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Aldi has a longstanding reputation for providing the best deals to its army of savvy shoppers, which goes some way towards explaining how the German grocer is taking over the U.S., Europe, and basically the entire planet. Aldi obsessives gather online to share their must-have items, fast finds, and everything in between. Those in the know get even better deals than regular shoppers, but regardless when you see that classic orange, yellow, and blue sign, you know your wallet is in safe hands.

Still, although Aldi is a one-stop shop for all kinds of family essentials, from dairy products to home goods, it’s not your go-to grocery destination for everything. In fact, there are a handful of products you’re best advised to purchase elsewhere, to save both money and stress in the long term. And, as devastating as it might be, one of those items might be pizza.

Aldi Cauliflower Pizza Ingredients

Below are the general ingredients of Aldi cauliflower pizza.

Cauliflower, water, low moisture mozzarella cheese, water, egg whites, spices, milk, and traces of soybeans
Uncured Pepperoni Cauliflower Crust Pizza Cauliflower, cheddar cheese, low moisture mozzarella cheese, water, bread crumbs, wheat gluten and wheat flour, milk, wheat, and soy.
Cauliflower powder, rice powder, pea flour, sunflower oil, tomato puree, medium fat hard cheese, oregano, garlic, milk, and some soy traces.
Roasted Vegetable Toppings Cauliflower Pizza Cauliflower, rice flour, low moisture mozzarella cheese, tomato puree, romano cheese, roasted green bell peppers, roasted yellow bell peppers, roasted red bell peppers, roasted onion, eggs, and milk.

This Aldi Item Beat Out 100+ Others To Become America’s Favorite For The Fourth Straight Year

When customers shop at ALDI they can rest easy knowing an abundance of unmatched deals awaits. But, while high-quality, low-cost products line every shelf, each year a small sampling of items stands out among the rest as loyal shoppers’ ultimate must-haves.

In order to identify these most-loved selections, ALDI began its one-of-a-kind Fan Favorites survey in 2019. In the survey’s first year, and each year following, items in various grocery categories were pitted against each other and customers nationwide cast their vote on which picks they treasured the most.

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Like clockwork, the budget grocery chain recently distributed its 2022 survey, garnering feedback from over 100,000 shoppers. The results were groundbreaking with many first-time winners and close races within a few of the 13 categories. But, what really has ALDI fans talking is the store’s first-ever inductee into its “Hall of Fame”.

The Mama Cozzi’s Pizza Kitchen Take and Bake Deli Pizza beat out over 100 other ALDI-exclusive products this year to earn the prestigious status. The frozen pie has earned a spot in the Fan Favorites winner circle each year since the survey began and also has the title of “Overall Fan Favorite” under its belt from 2020. So, there’s no debate that the deli pizza’s all-star rank is well-earned.

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Does Aldi Sell Pizza Crusts And Dough

Aldi has a small selection of pizza crusts. These include mini pizza crusts, sold in packages of three, with three sauce packets as well. They come in original and thin varieties, for about $3.

Unfortunately, Aldi does not have sell ready-made pizza dough . While you could use their crescent roll dough as a pizza base, the round bags of dough you can find in other grocery stores is not at Aldi.

Also, if you were looking to bulk up the toppings on your thin-crust pizza, be aware that Aldi has been spotty about stocking their regular and turkey pepperoni.

If you are looking to learn more about shopping at Aldi, you can see our related posts on who makes Aldi products, wheres Aldi milk come from, and the Aldi red bag chicken.

What Is The Best Pizza At Aldi

Mama Cozzi

I think the best pizzas you can get at Aldi are their specialty or Aldi Finds frozen pizzas. My experience is that these are the most consistently good-tasting, good-quality pies the store has to offer.

You wont go wrong with the French Recipe Bistro-style, which I already mentioned, and one of their newer entries into the pizza line, the Mama Cozzis Pizza Kitchen Cuban Style. Both have bolder, tastier flavors than their traditional counterparts.

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Being A Bachelor And Living Life Well But With A Budget In Mind


Pizza – Perhaps the greatest food invention ever and I don’t know about you, but I don’t know anybody that does NOT like pizza….. I usually have a fr0zen pizza or two in my freezer for those times when I’m craving pizza, but don’t want to take the time to make one from scratch, let alone shell out $20 for delivery.

