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Prostain Of Texas Stained Our Fence So We’re No Longer On The Fence About It

How we Stained our New Cedar Wood Fence

Here’s one time where being a stain on the community is a good thing.

When we moved into our Cypress, Texas home about a year ago, our fence was shiny-new as it had been installed by Lennar Homes as part of building the new house. I wanted to retain its beauty by applying Thompson’s Water Seal, but I did not get around to it. There were so many other things to do: unpack, get a new driver’s license, set up new services, get solar panels, get the pool and outdoor kitchen, and landscape the yard. So over the last 18 months, the fence has weathered.

My 2020 plan was to power-wash the fence to remove the mildew and then apply Thompson’s Water Seal per my original plan. Then I learned that as a novice power-washer, I would probably leave bands where I had not washed evenly. In addition, power-washing does not extend the life of a fence as it removes some wood material. To cap it off, I would probably need to reapply Thompson’s Water Seal every year. No thank you.

Enter ProStain of Texas:

I saw on Facebook where a neighbor had his fenced stained by ProStain of Texas. I contacted Bryan Apodoaca of ProStain of Texas via Facebook. His phone number is 296-0987 for serious inquiries. He came out to our home and gave me a bid. It was perfectly reasonable, so I accepted the bid. I paid my deposit using Venmo just like a millennial.

Staining is alive in the lab.

Cleaning And Preparation Instructions

Un-treated New Wood: New wood should be allowed to weather for 4-6 weeks after construction. If needed, wood should then be gently cleaned with a percarbonate cleaner. Never use pressure higher than 1500 psi when cleaning wood! After cleaning, neutralize and restore pH with an acidic brightener, rinse thoroughly and allow to dry completely before application of Bakers Gray Away.

Pressure Treated New Wood: New pressure treated wood should always be allowed to weather for at least one year after construction. This is very important because the pores of the wood are clogged with chemicals that will not allow the stain to properly penetrate and bond. After one year, clean the wood thoroughly with a sodium hydroxide or percarbonate wood cleaner. Never use pressure higher than 1500 psi when cleaning wood! After cleaning, neutralize and restore pH with an acidic brightener, rinse thoroughly and allow to dry completely before application of Bakers Gray Away.

Exterior Wood Cleaning And Sealing Specialists

Our unique Gray Away treatment adds years of life to outdoor wood while maintaining a natural wood appearance.

What makes a Bakers Gray Away Wood Seal treatment special?

That is why it needs to be treated with a quality wood seal/ preservative. Thats where Bakers Gray Away Wood Seal fits in, Gray Away combines the beauty of a durable penetrating oil finish with the protection of premium wood preservative system. It protects against decay, warping, and cracking, provides UV protection and is mildew resistant.

Without it, weather damage can start to deteriorate the wood, causing it to split, check and warp, become discolored and unattractive.

Many decks that were once beautiful sources of pride are now ugly and damaged No longer the assets they used to be.

But with a little work and the right products and the application techniques DeckTeck can rescue your deck or fence and keep it looking beautiful.

All Finishes Are Not Equal

Finishes that provide an attractive, mildew free appearance for more than two years are limited. Weathering tests conducted by Texas Forest Laboratory show that the most wood stains and water repellants last only seven to twelve months before mildew and weathering begin. These test results tell us:

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Please Recommend Good Sealer For Yellow Pine Fence

Hello folks. I cleaned a good number of fences but always shied away from staining. Recently customer kept on bugging me to clear seal her fence after I clean it. Told her I wasnt very experienced she said she didnt care so it is a chance for me to gain some experience. What do yall use that can be applied via airless sprayer or pump-up sprayer?

Thank you.

I wouldnt use a clear sealer. Use something with some color to protect the wood from uv rays. You dont want it turning gray again.

You can pretty much spray any stain through an airless sprayer. Ive sprayed solid Super Deck which is almost the same consistency as paint. A little thinner though.

Ready Seal – great stain and you dont have to back brush – all I will use and readily available pretty much nationwide.

Check the reviews on any stains, they all have good and some bad.

