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Whats Honey Baked Ham Famous For

Shoppers wait in hours-long line to get their hands on a HoneyBaked ham

As its name implies, the Honey Baked Ham is known for their signature ham which is sold whole or used for their iconic Classic Ham sandwich. This sandwich utilizes their signature ham along with Swiss cheese, layers of lettuce, tomato, mayo and hickory honey mustard, sandwiched between flaky croissant bread. Another famous menu item is the Turkey Bacon Ranch and then theres the Tavern Club sandwich. Of course the signature ham is the biggest draw and if you dont want to eat at the HoneyBaked Ham restaurant you can purchase ham whole for you to use and cook with at home.

Why Eat At Honey Baked Ham

Low Honey Baked prices are a very convincing factor to consider eating at their restaurants and then theres the fact that they offer the best tasting ham in the country. This is no exaggeration either the HoneyBaked Ham chain has remained consistent with the way they make their ham and this has not changed since 1957. If you want excellent meat and sandwiches then there is no other restaurant chain that comes close to what the HoneyBaked Ham has to offer, especially if youre looking for quality ham for the holidays.

To learn more about Honey Baked Ham or to find a location near you, visit their website at www.honeybaked.com.

Best Complete Meal: The Honey Baked Ham Co

The Honey Baked Ham Co.

Why We Chose It: The Honey Baked Ham Company offers delicious sides, making them a one-stop-shop for your gathering.

  • All products ship frozen

Although not the longest-standing, The Honey Baked Ham Company is probably the best-known glazed ham company in the United States, owing to the power of innovation and marketing. During the 1930s, founder Harry J. Hoenselaar built and patented the world’s first spiral slicing machine, allowing him to sell pre-sliced whole hams still on the bone. Customers loved it, and spiral slicing became the new standard for serving bone-in ham during the holidays.

Honey Baked is also known for its crunchy glaze, made with a secret recipe of honey, brown sugar, and spices. The glaze is slathered on thick after spiral slicing for lots of sweet counterpoint to the salty cured ham.

If you’re shopping for a whole meal, Honey Baked Ham Company is the service for you. In addition to its a la carte hams, Honey Baked sells more than half a dozen complete dinners and brunches, with sides like mac and cheese, green bean casserole, sweet potato soufflé, coffee cake, and pancake mix.

A Honey Baked Ham alone costs between roughly $50 and $120, depending on the size. Complete meals sell for around $50 to $150. Shipping costs extra, with rates tied to how much you’re spending. See the site’s shipping section for a complete list of prices and delivery destinations.

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The Honeybaked Ham Company Los Angeles

As my US Bank branch was conveniently located next door. My Freind and I decided to pop-in for breakfast at around 9:45Am on a Saturday. the restaurant was pretty spacious and it was sorta a “Pulp Fiction” kitschy vibe. Without trying to be. Like a…throwback to the 60’s or 70’s mom and pop restaurant. This was perfectly fine, food came the order came quickly and the service was okay. My friend and I both ordered breakfast the portions were adequate the bill was reasonable. I didn’t get any ham, but then again, there’s still a few Honeybaked shops in the Bay Area.More

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Honey Baked Ham Menu And Price

Lunch Chef Salad $8.49 Ham, smoked turkey, bacon, cheddar and Swiss cheese, tomato & cucumber on a fresh bed of greens served with your choice of dressing on the side and your choice of a cookie or brownie. 0
Lunch Garden Salad $8.49 Fresh cucumbers & tomato on a fresh bed of greens served with your choice of dressing on the side and your choice of a cookie or brownie. 0
Lunch Turkey Caesar Salad $8.49 Your choice of smoke or roasted turkey breast on a bed of crisp romaine with Parmesan cheese and croutons served with Caesar dressing on the side and your choice of a cookie or brownie. 0

Best Natural And Sustainable: Berkwood Farms

Berkwood Farms

Why We Chose It: This ham contains no added nitrates or nitrites and comes from purebred heirloom Berkshire hogs.

  • Made from 100% responsibly raised Berkshire pork

  • No added nitrates or nitrites

  • No boneless option

  • Weight range is too vague

For those hoping to steer clear of high levels of the added nitrates and nitrites producers often rely on in their curing process, Berkwood Farms offers uncured hams. These hams still contain nitrates, but only from a naturally occurring source, namely celery salt.

Berkwood’s more natural curing process is just one facet of its commitment to good health and sustainability. Berkwood isn’t only one farm but a networked coalition of family farms located throughout the American Midwest, all dedicated to humane standards of animal husbandry and ecologically sustainable agriculture.