Today I’m reviewing Mama Cozzi’s Pizza Kitchen, Combo Pizza which I picked up at my neighborhood Aldi store. Mama Cozzi pizzas are popular with Aldi shoppers, with a variety of frozen and take-and-bake pizzas available.

The Combo Pizza features pepperoni and sausage. To me that’s not really a ‘Combo’ pizza, it’s just a pepperoni and sausage pizza. In my eyes, a combo pizza has more than two toppings and would include a veggie or two.

From the Mama Cozzi’s frozen pizza label:

  • Original thin, artificial preservative free crust
  • Made with real cheese
  • Pepperoni made with pork, chicken and beef
  • Sausage made with pork and chicken
  • Great for grilling

Baked according to the package instructions, I did not doctor this pizza like I usually do by adding mushrooms, onion and extra cheese. I sample this pizza “As is.”

Priced at about $3, I’m giving Mama Cozzi’s Combo Pizza 3 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars. It’s an “eh” pizza and there are better frozen pizzas out there for about the same price.

Aldi Shopper Rates Every Frozen Pizza

An ALDI supermarket customer has rated every frozen pizza at her local store, with very unexpected results.

Sharing on TikTok, the shopper tested seven different pizzas across various price points.

Watch above: ALDI shopper rates frozen pizza buys

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But while the TikTok user – who uses the handle @emilyclairwebster – tried pizzas from ALDIs Specialty Selected premium range, they didnt rate as highly as varieties at cheaper price points.

The stores gourmet Specialty Selected Beetroot & Goats Cheese Pizza came in at last place, while two pizzas priced between $3.69 and $3.99 came in first and second place.

The shopper awarded the top gong to ALDIs Thin Crust Pepperoni pizza, but not until shed completed rounds of rigorous testing.

I tried every ALDI frozen pizza I could find, she said in the video.

Starting with the Formaggi pizza, this one is at number four.

The Beetroot and Goats Cheese Pizza unfortunately came in at number seven.

Next I tried the Thin Crust Mozzarella and this came in at number five.

This has potential if you add other toppings to it, but for the purposes of this video I wasnt adding anything.

Next is this Cheese pizza which came in at number six.

And weve made it to the top three, folks.

The Best Margherita Pizza Ever maybe? But it was the third best pizza in this line-up.

At number two we have the Hawaiian Style Family Pizza, this one was really good.

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How I Tested The Aldi Take

I rolled my cart to the refrigerator section of my local Aldi and loaded it with every take-and-bake pizza on the shelves. I also picked up pizza-adjacent products like the cheesy bread sticks and flatbreads. All in all, I had 12 pizzas in contention for Aldis best.

Note: Aldi also regularly releases limited-edition Aldi Finds pizza varieties, but because those flavors can be here one day and gone the next, they were not included in this taste test.

In order to taste each flavor at the same time , I cut generous slices from each pizza and arranged them on a rack over a baking sheet. Package instructions call for baking directly on the rack, but because I wasnt baking the whole pie, this seemed a safer bet to keep cheesy drips off of the bottom of my oven. The pizza slices were baked at the temperature specified on the box , according to the prescribed time range.

Aldi Cauliflower Pizza Reviews

Aldi Pizza – Wonstar Reviews

Many Aldi shoppers rave about their cauliflower pizza and give it a high rating.

Aldi Reviewer loved Mama Cozzis Take-and-Bake Uncured Pepperoni Cauliflower Crust Pizzas taste and flavor. However, they found the crust to be too soft and greasy hence have your napkins nearby.

Another user loved the cauliflower pizza and said it is a favorite among her kids!

Yahoo! Finance also raves about the pizza, especially its crispy texture and massive size.

