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Fun Ways To Wrap Your Baked Goods

How to ship baked goods through the mail

Half the fun of the holidays is the wrapping! Package your baked goods for gifting using one of these 3 fun and festive techniques.

Furoshiki: a modern take on Japanese cloth wrapping

  • Cut a large square of fabric
  • Place your package in the center and fold each of the corners toward the center.
  • Knot edges atop the container using a simple square knot.

Snowman Wrap: DIY decor for reusable containers

  • Cut red adhesive felt lengthwise into 1-inch strip
  • Cut fringe along the end of each strip to make a cheery scarf and attach to the container.
  • Stick on black buttons with double-sided tape.

Ribbon Wrap: turn your baked goods into a beautiful gift

  • Tie with curling ribbon or a bow

How To Pack Cookies Cupcakes Or Biscuits To Send In The Mail

Many people mail homemade cookies, biscuits and cupcakes to their relatives or friends internationally. To protect your goods for shipping, check these packing tips:

  • Place the cookies, biscuits or any other small baked goods in a food container. Bubble wrap the container carefully and seal with tape.
  • Place the container with cookies, biscuits, or cupcakes into a shipping box.
  • Add cushioning materials such as bubble wrap or packing peanuts.
  • Close and seal the box and secure the edges.

    Cool Your Baked Goods Completely

    If you stick steamy cookies in bags or boxes youll end up with soggy cookies, so be sure that your treats are totally cool before packing. You can even go a step further and freeze dense baked goods, like chewy cookies and loaves of pound cake. Freezing can give you extra insurance because the desserts will be nice and firm when you pack them. Its also a great way to preserve your treats if youre not mailing them right away.

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    Package Baked Goods Properly

    Before your baked goods ever leave your store, its important to make sure they are packaged properly for a safe transit. The supplies youll need will likely vary depending on the items youre shipping, so consider a wide variety of packaging options including polystyrene, frozen gel packs, and dry ice. The shipping carrier you choose might also have specific requirements for mailing perishable items, so double check that the supplies you choose will meet those needs as well.

    Polystyrene is very good at insulating, so it is the perfect material to keep your perishable food items fresh, says Sam Williamson of Guardian Moving & Storage, a company that frequently transports perishable food for customers. If you have a cooler bag, you could then use polystyrene to further insulate it and ensure that your perishable items stay as cool as possible. Dry ice and frozen gel packs are also commonly used when shipping meat as they can keep cool for long periods of time.

    Youll also need packing materials that will keep your items safe and secure during transit. No matter when or what you ship, your items should be snug and secure in the box, so they dont jostle on their travels, says Brad Hedeman, marketing manager at Zingermans Mail Order. Use Jazz Pak or filler in a gift box its a good way to secure the food inside. Then match the size of your shipping box to the size of your gift box as best you canmeaning, dont ship air.

    How To Ship Banana Bread

    17 Best Baked Goods That Are Simple and Easy to Ship

    We explain how to wrap, package, and ship banana bread. You can use this method for other moist, quick loaves such as pumpkin, zucchini, and glazed lemon bread.

  • Lay plastic wrap on a flat surface. You can use a baking sheet, cutting board, or cleared countertop.
  • Place the loaf on top of the plastic wrap. Leave enough plastic wrap on the left-hand side to fold over the banana bread.
  • Cut a piece of wax paper the size of your loaf. Lay it on top of your bread to preserve its moisture.
  • Wrap the banana bread in your sheet of plastic wrap. Fold the plastic wrap to the left of your banana bread over the loaf. Then, roll the bread down the length of the plastic wrap. Tuck the plastic wrap at the top and bottom of your loaf into the roll as you turn the bread.
  • Freeze the banana bread. Freezing the banana bread before shipping will help keep it fresh.
  • Lay down a sheet of aluminum foil. Not only will aluminum foil protect your loaf, but it will also shield your banana bread from flavor-altering odors.
  • Remove the banana bread from the freezer and place it on the foil. Place the foil on the left side of the banana bread over it, then roll your loaf in the aluminum foil, tucking the top and bottom pieces of foil into your roll as you go.
  • Place your loaf in a sturdy bakery box, tin, or container. Choose a container that fits your loaf snugly. Add packing materials to any empty spaces.
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    How To Ship Baked Goods Ups

