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Charlie Richard Outdoor Sports Complex

Baker University Virtual Tour

Located a few blocks east of campus, the complex provides practice and competition space for football, soccer, track and field, baseball, and softball. The complex is named for Charlie Richard, who coached football from 1980 to 1990 and 1992 to 1994. During that time, the Wildcats went to the national tournament 10 times and made five Final Four appearances.

Student Loan Default Rate

In 2018 the default rate for borrower’s at Baker University was 3.86%, which represents 32 out of the 830 total borrowers.

A cohort default rate is the percentage of a school’s borrowers who enter repayment on certain Federal Family Education Loan Program or William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program loans during a particular federal fiscal year , October 1 to September 30, and default or meet other specified conditions prior to the end of the second following fiscal year.

Career And Salary Outlook For Phd Graduates

Doctoral degree-holders often work in top-level positions in various industries, government agencies, nonprofit institutions, and academia. The rigorous training and discipline of a doctoral program makes graduates valuable and respected professionals. Doctoral degree-holders typically occupy positions with above-average job security and salaries. The four career options below require at least a postgraduate degree, preferably a doctorate.


Source: BLS

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Courses In An Online Phd Program

In addition to specialization classes, most on-campus and online Ph.D. programs include coursework that covers general topics. These classes help students develop foundational skills they can apply throughout their doctoral studies and in their professional practice.

These classes cover basic skills such as research and writing, and doctoral students prepare to apply these concepts at an advanced level. Many schools require Ph.D. students to complete the following courses, regardless of their field.


Research comprises a major part of most doctoral programs. Even learners pursuing a practice-focused doctorate must complete a significant amount of in-depth research. Most programs require learners to complete a doctorate-level research course prior to beginning their dissertation. Doctoral degree-holders who enter positions in academia apply research skills throughout their career.

Academic Writing

Doctoral-level courses on academic writing help students gain the tools and techniques they need to write their dissertation. Graduates of Ph.D. programs often contribute to their field’s existing body of knowledge by authoring white papers and articles in industry journals, writing books, and drafting research proposals and reports. These activities require clear and concise writing skills.


Communication and Presentation

Computer and Software

Building Uses Through The Years

Baker College offering two bachelor degree programs at new Fremont ...

By 1871 Parmenter Hall was completed, and that March students and faculty left Old Castle Hall for the new facility. Since the Old Castle Hall was no longer used for classes, the president of the college, Joseph Denison, used it as his home in 1874. Over the years Castle Hall has also served as a mill, student dorm, public school, and storage place for athletic materials and other college property.12 The Old Castle Hall is now a museum, showcasing the schools long history as well as other artifacts from the State of Kansas and its Methodist history.

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Placements At Baker University

Baker University offers career counselling and hosts career fairs for students at all levels each year in order to help them find suitable jobs in the United States. Baker University’s career services include help with graduate school applications, internships, job search resources, resume writing, and interview preparation.

Senatus Romanus Class Gate

Baker Universitys class of 1891 began the tradition of naming itself and at graduation bequeathing its title to the incoming freshman class. Incoming students officially entering campus on Traditions Night through their class gate. When they graduate, they depart Baker the same way, through their gate.

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General Maintenance Repair Technician

Baker University is seeking applicants for a full-time, nonexempt General Maintenance Repair Technician . This position performs general maintenance tasks requiring installing, maintaining, upgrading and fabricating machinery and equipment according to layout plans, blueprints and other requirements per project and equipment needs throughout university facilities. General responsibilities of the GMRT include performing general labor assistance, pipefitting, and commercial carpentry, precision welding, arc welding, wire feed welding and oxyacetylene torch cutting. The GMRT will be the primary operator for all heavy and light duty equipment. The GMRT will also be responsible for helping with snow removal.. Additional landscaping duties include mowing, trimming, tree planting, shrub trimming, and planter bed constructing and management. Secondary duties for this position will include coordinating setups of all special events for the university. The most important duty of all Baker University physical plant employees is to provide a healthy and safe environment for all university staff, faculty, and students through clear communication and team work.

National Parks And Historic Sites

Baker College to close Flint location, consolidating campuses

According to the , Kansas’s climate can be characterized in terms of three types: it has humid continental, semi-arid steppe, and humid subtropical. The eastern two-thirds of the state has a , with cool to cold winters and hot, often humid summers. Most of the precipitation falls during both the summer and the spring.

The western third of the statefrom roughly the corridor westwardhas a climate. Summers are hot, often very hot, and generally less humid. Winters are highly changeable between warm and very cold. The western region receives an average of about 16 inches of precipitation per year. in the winter can warm western Kansas all the way into the 80 degrees Fahrenheit range.

The south-central and southeastern portions of the state, including the area, have a with hot and humid summers, milder winters, and more precipitation than elsewhere in Kansas. Some features of all three climates can be found in most of the state, with droughts and changeable weather between dry and humid not uncommon, and both warm and cold spells in the winter.

