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Bullet Point Breakdown Of The Bak Revolver X2 Hard Rolling Cover

BAK Industries Revolver X2 hard rolling tonneau cover – Installation

No time to read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? Too long didnt read your fav acronym? Dont worry. We hear ya. Heres our Midwest Aftermarket Bullet Point Breakdown of the BAK Revolver X2:

  • One of the most secure roll-up covers on the market
  • Features a patented locking rail system that locks the aluminum slats into place all along the length of the truck bed
  • Allows for use of stake pocket holes
  • Roll up to your cab for full bed access to haul larger items in your pickup
  • Easy to use, designed to be rolled up with only one hand
  • Clamp on installation is easy and requires no special tools
  • A simple DIY install you can do in the comfort of your home garage
  • Absolutely no hook and loop fasteners–much more secure than traditional vinyl roll ups
  • Unmatched security in a hard roll up cover
  • Designed to hold up against the elements
  • Covered by BAKs 3 Year Limited Warranty

Bak Revolver X2 Tonneau Cover

BAK Revolver X2 Tonneau Cover Highlights:

  • Patented Locking Rails secure the full length of the bed
  • Easy to use automatic slam latch operates from either side
  • Full access to stake pocket holes for other accessories
  • No lifting with easy one-handed rolling design
  • Easy clamp-on installation
  • No velcro or stitching
  • Holds up to 400 lbs

The BAK Revolver X2 Tonneau Cover is not only sleek, it’s extremely functional. Its low profile fit mounts between your bed rails, allowing you to add a bevy of other attachments to your truck without impeding the function of the tonneau cover.

Easy to use, you can roll the cover up or down with one hand by pulling the string latch on either side of your truck. Lock your bed and cover securely with the rotational locking rails and your tailgate lock.

With a Revolver X2 Tonneau Cover, hauling large items is not a problem. No need to remove the cover, roll it all the way up and use the included straps to hold it in place. Even rolled up, you’ll have an unobstructed view out of your rear window.

Super durable, the aluminum slats of the BAK Revolver X2 Tonneau Cover are covered with industrial-grade vinyl, which not only keeps water from leaking into the bed, the tonneau cover rails are also sealed to keep water out.

Even better, your BAK Revolver X2 Tonneau Cover is Made in the USA!

Guaranteed to fit the following trucks:
Warranty Information

to learn more about the manufacturer’s limited warranty and how to file a claim.


Bak Revolver X2 Vs X4 Tonneau Cover Comparison

The BAK Revolver X2 and Revolver X4 tonneau covers are great hard rolling truck bed covers developed with your gear in mind. Made right here in the USA, these covers protect your gear against theft and the elements. They also work well with many other accessories sold on and are fifth wheel compatible.

Revolver X2 vs Revolver X4 Shared Features

Secure Easy-close slam latch with a pull cord opening. With a locked tailgate, the bed is more secure than the cab.

Durable Aluminum slats with vinyl overlay make these covers strong for years of use.

Weight Capacity These covers stand up to the elements with a 400 pound evenly distributed weight rating.

Water Resistant One-piece vinyl overlay blocks most water, and side rail channels distribute excess water to drain tubes.

Easy to Install Clamp-on installation takes under an hour, and requires few tools and no drilling.

Made in the USA Built strong right here in the USA.

BAK Revolver X2

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Revolver X2 Hard Rolling Truck Cover

The RevolverX2 tonneau cover is the latest evolution of the rolling tonneau cover. Much like the 1st Generation Roll-X, the Revolver X2 is a hard tonneau cover that allows you full unobstructed use of your whole truck bed. It offers all the advantages of a soft cover, yet none of the disadvantages of a soft roll-up cover like compromised security. All of the best attributes of a hard retractable tonneau cover without the loss of truck bed utility. The rolled up cover is only six inches when stored behind the rear window. If you’re in the market for a solid, heavy duty, all season tonneau cover that performs as well as it looks, the Revolver X2 hard rolling truck bed cover is built for you. Check out the features and benefits listed below:

  • Patented Locking Rails Secure the Full Length of the Bed
  • Easy to Use Automatic Slam Latch Operates from Either Side
  • No Lifting with Easy One-Handed Rolling Design
  • No Velcro or Stitching
  • Full Access to Stake Pockets for Other Accessories
  • Rear View Mirror Visibility
  • Looks Great And Saves On Fuel

    BAK INDUSTRIES Revolver X2 Tonneau Cover for 07

    This cover looks great thanks to the textured black vinyl skin on aluminum slats. The UV-resistant, low-profile design gives your truck a sleek, rugged look. The cover fits inside the rails and tailgate and lies flush with the truck bed when locked, saving on fuel. It’s compatible with stake-pocket-mounted accessories and raised side rails.

