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Best take & bake Pizza in Modesto. Great menu options. Great service. I recommend calling ahead. It saves time. Christmas time and New Years they are super busy. Closed on Mondays.

Very good and reasonably priced take-n-bake pizza. The very best toppings with a corn meal type crust. Give the BBQ Chicken a try, it’s one of the best..The pizza comes on cardboard and a paper baking sheet for flawless ease of putting in or removing the pizza from your oven.This pizza can be exceptional if cooked golden brown but under cooked or crispy not so good. My Opinion…

I moved to PA about a year ago and been missing bobs pizza ever since. I finally had a friend ship me a couple all meat pizzas. I got them yesterday just lunch. I shared some with my neighbors, they loved it also. $30 for the pizzas, ups charged $220 for delivery, worth every penny. Thanks to bobs takenbake!

The Take Or Bake Pizza Story

Twas the night before Christmas STOP, STOP, that’s not the story, it went like this. 2 guys had a beer. And the rest is history. Two of the TAKE OR BAKE PIZZA partner’s lives ran very different paths, but lessons from the past finally blended together and over that beer something clicked and they launched the fastest growing franchise in the nation “TAKE OR BAKE PIZZA.”

It seems one day Sam was traveling from Florida to New Jersey and ran out of money and gas in Fayetteville North Carolina. Sam was broke and hungry. Sam managed to get to a Western Union office and unfortunately the office was closed. Sam had to wait until Monday to get money for gas and food. Across the street from the Western Union office was a fast food chicken restaurant. Sam had 4 dollar bills and some change and that was not enough to get anything to eat. He lingered outside and when a family would get up and leave he made his way to the table and snatched up a couple of rolls. After that experience he always said, “How come a family can’t get a meal for 4 bucks?”


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