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Where Can I Find Cookie Companies Near Me

How Can I sell Baked Goods Online: Best Way to Sell Baked Goods Online

Many of the best cookie companies that ship on our list also have locations around the country. Heres a quick list of names of cookie companies that may be near you.

  • West Coast Confection: The Gym Vista and at 619Muscle located inside The Gym SD
  • Gooey On The Inside: 163 Chrystie Street, New York, New York
  • Big Fat Cookie: 1030 North Hooker Street, Chicago, IL
  • Levain Bakery: 8 locations in New York City, Brooklyn, Washington D.C., Boston and more
  • Baked In Color: Butterfield Market in NYC. Also pick up in Scarsdale, NY.
  • Crumbl Cookies Locations: 500+ stores across the US and growing. See the full store list.
  • We hope you enjoyed this list of the best cookie bakeries in America. From classic chocolate chip to gourmet macarons, the right cookie is out there for and waiting to be delivered to your door!

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    Carrot Cake Pie From Pielab

    In Greensboro, Alabama, PieLab is not only making some of the best pies in the South, they’re also doing it in a community-focused space that’s been sparking conversationnot to mention social changefor the last 10 years. Their carrot cake pie is just what it sounds like: the classic cake, with all its spices, earthiness, and even cream cheese icing, in chewy chess pie form.

    Best For Bread Baking: Breadista


    Founded by a native German who wanted to bring German bread-making traditions to the United States, Breadista offers a monthly subscription for bread baking at home. Kits include ingredients to make a variety of German-style bread, buns, and pretzels.

    Kits come with a 24-ounce baking mix to yield over two pounds of bread or the equivalent in single-serving items such as rolls, equaling about ten each.

    Ingredients are pre-measured and, whenever possible, organic. The high-quality flours are never enriched, bleached, or over-processed, and are sourced from a traditional mill on the West Coast. Necessary add-ons are either just water or occasionally perishable dairy products, depending on the recipe.

    Kits come with a pictured recipe card, giving bakers a helpful cheat sheet. The best part? Boxes always come with a delicious spread of ingredients like jam, caramel, or olive oil to pair with the bread. There are also useful kitchen baking tools such as oven thermometers or dough scrapers.

    For an added benefit, with each purchase of a Breadista box, one meal is donated to Feeding America, a charitable organization designed for stocking food banks and ending hunger.

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    Pizza Bagels From Black Seed Bagels

    Black Seed Bagels might be from New York, but they aren’t necessarily of New York. Instead, executive chef Dianna Daoheung borrows techniques from Montreal for a hybrid bagel that sports the best features of both its forebears. It’s slightly sweet due to a honey-water poach and crisp from the wood-fired oven bake. It’s also slightly smaller and chewier than the traditional New York bagel. For a classic bagel experience, go for the pack with beet-cured lox and horseradish cream cheese. But, for something a little more fun and celebratory, opt for the pizza bagel party pack: 12 bagels , tomato sauce, mozz, and pepperoni, all ready for you to assemble for an A+ retro experience.

    Fresh Baked Goods That Taste Oh

    New Bake Shop to Open on West 80th

    When you place your beautifully crafted cake or pie out on the countertop during a holiday party or special event, your guests are sure to instantly begin drooling. With delicious home-style flavors shipped directly to your doorstep, our gourmet bakery gifts are the crowning touch to any party spread. Packed with delicious flavors and that fresh-from-the-oven taste, we would not be surprised if your guests asked how long it took you to bake that delicious cake or pie that they enjoyed oh-so much. You can tell them you bought your baked goods onlineor just offer a laugh and a wink and well keep the secret behind your delicious, fresh baked goodies to ourselves.

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    Best Baked Goods That Are Simple And Easy To Ship

    Looking for the best baked goods that are simple and easy to ship? What better way to send a note to your family and friends than to box up up some homemade sweets and treats and put them in the mail.

    But dont start sprinting to the mailbox quite yetthere are a few tips to keep in mind when shipping baked goods. Not all shipping methods are created equal and there is a bit of planning and packing that has to take place.

    Be certain to read up on 4 Simple Tips for Shipping Baked Goods as well. Great tips that you might not even know you needed!

