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What Is The Best Carrot Cake At Bake Me A Wish

Bake Me A Wish Gift Unboxing (Coupon & Reviews)

Carrot cake should taste not too sweet and not too plain, it needs to have the right blend of warm spices that all work together. Bake Me A Wish! has a signature carrot cake thats racked up over 90+ ratings and a 4.5/5 star score. Its popular and we can understand why!

Freshly crated carrots and juicy, plump raisins are blended with a mouthwatering warm spice cake. A velvety smooth cream cheese frosting fills the inside and out and a finishing sprinkle of walnuts all around the edge. Serves 6-8 people, 7-inches in diameter.

BUY: Check out more information about this carrot cake on the Bake Me A Wish! website here.

What Are The Best Pies At Bake Me A Wish

For something thats deeply indulgent and satisfying, send them a gourmet pie direct from the Bake Me A Wish! bakeries. Theyve got all the most popular flavors and then some.

From classic apple to heavenly coconut cream, you can find amazing pies at Bake Me A Wish!

A coconut lovers dream!

This pie from Bake Me A Wish! features a rich coconut filling thats poured into a buttery pie crust. Its topped with dreamy whipped cream and finished with toasted shredded coconut.

It comes with Bake Me A Wishs signature gift box and personalized greeting card.

How Does It Work

According to their website, Bake Me A Wish is a company that wants to give people a way to celebrate that childlike sense of joy and excitement when they are provided with a cake for their birthday or other special occasion.

To do this, they established their company in 2005 as a premier, nationwide service for the delivery of gourmet birthday cakes. They promise that all their cakes are made with only the finest, freshest ingredients by our award-winning New York bakeries.

Over the past decade as they have grown, Bake Me A Wish has expanded beyond just selling cakes and now includes gourmet cookies, brownies, cupcakes, pies, and quiches. Customers are welcome to look through their products by occasion, by bakery, or by best sellers.

Their website also promises that all their gifts will be delivered fresh to your recipient.

They have extensively tested various methods for delivery and consulted with experienced packaging engineers, deciding on a system of delivery that uses components such as dry ice, polystyrene, and ice gels to keep your gift secure and fresh.

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Bake Me A Wish Promo Code Payment And Delivery

The bakery only delivers its products within the United States. Orders meant for Hawaii or Alaska attract an additional shipping charge. Payment can be made through credit and debit cards. The bakery grants its loyal customers several gift points, which can be used during purchase.

The bakerys several promotional and coupon codes are on their website. These codes can enable you to deduct several percentages from their original price. Promo codes can only be used once per order. They can not be combined or used on items that are originally on sale. You can subscribe to the stores newsletter to receive notifications on their discount and promotional offers. You can contact them by calling 1-888-987-9474.

What Is The Best Tiramisu Cake At Bake Me A Wish

Lemon Coconut Happy Birthday Cake

Tiramisu cakes take a while to make by even the most skilled bakers. Getting the balance of ingredients right takes experience and careful measuring. Thankfully Bake Me A Wish! has you covered with their Tiramisu Classico cake. Theyll ship it fast overnight to almost anywhere in America, too!

Bake Me A Wish! have made this top rated and best selling tiramisu Classico cake.

It features two layers of coffee washed cake that are filled with a heavenly buttercream. The cake is topped with a perfectly blended coffee whipped cream.

To finish this tiramisu cake, they sprinkled it with dark chocolate and cocoa. This is an excellent balanced tiramisu cake with just the right amounts of chocolate and coffee. I bet you cant only have one slice!

BUY: Check out more information about this tiramisu classico cake on the Bake Me A Wish! website here.

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Bake Me A Wish Review And Giveaway

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My youngest brother is in the Navy. We love him very much and are very proud of his decision to serve our country. My Mom sent care packages out to him regularly when he was deployed but they were always full of dry packaged goods because anything cold would never last the trip which can take weeks. Having just celebrated my sons birthday, I was reminded how enjoyable it is to celebrate with a birthday cake. How sad to think of the thousands of soldiers that dont have that opportunity. I recently learned that it is indeed possible for a soldier to have fresh, gourmet birthday cake from home thanks to Operation Birthday Cake, a partnership between Bake Me A Wish and Soldiers Angels.

From the website Bake Me a Wish! is the premium nationwide service for delivery of gourmet birthday cakes. Our cakes are made with only the finest, freshest ingredients by an award-winning family run New York bakery that also supplies pastries to some of Manhattans most elite restaurants.

The cake arrived in a box containing a Styrofoam container packed with ice.

