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Making Two-Layer Galaxy Bonbons with Christophe Rull from Bake Squad

We all know that a good prize is whats at the heart of every good competition. When people know that they can win something valuable, they tend to go a little bit harder. While we know that contestants are competing to have their dessert chosen for special events, we dont know if there are any additional prizes.

Who Is In The Bake Squad Cast

Not surprisingly, Tosi, the inventor of “crack pie,” cereal milk soft serve ice cream, and “compost” cookies set her sights on outside-the-box bakers when it came time to cast her very own baking competition, “Bake Squad.”

According to Delish, the competitors include cake expert Ashley Holt, a self-taught pastry chef and owner of Sugar Monsters Sweets in Brooklyn, NY. She’s also a culinary producer and TV and print media food stylist. Holt is no stranger to front-of-the-camera roles, either, having won season 3 of TLC’s “The Next Great Baker” and appearing for two seasons on Cake Boss. French-born “pastry illusionist” Christophe Rull is also on the squad. According to his , Rull is a Food Network veteran and member of the winning Season 7 team on “Halloween Wars” and “Holiday Wars” .

The founder of Chicago-based Justice of the Pies, Maya-Camille Broussard, is the “Bake Squad” resident pie expert. With pies that retail for nearly $70 on Goldbelly, Broussard has us eager to see what deliciousness she creates as part of Tosi’s squad. Finally, there is chocolatier and “dessert wizard” Gonzo Jimenez. The co-owner of Miette et Chocolat in Colorado, Jimenez is known for his incredibly realistic and avant-garde chocolate art .

Who Is Christina Tosi

Christina Tosi is a pastry chef who, before opting for a culinary career, studied electrical engineering and also considered becoming a translator.

As a pastry chef, she worked ins some of the best fine dining establishments such as Bouley, but she truly found her calling working for David Chang at his restaurant Momofuku.

Christina is 39 years old and was born in Ohio. Speaking on her Chefs Table episode , she said that she grew up around baking: My grandmas, my aunts, my mom, they all baked. They baked every day.

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Bake Squad: Where To Watch And What Is It About

The Netflix original reality food show, Bake Squad, has been presented by Christina Tosi and features a group of bakers who bake a different kinds of desserts each time for their potential clients and compete with each other. The show was premiered this year on August 11, with its first season and included a total of eight episodes, with a runtime of approximately 35 minutes each.

All the episodes of the show were released in their entirety, making it binge-watch-worthy. So if you are planning to give this one a watch, then we can tell you where you can do it. Lets get started!!

Vanilla Checkerboard Cake With White Chocolate Mirror Glaze

Bake Squad

“Ive had many vanilla cakes in my life and this will always be my go-to recipe,” says Holt. “Its not too sweet and it’s perfectly moist with a nice, tight crumb. It freezes well and is a great base recipe to build off of. Experiment with different mix-ins like chocolate chips, blueberries, orange zest, sprinkles, etc.”

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Netflix: Meet The Bake Squad Cast

Netflix can do no wrong when it comes to baking shows. From Somebody Feed Phil to Chefs Table, Fresh, Fried and Crispy to Street Food, theres no end of hunger-inducing series to watch on the streaming service.

Bake Squad is a brand new cooking competition to Netflix in August 2021. Four bakers chosen by Milk Bar creator Christina Tosi go head to head. So, lets get to know more about the cast Maya-Camille Broussard, Ashley Holt, Christophe Rull and Gonzo Jimenez.

Gonzo Jimenez From Bake Squad Has Wanted To Work With Food Since He Was A Child

According to the website of Gonzos chocolateria, Miette et Chocolat, Chef Gonzo Jimenez was born in Northern Argentina, raised in a Spanish household surrounded by good food and long family meals. His upbringing inspired Gonzo to join the service industry and work in restaurants when he was just 17. From there, his love of cooking grew and he applied to culinary school in Buenos Aires.

However, in a podcast interview, Gonzo revealed that his career path caused a rift between him and his father, because his father wanted him to work a more traditional job. Luckily, Gonzo found a lot of success with his love of the culinary arts, so he and his father are all good now.

After finishing culinary school, Gonzo traveled around the world and worked for 5-star hotels and celebrity chefs, which led him to partner with several large U.S. hotels, as well as the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Santiago, Chile to lead their pastry programs. Gonzo continues to travel around the world to create, bake, and teach classes.

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Bake Squad: Stream It Or Skip It

Opening Shot: Were introduced to Christina Tosi, who founded the Milk Bar bakery, who handpicked four expert bakers to make her Bake Squad for this competition series.

The Gist: In the case of the first episode, Cynthia is the picker shes throwing a birthday party for two of her six boys , and she wants a special cake that incorporates both their interests. The bakers have seven hours to conceive and create their masterpieces.

