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For those that dont know, you can get pretty close to having Martha as a live-in chef with her meal kit company, Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon. The kit is a traditional one, with 40 recipes loaded onto the site weekly to choose from and fresh ingredients shipped out according to your plan. You can opt for the two-person or the four-person plan and then select the amount of meals you need per week, from just two to six.

I wanted to go all out comfort food, as I knew Martha would be proud of that decision, choosing the Pastrami Spice-Rubbed Steak and the Cheesy Sausage Brunch Bake for something a bit easier. When unboxing the ingredients, I liked how the included recipe cards listed out exactly what I would need, making for easier sorting in my fridge and also to make a mental note of the extras I would need, like butter, oil, vinegar and some household spices. The cards also lists the cooking tools you need, as well as allergens and nutrition per serving.

Because these recipes are from the Martha Stewart, I wasnt surprised that my cook time of about 35 minutes was slower than her listed time of 25 on the steaks, so if you need to sharpen your knife skills that is more than okay, it just may take a bit longer.

However, I was rewarded for my time and effort, as the steaks were perfectly seasoned with her spice blend and the recipe yielded lovely mashed potatoes and green beans for a very all-American dinner.


Choosing The Best Meal Prep Delivery Service For You

With so many top meal prep services to choose from, it can be hard to sit down and figure out which one is right for you. Some companies specialize in organic, plant-based frozen meals, some focus on specialty needs like diabetic and paleo diets, and others simply focus on taste and flavors that can appeal to everyone.

So when deciding on a healthy frozen meal delivery company, assess the needs of you and your family. Pay attention to what kinds of foods are on the menu, what kinds of diet the service is catering to, and how appealing the cuisine is.

A few other key details to look for:

  • Make sure the company delivers to your state
  • Make sure theres a meal plan that accommodates the number of people in your home
  • Keep an eye out for promotions and special offers
  • Pay attention to shipping costs

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Dinner is served, and fast!

We reviewed this kit back in 2020, but sadly since they didnt yet deliver to Minneapolis, I had a colleague test the meals. This year, it was my new home in Brooklyn that allowed me to try the delicious meals, as they do ship to New York as well as most of the contiguous US states from three warehouses in New Jersey, Texas and California.

The thing that sets this meal kit apart is the affordability, as I was shocked to see that portions start at just $4.69, with options for a two-person box or a family-sized box of four portions. You can choose between three and six meals per week, and pick if you want the box to be vegetarian.

As a carnivore myself, I left the box unchecked and ordered three meals, trying to see the full range of options when it came time to cooking, prep and clean-up. I loved to see that many meals only required one pot or pan, while others on the weekly menu are listed as 30-minute meals or meals with no knife required perfect for cooking with the kids and those with no knife skills.

A few other things I noticed while cooking up my Buffalo Fried Chicken Sandwich was just how fresh the ingredients were, admiring the tiny head of butter lettuce and the soft dinner rolls. This was a 30-minute meal, and it truly was, as I was able to toss the green beans in the oven and work on the chicken at the same time, without feeling stressed or getting too messy.


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Most Affordable: Home Chef

Home Chef

Why We Chose It: Home Chefs Fresh and Easy plan includes delicious meals that require little to no prep at a competitive price.

ProsServes up to six peopleHas a mobile app Organic costs extraCannot accommodate strict dietary restrictions

Home Chef is known for its easily customizable, great-tasting meal kits. Starting at $6.99 per serving, it also ranks as one of the more cost-effective services available.

Of the three plansClassic, Fresh and Easy, and Well-Balancedthe Fresh and Easy subscription plan offers the most convenience. This plan includes 15 Minute Meal Kits with pre-portioned ingredients that cook in under 15 minutes Oven-Ready and Grill-Ready Meals that are fully prepped and ready to cook and Fast and Fresh Meals that arrive cooked and only need reheating. Despite this convenience, flavor is not compromised with dishes like Smoky Tex-Mex Shrimp Penne with Peppers and Corn Asiago Turkey Meatballs with Tomato Basil Couscous and Green Curry Chicken with Cauliflower Amandine and Peas. Even if you sign up for the Fresh and Easy plan, youll still have access to the rotating list of 19 options across all meal plans.

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If youve been missing meat since going vegan or are just trying out the plant-based lifestyle for a bit, Veestro does not disappoint.

I love some veggies and fruits, but and dont get me wrong sometimes trying a vegan meal delivery services meat substitutes to see if they are even comparable to the real thing is the best way to test whether the offerings are all that.

With Veestro, the answer is a resounding yes, after trying the Country Fried Chickn meal and the Farro Ragout as two stand-out meals. Chicken even non-vegan chicken can be a hard thing to get right, especially in the microwave, but this dish was just as tasty as any real chicken Ive had in a frozen meal. Not only was it delicious, but the texture of the Chickn was spot-on, which is always an appetizing addition.