What Are The Best Chocolate Cakes At Bake Me A Wish

If chocolate is their favorite flavor, youve come to the right place. You can browse 10 unique chocolate cake flavors on their online store. Here are the top 3 chocolate cake styles at Bake Me A Wish!

Made the Southern way, youll get two rich layers of red chocolate cake thats filled and generously covered with premium pure cream cheese frosting. Its finished by adding white chocolate shavings around the sides for a delicious cake that has to be tried to be fully appreciated.

BUY: Check out more information about this red velvet chocolate cake on the Bake Me A Wish! website here.

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A Cake Dream Come True Bake Me A Wish Review & Giveaway

Can I simply say, that I LOVE cake. Yellow cake, angel food cake, birthday cake, chocolate cake, cup cakes virtually all cakes I will eat and love. For the past few months Ive been hearing about Bake Me a Wish! Cakes on other blogs, seeing them on Twitter and and Facebook. I even watched videos of their Fathers Day promotion, where they sacrificed cakes to be smashed into the faces of dads across the country. And while I thought the videos were hilarious, there was a part of me the felt a pang of sadness. Sadness that those cakes had to be sacrificed into faces instead of into my stomach.

Needless to say, when I actually WON a Bake Me a Wish! cake in their recent Twitter party, I was utterly ecstatic. I spent the next two days telling all of my friends, I won a cake! I won a cake! I didnt know what kind of cake Id won I had hoped it would be something chocolate-y, but ultimately, it was up to Bake Me a Wish! to choose from one of their over 20 different flavor cakes. I eagerly awaited the arrival of the cake, and when it arrived on fine Wednesday evening, I tore open the box.

I knew as soon as I took off the lid that this cake would be right up my alley. They had sent me a Triple Chocolate Enrobed Brownie Cake. The Bake Me a Wish! website describes it as:

The WiC Project Bake Me a Wish! Giveaway!

The Prize:

Bake Me A Wish Brownies

Bake Me A Wish! | Send A Birthday Cake

Private, Corporate, Gift Wrap Option, Samplers or Assortments

  • Customizable gift packaging for special occasions
  • Kosher-certified
  • No gluten-free, vegan or sugar-free options
  • No small quantities or individual brownies for purchase
  • Limited variety of flavors

Brownie Selections and Varieties:

We are happy to see that Bake Me A Wish has now expanded into crafting decadent gourmet brownies. Perfect for those that love the classic flavors, their six offerings include fudge walnut, peanut butter chip, raspberry crumb and cheesecake. Since this vendor got their start in baking birthday cakes, we were not surprised to see their two brownie cake options for purchase. These decadent brownie cakes come in triple chocolate enrobed and cookies and cream.

Bake Me A Wish focuses their business on curating gift sets for every event, and their delicious brownies are not available for individual purchase however, if you are looking for a gift, you have come to the right place! Bake Me A Wish offers several brownie assortments and samplers, certain to satisfy any sweet tooth in your life. They carry several classic brownie samplers and assortments and also have gift packages that include their classic brownies, brownie cakes and other goodies!

Specialty Brownies:

As mentioned above, they do not have gluten-free, vegan or sugar-free options at this time however, all of their goodies are certified OU Kosher.

Club Membership Option:



Gift Options:

Customer Service:

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I Did Not Place My Order On The 9th

Reply from Bake Me A Wish

Thank you for your review. Our sincerest apologies for the issue you experienced with your recent order. We appreciate you reaching out to our Customer Care team directly to resolve this matter. We do hope that the resolution was satisfactory and that we are able to serve you better in the future. Please contact us if we can be of any further assistance.

What We Don’t Like

Although Bake Me A Wish has a solid selection of classic flavors, we do not like their small variety. Their limited flavor options leave something to be desired. We also wish they had their brownies for purchase in smaller quantities or individually, for those of us that are not shopping for a gift. We also do not like that they dont have any gluten-free, sugar-free or vegan varieties.

This award-winning bakery really knows how to make any occasion extra special with their high-quality baked goods. Their beautifully-curated gift sets with customizable wrapping options make shopping for every life event a breeze.

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What Items Does Bake Me A Wish Offer

Bake Me A Wish! are experts at creating a wide range of sweet treats. Its almost overwhelming:

  • Cakes
  • Gift Baskets
  • Themed Cake Gifts

Amazingly, every single one is eligible to be shipped overnight to most doorsteps across the country. Each category has a fantastic assortment to choose from youll be able to find just the perfect option for your celebration or event.

Weve picked the top items from each of the categories above to show you right now. Its the best of the best in a super scrollable ultimate Bake Me A Wish review buyers guide!

So lets get to it!