    Best Overall: Zingermans Bakehouse

    Zingermans Bakehouse

    Why We Chose It: This Ann Arbor, Michigan, institution has been shipping top-notch loaves available at its bakehouse to fans across the country for years. Youll find both classic and unusual bread, all baked with love and sent with care.

    ProsOne-off orders, gift boxes, and subscriptionsFamiliar and uncommon loavesSpelt, rye flour milled in-house from local grainAdd-on pastriesExpensiveBagels and challah only available via special order

    When it comes to bread, Zingermans does not mess around. This bakery offers bread from creative to traditional, with plenty of gift box options and it’s simply worth ordering. Zingermans uses natural leavening, and the bread bakes up with a sturdy crust that holds up to shipping. Some of the flours, including spelt and rye, are milled on-site from grains grown in Michigan.

    What began in 1982 with Zingermans Deli in Ann Arbor, Michigan, has grown into a family of specialty food businesses. The bakeshop has been selling hearth-baked bread to locals as well as shipping it nationwide since 1992. Zingermans founders initially began the Bakehouse to improve the bread for their deli. While they certainly have pumpernickel and numerous European-style ryes, they also bake rustic peasant bread, like the big three-pound Farm Bread, and creative bread studded with fun ingredients such as the Peppered Bacon Farm Bread.

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    Best For Frozen Bread: Wildgrain


    Why We Chose It: Get monthly boxes of frozen sourdough loaves and croissants and bake them fresh on your schedule. Wildgrain boxes include pasta, too.

    ProsBakes from frozen in 25 minutesNaturally fermented loaves and rollsConsNo customizationExpensive

    The one drawback with fresh bread delivery is shelf life. While lots of loaves freeze well, theres still a temptation to finish a shipment of the good stuff while its plentiful and at its best. Wildgrains workaround is to ship frozen par-baked bread you finish baking in your oven whenever you need a hot and crusty fresh loaf. No thawing, no proofing: 25 minutes from the freezer to emerging from the oven.

    Wildgrain ferments its loaves naturally using high-quality ingredients. While bread with a cottony-soft crumb and tender crust certainly has its place, its not in a Wildgrain box. The subscription box offers monthly variations on the core theme of rolls, loaves for slicing, pastries, and hand-cut fresh pasta. Its all frozen, so you can parcel it out as needed as the weeks pass to your next shipment.

    Since its a subscription, there are no one-off orders. And theres no customization, so if you dont want pasta or would prefer extra rolls instead of croissants, youre out of luck. Its also somewhat expensive, at $89 per month . You are able to pause subscriptions or change the frequency.

    Sabl From Little Tart Bakeshop

    Bakerly Review: The Best Place To Buy French Baked Goods Online?

    Sablé is a classic French shortbread and once you’ve tasted it, you’ll understand why many consider it a Christmas essential. This assortment from Atlanta bakery Little Tart Bakeshop includes four kinds of sablés: pecan cinnamon, Earl Grey, lavender lemon, and mochaeach one an excellent partner for tea, cocoa, coffee, and all the holiday cheer your clan can muster.

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    Baked Goods And Sales

    Luckily, there are a lot of different bakery items to choose from. There are all types of treats, cheesecakes, the classic cinnamon roll, cupcakes, brownies, cookie bars, cake slices, cake pops, and other cake products that you are well within your means to make. But running a bakery as a business means that you arent so interested in what you can make, but what you should make that helps you turn a profit.

    Bakery owners say that two kinds of products are found in their inventories: favorite mainstays that help provide a stable source of profit, and novel innovations like mash-ups that yield higher impulse sales.

    So if baking is your bread and butter, what should you as a pastry chef post up on your pastry shelves, that is bound to help you boost up your bakery sales?

    Here are the best-selling baked goods for you.

    Specialty Bakeries That Ship Bread Nationwide

    While it may be some time before we can return to our favorite Parisian boulangerie, some of Americas best bread-makers are offering their crusty, perfectly leavened loaves for home delivery. They make an ideal gift for anyone whos become a sourdough expert during the pandemic, or is simply ready to hand the baking off to an expert. Here, eight bakeries across the country that will liven up any holiday table, whether youre looking for Old World breads, Mexican-Jewish baked goods, or even gluten-free treats.

