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Great question! It all depends on how quickly you need your order . Please note that for next-day shipping arrivals, orders must be finalized by 2pm Eastern Time on the day prior! Next day shipping arrival is available Monday – Friday. If you are a super awesome party planner and youre gearing up for a special occasion, we recommend choosing an arrival date 1-2 days in advance. Sometimes high order volume or weather conditions can make FedExs and CDL Last Mile’s operational schedule a little wacky!

Best Baked Goods At Baked By Melissa

Love trying new things and new flavors? Love candies and desserts? Or looking for the sweetest gift of all? Then you need to visit Baked by Melissa in Manhattan or check out their online store. Melissa, a baking fanatic, was fired from an advertising position in 2008. Following the departure between her and her day job, she decided to follow her passion and desire for baking. Melissas idea is that people should be able to taste more flavors without feeling guilty and bloated after dessert. In 2009, her dream came true. She opened the first Baked by Melissa shop in New York City. She now boasts more than ten individual locations scattered throughout New York in Columbus Circle, Fashion District, Financial District, Gramercy, Grand Central, JFK Airport, Roosevelt Field, Time Square, Union Square, Upper East Side, Upper West Side, and last but not least, in the Garden State Plaza . I dont know if I should be ashamed that Ive experienced these sweet, flavorful delights in more than half of Melissas locations or not, but these bite-sized snacks are just too damn good!

Baked by Melissa is a must try if you are in the area. However, you dont need to be a New Yorker to try these tasty treats. When Baked by Melissa ships they package their cupcakes in a clear plastic pack which keeps them safe and fresh.

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You can purchase an E-Gift Card online or over the phone with our Customer Happiness Team . Looking to send 10 or more e-gift cards? Contact our Gifting Team directly or learn more on our Corporate Gifting page! When youre finished, the recipient will receive an email with their E-Gift Card inside, a gift message, details of how to use it, and the sender’s name !

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Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

What are people saying about cupcakes near Upper West Side, Manhattan, NY?

This is a review for cupcakes near Upper West Side, Manhattan, NY:

“Baked by Melissa treats are great for on the go. This is a great location at 2325 Broadway Upper West Side near places I visit. When I don’t want to ruin my lunch I stop in here for one or two. I’m posting some of my favorite treats. I don’t splurge with these very often. The owner/creator developed a one of a kind sweet. I hope she is successful keeping her numerous locations open. They do fit in with the take out trend. You can order on line and have them shipped too! That’s my favorite way to purchase Baked by Melissa as gifts for my out of state friends! If you visit this location the employees are nice and knowledgeable. I’ve never had a problem with customer service if I get here early.”

Baked By Melissa Upper West Side Manhattan Ny

Bakeries and Sweet Treats in the Upper West Side ...
  • Upper West Side

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    When JP started 10 years ago, the wellness space as we know it didn’t exist. We began as the underdog in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, working to fight processed food that had more

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  • $$Upper West Side

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    Baked by Melissa treats are great for on the go. This is a great location at 2325 Broadway Upper West Side near places I visit. When I don’t want to ruin my

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  • $$Theater District

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    absolutely love baked by melissa so i was super excited to see this one was right by my hotel. it is a little pricey but in my opinion it’s so worth it. their

  • Delivery

  • $$Upper East Side

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    So , how do the reviews go missing ?I did this one ?I mentioned we saw Melissa on GMA .I like these bite size sweet treats .To ship , they do get a bit

  • Delivery

  • $$Midtown West

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    I was gifted the Latest and Greatest cupcakes and was extremely impressed! The packaging was soo adorable and really put such a smile on my face!! This is

  • Delivery

  • $$Hell’s Kitchen

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    Tiniest cupcakes packed with so much moisture and flavor! I tried the mint cookie, triple chocolate fudge and the Tie-Dye cupcakes. I ate them so fast because

  • Delivery

  • $$Midtown East

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    OMGoodness!! I had no idea a tiny bite size cupcake be so amazing! I ordered for my sister and sent her the birthday sampler or such.. she loved them. so I

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    Do I Need To Order In Advance

    Well, you dont NEED to, but if you are ordering a 25-pack or more, and would like them to be ready upon your arrival, then yes. You can do so by pre-ordering online or over the phone with our Customer Happiness Team . Otherwise, walk-in orders can be placed on the spot at any of our open store locations . We always have plenty of cupcakes and macarons!

    Best Cupcakes Nyc New York

    As promised, Stephan and I continued our cupcake crawl of NYC based upon your comments and recommendations from last time.

    Here are the bakeries that we’re adding to our list in the search for the Best Cupcakes NYC :

      • Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery 126 Rivington Street , New York
      • Baked by Melissa 529 Broadway , New York
      • Crumbs 321 1/2 Amsterdam Ave , New York
      • Buttercup Bake Shop 141 West 72nd Street , New York

    How did these four stack up against each other in our quest ?

