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BURGER BUNS by Bakers Maison:

* Potato Bun * Milk Bun 80g* Sesame Seed Milk Bun 80g* Hot Dog Milk Bun* Brioche Bun* Slider Buns

SOURDOUGHS by Bakers Maison:

* Rustic Sourdough white loaf* Sourdough Café loaf white * Sourdough Café loaf Multigrain * Sourdough Café loaf Rye * Sourdough Baguettes

CROISSANTS by Bakers Maison:

* Large Butter Croissant * Large Butter Croissant * Medium Butter Croissant * Small Butter Croissant

Bakers Maison Product Catalogue

As a specialist manufacturer of French style breads, pastries and sweets, the superior quality and flexibility of Bakers Maison par-baked and frozen products can turn any kitchen into a French style bakery in minutes. By baking Bakers Maison products as you need them, you can treat customers to the smell and taste of just baked bread in minutes. Bakers Maison have taken the hard work out of traditional French baking with their no mess, no fuss products.

Bridor Ready To Bake Perfect Croissant 28 Oz


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  • Easy to prepare – simply thaw at room temperature before baking
  • Provides a consistent, premium product that saves on time and labor cost
  • Perfect way to serve fresh pastries in your restaurant, bakery, and cafe
  • Ships frozen

Customer questions about this product

When will my refrigerated or frozen food product be shipped?
In order to control the amount of time in transit for these perishable items, they are only shipped on select days of the week based on which shipping method you choose and the transit time to your location.Ground: Orders ship Monday through Wednesday.Second Day: Orders ship Monday through Wednesday.Next Day: Orders ship Monday through Thursday.Orders placed on or just prior to a holiday could experience a slight delay in shipping.Frozen and refrigerated items cannot ship in a quantity that requires Common Carrier shipping, as well as cannot be shipped outside of the United States.

No Proofing Required Butter Croissants

Get the perfect flaky croissant every time with our frozen pre-shaped butter croissants. The beauty of these frozen pastries is that they require no proofing! So all you have to do is defrost and bake.It literally only requires 2 steps to becoming your own master chef !

These pastries take less than an hour to make from start to finish! There is no need to spend countless hours slaving away in the kitchen trying to shape and proof your croissants our new and improved dough makes your baking lives easier and a lot quicker!

Our product allows you to make the perfect butter croissants every time whilst only taking a fraction of the time to make it !

The size of our jumbo croissants are about +- 19 cm in length when baked and weigh 80 grams when in its frozen raw state.

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Frozen Bread Par Baked Bread & Pastries

Have you ever wished you could have a French bakery on your premises? Youd be able to entice your customers senses with the aroma of freshly baked bread and pastries and the comforting taste of delicious baked items. Well Bakers Maison gives you the opportunity to delight your customers with authentic French breads, without you having to install any bakery equipment. They offer par baked frozen pastries and bread so you can transport your customers to France with a single smell or taste. And every item takes mere minutes to prepare!

Why Bakers Maison?

  • Premium qualityWe deliver uncompromising quality to you so you can do the same for your customers. Made with premium ingredients for a superior taste
  • Fully Baked or Par Bake rangeWe have an extensive range of products that come as either frozen fully baked or par-baked to suit all your needs. Youll find plenty of choices to suit various menus and meals, including brunch, catering for functions, sandwiches, burgers and more.
  • Distributed Australia-wideBakes Maison has created an extensive distribution network throughout Australia in order to bring their bread shop to you. Youll be thrilled with their efficient delivery and service, regardless of where youre located.
  • ConvenienceYou dont have to do the major work, just a few minutes of preparation, and yet your customers will think youre baking bread daily, right there on your premises!
  • Benefits Of Frozen Dough:


    Product life:

    Our frozen croissant pastries be stored for up to 7 months in your freezer with no worries. No need to to leave your house on a daily or go to the local bakery to get croissants, you can just fetch a few croissants out of the freezer and bake!


    Our dough is able to stay fresh when frozen allowing you to have fresh croissants on every bake! These pastries keep there freshness for the whole 7 month life span.

    Bake what you need when you need it:

    Using our frozen ready to bake croissants allows you to have virtually no waste as you only take out what you need from the freezer and bake them. For example : Say you are baking for guests and each of them will eat a croissant each then all you have to do is take out the amount of croissants you need out the freezer and bake it, the rest of your croissants can stay stored in your freeze with no problems!

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    How Do You Reheat Frozen Croissants

    If you order frozen croissants, check the instructions on the package or included in the shipment. Some frozen croissants are dough and need proofing as well as egg wash before going to the oven. If you order croissants that are already baked, they only need to be heated. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, place them on a prepared sheet pan, and heat for about 15 minutes. Again, check the baking/reheating instructions sent with the package for best results.

    Can Fresh Croissants Be Frozen

    In short, yes. Follow the below steps:

    • Be sure croissants are completely cooled, and wrap each one in food film.
    • Put them in an airtight, freezer bag. This affords double protection against drying out or freezer burn.
    • Be sure to label the bag with the date. Frozen croissants are generally good for about a month in the freezer.

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    Why Trust The Spruce Eats

    The author of a cookbook about bread baking, Donna Currie has made her fair share of homemade croissants. She says that while they can be worth the effort, buying them is much, much easier. Thats why she personally sampled croissants from every vendor on this list. Its good to have plenty of alternatives, and its even better to have croissants in the freezer for an easy treat any day of the week.

    This roundup was updated by Carrie Honaker, a food writer who loves to make fresh croissants, but appreciates frozen ones for their ability to ease the preparation burden when time is short. Her work has appeared in many publications, including Bon Appetit, Allrecipes, and Wine Enthusiast.

    Valente Offers A Full Range Of Artisan Pastries For The Pickiest Palates

    How to Make Croissants | Recipe

    Everyone loves the buttery goodness and flakiness of croissants and other laminated pastry dough baked goods. The work involved in creating these tasty delicacies sometimes exceeds the time available in the bakery kitchen. Valente sells proof-and-bake croissants and pastry dough to help bakeries solve this vexing problem without missing out on these profitable products.

    In addition to high quality flour and butter required to make the best pastries Valente also offers a wide selection of proof-and-bake croissants, assorted pastries, pastry dough and puff dough to help bakeries with the challenge of getting the variety of baked goods that appeals to NYC customers. These delicious and easy-to-use freezer to oven products please the most finicky customer palate and simplify the work of a busy bakery.

    These frozen pastries and croissants mean that NYC bakeries never have to skip having these products on the counter when theyre so easy to proof-and-bake when required with none of the labor and time intensive work of making laminated dough products from scratch.

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