    Does UPS ship food? Yes, they do. UPS carriers are best for large shipments, where you can negotiate your rates. They are also ideal for highly perishable goods due to their expedited shipping times. If you choose UPS as your preferred shipping carrier, hereâre a few tips and guidelines on packaging and UPS food shipping cost. For frozen food, UPS dry ice shipping is the best option as it maintains stable temperatures. You must read and understand dry ice requirements as it needs special handling.

    Use strong, insulated foam packaging for your goods. Naturally, you can’t expect to just throw dry ice into a cardboard box and get good cottage food shipping results. Plastic wrappers are used for items that contain liquid or those that can melt. There are several golden rules on how to ship baked goods UPS. Refrain from shipping cookies that have thick filling, or are too thin and crispy. Cookies that contain dried fruit ship well, as do bar and drop cookies. Preserve the freshness of your baked goods at all costs. If you are unsure about the process of how to ship cookies and other perishables through UPS, hereâs more detailed information.

    How To Pack Baked Goods For Safe Shipping

    When sending brownies, pies, or other baked goods overseas, make sure you pack them properly. Follow these instructions and prepare your baked goods for shipping safely:

  • Place your baked goods in a plastic food container. .
  • Wrap the food container with bubble wrap
  • Nest the container in a cardboard box filled with cushioning materials.
  • Seal the box. You can also add a warning saying Fragile or Handle with care on the box.
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    Tips For Shipping Baked Goods For The Holidays

  • Things that ship well: baked quick breads, fudge, flavored popcorn, cookies that stay fresh.
  • Wrap each type of cookie or baked good separately. Do not mix cookies etc. so that flavors do not mingle.
  • Choose cookies and baked goods that will stay fresh for at least 5 days in an airtight container. To ship cookies, use gallon size ziplock bags to pack up. Can place a sheet of cardboard in with the cookies to keep them on a flat surface.
  • Place parchment or waxed paper between any layers of cookies or baked goods.
  • For breads or muffins, wrap loaf or muffins individually in plastic wrap. It makes a really cute and complete gift to put a wrapped loaf or muffins back into a baking pan and ship the whole thing. Cute gift plus it helps keep the soft breads from getting squished during shipping.
  • The key to successfully shipping baked goods is to pack them tightly. Put a layer of packaging under your packed baked goods. Tuck packing peanuts or packing materials tightly around all sides and then over the top of the baked goods so that theyre surrounded completely by packing material. You want as little wiggle room as possible. When they wiggle, they crumble and we dont want that.
  • Think of including cute tags or a copy of the recipe.
  • Could package baked sugar cookies along with some frosting and sprinkles for kids to receive a cookie decorating kit.
  • Most craft stores and even grocery stores have decorative tins and containers for sale during the holidays.
  • How To Package Cakes For Shipping

    Your Guide to Packing, Wrapping & Shipping Baked Goods

    If youre wondering how to ship a cake with frosting, this is the best way to package frosted cakes for shipping:

  • Use a cake shipping box. A fitted Styrofoam mailerwill prevent the cake from jostling in transit.
  • Keep the cake cool. Remove frozen cool packs from the freezer and insert them around the cake.
  • Insert the mailer into a box. You want a mailer that fits the box perfectly and leaves no room on the sides.
  • Seal the box. Tape all its seams and smooth them down.
  • Use stickers to mark the outside of your box. Show where the top of the box is so transporters dont tip your cake upside down. Mark it as perishable and fragile.
  • Your cake is ready to be shipped. Choose overnight shipping and work with a carrier you have a good relationship with.
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    Strategize Your Shipping Timeline

    The old adage says timing is everything, and thats especially true when it comes to shipping perishable food. Ship early in the weeknever over the weekend when packages can warm up, says Ecwids Jesse Ness. Shipping delays can cause your baked goods to spoil, which will inevitably lead to an unhappy customer.