According to NOAA, the all-time highest temperature recorded in Kansas is on July 24, 1936, near in , and the all-time low is 40 °F on February 13, 1905, near in . Alton and Lebanon are approximately 50 miles apart.

Kansas’s record high of 121 °F ties with for the fifth-highest record high in an American state, behind California , , , and .

Monthly normal high and low temperatures for various Kansas cities


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Accreditation For An Online Phd Program

Accreditation is a voluntary process that colleges and universities undergo in order to receive recognition for the quality of their educational programs and their overall institutional soundness. TheU.S. Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation oversee the accreditation process in the United States.

Academic-focused nonprofit institutions typically earn regional accreditation, while career-centered vocational or sectarian schools often receive national accreditation. Because regional accreditors generally apply more rigorous standards than national accrediting bodies, regional accreditation is considered the more prestigious type. However, national accreditors must meet ED and CHEA requirements for accreditation standards and processes.

ED and CHEA also oversee programmatic accreditors, which evaluate programs in certain fields. For example, the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology accredits computer and engineering programs. The Distance Education Accrediting Commission accredits schools that offer at least 51% of their programs in an online format.

No accrediting body currently focuses on doctoral programs. Learners should ensure that any prospective institution holds regional accreditation.

Characterization Of Wesleyan Theology

stands at a unique crossroads between , and sacramental, as well as between liturgical and , and between and worship. It has been characterized as with an emphasis on the work of the Holy Spirit to bring into the life of the participating believer. The United Methodist Church believes in , seeing the as the primary authority in the Church and using sacred , , and to interpret it, with the aid of the . Therefore, according to , United Methodist theology is at once “catholic, evangelical, and reformed.”

Today, the UMC is generally considered one of the more and denominations with respect to race, , and , though the denomination itself includes a wide spectrum of attitudes. Comparatively, the UMC stands to the right of and Protestant groups such as the and the on certain issues , but to the left of historically conservative evangelical traditions such as the and , in regard to theological matters such as and Biblical interpretation. The UMC is made up of a broad diversity of thought, and so there are many clergy and laity within the UMC that hold differing viewpoints on such theological matters.

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Fraternities And Sororities Are Apart Of Greek Life

Fraternities, sororities Greek life. Thanks to movies like Animal House and Old School the very words conjure up pictures of wild parties and crazy college students, but these movies have created a picture that is not entirely accurate. Fraternities and sororities are value-based organizations dedicated to the development of character and lifelong friendships. Greeks dont only behave like the movies portray but also have a positive influence on campus, are known for their philanthropic efforts, academic achievement, and community building. Becoming involved in fraternity or sorority can be one of the best choices an undergraduate makes, as the Greek community becomes a family away from home.

We have compiled a list of the best colleges and universities for Greek life – schools where participation is high, criminal offenses are low, and current Greeks are satisfied with their experience. This ranking was made based on the following criteria:

  • Percentage of students enrolled in Greek life.
  • Number of Greek organizations on campus.
  • Greek organizations must be chapters of National organizations, such as, but not limited to, the Panhellenic Conference, Interfraternity Council, or Multi-Cultural Greek Council.
  • Number of criminal offenses occurring on campus during 2011-2013.
  • Average Greek Rank rating.

Is Baker A Good School

Baker College of Flint to host annual economic forecast by Federal ...

The definition of a “good school” is different for different people. Admissions difficulty and admitted student statistics can give you a sense of how competitive a university is, but they don’t tell you how happy or successful students are. There are a few statistics that can give you a good idea of how satisfied students are and how well a school supports its students.

Let’s take a look at all of these areas to get a better idea of what Baker offers and if it could be a good fit for you.

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Why Should I Get My Masters From An Online Christian University

Online Christian colleges have an edge over public institutions when it comes to attracting students of faith. These schools integrate faith and learning for a holistic worldview that doesnt offend conservative beliefs. When students attend online Christian colleges, every class is taught from a faith-based perspective that incorporates Scripture in the foundations of each education track.

Christian universities online offer an integration that aids students seeking knowledge in the context of traditional Christian values. This is particularly true when it comes to understanding Gods will and purpose for men and women. Students who want to celebrate the glory of God and learn how each subject fits into His eternal significance can benefit from Christian universities online. Under the right stewardship, careers become something more than the pursuit of financial gain.

Christian colleges online have professors with a genuine interest in connecting with students. This is possible in the online environment as well as traditional on-campus environments. When students attend a Christian-based grade school, they enter a world of enlightenment on many levels. Caring staff members offer their time, thoughts and prayers before exams, during times of personal and global crises and any time its needed. Having mentors to offer encouragement and wisdom for life challenges is a distinct advantage that extends beyond academics.

Where Is Baker University Located

Baker is located in the small town setting of Baldwin City, Kansas, less than an hour from Kansas City.

If you want to see Baker for yourself, plan a visit. The best way to reach campus is to take Interstate 35 to Baldwin City, or book a flight to the nearest airport, Kansas City International.

