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How To Make Easy Gluten Free Buns

How To Bake Gluten-Free Bread

Its that time of year when BBQs and picnics are sprouting up every weekend and hardly a day goes by without firing up the grill. Its time to make easy gluten free buns .

Whether you like traditional burgers or dogs, veggie burgers or just enjoy a good bun for a sandwich, theres nothing like a real, soft and yummy bun. Most of us have suffered through one too many frozen gluten free buns that frustratingly crumbles into a dry heap, leaving an unappetizing mess where a hand-held burger ought to be.

Dont settle for that kind of sad sandwich state of affairs ever again! Empower yourself with one of my easy gluten free hamburger bun recipes and grab one of the many easy kitchen hacks for making bun rings.

Bake your way to your happy place with these tips and recipes.

Make The Foods You Miss

When I teach gluten-free baking classes, theres always be one brave participant who admits that they miss Oreos or Stouffers mac and cheese. Theyre often embarrassed by this, as if their love for Twinkies makes them a bad person!

Be honest with yourself about the foods you actually miss. If you dont care about bread, or just dont like gluten-free bread, dont waste your time making it. However, if you cant stop at the gas station without looking longingly at powdered sugar doughnuts, try making a batch.

Not only is it fun to bake these foods, but it can also help you stick to the diet. For someone with celiac disease, 100% compliance to a gluten-free diet is the only known cure.

Find Your Favorite Gluten

Gluten-free flour is actually a combination of starches, flours, and xanthan gum, which means not one brand is exactly the sameand neither is the result, says Carolyn Truett, founder of the gluten-free recipe blog Caramel and Cashews.

As Truett, who was diagnosed with celiac disease five years ago, notesand as I can also attest to from personal experiencesome gluten-free flour blends taste like chalk. Her go-to is Bobs Red Mill 1:1 All-Purpose Gluten-Free Flour.

The texture is on-point and there isnt the strange aftertaste you get with some of the other brands, she says.

Rylie, whos been living with celiac disease for more than a decade, created her own line of gluten-free baking mixes after being disappointed with dry, crumbly cookies and overly-dense brownies. She currently offers seven flour blends, for everything from biscuits to vegan cookies.

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Secret #: Proof Is The In Proofing

Create the right environment for bread proofing. If you can swing it, consider a Brod & Taylor bread proofer. Its amazing the even rise you can get in this little box of heaven. I got mine for free , but I would have bought it. No question.

If you cant swing it, use my tried and true microwave-as-bread-proofer method. I used it for years and years, with good results.

The Less Flour The Better


I find that the easiest and most passable gluten-free baked goods are those that dont rely solely on flour for their composition, but have other major ingredients mixed in. Think: banana bread, cornbread, peanut butter cookies, oat muffins, carrot cake. Those all get structure, flavor, and texture, from those other featured ingredients. Compare that to a crusty French baguette which might only have flour, water, yeast and salt.

If you’re just starting out, recipes with other things going on are a great confidence builder.

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The America’s Test Kitchen Gluten

Makes 42 ounces

Be sure to use potato starch, not potato flour. Tapioca starch is also sold as tapioca flour they are interchangeable.

24 ounces white rice flour

7 1/2 ounces brown rice flour

7 ounces potato starch

3 ounces tapioca starch

3/4 ounce nonfat milk powder

Whisk all ingredients together in a large bowl until well combined. Transfer to airtight container and refrigerate for up to 3 months.

Excerpted from The How Can It Be Gluten Free Cookbook. Excerpted by permission of America’s Test Kitchen.

Best Gluten Free Bread

If you are looking for more traditional recipes you’ll definitely want to make my Gluten Free Pizza! It’s a staple.

My Gluten Free Pancakes are also a big hit among readers. For more ideas check out my Easy Gluten Free Recipes.

You’re going to want to make everything with this gluten-free bread. Deli style sandwiches, grilled cheese sandwiches, gluten french toast … everything.

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Choose Bread Recipes With Eggs

Eggs are natural leaveners that help boost the rise and volume of bread. Eggs also add moisture, flavor, and protein to gluten-free bread recipes. If you select a gluten-free bread recipe that includes eggs, you have a better chance that the resulting bread will have good color, more volume, and softer texture. Eggs also help to extend the shelf-life of gluten-free bread, which can become stale more quickly than wheat bread.

How To Make Gluten Free Baked Doughnuts

How to Bake Gluten-Free Bread

To make these gluten free baked doughnuts you’ll only need a few basic ingredients.

Hopefully most of these you’ll already have in your cupboards!

  • 120g self-raising gluten free flour
  • 75g caster sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • ½ tsp ground cinnamon

If you want to make a dairy free version, you can swap the milk for a dairy free milk such as almond milk.

To make this recipe with plain gluten free flour, just add an additional 1 tsp of baking powder to the mix.

For the cinnamon sugar coating on these gluten free doughnuts you will also need to get hold of:

  • 25g unsalted butter
  • 4 tbsp granulated sugar
  • ½ tsp ground cinnamon

If making this dairy free, you can switch out the melted butter for melted dairy free spread and it will work just as well!