    #4 Crumbs Upper West Side in New York City

    I know that there are a lot of Crumbs Bakery fans out there, but I’m sorry to say that Stephan and I we’re not very impressed. The only thing that set Crumbs’ cupcakes apart from the others was the fact that they we’re ginormous. At $4.50 a pop, I’d hope they be larger than the other bakeries. To be fair, Stephan and I made it to Crumbs at the end of the day so maybe it was just the fact that their cupcakes weren’t fresh?

    #3 Buttercup Bake Shop Upper West Side in New York City

    The cupcakes here are slightly better than average. I wasn’t going to say it in this blog post but sometimes the consistency of the cupcake reminded me of play-doh. The pictures below for this bakery probably don’t help it’s case either. Sorry Buttercup Bake Shop. Your icing is good though!

    #2 Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery – Lower East Side in New York City

    #1 Baked by Melissa SoHo in New York City

    Here is a comprehensive list of the best cupcakes NYC based on all of our cupcake eating:

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    Treat Yourself With Truffles: Momofuku Milk Bar

    Momofuku Milk Bar is home to many unique sweet treats youll be hard pressed to find at other bakeries. My favorite? The birthday cake truffles! A three pack of truffles is just enough to satisfy any kind of sweet craving you have, and the soft way they melt in your mouth is pretty reminiscent of eating sugar cookie batter after its been refrigerateddelicious! Other staples here worth indulging in are the crack pie , cereal milk soft serve, and cornflake marshmallow cookie.

    Do I Need To Be Home To Sign For My Shipping Order

    330 West 85th Street – Upper West Side, NYC

    Nope! FedEx and CDL Last Mile do not require a signature for our packages, which means that your order will be left at the arrival destination as long as the delivery person feels comfortable doing so. If the first attempt is unsuccessful, a second attempt will be made as soon as FedEx or CDL Last Mile can accommodate it, usually on the following business day.

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    If Youre Craving The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie: Levain Bakery

    Levain Bakery has somewhat of a cult reputation, and for excellent reason! They make four styles of cookie, which are all hugely ooeey, gooey, thick, and over-the-top scrumptious! The cookie comes in chocolate chip walnut , dark chocolate chip , oatmeal raisin, and dark chocolate peanut butter. But of course, the fun here doesnt stop at just cookies. Come in to satisfy any craving for brioche, sticky buns, pumpkin ginger bread, baguette, or any other delicious baked good treat you can dream up! The line out the door may look a bit daunting, but dont be intimidated, as it moves quickly.

    Choose Luxury Amenities at The Encore

    Baked By Melissa The Mini Cupcake Craze Ensues

    New York has been swept away in a cupcake frenzy, but unlike some lavish, upscale cupcake joints, at Baked by Melissa you will walk straight up to a no muss, no fuss display case hosting a wide variety of pop-in-your-mouth little treasures. Baked by Melissa has got the specialty pastry trend down pat, and they are popping out magical mini cupcakes like nobodys business. These one-bite wonders are only $1 for 1 or 3 for $5, allowing you to sample a lot of big flavors for a small price!

    Baked by Melissa offers ten signature flavors of their minis, with a highly anticipated alternating flavor of the month. Each teeny cupcake is comprised of a flavored cake, and different flavor topping. Of the ten poppable confections, a few of the popular favorites include tye-dye, peanut butter cup, cookies and cream, smores, chocolate chip pancake, and red velvet. The flavor of February is Valentines-themed pink velvet. Go taste a few one-bite treats, or try them all!

    Currently, Baked by Melissa boasts nine different store fronts Soho, Union Square, Grand Central Terminal, Fashion District, Upper West Side, Times Square, Columbus Circle, Gramercy and the Financial District. For specific locations and time listings, check the website below.

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    Hitting The Sweet Spot: When To Get Your Story Straight

    At the height of the early 2000s American cupcake craze, Crumbs Bake Shop appeared poised to take the cake.

    What began in 2003 as a joint venture between a legislative counsel and her entrepreneur husband in New Yorks Upper West Side had rapidly become a national, publicly-traded business. There was no limit to the gourmet bakerys flavor arsenalCrumbs boasted 75 different flavors, including the with vanilla cake and a lime-flavored cream cheese frosting, and the Cappuccino cupcake, which was filled with the bakerys signature coffee cream cheese. Crumbs offered these flavors in packages ranging from the small, one-inch Taste cupcake that allowed even the strictest dieter to indulge their sweet tooth, up to the 6.5-inch Colossal cupcake that served six.

    From Washington D.C. to Beverly Hills, Crumbs offered something for everyone everywhere. By 2010, the typical Crumbs location generated more than $1,000 in annual sales per square footon par with McDonalds.

    Crumbs co-founder Jason Bauer said it best: When people stop eating dessert, theyll stop eating cupcakes.

    Crumbs, on the other hand, never bothered to invest in a strategic narrative. Initially, founder Mia Bauer spoke of her desire to launch a neighborhood bakery where she could establish relationships with the families in that neighborhooda statement that could have easily served as the foundation of the Crumbs brand story.