You can also take a virtual campus tour to get a sense of what Baker and Baldwin City are like without leaving home.

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Graduation And Transfer Credit Specialist

Baker University is seeking a student-centered individual to fill the position of Graduation and Transfer Credit Specialist in a fast-paced educational support environment. This full-time position is located on the Baldwin City campus and reports to the Assistant Registrar. Baker employees enjoy a robust benefits package that includes tuition waivers for employees and their family members generous paid vacation, sick, and holiday time health, dental, and vision insurance and retirement, among others.

The Graduation and Transfer Credit Specialist is responsible for the tracking of students toward degree completion, supporting graduation/commencement processes for all students on the Baldwin City campus, and the evaluation and posting of all incoming coursework for potential Baker University credit.

Completion of an associate degree is required, with preference given to candidates having a bachelors degree and/or experience in an admissions or registrars office. The ideal candidate will possess excellent interpersonal communication skills, be detail and process oriented, be deadline motivated, and have a working knowledge of database systems and computer applications software.

Dr Patricia Long Student Center

Baker College of Royal Oak Campus Construction, 4/18/22

The Long Student Center, named for Bakers 28th president, offers a welcoming social environment and is home to the Harter Union, University Bookstore, Susanne Richardson Teel Dining Hall, Marty Mather Student Lounge, and the Daily Grind coffee shop. The Nancy Richard Student Affairs Suite, which houses the Department of Student Affairs, is upstairs, and the Mail and Copy Center is in the basement.

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How Do I Choose An Online Christian Grad School

Choose from accredited online bible colleges to ensure your employability after you receive your degree. Reputable accredited Christian colleges showcase their accreditations in the about section of their website or on the homepage. Besides traditional college accreditation, look for accrediting organizations for Christian universities such as :

Top online Christian colleges include those that maintain their faith-based curriculum including Notre Dame, Georgetown and Brigham Young University. Many other schools that began as Christian universities have adopted secular viewpoints in how to administer the schools and teach the classes. For example, Yale and Harvard harken back to Puritan founders, whereas, Princeton catered to its Presbyterian founders and students. Make sure that the curriculum you follow includes faith-based teaching if thats important to you.

You can also use ranking sites to help you choose the best accredited Christian colleges for you. For example, EDsmart assesses accredited online bible colleges in four areas: student satisfaction, cost, salary of graduates and academic quality.

The data the site uses comes from College Navigator. and College Scorecard maintained by the U.S. Dept of Education. Those sites can also help you narrow down your existing list of top online Christian colleges. Other reputable ranking sites include Niche.com and Best Christian Colleges.

Related Rankings:

How To Make An Application

We prefer to keep things as simple as possible at Baker College. The major procedures to completing an application to Baker College are outlined here. If you have any questions, please contact us to talk with an admissions counsellor who will be able to assist you throughout the process.

First, fill out an online application.

When you submit your application, you must pay a $30 nonrefundable application fee.

Send your official transcripts in the second step.

To receive an admissions decision, you must submit a copy of your transcripts or GED. We recommend that you send us your transcripts electronically. We will, however, accept official documentation sent by mail. Students who are transferring must submit transcripts from both high school and college, as well as transcripts from any other higher education institution they have attended.

Step 3: Submit your ACT or SAT results.

Baker College does not require the ACT or SAT as part of the admissions process.

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Why Get A Phd Online

Online Ph.D. programs offer several advantages over on-campus options. The list below includes five common benefits of completing a Ph.D. program online.

  • Flexible Schedule: Many online doctoral programs feature an asynchronous format, allowing students to access class material at convenient times. However, most programs do set a deadline for the completion of course requirements.
  • Higher Income Potential: Companies, federal agencies, and private institutions usually offer higher salaries to job applicants with a relevant doctoral degree.
  • Lower Costs: Although most doctoral students receive institutional funding and awards from private or federal agencies, this funding may not cover all expenses. Online learning often reduces costs associated with transportation and living expenses.
  • Minimal Disruption: Online doctoral students do not need to relocate to earn their degree. Additionally, many online learners work while pursuing their doctorate, especially those enrolled part time.
  • Professional Requirement: Candidates typically need a doctorate to qualify for tenure-track positions in academia, leadership roles in industry, and top-level government jobs.

Washington And Lee University

University Employment

Founded in 1749 by pioneers, named Washington University after President George Washington gave a large endowment, and renamed Washington and Lee University after Robert E. Lee served as President of the University after the Civil War, this historic institution has rich traditions. Washington and Lee is the ninth oldest institution of higher learning in the United States and the second oldest in Virginia. There are 13 national fraternities and eight national sororities. Approximately 77 percent of students are members of Greek organizations. Greeks at Washington and Lee sponsor over 25 community service activities. A high percentage of students involved, only 22 criminal offenses reported during 2011-2013, and a Greek Rank Rating of 62 percent make this University #1 for a vibrant Greek Life.

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