    All products featured on Condé Nast Traveler are independently selected by our editors. If you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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    Baked Goods Without The Mess

    Whether youre craving homemade cookies like your mother used to make, a loamy fruit cake with a delectable glaze, or any variety of oven-baked pastries, The Vermont Country Store has your cravings covered. Shipped directly to your doorstep, our baked goods are great for special occasions or everyday treats. So, turn the oven off, put the flour back in the cabinet, and leave the dirty work to us. When it comes to shopping baked goods online at The Vermont Country Store, the most difficult part should be choosing what to get next!

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    Safety Is Our #1 Concern


    In our Carlo’s Bakery Bake Shops, we are continuing protocols for the safety of our team members and our customers, including:

  • Increasing the frequency of routine disinfecting throughout our bake shops
  • Limiting the number of guests inside our bake shops and have signage for guests to social distance appropriately
  • Adding hand sanitizer in our bake shops for customers
  • Adding protective barriers at our registers to minimize contact
  • Requiring our team members to wear masks and gloves and continue social distancing during shifts
  • Continuing health screenings for our team members before shifts
  • Privacy and Security

    Carlo’s Bakery Terms of Use Agreement



    Thank you to the BEST customers around for your patience and support during these times! We look forward to continuing to deliver to you the sweet joy of desserts at Carlo’s Bakery.

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    Best For Elegant Desserts: Whisk & Flour

    Whisk & Flour

    Whisk & Flour offers monthly baking kits that often feature seasonal and artisanal ingredients for those who want a baking experience beyond cookies and brownies. Traditional recipes frequently come with a twist, like animal cookies using matcha green tea powder, pound cake made with butternut squash, shortbread made with poppy seed filling, or mini pies made with sweet and spicy jam.

    You can expect themed seasonal treats such as a DIY gingerbread house kit, Halloween candy corn popcorn balls, and homemade peeps for Easter around the holidays.

    All dry ingredients are delivered in environmentally-friendly packaging and come pre-measured along with a recipe card, additional info about the recipe, featured artisanal ingredients, and easy-to-follow pictures. Occasionally, boxes may even include baking tools as a bonus. Essential perishable and wet ingredients such as butter, eggs, and milk are up to you to purchase.

    Automatically renewable subscriptions are available after various monthly opt-ins at one, three, six, or 12 months. Boxes cost around $28 per month and come with enough ingredients to make about 10 to 15 servings. Shipping is free, and monthly deliveries go out on the 15th of every month.

    Please note: There is frequently a waitlist, but to make sure you are the first to know when subscriptions become available.

    Croissant Doughnuts From Angel Food Bakery And Donut Bar

    The Points Guy has named Angel Food’s MSP outpost one of the most notable airport food establishments in the country. But if you’re not flying through Minneapolis this holiday season, you can still get a taste. Their answer to the Cronut is this knot of laminated pastry dubbed the “Dough-Napart” by television host and travel writer Andrew Zimmern. Each knot has about 243 buttery, flaky layers, a sweet vanilla glaze, and takes three days to make.

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    All The Bread From Manresa

    “I’m not a fancy-restaurant person, but I do harbor a secret desire to make a special trip to Los Gatos, California book an AirBNB with an infinity pool and have a five-hour-long meal at Manresa. Until I actually do that, I have Manresa Bread, the bakery offshoot of the restaurant, to send me their truly special loaves and pastries.” David Tamarkin

    But Its Still Worth It

    How to Make the Absolute Best Baked Potatoes

    Its been a hard year. The coming year will likely continue to be hard. For people like Vitak, who is immunocompromised, mailing cookies is a way to send a big hug to friends she hasnt seen in a long time.

    In the end, I dont mind the costs of shipping cookies because I know how much my friends appreciate getting them, she says. It brings me such pleasure to know that these cookies are enjoyed by my friends and their families and that they look forward to December because of my familys cookies. This holiday tradition has been in her family for nearly 50 years. Now, more than ever, she intends to keep it alive.