Bake Me A Wish Review

Celebrate With Bake Me A Wish Cakes! Review &  Giveaway (11/23)

The Review And Analysis of :

About Bake Me A Wish :

For over 10 years, Bake Me A Wish! has been delivering gourmet quality cakes nationwide in time for their customers special occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries, Valentines, Mothers Day you name it! Birthday Cakes are their specialty, and they have over 25 flavors and styles of cake to choose from! Remember the excitement you felt as a child when your birthday cake is brought into the room for your special wish? As they get older, they often look over the chance to indulge ourselves, if only for one day a year, to make it a very special day. Bake Me A Wish! allows fiends and families to recreate that experience and send a delicious cake to their loved one and have it arrive on their birthday guaranteed!

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Bake Me A Wish Cake Giveaway

November 28, 2011 By Lindsay

I mentioned in my holiday gift guide announcement that I was having a repeat brand from last years guide. Today, I am very pleased to do that repeat brands post on exactly the same day Cyber Monday! This awesome brand is of course Bake Me A Wish Cakes! Last years Bake Me A Wish Cake Review and Giveaway went really well. I mean it was so much fun tasting the chocolate mousse torte cake and giving one away. So, I was very excited to work with them again this year.

This year, I had the pleasure and luck of receiving their new gourmet classics collection cakes. This features two of their classic flavors of cakes shipped together. So, you can experience two of their delicious cakes while saving on shipping. Yay for that! The two cakes I received was the same one I reviewed last year as well as a different one their Vanilla Bean Cake. Since I already did a separate post on the chocolate mousse torte, I thought Id concentrate this one on the vanilla bean.

The vanilla bean cake was simply delicious. I shared this cake with my dad and boyfriend. All of us are huge fans of the cake. My dad liked that it was vanilla. My boyfriend thought it tasted really good. I was impressed with the moistness of the cake. I like that it looked beautiful and tasted just as good. Everything was of high quality and perfect. Everything from the taste, look, packaging, and size was spot-on.


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Bake Me A Wish Gourmet Cake

In case you have not noticed, I really like Bake Me A Wish Gourmet Cake! I have done several reviews for them, and just adore their cakes and goodies! Who doesnt just love cake delivered to your door? Raising my hand!

With Fathers Day coming up, SOON, what better way to tell your dad you love him, then with a gourmet cake from Bake Me A Wish? After all, food is a way to a mans heart, right? Why not Daddys heart!

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The Bake Me A Wish Story

Back in 2004, our founder had a wish: to send his mother a cake for her birthday. He had just moved to Manhattan and knew he wouldnt be able to get her favorite flavor, Tiramisu, back home. He asked all the bakeries in New York City if they would send a cake to his mother in the mail but no one could! He got together with some friends, and they decided to do it themselves. By 2005, was born a company with a mission to deliver divinely crafted birthday cakes to anyone across the United States, wherever they are. We set up a hassle-free process with customizable options at every turn and soon enough, customers fell in love with our sumptuous recipes, personalized greeting cards and elegant packaging. 17 years later, weve come to offer a magnificent lineup of other mouthwatering bakery treats including cookies, brownies, cupcakes, pies and quiches. Were expanding our offering even further with gorgeous snack and fruit baskets. Weve become the go-to source for people in need of high-quality bakery gifts, and were excited to help you enhance your everyday relationships.

The Most Unique Cupcakes At Bake Me A Wish

Birthday Cake Delivery | Bake Me A Wish!

If youre shopping for a sweet treat to send someone but not specifically for a birthday, you have some really good alternative cupcake options at Bake Me A Wish!

See if any of these would work for you they all come with a gift box and include a free personalized greening card. Click on the photo to view the detail page on Bake Me A Wish!

This is a top rated cheesecake and features a rich chocolate cake base thats topped with velvety smooth cheesecake and completely stuffed with a premium cherry filling.

The cheesecake is then topped with vanilla buttercream, chocolate shavings and finished with maraschino cherries.

This is one of the most popular cheesecakes from Bake Me A Wish! and theres no wonder why. Its bold, flavorful and oh so moreish. Just one more bite?!

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What Are The Best Cupcakes At Bake Me A Wish

Almost all the cupcake offerings at Bake Me A Wish! are variety packs, so youll get a good mix of flavors so even the most picky of people will find one they cant resist. Not a chocolate lover? No problem. LOVE chocolate? No problem! Dont want anythingno problem!thats just an extra cupcake for you then!

Lets explore the best cupcake offerings from Bake Me A Wish!

  • Strawberry Cream
  • Chocolate Cream

This is a collection of cupcakes theyll say WOW to when they open the especially designed shipping boxthat YOU sent them.

BUY: Check out more information about this mini cupcake favorites collection on the Bake Me A Wish! website here.

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