Berkwood farmers exclusively raise Berkshire pigs, an heirloom breed long renowned for its flavor, color, and marbling. The pigs are fed a vegetarian diet, are not raised in confinement, and never receive any hormones or antibiotics.

Berkwood sells one honey glazed half ham in two different formats: uncut and spiral sliced. Hams weigh between 8 and 11 pounds, come pre-glazed, and sell for about $80, plus shipping. Shipping is free on orders over $250Berkwood ships to all 50 states via FedEx and UPS.

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Best Overall: Father’s Country Hams

Father’s Country Hams

Why We Chose It: Father’s uses honey from its own bees in its glaze, a symbol of the company’s commitment to keeping it real.

  • Traditional curing process, unchanged since 1840

  • Glazed with honey made by bees right on the farm

  • More balanced, dry cured flavor

  • Slightly higher average price

Father’s Country Hams come from a Kentucky family farm in the ham business since 1840. Back when curing and smoking, significant cuts of meat like ham were necessary for preservation. The farm couldn’t have been around for this long if it didn’t know what it was doing.

Many traditional dry-cured country hams can be excessively salty, but Father’s uses a higher quantity of sugar in its curing mixture for a more balanced flavor. Father’s hams are also aged for at least eight months, resulting in a deep, rich, traditional taste. Moreover, it produces honey for its glaze.

Father’s traditional curing process allows its hams to be shipped unrefrigerated, so there’s no need to thaw before enjoying. You can consume immediately upon arrival or refrigerate for storage.

Father’s honey glazed ham is a half ham that comes bone-in and spiral sliced. It sells for about $60 plus shipping and is available nationwide. If you want to purchase a whole or uncooked ham, you can buy Father’s honey separately and apply a glaze yourself.

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History Of Honey Baked Ham

Harry J. Hoenselaar opened the first HoneyBaked Ham in 1957 in Detroit, Michigan. Back then Harry had a single goal: to offer the best ham in the world. In order to do so Harry designed his own curing and cooking method which guarantees youll never find any ham like that from HoneyBaked. Over the years, the business began opening restaurants that used the signature ham for their sandwiches and now they offer chicken, turkey, and more, all of them retaining low Honey Baked menu prices that reflect the affordable approach Harry used years ago. To this date there are now well over 400 locations spread across the country and the company is still owned by the Hoenselaar family, proving that their formula of providing high quality products is a recipe for success.

Best Honey Baked Ham Delivery Services

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A honey baked ham is a special thing. The lengthy process of curing, smoking, and glazing with that sweet honey glaze builds flavor to dizzying heights of pure succulence.

An excellent centerpiece for a holiday gathering, as well as the versatile source of post-holiday leftover derivatives like soup and sandwiches, ham is a gift that keeps on giving. Whether you’re looking for a whole salty country bone-in ham, a mild sweet petite boneless, or a complete ham dinner, there’s a ham delivery service that will suit your needs. Read on as we showcase our top picks for the best honey baked ham delivery services.

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Best Sweet Hams: Edwards Virginia Smokehouse

Edwards Virginia Smokehouse

Why We Chose It: For those who find some ham too salty, Edwards offers milder hams with a perfect balance of sweet and savory.

  • Sliced, unsliced, bone-in, and boneless are all available

  • Free shipping

  • Slightly higher-than-average price

If your palate is especially sensitive to salt, or if you’re trying to reduce your overall sodium intake, ham can present a challenge. Luckily, Edwards Virginia Smokehouse has a whole category of sweet hams to satisfy your taste.

Edwards has a unique origin story. It all started in 1926 with ham sandwiches and a ferry boat. S. Wallace Edwards Sr. was the boat’s captain, but he had a side hustle selling sandwiches to his hungry passengers. The travelers’ enthusiastic response to his home-cured ham inspired him to leave the transportation business and focus his efforts entirely on the smokehouse.

Edwards’ sweet hams still utilize salt and nitrates in the curing process, but in a gentler way to produce a milder, sweeter flavor than most salt-cured country hams. After curing, the hams are smoked with hickory to develop a deeper flavor.

Customers Brave Long Line To Pick Up Thanksgiving Order At Honey Baked Ham In Glendale

Honey Baked Ham

Residents braved an extra-long line Wednesday to pick up their orders from Honey Baked Ham in Glendale just one day before Thanksgiving.

Despite having ordered ahead online, customers still had to wait in the queue, which wrapped around the shopping center, to pick up their items.

Gene Kang reports for the KTLA 5 Morning News at 11 a.m. on Nov. 24, 2021.

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