    To avoid any potential snafus, create a shipping timeline that encompasses everything from the time your baked goods have cooled and are ready to go until the time your customer is ready to enjoy them. This includes how much time it will take to package all of your shipments and hand them off to your carrier in addition to the overall transportation time.

    You may also consider setting order cut-off times to ensure an order will be delivered within a specific window of time. You can offer rush delivery for an additional fee, but setting a cut-off time will keep you, your customers, and your shipping carrier on the same page about a realistic timeline for an orders arrival.

    Consider Freezing Before Shipping

    Hedeman is a big proponent of freezing, both as a way to protect the baked good by making it harder and more solid, and to help it stay fresh en route. He recommends enfolding the treat tightly in plastic wrap or a ziploc bag before freezing. For cookies, he says, you could even wrap them on a plate with plastic, and then freeze them in the arrangement youd like them to present in.

    If going the frozen route, you dont need an insulated shipping container, says Hedeman just keep the cookies or baked goods in their plastic packaging and let them defrost as they travel. There might be some moisture due to the defrosting, but not so much that the package leaks, which would go against USPS rules. Still, just to be safe, Hedeman advises against using water-soluble packaging materials like biodegradable packing peanuts.

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    What Are The Best Baked Goods To Mail

    Were all about quality and we want you to enjoy our bakery, just as our local customers do. Weve been taking customers orders and delivering via mail since the late 1960s, so we guarantee they still taste great, no matter where you live throughout the United States, including to Alaska and Hawaii, as well as most international locations. Our extensive assortment of Danish delights travels exceptionally well, including our decadent Kringle pastries, Danish Layer Cakes, Crown Cakes, and Coffee Cakes.

    Wrap Baked Goods To Create An Airtight Seal

    Baked Goods: Best Way To Ship Baked Goods

    It doesnt matter how flawless those fondant flowers are if the cake itself is less than fresh. Seal in that just-baked freshness with plastic wrap. Use shrink wrap for sturdy goodies like Bundt cakes and pies, and wrap plastic around more delicate cakes by hand. Freezing cupcakes and intricate iced cakes can also help them to hold up in transit.

    Place cupcakes in a holder with individual spaces and press a candy stick into each cupcake to prevent a potential impact from the lid. Wrap cookies individually in shrink bags or heat-sealed plastic for professional-looking presentation. Pack them snugly in a tin or other sturdy container.

    Wrap cupcake holders, tins and other containers in plastic to make them airtight, or seal all edges with sturdy tape. This will help keep the freshness in and unwanted heat and moisture out.

    Pro Tip: If youre shipping macarons, the meringue-based cookie with a soft sandwich filling, or similarly delicate treats, cut small squares of bubble wrap and add a layer of cushioning between each of the macarons when packing them inside your container. This extra step will not only preserve freshness but help prevent the fragile confections from smushing against one another in transit.

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    Address Customer Inquiries Swiftly

    Shipping issues are never fun to deal with, which is why you should have a plan in place to resolve them quickly and effectively. Although it might not be your responsibility when a package arrives late or gets damaged in transit, it is your job to make sure your customers are happy.

    Things go wrong in this world, and its not anyones fault , Hedeman explains. Ask yourself if its more important to lose a bit of money on this orderbut keep the customer for lifeor if youd rather keep their money and tell them it wasnt your fault and your hands are tied. You may keep the money, but youll lose the customer, he says. And theyll be sure to tell all their friends about the experience they had with you.

    If a delivery fails to meet your customers expectations, you should go above and beyond to course-correct. Offer a refund, reshipment, or discount on a future order to demonstrate to your customer that you take their satisfaction seriously. Then, work out the logistical issues with your shipping carrier to prevent a similar problem from happening in the future.