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Tips For Measuring Gluten

The best way to measure gluten-free flour is the spoon & level method. Using a spoon, scoop the flour into the measuring cup. After youve spooned the flour into the measuring cup, use the back of a knife to level off the top of the measuring cup.

Friends, please do not scoop the flour out of the bag with your measuring cup. If you do you may get more flour than the recipe calls for.

Also, measure flour using nested measuring cups. Do not measure dry ingredients in a liquid measuring cup.

The Easiest Way To Make Doughnuts

While I’m not too caught up in trying to make my baked goods healthy

I do find cooking with vats of oil a bit daunting so being able to bake my doughnuts makes life so much easier.

You don’t have to worry about temperature controls or navigating any spitting fat, just mix up the batter, pop it in the oven and bake. Sorted!

These gluten free doughnuts need only a few basic ingredients – but you will need to pick up a doughnut tin if possible or even a silicone one like this one.

You can make these in a muffin tin if not, but if you want that authentic look then a doughnut tin really is the real deal, and they’re not too expensive either!

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Making Gluten Free Doughnuts: Step

As for making these gluten free baked doughnuts, it’s super simple. Here’s a little step-by-step guide:

Firstly, Mix the wet ingredients together in one bowl, and the dry ingredients in a separate, large mixing bowl.

Next, pour the wet ingredients into the dry and whisk until combined. You want a nice, wet batter which is easily pourable and has no lumps.

Once mixed, pour into the doughnut tray and make sure all the holes are uncovered. If the mix gets on the doughnut holes of the mould, you can use a wet finger to clean them off.

Bake for 10-15 minutes, cool a little in the tin and then remove the doughnuts from the tin. Meanwhile melt some butter in a bowl and mix up your cinnamon sugar on a plate.

Brush each doughnut with melted butter while they’re still warm, coat with the cinnamon sugar and then devour while still warm – yummy!

Does This Fruitcake Need To Be Aged For Weeks


Heck no, this fruitcake does not need to be aged for weeks or even days.

Sometimes you just don’t have 2-6 weeks between the time you bake your fruit cake and the time you want to devour it. What I love most about Joanie’s recipe is that if you wanted to prep all of the fruit, bake, and eat your fruitcake all in the same day you totally could. And you totally should!

I should mention that you have the ability to age this version of Joanie’s fruitcake if your heart desires to do so. Just follow the tips and tricks for aging fruitcakes in our Ultimate Guide to Gluten-Free Fruitcake Recipes.

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Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies

If you don’t believe these cookies are made with only three ingedients, click on the recipe link and find out for yourself. We were surprised, too! But it is possible, and these cookies are proof. Just remember to let them cool completely before eating .

Get the Recipe: 3 Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies

Use Room Temperature Ingredients

Although gluten-free flours are often stored in the refrigerator or freezer, your gluten-free bread will have better results if the ingredients are at room temperature. Using chilled ingredients will significantly slow the yeast’s ability to leaven bread, as yeast loves a warm environment and bread will rise more quickly and completely when ingredients are warm rather than cold.

A convenient way to bring chilled flours to room temperature is to measure flour for your recipe and place in a bowl on the counter the night before baking. For perishable ingredients, like eggs and milk, set on the counter about 1 hour before preparing your recipe.

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Choose High Protein Flours

As gluten is protein, gluten-free breads need to incorporate proteins in other ways. High-protein content in gluten-free flour will add structure and flavor to the baked bread. Sorghum, millet, amaranth, teff, gluten-free oatmeal, and buckwheat all contain more protein than rice flour. Make your own gluten-free, high-protein flour blend using any of these, or incorporate ancient grains into the bread recipe.

Keys To Successful Gluten

How To Bake Gluten-Free Bread in a Breadmaker

Gluten-free cooking is about more than using different ingredients. It involves new techniques as well.

Traditional baking is an exact science with time-honored techniques. When it comes to gluten-free baking, however, many new factors come into play and often key tenets of standard baking no longer apply. Here are some gluten-free cooking facts that you should know in order to turn out baked goods that look and taste great.

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Allow Yourself To Feel Sad

How do I put this delicately? I find it annoying when people claim all gluten-free foods are identical to those made with wheat. Its simply not true. Ive baked gluten-free for nearly two decades and while many of my recipes are identical to their wheat counterparts, some arent.

The biggest offenders? Pizza, baguettes, and simple saltine crackers.

Allow yourself to feel sad that some of your favorite foods are now off limits. You might never get to taste your familys traditional Easter bread again. Thats really hard. The gluten-free diet isnt always easy to follow. Even when you think youve mastered it, there are times when having to follow a gluten-free diet like on vacation or at a wedding reception just plain stinks.

Experiment With A Variety Of Flours

There are many gluten-free flours available and they each have their own personality. Gluten-free grain flours include amaranth, teff, quinoa, brown rice, white rice, and certified gluten-free oat flour. Nut flours are nutritious and delicious and especially good in cookies. They include almond, hazelnut, and peanut flour. Other grain-free flours include coconut, chickpea, and soy flour. Try different flours in your baking to discover which ones give you the best taste and texture for your creations.