It does great on fences 5-6 years. On decks need to reapply every couple of years. Thats generally true with most stains. The problem you have is most customers think they can stain one time and it lasts forever. Not true for any stain. The advantages of an oil based stain is that to reapply, you just need to lightly clean it and then recoat. The surface wont flake like a water based stain.The other reason I like Ready seal is here we gt a lot of sudden thunder showers and it can get rained on in an hour and still be fine.

Bakers Gray Away Wood Seal

Products  Texas Wood Products

Bakers Gray Away Wood Seal has shown excellent results on decks, fences and exterior wood. It is formulated for the Gulf Coast area to protect outside wood from sunlight graying, cracking, mildew and algae. Tests conducted by the Texas Forest Service indicate that Bakers formula will provide an excellent color maintance and mildew protection for three to five years when applied properly.

  • Sealing new decks and fences.
  • Stripping, cleaning and sealing of old weathered decks and fences.
  • We properly clean your deck/ fence and you seal it.
  • If you want to do the entire project, DeckTeck will supply you with the best wood cleaners, conditioners, and sealant available.

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Bakers Gray Away Review

Bakers Gray Away wood stain from Texas Wood Products is a premium, long-lasting, easy to apply stain, sealer and wood preservative perfect for Fences, Decks, Roofs, Siding, and Log homes. Special UV stable pigments, resins and heavy-duty penetrating oils make Bakers stain is the first choice of professionals for deck staining, fence staining, deck sealing, fence sealing, staining cedar shakes and siding and any other exterior wood sealing project.

Twp Vs Ready Seal Vs Wood Tux

Ok here I am ready to reseal my ipe deck…I have Ken’s RAD ready to use but my only question is what to use for a stain/sealer?? Last time I did this the consensus was twp 116, Ato and the like was the best out there. I used ATO but the deck has faded significantly in the last 3-4 mos so I’m hoping to find something with a higher solids content. Yet I don’t want to obliterate the tone and grain of the ipe…I’m in CA so can’t get the twp 116 etc….My questions are..

Ken, are we looking at the spring as a possible release for your product?

Is ready seal too opaque? I used wood defender on the fence and it’s great but definitely covers the grain of the cedar and somehow I’m under the impression that ready seal is similar.

Same question for twp 516…Any recommendations re which color to use for either one?Finally has anyone used wood tux?

Thanks in advance for all responses

  • 15 years ago

    John and Ken…

    I think you guys need to get together Face to Face, and just start punching… whomever wins, thats whos technique works..Seriously, you guys have been debating this for as long as I’ve been reading this forum….Its actually pretty funny… at times….. 🙂


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    Bakers Wood Deck Stain Rating

    Appearance After Initial Stain Application: 7

    The Super Cedar Gold was used for the test deck. The color did not highlight evenly throughout the decking surface. The knots in the wood had a much lighter tone of color while the rest of the wood had a yellow hue to the wood grain.

    Preventing UV Graying at 2 Year Mark:6

    We were not impressed with Bakers stain after two years. The majority of the color had a washed-out look and there was a decent amount of graying of the wood cells.

    Wear/Tear and Peeling: 6

    Bakers Wood Stain films closer to the surface than other stains that we have tested. About 30% of the finish had completely worn off in the higher traffic areas. Closer to the house there was some heavy peeling of the stain

    Cost Per Square Foot:7

    Bakers Wood Stain is less per gallon than other wood stains but the spread rate on our test deck was poor. We averaged about 125 square feet per gallon. We used 6.5 gallons of Bakers on our test deck or about $200 for 400 sq. feet. This averages to $.50 a square foot.

    Preventing Mold/Mildew/Algae:7

    Mold and algae were noticeably growing in the finish. Little small black dots of mold had accumulated throughout the coating and algae had grown on top of the wood near the outside edging of the deck flooring.

    Ease of Application:7.5

    Color Shifting after 2 Years:7

    We gave the Bakers Wood Stain and average score here due to the mold and algae issues.

