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With up to eight meals per week available in your box, youll have dinner each night and some to spare . You can even adjust the serving size to fit two, four, six, or eight servings per meal. If the type of protein isnt your style, swap it out for one of their other available options to suit your tastes. They even have snacks, sides, and easy desserts available right at your fingertips.

Home Chef meal kit delivery happens Monday through Friday. When you place your order, you have the option to select which day is best for you, depending on your location. If you dont need to place an order the following week, you can pause or cancel your subscription at any time before the next order is processedwithout any hidden fees or strings attached.

Starting At $874 Per Serving Use Code Nyphf For 14 Free Meals Across 5 Boxes Free Shipping On The First Box

HelloFresh and hello, easy directions for gourmet-looking meals.

Once youre ready to cook, each meal is laid out in six easy steps. How they can make both one-pot pasta and a full steak meal into just six steps in beyond me, but it works and makes meals manageable for all skill levels.

I decided to go big or go home with my test cook, choosing a steak with mushroom cream sauce and roasted potatoes and carrots for a Monday night dinner. HelloFresh packages each set of ingredients conveniently into individual brown paper bags. Once unpackaged, I did a quick wash and dry for the produce, and the rest of the meal was pretty straight forward.

I timed the cook, and sure enough it was pretty close to the estimation on the cards 47 minutes for me for a slightly more well-done steak and an older oven for the crispy potatoes.


  • Easy to customize meals and skip weeks. Can order meals for two or four people, with two to six meals per week
  • Easy to follow and aesthetically pleasing recipe cards in the box for each meal
  • Accurate estimates for prep and cook time for an easy weekly schedule.
  • Make sure to have kitchen staples such as salt, pepper, butter and oil in the house, as they are not included in the box.

The Final Decision On Cookunity

Ill confess I was pleasantly shocked by the high hit price of this dish service. When I saw the amount of actual cooks remained in the kitchen area using the lots of chefs theyve culled recipes from, I was stressed the service itself would certainly be irregular. But in practice, each dish was well prepared with excellent flavor as well as I really did not run into a solitary actual loser. The cod was the only dish I d wished had been a bigger part yet total each lunch or supper was pleasing.

One of the most interesting aspect of CookUnity is the sheer quantity of meal alternatives you can choose from, all originating from cooks of various histories, cooking styles and levels of popularity. As a bona fide dining establishment addict, I would think about CookUnity not only as a yummy method to maintain myself fed without having to cook, yet additionally as a fun way to discover new cook personalities as well as dining establishments for the next time Im traveling to a brand-new city or searching for an area to eat in restaurants in your area.

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Will Home Chef Help Me Lose Weight

Home Chef offers a selection of calorie-conscious meals, which typically provide 400600 calories per serving, for those looking to lose weight.

Depending on your lifestyle and what the rest of your diet looks like, opting for these meals may aid weight loss.

Home Chef also makes it easy to prepare more meals at home, which may help support weight loss as well.

In fact, research shows that eating more home-cooked meals may be associated with improved diet quality and a lower risk of obesity (

Home Chef is one of the most affordable meal kit services on the market, with prices starting at $6.99 per serving.

You can also purchase extras, including protein packs with meat, fish, or poultry for an additional fee.

Shipping costs are applied at checkout, depending on the plan you select.

Note that Home Chef, like other meal kit delivery products, often offers discount codes for new customers.

Stone Mustard And Pecan


This dish features stone-ground mustard, roasted pecans, salt, butter, cubed butternut squash, and crispy fried onions in one delicious fish dish, that is also carb-conscious.

All the ingredients arrive in a plastic bag that includes an oven-safe pan. The salmon was individually packaged with ice packs, like all other raw meats in our delivery box.

This meal featured a healthy protein and a full flavor side that is sure to get your tastebuds going. For those who enjoy a crunch, this dish also featured crispy onions that gave it an extra nice twist. Overall a huge success!

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Is Home Chef Worth The Price

If schlepping to the grocery store is too much of a chore and a time suck for your tightly packed schedule, the convenience of Home Chef is likely worth its relatively modest price. Consider, too, that its pre-portioned quality ingredients mean you’ll save time prepping and measuring , and it may seem like a pretty sweet deal.

Depending on your preferences, you can even choose between pre-prepped meals you cook yourself or oven-ready meals to heat up after a busy day. Whether you dont know what to make, dont have the energy, or simply because its one more thing to do at the end of a long day. Home Chef is designed to be easy, convenient, and fill the gaps when that trip to the grocery store seems like too much to bear.