Christophe, whom Tosi calls a pastry illusionist, decides to take the boys love of ice cream and make a giant ice cream cone-shaped cake, using blackberry compote, a bunch of different cake layers, and dozens of homemade waffle cones spread around. Tosi helps him figure out something to help mold the cone by grabbing a bright orange traffic cone from backstage. He also creates individual cone cakes, and puts a blown-sugar cherry on the top of the big cake.

Maya-Camille, a flavor fanatic, makes a house to appeal to the older sons love of building things. She also makes a lawn out of marshmallows, a basketball court, and other fun things. Tosi encourages her to put a second level on the house. Ashley, the queen of cakes, takes the boys love of pizza, mac and cheese and spaghetti and meatballs, and makes a three-tier cake that evokes all three.

What Shows Will It Remind You Of? Sort of like Chopped or Cupcake Wars, but here its the same four bakers every episode, and theyre only competing for pride.

Now Chef Gonzo Is Living His Best Life In Denver Colorado

How To Bake a Cake From Scratch First Ever Cake

Though hes originally from South America, Chef Gonzo has settled down in the states in Denver, Colo. While this might be surprising to some people, it makes a lot of sense considering that Gonzos other big love besides chocolate is running.

He and his wife, Wilma, are both ultrarunners, meaning they run distances further than a 26.2 mile marathon. They even did a 200-mile run together in 2019!

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Release Date For Season 2 Of Bake Squad

On August 11, 2021, Netflix released the whole first season of Bake Squad. Approximately 33-36 minute episodes make up the first season.

Heres what we know about the upcoming second season. According to the latest reports, Netflix will not make a formal announcement about the shows future for at least another two or three months. Typically, Netflix waits a few months before buying the second season of a show. However, it appears as if this series will get a second season.

To diversify its library of unscripted episodes, Netflix has added food and baking series to the mix. Nailed Itsixth !s season is scheduled to premiere on September 15, 2021, making it one of Netflixs most popular shows. Netflix will also be introducing new series like Baking Impossible and School of Chocolate in the fall of 2021.

Christina Tosis charisma alone is enough to keep people riveted to the show. For her role as a MasterChef judge on seasons 6,7, and 8, she is widely recognized. Bake Squad season 2 could be released in Q2 2022 if Netflix passes its renewal criteria and greenlights it before the end of 2021.

Why Netflix’s Bake Squad Is The Sweetest Competition Baking Show

If you’re looking for a show that’s equal parts fun, colorful and competitive, you’ve come to the right place. Bake Squad, which premieres on August 11th on Netflix, features all of that through the creation of over-the-top, elaborate desserts. During each episode, “four individually brilliant bakers will battle it out to see whose dessert will be chosen for someone’s extra special big day,” reads Netflix’s official synopsis for the show .

The four talented bakers are Maya-Camille Broussard, founder of Justice of the Pies, Ashley Holt, founder of Sugar Monster Sweets, Christophe Rull, a pastry chef, and Gonzo Jimenez, co-owner of Miette et Chocolat. Leading and supporting these bakers is host Christina Tosi, founder of Milk Bar. EatingWell got the chance to speak with this impressive casthere’s what we learned about the new series.

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What Is The Release Date Of Bake Squad

According to Netflix’s YouTube Channel, where you can see the official “Bake Squad” trailer, the first episode of the series will debut on Wednesday, August 11.

In a 2018 interview with Variety, long before “Bake Squad” was a done deal, Tosi hinted that she had more she wanted to accomplish in television. Asked if she ever wanted to create a show of her very own, she said that after doing an episode of Netflix’s Emmy-nominated “Chef’s Table” she asked herself, “Am I putting enough of myself out there on a daily basis?”

Tosi told the magazine she wanted to “create a show that really embodies and celebrates the spirit of me that you get to know a piece of over that episode.” She added, “I think food competition shows are amazing.” We know “Bake Squad” ticks off at least one of the boxes: the cooking show is definitely a competition. As for whether it embodies and shares Tosi’s essence and personality, we’ll have to wait and see.

How Many Episodes Are There In Bake Squad

Are the Cakes in Bake Squad Real or Fake? Is the Netflix ...

As mentioned above, there are a total of eight episodes in season 1 of Bake Squad that were all released on the airing day in August of this year.

Episode one is titled Brother Birthday Bash, episode two as Rock n Roll Wedding, episode three as Sweet & Spicy Fiesta, episode 4 as Kicking Cancer Celebration, episode five as A Magical Wedding, episode six as Supersize Smash Cake, episode seven as Super Sweet 16 and episode eight as For the Love of Cake.

All the episodes showed different occasions where the bakers had to use their creative selves to make an outstanding dessert.

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Talk To Your Kids About

  • Families can talk about how the chefs got to be so good at making desserts. Do you think you could become a pastry chef some day? What do you think you’d have to do to reach that goal?

  • The contestants help each other even though they’re all trying to win. How can you practice being a good sport when you’re doing something competitive?

  • What kind of dessert would you like to have the Bake Squad contestants make for your next birthday party? Can you draw your idea?