For the farro meal, I had more time to cook, so I used my trusty Always Pan and, after about 15 minutes, I had a delicious bowl of what tasted like a ground-beef-style stew that warms you from the inside out. Plus, I loved the option to use a pan instead of the microwave, as sometimes you need a bit of a boost from cooking a hot meal and the whole house smelled like fall.

If you want to try Veestro but a subscription seems a bit scary, never fear, as they also have one-time purchases on their à la carte menu for just a few more dollars per meal.

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Final Notes For This Review

Cooking for yourself can be challenging for many reasons, whether that is weariness, you dont have enough time to do it, or you dont know how to cook well enough. Oven-ready meal kit delivery services can help you in any of those cases, providing healthy no-cooking meals that save you time and energy.

Each service has a flexible subscription model, allowing you to set your needed meals per week comfortably. You can also efficiently follow almost any diet needs plant-based, vegetarian, gluten-free, high-protein, low-carb, dairy-free, and more.

The companies listed above are all excellent oven-ready meal delivery services that we like and highly recommend to try!

Starting At $1199 Per Serving

Not only for Thanksgiving, Gobble is the meal kit that serves up generous turkey-day-sized portions no matter the season.

The first thing I noticed about Gobble was just how much fresh produce I received in my order. For the beautiful Italian flat iron steak meal, which is supposedly two servings, I got a huge bag of ripe cherry tomatoes and an entire bundle of green onions. Even though this meals side was a creamy polenta, I could have just as well made a side salad of marinated tomatoes with the leftovers. For my miso-baked salmon, I got a giant bag of fresh broccoli and a ton of jasmine rice. During the unboxing alone, it was evident that Gobble values quantity and quality. One last thing that didnt go unnoticed? The four balls of cookie dough that came with my meal, not that I had any room left in my stomach after the meal to come. A second dessert stomach is a thing, right?

Another thing to note was the smaller, more compact recipe cards. While they are so much easier to save and store in a kitchen drawer than full-sized pieces of paper, they are also a bit more cramped in terms of directions and information. I couldnt find an estimated cook or prep time like on other companys cards, and the cooking directions were a bit complicated looking as they follow a more crowded paragraph format.


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If youre in the market for a new year, new you style of healthy eating but dont know where to start, Fresh Meal Plan is it.

Especially with diets like keto and paleo becoming all the rage, this meal plan is one of the best to cater to those diets while also being surprisingly filling. I am always a skeptic when it comes to pre-packaged salads and fresh greens, but when my order arrived I was pleasantly presented with a super fresh and crunchy Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad that I ate a few days after receiving my box.

The flexibility of this meal delivery system is also something to note, as you can order meals a la carte for $12.99 per meal or you can subscribe to the service and save up to 23% depending on your package. They offer six, 10 or 14 meals per week, with prices between $9.99/meal and $11.99/meal, still a dollar less than the a la carte option. They last up to 10 days in the refrigerator, so stocking up is definitely an option.

I wanted to try a full days worth of meals, so I also tried the All American Keto Breakfast, which had eggs, bacon, sausage and a berry compote no toast though, hence the keto diet. I opted for the microwave and while the bacon was perfectly crispy and sausage heated all the way through, I should have reheated the eggs differently. Also note to remove the dressing and sauce containers under the plastic film before microwaving, as I narrowly avoided a very melty and messy situation.

Want A Pubsub Delivered To You Instacart App Now Offers Ready

Fresh Plate, Weekly Meals Ready to Cook and delivered to your home
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LAKELAND & nbsp If shoppers prefer& nbsp the Instacart app for home delivery of a PubSub, that option is now available.

Instacart said in a news release last week that it wanted customers to “break up& nbsp with& nbsp takeout,”& nbsp saying& nbsp Publix& nbsp Super Markets& nbsp was among the grocers with the new app-based ordering option.

The new interface, entitled Ready Meals& nbsp Hub, offers& nbsp hundreds of ready-made meals for home delivery& nbsp within 30 minutes, .& nbsp The new user interface is a& nbsp “cost-effective alternative& nbsp to restaurant takeout from customers’ favorite grocers,” Instacart said.

“Instacart’s solution to showcase prepared meal items is a win for our customers,” said Erik& nbsp Katenkamp, Publix vice president of omnichannel and application development, in the Instacart release.

“In addition to the convenience of being able to order freshly prepared ready-to-eat and ready-to-heat items for rapid delivery, our customers can also include a handful of grocery staples in their rapid delivery order making it easier& nbsp than ever to grab lunch and a few items for tonight’s dinner, all in a single order,”& nbsp Katenkamp& nbsp said.

Instacart users& nbsp across 35 states& nbsp have& nbsp access to the& nbsp Ready Meals Hub& nbsp for& nbsp prepared meals delivered from more than 4,100 grocery stores, the release& nbsp stated. That includes grab-and-go salads and sandwiches.