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Have Patience And A Sense Of Humor

Perhaps the most important tools one can have when learning how to bake gluten-free are patience and a sense of humor. There may be a lot of trial and error, a few mistakes and some cookies that are more weaponry than dessert. It takes time to get a feel for this type of baking but the more you do it, the better and easier it will get. Learn to laugh at the mistakes and eat them anyway. A not-great loaf of bread will still make great bread crumbs. In time, you will be creating amazing breads, cookies, and cakes and no one will believe they are gluten-free.

Pro Tips To Help You Master Gluten

Basic Preparation Instructions for Gluten Free Biscuit ...

Ive been an avid baker ever since I was in high school, but being diagnosed with celiac disease in early 2020 seriously threw me off my game. No longer could I be confident that the cookies, brownies, or cakes I put into the oven would come out flavorful, fudgy, and moist. Instead, many of the first gluten-free treats I whipped up from scratch were dry, crumbly, and borderline inedible.

Luckily, over the past year, Ive learned quite a few useful gluten-free baking tips. Now Im much more confident in my skills and have made everything from banana bread to pumpkin pie to raspberry thumbprint cookies.

Whether youve recently gone gluten-free and dont know where to start, want to bake for a gluten-free family member or friend, or are simply interested in experimenting with alternative flours and ingredients, this is the guide for you.

I chatted with a few experts for their best gluten-free baking tips. I have a feeling some delectable treats are in your near future.

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Take Advantage Of The Freezer

Sometimes in life you just want a cookie or a slice of bread. When youre gluten-free, this can be a pain. Whenever you bake, save one or two extras for the freezer. This way when a craving strikes, youve got a stash in the freezer to help you out.

Always allow gluten-free baked goods to cool completely before you freeze, then wrap tightly in plastic wrap and store in a plastic bag.

How To Use Rings To Make Buns

If using individual rings, like English Muffin rings, Mason jar rings or hand-shaped foil rings, oil the rings and place them on a parchment lined baking sheet, as below.

Fill the rings 2/3-3/4 full, as below, and lightly brush the tops with oil then sprinkle with any toppings like sesame seeds or sea salt.

After rising 20-30 minutes, brush with oil again or an egg wash made from one whole egg plus 1 tablespoon water, as below.

Bake until a toothpick inserted into the centers comes out clean and the tops of the buns are lightly browned, as below.

No matter which method you choose, embrace the bun! Homemade gluten free buns can be so good, everyone at the picnic will want one, so dont settle for anything less!

Now that you know how easy it is to make hamburger or hot dog buns this soft, light and pretty, doesnt it make you want to fire up the grill?

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What’s So Unique About Our Gluten

I love a recipe that has been passed down, shared around, and comes with rave reviews! Especially one that has never even graced the internet before. Those types of recipes are few and far between these days.

My friend K.C.’s mom Joanie has been baking her version of fruitcake for years and has made quite the name for herself around Madera, California in the process.

I mean – that says a lot! Learning about just how delicious a recipe is these days by word of mouth just doesn’t happen anymore.

That means her fruitcake has made a lasting memorable impression over the years slice by slice.

Visual Cues Are Not Reliable Use An Oven Thermometer And A Timer


Knowing when a cake or bread is perfectly done and ready to come out of the oven can be tricky. This is especially true with gluten-free baking because traditional techniques arent always accurate indicators. Even when fully cooked, gluten-free baked goods often look underdone, are slightly wet inside, and feel soft to the touch. Only when they cool do the starches set and firm up. Thats why we often find that timing is a more foolproof way that visual cues to determine doneness. And remember: Baking times are only as accurate as your oven. If your oven runs hot or cold, a recipes times will not be accurate, so be sure to use a good oven thermometer.

  • 1. A timer is often the best way to tell when your gluten-free baked goods are done because visual cues can be misleading.

  • 2. A well-calibrated oven is crucial for gluten-free baking. Use a good oven thermometer and place it as close to the center of the oven as possible.

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Increase The Amounts Of Other Ingredients

Even though some people say that with the substitution of a gluten-free flour blend, you can just follow any recipe as written, I have not found that to be true. Gluten-free flours are dense and have strong flavors. In order to achieve a light, moist, and tasty baked good instead of a dry and crumbly hockey puck, the amounts of other ingredients in the recipe need to be increased. To add lightness, increase the baking powder and/or baking soda in the recipe by 25 percent. If the recipe stated one teaspoon of baking powder, add 1 ¼ teaspoons instead. Gluten-free baking can often be dry so it is important to add moisture. This can be achieved by increasing the amount of vegan butter or oil, adding fruit such as pears, applesauce, or canned pumpkin or using brown sugar rather than white sugar. To bring out the most flavor in a gluten-free baked good, you will need to use more sugar, more spices, and more vanilla. I automatically double the amount of cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla in a recipe to be sure I can taste them. In recipes requiring yeast, I typically double the amount of yeast as well since gluten-free breads dont rise as easily.

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