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    Biscuits From Mason Dixie Biscuit Co

    Mason Dixie Biscuit Co. in Washington, DC made a name for itself by serving biscuit sandwiches piled high with fried chicken, sausage and eggs, and pimento cheese. Now you can bring any of their four award-winning biscuit flavors into your homeor the home of anyone you loveand dress them up with a holiday ham or whatever you like. Biscuit flavors include classic buttermilk, sweet potato, cheddar, and sweet corn. The bakery gift boxes come six-biscuits-to-a-pack, frozen, and ready to bake straight from the freezer.

    Be Prepared To Spend A Pretty Penny

    Theres no sugarcoating it: mailing cookies is not a cheap hobby. If people are going to mail a home-baked good as a gift, theyre doing it because they love doing it, and they know that the person will appreciate it theyre not doing this to save money, says Hedeman.

    He recommends budgeting $10-$20 per package Vitak estimates that her packages cost $8-$15 each with USPS. The costs of packaging material can also add up, but its often more economical if you purchase in bulk. Split the materials and the costs with a friend, or save the remaining materials to use again next year.

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    Huckleberry Cheesecake From Elle’s Belles Bakery

    Elle’s Belles in Bozeman, Montana is renowned for its custom wedding cakes, hand-painted cookies, and sort-of astonishing animal-replica groom’s cakes. Also astonishing? This cheesecake, which has an expert balance of creamy and tart. The cheesecake rests between a buttery graham crust and a layer of vibrant huckleberry compote.

    Peppermint Patty Cake From Ovenly

    Savory Baked Goods Heat Up Restaurant Sales

    New York Magazine named Brooklyn-based Ovenly’s cakes the best in the city in 2017. That is…not an easy category to dominate. Ovenly’s Brooklyn Blackout has become the requisite cake-to-dream-about for many New Yorkers and visitors. But this cake isn’t an everyday New York sweet. It’s a holiday melange of chocolate cake, peppermint buttercream, and an ombre vanilla-to-chocolate buttercream that’s topped off with ganache and gold dust. Essentially, it’s the best candy mashed up with the best big city cake.

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    Tips For Shipping Baked Goods

    While there is a ton of great information about shipping baked goods out there, you do need to be certain to remember three basic things.

    • Be mindful of temperatures If it needs to be cold, package it appropriately. If youre mailing desserts to someone during the summer, skip any recipes that have chocolate.
    • Secure, secure, secure You need a lot of packing material and a lot of packaging materials. Your baked goods should be inside of a container and then inside of a box. They shouldnt be moving around at all or theyll break up in the process.
    • Dont skimp on the shipping costs Its not always cheap to ship food quickly, but sometimes, its a must! You need to be certain that your baked goods arrive in a few days. The shorter, the better. Choose a delivery method and a company that you trust.

    And just in case you want to make a few treats for yourself to keep at home, check out these other dessert recipes as well!

    Celebrate Every Day With Baked Goods

    Anyone with a sweet tooth knows it’s easy to find reasons to celebrate. Up the ante at all your events with gorgeous baked goods and baked desserts that show your love of all things sugary and beautiful. From heart-shaped cakes to lush towers of flowers and playful cookie shapes, baked goods make every day a little more special. Stick to a couple of bites to relish a day of great work and positive attitudes, or indulge in a cake for your family or friend groups for special occasions.

    When it’s a big day or an important milestone, bring out the big, decorative cakes for your loved ones.

    • Rose cakes in colors like lavender, grass green or traditional, bold red are extraordinary for engagements, anniversaries or romantic nights for two.
    • Layered cakes with chocolate, red velvet or fruit flavors show off their extra effort with stack upon stack of cake and filling. The texture of these is phenomenal.
    • Specialty cakes like vegan or gluten-freechoices cater to your family and friends who watch their diets. Vegan cakes are made without animal products. Gluten-free ones skip the wheat.

    Pies And Tarts Are Great for Dessert

    If you don’t have a major sweet tooth, there are still baked desserts just for you. Look to pies and tarts for a more savory bent on baked goods. Serve your pies and tarts with a richcoffee to keep the flavor profile stronger and less sweet.

    Enjoy the finer pleasures in life with an indulgent take on baked goods and baked desserts.

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