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Types Of Pizza Aldi Sells

  • Frozen Thin Crust In the grand tradition of cheap grocery store frozen pizzas, Aldi sells a frozen thin crust pizza, with options like cheese, four-cheese, pepperoni, three meat, and supreme, for a mere $2.19. I highly doubt if you could find a frozen pizza for that price in any other supermarket. These thin crusts arent huge, but they comfortably feed two or three, with additional sides.
  • Frozen Rising Crust Taking things up just a notch are the frozen rising crusts options, in cheese, supreme, and three meat. For that extra thick crust, youll pay $2.75 still not bad at all, since youre not breaking $3 for considerably more carbs.
  • Frozen Stuffed Crust To save money on a costly Pizza Hut order, you can try the Cheese Stuffed Crust in pepperoni or three meat. I cant find the actual in-store price, but Instacart lists it as $6.39, which means its probably less than $6.
  • Frozen Organic If organics are your thing, you wont be left out of the pizza aisle at Aldi. The two organic options by Simply Nature, 3-cheese and Margherita, cost $3.99 for about 12.5 ounces of pizza.
  • Frozen Gluten-Free Aldi even has the gluten-free crowd covered, so that if one member of your household is gluten intolerant, you wont have to make a special trip anywhere else. The liveGfree label cheese or pepperoni pizzas are $5.29 each.

Aldi doesnt appear, at this point, to have any pizza options suitable for vegans, as all of their pizzas contain dairy cheese.

Pizza From Aldi Doesn’t Taste Great

Blog I Ate Oklahoma tested the Five Cheese pizza and noted the blend of cheeses didn’t pack enough flavor to offset the traditional crust, while the sauce was described as “one note.” Likewise, the sauce and cheeses didn’t complement each other. Overall, the writer noted that Aldi pizza isn’t quite as good as the similarly cheap Hot-and-Ready from Little Caesars.

Aldi Reviewer confirms the “new recipe” is certainly an improvement on the previous variety, which notably wasn’t a hit with Aldi shoppers. The sausage pizza was passable, the cheese and sausage described as “competent” while the crust was “okay” if not as flaky as you’d expect. A Reddit user argued the crust is too thin, almost cracker-like, on the sausage pizza while the toppings simply tasted like salt. The main selling point across the board is the price so, if you’re mainly concerned with not paying too much, Mama Cozzi’s might suit. Otherwise, there are better supermarket frozen pizzas on the market.

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The 12 Best Things To Get At Aldi This Year According To Shoppers

  • This year, over 100,000 Aldi shoppers voted for their favorite items in an array of categories.

  • Snag Mama Cozzi’s pizza or Specially Selected’s ravioli for an easy, yet tasty dinner.

  • Shoppers also loved Simply Nature’s white-cheddar puffs and extra-virgin olive oil.

Mama Cozzi’s take-and-bake pizzas have earned “hall of fame” status.

In 2019, Aldi launched its , and since then, 500,000 customers have voted on their top products.

Winning for the fourth year in a row, Mama Cozzi’s pizzas were inducted into the chain’s new “hall of fame” in 2022.

From classic pepperoni or cheese pizzas to supreme and mega-meat options, these pies are a dinner staple.

Aldi shoppers deemed Specially Selected’s ravioli a dinner favorite.

Specially Selected’s ravioli won the category “what’s for dinner?”

Both flavors classic cheese or spinach and mozzarella pair well with a wide variety of sauces, proteins, and veggies, making this a tasty and versatile find.

Specially Selected’s Greek yogurt is the perfect on-the-go product.

Breakfast foods that are easy to eat and portable are essential, which is why shoppers voted for Specially Selected’s “indulgent” Greek yogurt as the chain’s best “get up and go” product.

Available in flavors like honey and honey-vanilla, this yogurt is delicious on its own but even better paired with fresh fruit or granola.

For the ultimate bite, top it with the chain’s fresh blueberries the two products also won the “dynamic duo” category this year.

Mama Cozzis Take & Bake Pizzas

Aldi Take And Bake Pizza Nutrition

I sure do love the weird house brands ALDI comes up with. Appleton Farms. Clancyâs. And, of course, the most Italian of all names: Mama Cozziâs.

While you can find a few shelf-stable Mama Cozziâs items, most of this brandâs wares are in the freezer section.

But over with the other deli items, which are being marginally refrigerated, youâll find some take-and-bake pizzas of varying sizes, shapes, and ingredients.

Because I was feeding my kids, I opted for the extra-large Five Cheese pizza, which includes mozzarella, provolone, monterrey jack, parmesan, and romano cheeses, on a traditional crust.