  • : February 28, 2022
  • Mild, mouth-watering baking contest great fun for all ages.

    age 8+

  • Drama-free cooking show that’s great for family viewing.

    age 10+

  • Timely twist on baking contest adds strategy to the mix.

    age 10+

What It Was Like To Compete

Each episode focuses on a client’s special event, from weddings to a party celebrating someone’s triumph over cancer. Luckily, the bakers were familiar with handling the pressure of creating desserts for such important events as Rull notes that ” is what we’re facing on a daily basis in our industry.” Broussard adds, “The four of us have an athleticism that allows us to perform extremely well under pressure…when we have a lot of pressure applied to us in our craft, what it does is pushes us into diamonds, and that diamond is creativity, and so we thrive in that space.”

Speaking of creativity, Holt says the ideas just flowed for her throughout the series. While there was a seven-hour time limit to each bake, Holt says, “the sky’s the limit,” when it comes to what’s possible in the kitchen. This mindset for Holt translated to some pretty stunning creationsincluding a Volkswagen van and an edible ball pit .

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Will There Be Bake Squad Season 2

Bake Squad features four chefs who compete to create four different desserts, each of which must be selected by a client for a particular event. Of course, the desserts must be decadent, visually beautiful, inventive, and delectable. Whether its a wedding or a birthday, the goal is to steal the show. It is Christina Tosi, the well-known chef and tv personality, who selects the bakeries. In August of 2021, the first episode of the reality show aired. However, Bake Squad Season 2 is eagerly anticipated by fans.

With its beautiful visuals, the series is also a joy to watch. Theres a lot of insight into the creative process, from the moment an idea is conceived to the moment its put into action, in this video. Fans cant wait to get their hands on the next season, and its no surprise. Is there going to be a sequel? Is it possible to find out?

The Contestants Will Be Booking For A Wide Range Of Special Occasions

Giant Sugar Cookie CAKE! | Valentine’s Day Baking 2021 | How To Cake It with Yolanda Gampp

If youve ever thrown an event for a special occasion, you know how important it is that everything goes well. Food is a big part of that, so the contestants will be feeling lots of pressure to put their best foot forward to make sure that these special days are memorable in the best way possible. The events theyll be cooking for will range from things like weddings to parties celebrating being cancer-free.

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How The Bakers Showcased Their Personalities

The four bakers each have their own distinct skillset and were given appropriate monikers: Broussard is the “flavor fanatic,” Holt is the “queen of cakes”, Rull is the “pastry illusionist” and Jimenez is the “champion of chocolate.” In addition to their specialties, each baker was able to bring their own sense of self into the set of the show, thanks to personal photos displayed around their station.

For Jimenez, it was “great to actually see my whole family…it actually helps you create stuff. It was pretty cool.” In addition to the family photos, Jimenez brought in the flavors of his South American heritage whenever he had a chance. Meanwhile, Holt says there was never any worry that the bakers would overlap in their ideas because, she says, “We each are just very individual and unique in our own rights.”

While each person might be known for a different area within baking, that didn’t stop them from trying new techniques and desserts throughout the series. And if they had to make a dessert in a fellow competitors’ area of expertise, Tosi says she would opt for Broussard and her flavors, which Tosi describes as “weak in the knees, deliciousness, swoon.” Meanwhile, Broussard and Holt would both opt to learn from Rull and his sugar work. Rull would want to create something out of chocolate à la Jimenez, and Jimenez would make a cake, Holt’s specialty, because he “really loves the wow factor of each one of her presentations.”

The Show Doesnt Have Its Own Social Media Accounts

Unfortunately for all of the people who love following their favorite shows on social media, that wont be a possibility with Bake Squad at least not yet. For now, the show doesnt have any official social media profiles, but that could change it if becomes popular and gets renewed for another season.

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Where To Watch Bake Squad

Being a Netflix original, the show can be enjoyed on the streamer with its valid subscription offer. The episodes can be downloaded or watched online itself, depending upon which plan you have opted for. The subscription plan for the platform begins with $8.99 and goes up to $17.99.

The essential difference between the plans is the video quality, the number of screens it can be shared on and how many times it can be downloaded at a time. Other than this, the show cannot be streamed anywhere else.

Creativity Is The Name Of The Game

A Squad Bake Shop

People tend to eat with their eyes before anything else, so presentation is everything when it comes to food. Baking offers plenty of chances for people to get creative by using a wide variety of designs and colors. The contestants on Bake Squad will have to really tap into their creative sides in order to remain competitive.

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You Will Like Recognize The Contestants

Christina Tosi isnt the only person on the show who people will probably recognize. All of the contestants are successful in their own right. According to Delish, The competitors are cake expert Ashley Holt, pastry illusionist Christophe Rull, pie aficionado Maya-Camille Broussard, and chocolatier/dessert wizard Gonzo Jimenez.

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