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Kitchen Equipment Expert Tests Glass Baking Dishes

Material: Most sheet pans on the market are made from either aluminum or aluminized steel . If this sounds nitty-gritty, thats because it is but all you really need to know is that the core material isnt a huge determiner for a good sheet pan. While some people say bare aluminum is the best for even heat conductivity, in our research, we found that both work well and that there are other factors to consider when deciding which sheet pans are best for you.

Coating: A nonstick coating can make cleanup a whole lot easier. But it also makes long-term care a bit fussy since you have to make sure to avoid metal utensils that will damage the surface.

Size: The largest sheet pan on this list is great if youre blessed with a large oven and are consistently feeding four or more people or baking all the time . Half-sheets, which generally measure around 11-by-16 inches, are the most versatile and probably what you think of when you think of a sheet pan. Make sure to look at specific measurements if it matters for your oven or kitchen, though they can vary by up to a few inches on either side. Finally, quarter-sheet pans are half of that, perfect for single-serving snacks and meals as well as more targeted tasks, like toasting nuts.

An Army Of Spatulas & Whisks

What I own and love:StarPack Premium Silicone Spatulas and OXO Whisks or this heavy duty wire whisk. Nothing beats spatulas, especially if they are well-made and heavy duty. I own plenty, but my favorite and most-used are these StarPack spatulas. From stirring and mixing, to scraping the sides of bowls, spreading frosting, cooking, etc. I use them for everything, everyday. As for whisks, I recommend at least 2 of these. Any that you purchase, just make sure they are quality and heavy duty. I have a couple silicone whisks, but they arent very useful when working with heavy batters.

Welcome To The Bakers Mark

The inaugural post from BakeMark and our new way of reaching out to our customers! So, First Thank You for checking out our new website and secondly for your interest in what we have to share through this Blog.

What exactly do we have to share? Well, everything. We are here to support you and to help you grow your bakery operation. We will be sharing just about everything that can help you be even more successful. By everything, we mean everything from product solutions like donut mix, cake mix, fillings, icings and glaze, to leading brands like Westco, BakeSense, Multifoods and BakeQwik. Continuing on to our services like R& D guidance, technical insights and marketing support. Our mission is to focus on your success.

Especially during these challenging times, we want you to know that were here to support you. When consumers are asked to stay at home, we support you. BakeMark knows how important your bakery business is, so we support you with free posters to promote your business and your take out and delivery services. Further, we support you with quality brands and products to keep you offering the best bakery treats. We support you with excellent delivery service, to help keep your operation running as smoothly as possible. We support you with consumer-focused campaigns, to help drive more demand to your shop. After all, were in this together, so as your bakery partner, we can shape the future together.

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More Baking Basics Posts

My Gift Ideas for Bakers post has even more baking and kitchen tool suggestions.

I am not working with any of these brands, though some of these links are affiliate links. These tools are the brands of kitchen tools that I trust and encourage you to use in the kitchen as well!

Stock Up On Your Kitchen Essentials With Our Selection Of Restaurant Smallwares


Restaurant smallwares are tools that help with everything from food preparation to storage. Our selection of wholesale smallwares features a range of products, including kitchen hand tools, baking tools, foodservice uniforms, bartending supplies, and many other small cooking tools that can be used in a commercial setting. Cooking supplies are the necessary products that chefs, bakers, and other foodservice professionals rely on every day. Items such as whips, measuring cups, and serving utensils are all considered smallwares. You can even find display items like bakery display cases, menu holders, restaurant signs, and other front-of-house products.

We have restaurant smallwares that can be used by all levels of staff in your restaurant, cafe, or bakery. Knives are essential tools for food preparation staff, pots and pans are necessary for every chef, and your servers will always need menu holders and check presenters. Not to mention, we offer food safety items that will keep your establishment in compliance with health codes, which is important for many types of businesses.

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Sifter Or Fine Mesh Sieve

What I own and love: Mrs. Andersons Hand Crank Sifter. Some recipes require sifting dry ingredients like flour, sugar, chemical leaveners, and/or cocoa powder. That step is not just for fun or to make your life difficult. It aerates these ingredients and rids any lumps so your recipe turns out! This sifter is super sturdy, durable, stainless steel, doesnt make a huge mess, and is easy to clean . Its inexpensive and crucial. We also use and love this set of fine mesh sieves.

+ Kitchen Tools Every Baker Needs

Here are some of our favorite tested kitchen tools. Updated in 2021.

Welcome back to my baking basics series!

Ive been baking for as long as I can remember. Ive gone through my fair share of kitchen tools and know exactly what works best and why. I have enough gadgets for, like, 17 kitchens. And a lot of it isnt even used! So I understand which kitchen tools a baker truly needs and which kitchen tools a baker can get away without having.

Consider this your one-stop-shop for stocking a bakers kitchen, narrowed down to around the 14 most essential tools. If youre a new baker stocking your kitchen, a groom or bride registering for new kitchen items, shopping for a useful gift for a baker, or youre an experienced baker interested in my top recommendations, this list is for you.

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Best Overall Sheet Pan

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Measuring Cups & Spoons

The Kitchen Tools We Use Daily: Rimmed Baking Sheets and Wire Racks

What I own and love: OXO Measuring Cups and Spoons or Bekith Stainless Steel Measuring Cups and Spoons. You cant go wrong with both. They all have soft easy-grip handles and are stainless steel . I also appreciate that theres an 1/8 cup measuring cup in the Bekith set. 1/8 cup = 2 Tablespoons, a measurement used quite often. Also, make sure you have at least 1 liquid measuring cup too. I own the 3 pack option its convenient to have all different sizes depending on the recipe.

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Bakemark And Commitment To You

BakeMark is the leader in baking ingredients and distribution across North America. With over 100 years of commitment to the industry, we strive to ensure our customers feel like partners. The commitment Bakers across North American show to the countries they serve is the type of commitment we strive for. The early hours, the late hours, the drive and dedication the the art of baking is what drives the BakeMark team to superior service to these bakers. Our goal is to utilize this as just another way to show our appreciation to the men and women of this Industry.

Please feel free to contact us at if you have anything you want to hear from us! Also visit our social sites.

About BakeMark

Based in Pico Rivera, CA, BakeMark is the recognized market leader in the baking industry, as a manufacturer and distributor of bakery ingredients, products and supplies. BakeMark serves North America and customers internationally across all industry channels with its comprehensive product portfolio, including bakery mixes, fillings, icings, glazes, commodities, frozen products and bakery supplies. BakeMark is the exclusive distributor of some of the industrys top brands, including Westco, BakeSense, Best Brands, Multifoods, BakeQwik, Trigal Dorado, Cest Vivant and Sprinkelina, operating through 6 manufacturing plants and 30 distribution centers located across North America. Please visit for more information.

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