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5 inches or as-1 line, whichever comes first
Reflectivity No more than 25% reflective
Other Restrictions Red, amber, and blue not allowed. dual side mirrors required for back tinted windows
* Percentages above are based on the percent of visible light that gets through the film known as film VLT%. The lower the VLT%, the darker the tint on the film. * AS-1 is the line extending from the letters AS-1, found on most motor vehicle windshields which will run parallel to the top of the windshield. * Texas State Window Tinting Laws are always subject to change each year. Some cities and countries in Texas may also have city ordinances that may play a factor. Please double check with your window tinting expert before applying or keeping your existing window tint. Check Autoclude’s local directory below to find a window tinting professional to either help install and/or remove existing window tint from your automobile.


Auto Glass Repair And Windshield Replacement Directory For El Paso Texas

Our windshield replacement directory provides a list of local auto glass repair shops in and around the El Paso, Texas area. Each service center is independent of Auto One Glass & Accessories.

Need an estimate for windshield replacement or repair in your area? Contact one of the windshield replacement and auto glass repair shops below. These shops near you can provide a price to handle your auto glass repair or windshield replacement.

This list is provided to help you find an estimate of overall repair costs and may not reflect exactly what other shops may charge. Our list of auto glass shops can serve as a reference point for you while shopping for a reputable service center. If you get an estimate from Auto One, this calculation is not a guarantee that the windshield replacement or auto glass repair charge you ultimately pay will be the same amount as we charge for the comparable service.


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