The bottom line is Home Chef offers health-conscious meals that dont skimp on flavor while saving you time by taking grocery shopping and meal-prepping off of your to-do list. If you have enough to stress about during the week, Home Chef meals might just be your helping hand. Each meal kit even comes packaged in reusable produce bags and recyclable materials to cut down on waste so you can eat well and feel good about it.

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Starting At $1499/meal Use Our Link For 20% Off Your Order

Invite celebrity chefs into your home to cook gourmet meals in minutes? Yes please.

Home Bistro does just that, with their current rotation of delicious pre-cooked meals designed by world-famous chefs. Right now, they have three on the menu, including Iron Chef Cat Cora, MasterChef winner and MasterChef Latino judge Claudia Sandoval and author and founder of HungryFan, Daina Falk. They have more chefs being added soon, including actress and cookbook author Ayesha Curry and celebrity chef Roble Ali.

I wanted a sampling from all three chefs, so that is exactly what I ordered. The beauty of Home Bistro is that you can order meals a la carte, choosing exactly what meals and how many you need for that given week, not beholden to any pre-paid plans. Since they are celebrity chef quality, they do cost a bit more per meal than some other kits, starting at $14.99 per meal and ranging in price. However, there are also bundles and package deals that send multiple meals at a time for a discount.

Once they arrived, I noticed the unique packaging right away, as they were vacuum sealed. While it was sort of silly to look at it is actually pretty brilliant. This way of packaging the food made storage in my fridge and freezer so much easier, as there are no bulky boxes taking up space, the food stays in place in a beautiful presentation and at the end of my meal all I had left was a tiny piece of wrapping and the tray to toss out.

Will Home Chef Work With My Diet

Home Chef Oven Ready Meals – Home Chef Coupon Code – Home Chef Review

Home Chef offers many options for several specific diets, making it easy to find something that works for you.

In fact, you can easily filter the weekly menu to display options that are suitable for vegetarian, low calorie, or low carb diets.

Potential allergens are also listed for each recipe, or you can opt to exclude certain ingredients, such as pork, shellfish, red meat, nuts, or mushrooms, from your weekly menu.

However, note that meals are produced in a facility that handles many major allergens, which may not be suitable for those with severe food allergies or intolerances.

Furthermore, Home Chef may not be ideal for those following restrictive eating patterns, such as vegan, ketogenic, or paleo diets.

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Chipotle Chicken Chili With Sour Cream And Cheddar

If you are looking for an easy, quick, and full-flavored dish, look no further than the Chipotle Chicken Chili with Sour Cream and Cheddar.

This dish takes no more than 15 minutes from prep to eating. All we had to do is combine the poblano peppers, chicken, onion, beans, seasoning blend, and ½ cup water in the provided tray.

The Chipotle Chicken uses shredded chicken breasts that are an alternative to the customarily ground chicken and beef that is often associated with chili recipes. Its a classic and tasteful dish to enjoy at home.

So Are Freshly Meals Good

I’ve tried a good many prepared meal services at this point, and while others like Home Bistro may hit higher highs, Freshly was the most consistent meal service I’ve tested thus far. You can tell it focuses on fan favorites and universally popular dishes rather than attempting those more out-of-the-box recipes. For what it is and aims to be, I’d say that’s a good thing.

Freshly meals are premade and shipped in cooler boxes and so they’re not likely to win any Michelin stars, but I was pleasantly surprised by how flavorful and, well, fresh most of my Freshly meals were. The culinary team has clearly thought carefully about what sort of meals will both travel and reheat well, and this made a big difference for me when comparing it with some other meal delivery services.

Here’s a breakdown of each Freshly meal I had and how I liked it:

Almond-ginger chicken bowl: These bowls were some of the most successful Freshly meals for me. They all had good flavor, especially the Asian-style grilled chicken and veggies over rice with a punchy ginger sauce. The bowls are also the easiest to heat quickly and well without drying out the ingredients. Plus, they make a rather satisfying lunch or a quick and easy dinner.

Turkey meatloaf: The meatloaf had really nice flavor and was very tender. It was also not overly greasy or salty, and the accompanying bean salad and cauliflower mash were nice complements. It felt like comfort food without being too heavy.