    Difficulty of Reapplication: 7

    Product Information:

    Stain Type: Oil-Based

    Selecting The Best Product For Your Project All Finishes Are Not Equal

    Before you apply wood stain determine the state of your wood | Cabot

    Weathering tests have shown that most natural wood stains and water repellents last only 7 to 18 months before mildew and weathering become problems. Most home owners report they are refinishing their fences every year to maintain the original wood color. Two major rules apply to selecting a natural wood finish. You should use a wood preservative rather than just a water repellent, penetrating stain or a combination stain and water repellent. It should also be pigmented. The pigment must be high quality so that it compliments the wood, rather than masks fungi. A wood penetrating water repellent and ultraviolet light absorber will help the finish to maintain a good appearance. The finish should penetrate into the wood rather than form a surface film. Any product that forms a film on the surface will eventually flake, peel or chip. The stain, finish or sealer you choose must also offer easy maintenance in the future. Always choose a product that can be re-coated without build-up. Most film-forming products must be stripped each time before re-application .

    Bakers Gray-Away meets ALL of these requirements for long life, exceptional protection and easy maintenance!

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    About Baker’s Gray Away

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How are penetrating oil stains different from the products I find at my local home store?

    Penetrating oil stains work by staining and sealing the wood 100% below the surface of the wood. They leave no coating, film or build-up on the surface, and will never flake, peel or chip.

    Does Baker’s Gray Away have to be stripped before re-application like with other stains?

    Absolutely not! Baker’s Gray Away is a professional grade product that offers both superior results and extremely easy maintenance.

    How long will Baker’s stains last? The last stain I bought claimed to have a 7-year warranty but failed after one year.

    If properly applied, Baker’s Gray Away will typically last 35 years on fences and 23 years on decks.


    The natural wood look requires scheduled maintenance. Once properly applied, Baker’s Gray Away wood seal will need a light cleaning and maintenance coat every 23 years on decks and every 35 years on fences. Routine and maintenance cleaning should be done with a weak percarbonate cleaner or weak bleach water solution. Before re-application of stain, be sure to neutralize and balance the pH after cleaning with an acidic brightener. Brightener is not required for periodic cleaning unless stain is being re-applied. Never clean with a degreaser as it may remove the protective oils in the sealer.


    Contains petroleum distillate.

    Satisfaction Guarantee

    Directions for Use


    Coverage Rate

    Methods of Application

    Professional Heavy Duty Penetrating Oil Finish

    Bakers Gray-Away Wood Seal protects natural wood color, repels water, extends wood life, provides a mold, mildew and fungus resistant film and the pigmented stain formula prevents graying and weathering. This product can be used on cedar roofs , fences, decks, log homes, cabins, siding, spas, gazebos, arbors, cedar, redwood, pine and any other exterior wood.

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    About Gray Away Wood Seal

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  • Gray Away Wood Seal replied to JFife’s question in Wood Cleaning & Restoration – Decks, Fences, etc.

    You have your fax backwards we do not use clay products our products are finelly ground transoxides. Please have your fax fixed by the way Pete you used our products you should know better than to beat my products down maybe you were not using it right.

  • Gray Away Wood Seal replied to JFife’s question in Wood Cleaning & Restoration – Decks, Fences, etc.

    Hello I need to know where you found out that Bakers Gray Away Wood Seal is going to be illegal to sell after 2011? and tell me where did you get the idea that is not VOC compliant? I am the manufacturer of it and I got all the proves, tests and msds sheets that prove it. If you need any information call me at 972-423-0211. I will be happy to fax or mail any information. When the EPA changes laws and regulations our products will follow them that wont change the quality and superiority of my products.

  • How We Clean Your Middle Tennessee Deck

    Products  Texas Wood Products

    All decks, even low maintenance decks require regular cleaning to keep looking and performing well. Over time leaves, dirt, mold, and mildew will create a film over an outdoor deck that looks ugly and can be slippery. Most people give their deck at least one good cleaning every year. Depending on the amount of dirt and leaves in your area you may need to clean the deck more frequently.

  • Remove all furniture, grills, and objects from the deck.
  • Sweep the deck removing all loose dirt and leaves.
  • Remove debris trapped between the boards using a slender tool and pressure washer.
  • Rinse the deck off using a pressure washer. We take great care to pressure wash with a soft, even method so that your deck is undamaged.
  • Apply a Brightener.
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