Paid leave: Publix grocery chain starts offering paid parental leave

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We Offer A Personalized Service To All Our Customers

Les 3 Maitres Gourmands accommodates to the clients needs. Unlike other services that provide prepared meals delivered in Montreal, Les 3 Maitres Gourmand prides itself on personalized service. Nicolas Hairabedian, owner of Les 3 Maitres Gourmand states We feel that its important to get to know our clients, in order to provide the best service possible. That is why after a new client places their first order, we will call the customer for a follow up. This allows us to provide a unique service, whether it be accommodating their schedule, or special preferences such as gluten free options or modifications to our dishes.

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Freshly is the way to go when looking for ready-made meals that heat up in a snap and are substantial enough to satisfy for a lunch or dinner for one.

The pre-made meals come refrigerated on ice, making it easy to store right from the box to your fridge for safekeeping. The meals are single servings, making portion control a breeze as well as prep and cleanup .

The site offers a weekly menu of options, ranging from comfort food such as the BBQ and mac and cheese I was about to inhale, to asian-style chicken, turkey meatballs and even a carb-swapping cauliflower bowl. They are sorted into different categories as well, such as Crafted Classics, their Signature Collection and Takeout Twists.

My meal fell under the Crafted Classics umbrella what is more classic and comforting than a plate of barbecue and creamy mac and cheese? After microwaving for about three minutes, my meal was ready to go and I was transported to the south for some of the most tender barbecued beef. It was hard to believe that this meal was microwaved, as the meat retained all of its moisture and the mac and cheese was delicious, too.

Freshly is the meal service for those who either dont love to cook or simply dont have the time, but still love to eat great meals without heading out to a restaurant or grocery store take-out bar.


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Starting At $899/meal Use Code Nypost30 For $30 Off Over 2 Boxes

You dont need to puzzle over this one, as weve put it all together for you. Mosaic is another frozen meal delivery service that sends breakfast, lunch and dinner to your door and can be reheated in the microwave in five minutes or less for a quick and healthy meal.

To build your plan, Mosaic operates on an à la carte basis, with a minimum order of $70 and free shipping on orders over $100. I personally love this style, as it helps to eliminate food waste and saves room in the freezer for exactly what you want.

When filling your cart, choose from Veggie Bowls for lunches and dinners, Oat Bowls for breakfasts, Soups for a great snack or meal and Mosaic+ meals for something a bit more gourmet to spice things up. Each category is priced out differently, but you can mix and match to reach your minimum box order. Furthermore, deliveries are super easy to customize, as you can get a recurring box every week, every two weeks or every four weeks, with the option to pause or cancel should you be out of town.

For my trial box, I ordered a few things from each category but decided on soup and some noodles for lunch. The directions were pretty straightforward, as all you need is a microwave and about five minutes of patience before food is served. The soup took an initial five minutes and then an additional two, as per the instructions, so be sure to read the packaging for the exact cooking time.

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Organic Ready Meals

Daily Harvest truly means daily, as I happily ate a breakfast, lunch and a dessert in one sitting when diving into my box of frozen meals and snacks.

They keep it simple everything comes frozen on dry ice and ready to either reheat, blend, or in the case of ice cream, thaw and enjoy. Since there wasnt much to actually cook, I took a look at their site while my sweet potato and wild rice harvest bowl was heating up in the microwave and my ice cream tempering on the counter. The site has loads of options, ranging from smoothies and lattes for a quick drink or start to the day, followed by oat and chia bowls for breakfast, harvest bowls, flatbreads and soups for lunch or dinner, bites for, well a quick bite, and scoops for dessert, which is Daily Harvests name for their non-dairy ice cream.

Their plans range by items, not by servings or meals per week like other companies, which is great for those who dont abide by traditional meal times, are busy and need quick bites during the day or simply love pre-made but super nutritious meals in a snap.

My sweet potato bowl took about four minutes in the microwave, and I was surprised by how well it turned out. Id never microwaved avocados or white beans before and was expecting a less-than-savory texture, but was instead given a well-cooked but still fresh tasting meal in under five minuets flat.


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Plans Range From $65 To $185 Per Delivery Use Our Link For $60 Off Across Your First Three Boxes

Splendid Spoon is a top pick for those who cant be bothered with pots and pans but value healthy and tasty plant-based meals and drinks.

The company is less meal kit and more delivery option for nutrient-packed soups, bowls, smoothies and wellness juice shots. When setting up my account, the first thing to make note of was just how many options for breakfast, lunch and dinner there are. There are currently 31 different bowls and soups, six varieties of noodles, five lighter reset soups for diet days, three wellness shots, and 16 flavors of smoothies. Id say a combination for every day of the week, but there are so many more than that.

In unboxing, one quick thing to remember is that there is dry ice that comes on top of your order, so make sure to have an adult unpack and dispose of the ice.

As for the meals, the smoothies and wellness shots can be thawed in the fridge or enjoyed as an icy treat. I chose the latter for my mango guava smoothie due to my impatience, and it was a refreshing option that I sipped on during this whole review, and eventually melted into a drinkable smoothie. The wellness shots are more like a few sips, but great as an ice cube or a liquid up to you. The soups, however, should be reheated in my opinion and can be warmed in the microwave, as the bowls they come in are micro-safe and BPA-free. Can I hear it for no dishes?


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