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    A Hard Rolling Cover With All The Access And No Velcro

    Apotheosis: the culmination or climax in development. Is the BAK Revolver X2 beyond top-of-the-line? Of divine status? The best damn roll-up cover ever invented? Have I gone too far yet? I’ll walk you through my review of this hard-to-beat tonneau cover in this in-depth discussion of all that makes the Revolver X2 one of the best covers in the industry.

    No Stitching & No Velcro: Smooth & Secure

    The Revolver X2 has a sleek and smooth look when completely closed. It is almost zero profile, laying flush with the top of your truck bed and providing full access to all of your stake pocket holes for rack and other accessory use. There is no stitching at all. The Leather Grain Vinyl is seamless and refined. But the most important aspect of the Revolver X2 is the complete lack of Velcro. Some competitor roll-up hard covers use Velcro to “secure” the tonneau along the side or rails of the truck bed. If you can recall the ease of use with Velcro from your childhood, then you can imagine just how insecure this really is. No Velcro here! The patented security locking rails explained above are the most important part of the system as far as security is concerned. Once locked in place, it is nigh impossible to get into this tonneau without opening the tailgate–protecting your equipment from prying eyes. Furthermore, when rolled all the way open, a buckle system allows the cover to be locked in place at the bulkhead, allowing complete access to the entire bed. Again, this roll-up seems to provide the ease of access such tonneau’s are known for with the security that is more commonly found in a hard cover fold or even a truck lid. That’s superior security with flexibility & ease of use–truly the best of all worlds when it comes to bed covers at least.

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    No Drill Simple Installation

    BAK Industries new Revolver X2 hard rolling tonneau cover – features and benefits

    Similar to the BAKFlip line, installation is simple, using the shown No Drill Clamps which mount the locking rails to the truck bed. Installation can take as little as fifteen minutes. A BAK rep did personally give us some advise on install. Make sure the cover is square to your cab and sitting properly on the rails before you tighten up the front screws. To double check if you have her square, close the gate gently onto the Universal Bulb Tailgate Seal. You want some compression on that seal so it is water-tight. If that’s what you are getting consistently along the length of the tailgate, you are ready to tighten those screws up & finish the installation.

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    Bak Industries Revolver X2 Tonneau Covers

    The Bak Industries Revolver X2 Tonneau Covers are an aluminum roll-up tonneau cover for your truck bed. With a locked tailgate, the gear in the bed is secure with the Revolver XP Tonneau Cover. This design supplies multiple automatic latching systems that lock the cover as it is closed. They can withstand severe temperatures of over 40 degrees below zero and extreme levels of heat and sun.


    • Stake Pocket Holes Partially Accessible
    • Works with Most 5th Wheel Hitches

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    Strong Convenient Hybrid Design

    The secret to the Revolver X2’s versatility is the aluminum slats on the underside of the cover that make it strong, seamless, and flexible. These individual, hinged slats give the cover its rugged body, while also allowing enough flexibility for the cover to be rolled up. Atop the slats is a tough, 1-piece vinyl layer that adds to the tonneau’s sleek look and overall durability while also keeping the slats perfectly aligned. As a result, the Revolver X2 will roll up evenly every time, unlike ordinary soft vinyl covers that can get lopsided as you maneuver them.

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    Full Truck Bed Access

    The Revolver X2 gives you full use of your truck bed in a matter of seconds – just roll up the cover and secure it behind the cab. As a result, you can tote around all your gear without having to remove the tonneau. And because the Revolver X2 mounts inside your truck bed rails, you can still use your truck bed stake pockets to mount accessories like tie-down anchors.

    True Apotheosis Of The Roll

    BAK INDUSTRIES Revolver X2 Tonneau Cover for 19 (New Body Style) Ram 5 ...

    After a detailed run-through of all the X2 has to offer, I have to conclude that this tonneau cover is the best roll-up hard cover currently on the market. It provides everything most consumers want in a cover: superior water resistance, the best security possible, ease of rolling up and locking, intuitive design, and that universal bulb seal so you don’t have to close your tailgate before locking the cover down. Add in the 3 Year Warranty and a 400 lbs. evenly distributed weight rating and this is beyond top-of-the-line: a true apotheosis in cover design and execution. BAK has truly outdone itself this time. And again buyer beware, as some of the competitors may offer a similar looking rollable hard cover design, but no one has this patented locking system except for BAK, and a few other lines do use Velcro to secure the sides of the cover, whereas BAK is using a metal locking tooth/rail to hold the cover in place. I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather have a metal rail protecting my gear than Velcro–while I like to think of myself as being young at heart, I ain’t no little kid. No Velcro for me! If you want the maximum security and functionality, the ability to easily roll-up your cover whenever needed all with hard cover protection, the Revolver X2 is where it’s at for you and for me, baby!

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