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Stacked Cookies In Fancy Wrappers

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One of my very favorite ways to package up and display cookies is to place them into fancy cupcake wrappers. I know that doesnt seem like it would go together, but its a simple way to level up your cookie display and charge more for your baked goods!

Its seriously the best way to package cookies for a bake sale because there are SO many cute cupcake wrappers out there like these cool unicorn ones!!

How To Package Food To Sell


Whether you sell home-baked goods like cookies or canned foods like sauce and jam, you need to know how to properly package the food in order to sell it. You need to include information, such as where the food is made and what’s in it, on the packaging. The packaging should also be eye-catching without being garish or tacky so that customers want to purchase it. You may need further information, such as a barcode, on the packaging, if you plan on selling it in some stores.

Here are some tips on how to prepare the food:

Bake Sale Packaging: Cute Ideas For Your Homemade Treats

Bake sales are an American classic. Delicious, homemade, melt-in-your-mouth treats made by caring members of the community. There really is nothing better. But what really sets bake sales apart from simply going to a bakery are the creative bake sale packaging crafts that are seen time and time again at these events.

From colorful plates to intertwined toulle, bake sale packaging should always look as good as the treat within.

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Six Super Cute Bake Sale Packaging Ideas

Does anyone have a kid who goes to a school where there are bake sales as a fundraiser?

Cue every mom in America tossing their hands up!

After years of bake sale guilt where I spent hours trying to perfect cookie recipes to send to school, I finally had an epiphany:

You can charge way more for your baked goods if they have a gourmet element to them. That can come in the form of ingredients or better yet packaging!

Baked Goods Vertical Form Fill & Seal Bagging

Packaging Ideas for Your Bake Sale

Bag your baked goods with our vertical form fill and seal baggers. Our VFFS machines are perfect for snack food packaging. They are extremely user-friendly and are designed with serviceability and sanitation in mind. They are as efficient as they are effective.

Our solutions are commonly installed in the baking industry to automatically package cookies, granola, crackers, pretzels and snacks.

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Wrap It Up: 30 Cute Cookie Wrappers To Buy Or Diy

Whats the secret to gifting a batch of baked goods? Its simple really: pretty presentation. Food gifts are always a favorite, and beautiful packaging makes them so fun! You dont have to be a master baker to invent a thoughtful food gift. Weve made it easy for you to amp up your cookie-gifting game with these 30 cute cookie-wrapping ideas.

1. White Gable Boxes : A simple white bakery box transforms into a glamorous gift with the addition of a ribbon and a personalized gift tag. So cute!

2. Paper Plate Baskets: Food-safe dye transforms ordinary paper plates into stylish storage.

3. Striped Bakery Boxes: Show up with this bakery box in hand and everyone will definitely be intrigued. Delivering the box is almost as fun as eating the cookies inside!

4. Glass Mason Jars: Display your unmistakably delicious goods proudly in a shiny glass jar. We recommend stacking the cookies between layers of wax paper to ensure that they dont stick together.

5. Chevron Mini Gable Box : Gift your goods in style! Gable boxes are all the rage at the moment.

6. Repurposed Paper Milk Carton: Cookies and milk well, theyre inseparable! Repurpose an old milk carton into a gorgeous cookie giftable. Who knew that this pairing could be so glam?

7. Free DIY Cookie Bag Printable: Were excited about these cookie wrappers that arent only cute, but are also free printables! Wrap your cookie in cling wrap first to keep it extra fresh.

Packaging For Baked Goods That Lets Them Shine

Whether youre the bake sale champion or the at-home enthusiast, these 7 packaging for baked goods ideas will make your treats look even better.

For more on everything DIY as well as food and baking inspiration, visit our blog. Weve got everything you need to keep you creating beautiful things and help you live better.

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Keep Your Bakery Operating Smoothly And Efficiently By Stocking Up On Disposable Bakery Supplies

Our selection of disposable bakery supplies includes a wide variety of products, available in many different materials, colors, and styles. From festive cupcake wrappers to functional rack covers, you can find everything you need to prepare, store, merchandise, and transport your baked goods. Best of all, many of these items are sold in bulk, making it easy to stock up and save money.