    Think Thoughtfully About The Type Of Baked Goods You Want To Send

    The best baked goods to ship are the ones that can be wrapped individually, can ship as a whole, and are not prone to melting. Your best bet is any baked good that is sturdy like cookies, pound cakes, cupcakes , brownies, breads without yeast, muffins, and bars. Fortunately, these items can withstand a day or two without refrigeration.

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    Can You Send Homemade Food In The Mail

    Dense and dry baked goods such as fruitcakes and biscotti. Chocolates, cookies, hard candies and homemade sweets, such as pralines and toffee, are safe to send either cold or at room temperature. Condiments, including hot sauce and seasonings, also are safe for mailing. But avoid sending breakable glass containers.

    How Do You Keep Baked Goods Fresh For Shipping

    How to Package and Ship Baked Goods

    We guarantee excellent quality with our baked goods right down to the last bite, which is why we create our goodness using traditional baking methods taught by our grandparents, then send the treats to you with fast shipping and excellent packaging. We know that you are eager to nibble on your O& H pastries and want to ensure that they arrive fresh at your doorstep-thats why we provide a Fresh Ship guarantee. Our products are sent directly from our Wisconsin bakery to your location in the fastest way possible by car, truck, or plane.

    To make certain that our Danish layer cake with its smooth and creamy frosting and filling arrives looking tremendous and tasting fresh, we send our handmade and hand-decorated delights frozen in an insulated container. We mail these items on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday so that you are sure to receive your decadent treat by the weekend, leaving you plenty of time to thaw the cake before serving it at your special occasion.

    We work with the best delivery services in the world, including FedEx, to make sure that your pastry reaches its destination fast and fresh. For most orders, we can have pastries, cakes, and cookies delivered within two business days.

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    Secure Your Goods With Cushions

    Safety first, so completely cushion every nook and cranny of the box. You should not be able to hear the items move when shifting the box. Filling the box up to capacity ensures that things don’t move around or get smooshed. Do so with bubble wrap, newspaper, or packing peanuts. My favorite thing to use for insulation is a real game-changer: bags of popped popcorn or mini marshmallowsnow the recipient has a snack to give them the energy to unpack their goodies!

    With your packages ready for transit, remember to choose a speedy method of shipping depending on what goods you’ve baked, ensuring that they travel well and arrive whole, and not in crumbs. Get ready to turn up the heat and get your bake on because nothing warms the heart more than sending a box of comfort during these cool nights.

    Consider Par Baking Your Bread For Shipping

    Par baking stands for partially baking. To par-bake bread, bake the dough 80% of the way and then freeze the loaf. Quick freezing kills the yeasts future power and creates a stable inside without browning the crust. The customer can finish the bread by baking it for an additional 10-15 minutes when it arrives. This allows the customer to enjoy a truly fresh, perfectly browned, and warm loaf of bread.

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    How To Pack Baked Goods For Shipping

    Now that you know what you can mail, its important to understand how to pack cookies or other baked goods for shipping. Each item will have different requirements, but the process will be similar. Knowing a few simple tips and tricks will help you when shipping baked goods.

    For example, when shipping cookies, adding a slice of white bread will help keep them fresh because the bread will absorb any moisture. Heres what you need to know about packing cookies for shipping.

    Packing Materials

    • Inside packing box – preferably a tin box for cookies and candies, or a sturdy cardboard box
    • An airtight bag and plastic wrap for bread and unfrosted cakes
    • Tape
    • Cool packs for frosted cakes
    • Bubble wrap and packing peanuts for insulation
    • Butter paper, tissue paper, or wax paper
    • A larger corrugated cardboard box

    How to Pack Cookies for Shipping

  • Line box with wax or butter paper
  • Put the goodies inside – avoid stuffing too many in one box
  • Fold the paper over the top of the cookies then place the lid on the container
  • Gently shake the container to ensure that the items inside dont move. If they do, add more paper
  • Tape the top of the container – if youre using a cardboard box, tape the sides and corners as well
  • To give it a personal touch, you can tie a ribbon or bow to the container
  • Use bubble wrap or packing peanuts as padding on the bottom of the larger box
  • Place the container on top of the padding
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