    • 1520 Locust Street, Fifth Floor
    • Philadelphia, PA 19102

    Chocolate Chip Cookie At Levain Bakery

    Baked By Melissa

    Now before you go preaching that chocolate chip cookies are basic as hell try one of these first, and I guarantee you wont even be able to get the words out between the wonderfully molten chocolate ooey-gooey center of this masterpiece. Levain Bakery is a New York classic and their fresh baked cookies are LARGE and sure to satisfy. Maybe you should skip Sunday brunch this week and take a stroll over here instead.

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    Banana Pudding At Magnolia Bakery

    Magnolia Bakery is another NYC classic, thanks to Carrie Bradshaw and Sex in the City. You can never go wrong with their cupcakes, the frosting is just to die for . Whats really a must-have is their banana pudding, made fresh every day on site. Its creamy, light, and fluffy. Even better if youre a commuter, theres a Magnolia bakery located in Grand Central, so celebrate Friday with your pudding on the train ride home.

    Craving A Late Night Sweet Treat: Insomnia Cookies

    The best part of Insomnia Cookies? Theyll deliver to you all night long! The store was started by college students who had cravings for cookies while studying for finals at 2am, and , nothing was open. So, voila! The birth of Insomnia Cookies! But have no fear if youre craving a delicious chocolate chip cookie thats not as thick as the ones youll receive at Levain, they are open during the day, too! Along with traditional flavors, they also have seasonal ones, such as the current spiced pumpkin nut.

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    Sparkys Firehouse Subs Hours
      We collected information about Sparkys Firehouse Subs Hours for you. Follow the liks to find out everything about Sparkys Firehouse Subs Hours. Searching for Sparkys Firehouse Subs Hours? You can just click the links above. The info is collected for you.

    How Are Baked By Melissa Cupcakes Packaged

    Yin Yoga for Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief | Intermediate 60 min | Yoga with Dr. Melissa West 427

    Glad you asked! We have options. Online were currently offering 25 packs of cupcakes and macarons. You also have the option to get all fancy and add a gift box – for individual 25 packs we offer an awesome tie-dye gift box, Congratulations box, Thank You box, and Happy Birthday box. For 50 and 100 packs, we offer our awesome tie-dye gift box.

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    What Should I Do With My Shipping Order Once It Arrives

    Open it! Open it! Then jump for joy! Just kidding, but you can do that too. If you can somehow prevent yourself from immediately eating the contents of your box and want to serve your treats later, just take out the individual packs and stick em in the freezer. Take them out 20-30 minutes prior to serving and enjoy!

    Does Baked By Melissa Offer Corporate Or Group Gifting

    Yes! Group Gifting is a fancy term for 10 or more individual Shipping Orders. Its a great way to send everyone on your list a really sweet gift. Please note orders placed through Group Gifting must be finalized at least 7 days in advance, and is only available if you are placing 10 or more individual Shipping Orders. For more information, checkout our Corporate Gifting page.

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    Cupcakes: Baked By Melissa Lands On The Upper West Side

    Cupcakes by Baked by Melissa.

    Im all for mini-sweets. I like the fact that youre ingesting fewer calories. I like the way you can pop one in your mouth on the run.

    Baked by Melissa, a mini-sweets pioneer with her one-bite cupcakes, opened last week on the Upper West Side at 2325 Broadway between 84th and 85th. The place is all sleeknessfloor-to-ceiling glass windows adorn the storefront, and inside, a long modish counter displays cupcakes like precious works of art.

    Behind the counter are ranged chirpy teens who volunteer their favorite flavors. Peanut butter, said one. The other pushed the flavor of the day, Chocolate Caramel Cone.

    I chose Red Velvet. The cake was moist and tender, just about perfect. The icing, however, was super sweet. Magnolia Bakery, housed just a few blocks away on Columbus Avenue, is tops on the sugar scale when it comes to overly-sweet cupcakes. Still, Melissas werent far behind.

    Baked by Melissa

    What If I Am Not Available At My Delivery Time

    Baked By Melissa

    This is precious cargo were talking about, so we cant just leave your treats to fend for themselves! We will try to leave your order with a third party if we can but if that doesnt work, your order will be available for pick-up at the nearest Baked by Melissa store location. If you’d like for us to re-attempt delivery, we can do so for an additional $9.95 charge. *Please note that a limited number of store locations are open at this time and try to be at the place of delivery when the courier arrives.

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    Cupcakes: Baked By Melissa To Open On Upper West Side

    Crains reports that mini-cupcake maker Baked by Melissa is opening an outpost on the Upper West Side. Yelpers give the bite-sized treats a generally solid rating.

    The shop is slated to open at 2325 Broadway at 83rd Street. Its the companys fifth shop in Manhattan.

    Cupcakes by Baked by Melissa.

    New Local Delivery Processes During Covid

    Do you offer contactless delivery?

    Yes. We are offering contactless delivery during Covid-19 through third party courier services .

    How does it work?

    Our in-house dispatcher will call the phone number provided at checkout when your order is on the way. The courier will call you once they arrive at your location, and you can tell them where youd like them to leave your order

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