Because I was also feeding myself, I also grabbed an extra-large Mega Meat pizza on thin crust. Mega Meat is not wall-to-wall meats, but I do appreciate its blend of basic and âpremiumââItalian sausage and pepperoni are given, but salami, bacon, and beef add some more heft and some extra spice.

Crust vs. crust, I have to take the thin crust. Itâs not quite cracker-thin, as some thin crusts go, but it was sturdy enough to hold all the toppings. Most importantly, the crust did its job and got out of the way of the cheese, toppings, and sauce.

Maybe that was the issue with the five-cheese pie: because the blend of cheeses, while pleasant, were not the grand distraction needed from the crust. The sauce is a bit one-note and the cheese didnât have enough oomph to give the sauce much to bounce off of.

âIs it better than a Hot-and-Ready from Little Caesarâs?â

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How Long Do You Cook Cauliflower Aldi Pizza

The best way to cook Aldi cauliflower pizza is using your oven.

According to Reddit, most shoppers found their cauliflower pizza quite messy when cooked without a pan. Therefore, to avoid this, we recommend you use a pan to heat it in the oven, regardless of the instructions on the box.

  • Preheat your oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Place the pizza on a pan.
  • Put it on the ovens center rack.
  • Avoid baking the pizza on the cardboard tray.
  • Bake it for 10 minutes or until the crust is golden.
  • Remove the pizza from the oven and let it cool for two minutes before slicing.
  • Enjoy the pizza!

Aldi Cauliflower Pizza Nutrition Facts

Below are the nutritional facts for the Mama Cozzi Three-Cheese Cauliflower Crust Pizza.


Aldi cauliflower pizza is not Keto. However, Aldi has introduced a Keto-friendly roasted veggie pizza that appeals to keto diets. It is not available all year hence be on the lookout whenever it is stocked as it sells out fast.

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Is Aldi Pizza Cheap

As you no doubt saw in my breakdown of pizzas that Aldi sells, Aldi pizza is super cheap, even the specialty pies.

Their thin crust frozen pizzas are only $2.19, and their Simply Nature organic pizzas are only $3.99, compared to a Wegmans-brand organic pizza, which costs $5.49. Likewise, a Wegmans gluten-free pizza costs $6.49, while an Aldi liveGfree is over a dollar cheaper.

Review: Mama Cozzi’s Take & Bake Thin Crust Pizza

Aldi Mama Cozzi’s Pizza Kitchen Calzone Pepperoni Review
Mama Cozzi’s Thin-crust Sausage and Pepperoni Pizza

Mom Mom’s Take and BakeSpinach SaladArtisan Take and BakeCostcoALDIMama Cozzi’s Italian Meat PizzaItalian MeatSausage and Pepperoni

Right out the freezer, in shrink wrap, before baking
Post bake, before slicing

Baking Steel

Sliced and ready to eat

Italian Meat


A close look at the thin crackerlike crust
Underside of the crust

UPDATE FEB 2018: The pies offered at ALDI continue to rotate. Here is our newest review of Mama Cozzi’s “Hangry Tomato” frozen pizza

“The Sizzler” Hangry Tomato Pizza from ALDI

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Aldi Gluten Free Pizza

If you eat gluten free and have an ALDI near you then the ALDI Gluten Free Pizza is a must try!

My son, who does not have to eat gluten free, declared the ALDI Gluten Free Cauliflower Pizza the best store bought gluten free pizza that we have had.

I agree with him. It was delicious and is one of the best that we have tried.

Let me start by saying that this is not a sponsored post. I am just sharing a gluten free product that we tried and loved. I bought the pizza with my own money and am sharing my honest thoughts.

My daughter and I recently made a quick stop at ALDI to see what gluten free products they had.

Neither of us had been to ALDI recently, so we wanted to see what they had in stock. With gluten free products at ALDI, we have found that it really varies what they have in each store.

It had been a long day so when I saw the gluten free cauliflower take and bake pizza I knew it would make a quick and easy dinner. I tried ALID gluten free pizza years ago, but had not had their cauliflower pizza.

I am so glad I gave it a try.

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