the centerpiece for most holiday gatherings is the meal.

Holiday menus have a stereotype: stuffing, sweet potatoes, and pecan pie. One of the most popular components of the holiday menu is a ham from HoneyBaked Ham.

HoneyBaked Ham is a family-owned company based in Alpharetta, GA, with stores all over the country. Many people are familiar with their main product: a large bone-in ham. While they offer others items in their stores, including sandwiches and side dishes, the ham remains the best-selling product.

Much of their $500 million annual revenue comes during the holidays when they open stores nationwide for the season. Yet despite the short tenure of much of their workforce, they are committed to investing in millennials. And millennials love working for HoneyBaked Ham.

How do they create a culture millennials love?

Care about people

For me, HoneyBaked is home, says Andy Andurlakis, a millennial and a District Manager for HoneyBaked Ham. I always felt like HB cared about me and my family. I know everyone at the corporate office. They treat me as equal.

Promote work/life balance

The restaurant industry is one of the most demanding industries in the country. Long hours and low pay often characterize the industry, and some believe stressful restaurant environments have adverse effects on mental health.

How The Honey Baked Ham Company Weathers Seasonality And Saves On Freight Spend

Ham is a seasonal business. Actually, its hyper-seasonal, according to The Honey Baked Ham Companys transportation manager, Adrian Prather. The company, which sells ham, turkey, sides, cakes, and pies directly to consumers, does most of its business around Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and New Years 12 days of work to fund 365 days of revenue.

When Prather joined Honey Baked Ham in 2019, the company relied on just two carriers.

Relationships, Redundancies, Enticements

When Prather joined Honey Baked Ham in 2019, the company relied on just two carriers. His first job was to expand the carrier base, a process he likened to dating during a recent webinar: If I like you, maybe well go into a bigger relationship, and maybe youll get more work.

This relationship-based model means carriers are already committed to working with Honey Baked Ham through their massive capacity spikes. This came in handy in March 2020, when COVID-19 shut down the country and everyone wanted their food delivered to their door. During the week of March 20, 2020, the company sold more than 300% of their forecast. Luckily, they were prepared, as Easter was just four weeks away, and they had already pre-stocked for the holiday.

Our only tracking was on their websites. I couldnt tell what happened. I would have to talk to the dock manager every week, every day

Lack of Visibility Costs Efficiency and Money

Better Processes, More Carriers, One Solution

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