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Home Chef Is Not Good For

Home Chef is not good for customers who prioritize clean labels, organic or sustainable ingredient sourcing, or those who are focused on health and wellness. While there are calorie-conscious and carb-conscious meals, there are no other clear parameters around nutrition and most meals are very high in sodium and saturated fat. And while the plant-based Impossible Burger can always be a protein substitute, there are just a few vegetarian or plant-forward options made from whole foods.

Pricing: Fits A Variety Of Budgets


Despite selecting meal preferences and choosing the number of meals per week during account setup, you can add as many or as few meals as you like when selecting your weekly meals, as long as you meet the minimum price per order of $49.95. Shipping charges are assessed at checkout.

Standard meal kits start at $8.99 per serving and go up based on the number of meals ordered, the number of servings, and customizations such as swapping out proteins. Home Chef does not provide specific prices without logging into your account.

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Starting At $12 Per Serving Use Code Nyp25 For $25 Off Your First Box

100% plant-based, 100% stands up to the taste-test, too.

Purple Carrot is one of the vegan and vegetarian-friendly meal kit boxes that friends had been telling me to try for a while now, and Im so glad I did. Though I am a carnivore through and through, I found that Purple Carrot is a great introduction to vegan eating.

When choosing a meal to cook, I knew I wanted something that I loved already in its original meaty form, made vegan, to really put the box to the test. I picked the vegan chickn and dumplings with oyster mushrooms and green beans, which had a hefty cook time of 40 to 50 minutes, according to the recipe booklet.

After I had chopped everything down to size and foraged for my mushroom heads 15 minutes had already ticked by. The rest of the cook was pretty straight forward, used minimal dishes, and came out almost exactly like the photo, albeit a bit more soupy of a sauce.

Did this vegan dupe stand up to comforting chicken and dumplings? Absolutely. And I didnt feel like taking a food-coma nap afterward since all the ingredients were so light and nutritious. Another pro everything was included in the box expect salt, pepper and oil, as they made sure to package vegan butter, flour, baking soda and thyme into pre-measured baggies.


Customer Service Is Transparent And Helpful

Most of the customer service communication is automated yet reliable. Emails are sent out if an ingredient is slightly different that what the recipe card says. For example, perhaps the box contains whole peanuts that need to be crushed when the recipe assumes you have a pre-chopped version.

I was most impressed when I had to reach out about a specific issuethe only time Ive done so in over two years. One week, I received beef strips instead of salmon for a particular dish. When I emailed, I received not only a prompt reply, but a credit to my account that was far more generous than the cost of the salmon I went out to purchase separately at the store.

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Customer Support: A Mixed Bag

In addition to recipe components, our delivery came with full-page recipe cards with a listing of ingredients, cooking instructions, additional items needed, minimum internal temperature guidelines, level of difficulty, and prep/cook time. The cards are recyclable but are meant to be stored in a binder that comes with your first delivery. Recipes can also be viewed on the website and mobile app.

Customer support is available via the contact form and phone. We called on a Saturday morning and were promptly assisted by an agent who was able to inform us that healthcare professionals are not available to assist with meal planning. When we reached out using the contact form to inquire about adding a delivery day and getting specifics on ingredient sourcing, the agent didnt offer a response regarding food sourcing in their reply to us.

Best Prepared Meal Delivery Services For 2022

Home Chef Oven Ready Meals Review: Is Their “Fresh & Easy” Plan The Best Oven Ready Meal Delivery?

We tried several of the most popular prepared food operations available. Here are the best.

Cooking is a fabulous hobby and a truly satisfying skill to develop. It’s fun, nourishing and even relaxing, especially once you’ve saddled yourself with some basic kitchen skills. But cooking is also time-consuming and it’s just simply not for everyone. An easy prepared meal delivery service is one surefire way to cut back on kitchen time in 2022. If prepared or frozen meals dredges up images of frostbitten bricks of tasteless meat surprise, you probably haven’t checked in on the category in a while. These days, there are healthy and freshly made meal subscriptions to choose from, and the best meal delivery services churn out food that tastes great.

Testing for the best meal subscriptions in 2022 days takes a good bit of effort since there are more premade meal companies than ever. You likely don’t want to waste your time and money sorting out the duds, so we’ve done that for you. Whether you’re after vegan meal delivery, outfits that specialist in keto food or just want some homestyle classics to lighten your load, there an ocean’s worth of other options. You can get a fresh meal sent in just about any size, shape and flavor so the first step is asking what you’re really looking for. No matter the case, a meal delivery service will give you time back each week and can very well help you keep to your dietary need or healthy eating goals.

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