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Avantco Refrigerated Baked Good Display Cases

Whether youre looking for an option for front- or back-of-house use in your bakery, we have a varied selection of bakery display cases, storage bins, and other display products for you. Choose from a variety of styles and configurations to find the best unit for your commercial kitchens layout and available space. By supplying your bakery with a bakery storage case, youll keep all your baked goods organized and visually appealing for presentation, ultimately increasing impulse sales.

Bakery display cases are perfect for presenting freshly baked bagels and doughnuts, delicious pastries, intricately frosted cupcakes, and more. Browse our bagel baskets for use in your cafe, or take a look at our refrigerated merchandisers to outfit your high volume bake shop. Youll also find a bakery storage case that can be used to keep bulk ingredients such as sugar and flour fresh and uncontaminated. Our cake domes, canisters, and sample trays are also ideal for presenting free taste testers, slices of pie, and other individual treats.

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Countertop Display Bins Help Preserve Quality & Freshness Of Breads And Pastries

These food display cases lure customers to mouth-watering delicacies sold in food-service establishments! Fabricating great baked goods isn’t enough to be successful in the retail and hospitality industries. How food is handled and the freshness is very important. For these reasons, our food display cases are offered to keep cakes and cookies fresh while on display! Under these clear bins, delicacies will look tempting and appealing to shoppers. These restaurant supplies help prevent contamination of baked goods, in addition to making them more appealing. Food display cases provide flexibility and versatility with the types of merchandise they protect. With a simple, clear acrylic design, these domes and bins can be used in any environment or setting. The right food cover can make all the difference in the presentation of baked goods!

In addition to bakeries and cafes, how do other businesses use food display cases daily?What are the advantages of acrylic cases over glass and stainless steel units?

  • More resistant to breakage than glass.
  • Less expensive than stainless steel or aluminum cake storage displays.
  • Lighter weight and easier to handle.
  • Easy to clean, hand-washing each unit takes approximately one minute.

Advanced Display Solutions By Ciam

As the sole USA importer of the Ciam brand of professional display cabinets, Advanced Gourmet Equipment and Design can meet any display need with the most technologically advanced, and beautifully designed showcases on the market. Produced in Perugia, Italy using cutting-edge technology, our displays can be tailroed to fit any space, style, or refrigeration need. Ciam’s extensive line of display cases and cabinets offer gelato and ice cream dipping cabinets, pastry and confectionery cases, and humidity controlled chocolate cases. Advanced Gourmet also distributes hot and cold deli merchandising cases, high end wine refrigeration displays, open-air merchandisers, back bars and cabinets, and grab-n-go cases. These stainless-steel options are ergonomically designed by artisan cabinet makers, and mill workers, to create a seamless look and experience. The manufacturing plant is ISO9001 certified and is a Recognized Satellite Laboratory facility by Intertek allowing UL and NSF markings for all equipment relating to the USA market. Advanced Gourmet’s solutions extend beyond just showcases and displays. We offer modular counter systems for both front and back of house, store layout and design services, and parts and maintenance.

Traditional pozzetti displays, modern gelato & ice cream dipping cabinets, and upright freezers for frozen foods.

Striking and functional refrigerated display cases for bakeries, patisseries, coffee shops, and cafe’s.

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Expressly Hubert Black Wood And Glass Bakery Display Case

Stock No.:UPC:Brand: Expressly Hubert

This item is shipped with ground shipping.

  • Wood trim with black finish to give food presentation a luxurious style
  • Bakery case display features tempered glass top, sides and door to allow customer to easily view contents
  • Holds 13″ x 18″ trays for quick re-stocking of baked goods
  • Includes clear shelves that are fully adjustable for effortless cleaning
  • Single, front access door for self-service access
  • Equipped with magnetic catch to keep door closed to maintain product freshness


Food Service Containers Improve Countertop Merchandising For Fresh Baked Goods

Looking for fixtures to showcase bakery items in your store? Our extensive collection of pastry display cases come in a variety of different styles with durable acrylic construction to ensure whatever is chosen to be presented looks its best. The structure allows your customers to have a clear view of your cookies or muffins. Our countertop plastic trays are designed for easy access to baked goods with styles that include front or rear-loading entry-or both. Many of our food service fixtures also contain 3 or 4 removable trays that are height adjustable, and make it easy to show off items no matter their size or shape. Tabletop pastry display cases are often preferred for small shop owners who tend to have little counter space available, and their high visibility construction makes them ideal for those in the food industry. Attractively designed, these commercial-grade baked goods holders can also be used in delis, bakeries, restaurants, hotels, cafeterias and even retail stores. These smaller units can even be stacked on top of one another to conserve counter space, while at the same time offering a wide range of food merchandise. Our clear pastry display cases with shelves also feature a hinged door to maintain the freshness of the presented merchandise, as well as keep the food protected from guests or children which can be perfect for promotional events or tastings.

What are the style and functional elements to consider when shopping for bakery tier trays?

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Shelves And Adjustable Cake Display Freezer / Refrigerant R404a Baked Goods Display Case

  • Over View

commercial cake display showcase refrigerator with danfoss compressor

danfoss compressor,dynamic cooling,automatic defrost,R134 refrigerant

double glass overed with heat-reflection film to prevent,free from misting and water condensing.

digital thermostal

rear sliding door

different model, different size,different color are optional

Guangdong Green& Health Intelligence Cold Chain Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the most professional manufacturers for supermarket refrigeration equipment in China with more than 15 years histories.We are a high-tech enterprise that supplying customers with R& D, production, sales and after-sale service. We works with many esteemed brand company,distributors and importers all over the world.

Covering an area of 50 thousand square meters,we have 10 assembly lines and more than 300

Employees.We have a strong R& D department with over 50 senior technical managerial personalel.The R& D team keeps on developing and upgrading new models.

Strict Quality Control System

We have a complete series of quality control system. The factory has got the following certificates:

1) ISO9001: 2008 Quality Control Certificate

2) CE/ROHS/UL/SASO/IES certificate

3)strict quality control system from raw material,processing to finished products

Professional Sales & Service team

We aim to be No.1 professional manufacturer of supermarket refrigeration in China.we are Devoted ourselves to be perfect on the market both in China and abroad.

Pastry Cases In Orem Ut

True Curved Glass Dry Bakery Display Case Video (TCGD-59)

If you run a bakery or other eating establishment that serves baked goods, having good pastry cases in Utah can make all the difference when it comes to sales success. When customers can see the products youre selling, theyre more apt to buy. And, if your whole selection is on display behind a clear, sanitary pastry case, youre going to get more eager buyers for the baked goods you have to offer.

D& D Plastics is your undisputed authority for acrylic pastry display cases in Utah. Not only do we produce displays that meet your specifications and are of a high-quality construction, we take pride in working with you to develop and fabricate a case thats perfect for your specific application.

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Why Acrylic

There are many reasons to choose acrylic for your pastry displays. Not only is acrylic easy to clean and sanitize, its also lightweight and, of course, clear! Some of the other benefits acrylic has over other display options include:

  • Acrylic isnt as heavy as glass, making your cases less cumbersome overall
  • Acrylic cases can be easily design for a wide range of applications at a low cost
  • Unlike glass, which can have a green edge, acrylic is seamless and timeless
  • Acrylic wont create a glare like glass will, enabling customers to see your products

The benefits go on and on in favor of acrylic. Its more versatile and cost effective than glass, without compromising on any of the benefits of a transparent display.

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