Every bakery needs certain disposable supplies, like twine and pan liners. And products like cake boxes provide your customers with an easy solution for transporting your baked goods home with them. We even carry disposable food pans that allow you to bake and serve your items in the same pan.

These Diy Food Gift Wrapping Ideas Add Another Touch Of Thoughtfulness To Your Homemade Treats

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A homemade food gift created in the kitchen is truly a joy to give or receive. From snack mixes and candies to mini Bundt cakes and more, homemade food gifts deliver a taste of the holidays. Dress up your beautiful work with these ideas for packaging edible gifts.

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Create An Allergens List

Add a list of any allergens, such as wheat, soy, fish, milk, eggs or nuts, used in the food to the package label. Use clear language when listing the allergens and put each allergen in bold type. Put this information on the side of the label.

Things You Will Need

  • Canning jars and lids or other suitable glass containers

  • Plastic wrap

  • Packaging cushioning such as bubble wrap

  • Ribbons and fabric

  • Labels and label printer


You’ll need to put a UPC code on the packaging if you plan on selling the food in a large retail outlet, such as a major supermarket. You don’t need a UPC code if you are selling at small outlets or farm stands.


Gusset Window Coffee Bags

Gusset bags are bags that have a flat bottom so that can readily stand up on their own and can expand to include more items. This style works well with smaller items like crackers or croutons. Coffee bags come with a clear window that nicely displays your product and are typically lined to keep freshness.

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Small Quantities No Minimums And Wholesale Prices On All Bakery Packaging

ClearBags is a leader in niche packaging solutions and we are proud to offer baked goods packaging solutions fit for everyone from the largest manufacturers of baked goods to the PTA moms working to organize the best bake sale of the year!

With warehouses in California and Tenessee ClearBags is able to offer incredibly fast shipping anywhere in the United States on thousands of in-stock and ready to ship bakery and baked goods packaging supplies.

The Art Of Packaging Baked Goods

Pin on Packaging ideas

They say that you taste with your eyes, so it stands to figure that the prettier an item is, the better it will sell at a bake sale. Packaging your goodies in an attractive way not only helps get them off the table as quickly as possible, it helps generate larger donations from bake sale patrons.

Large fragile treats, like frosted cupcakes or whole pies should be boxed up. Looks for bakers boxes at your local bake supply shop. Boxes with clear windows are perfect for bake sales because they let buyers get a sneak peek at your beautiful baked goods.

Small items do best when sold in batches. Try packing up cookies, cake balls, or granola bars by the half-dozen or bakers dozen. Plain looking items, like loaves of banana bread or batches of granola can be dolled up by colorful wrappings and bags. Try embellishing your goodies with pretty tags, labels, ribbons and bakers twine.

Labeling your goodies properly is really important for a few reasons. First off, people want to know what they are buying, so adding a descriptive title to your treats can help entice sales. Food allergies and special diets are also an important thing to consider. If your recipe includes a common allergen, like peanuts, consider adding a note on your label letting folks know.

If youve made a recipe that friendly to a certain diet or allergy, thats a great selling point. Be sure to mention if your donation is gluten-free, dairy free, nut-free, low-sugar, vegan, paleo, etc.

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What Are The Best Packaging Materials For Bakery Products

Bakery products are one of the most popular types of food products around the world. The majority of these products come in a very attractive-looking packaging which is why they attract people from all over to buy them.

However, you cant deny that bakery product packaging must also be functional because your customers want to make sure that their newly bought bakery product remains fresh and intact until they reach their homes or wherever they will eat them.

Packaging Ideas For Your Bake Sale

Have these materials on hand to make eye-catching packages for your baked goods! Visit No Kid Hungry for a more extensive packaging list.

Bakers twine and stickers for packaging items to go: Visit to download and print No Kid Hungrys stickers to use at your bake sale!

Labels for identification and pricing

Small cello-style or brown paper bags: These are great for smaller individual items and cake slices. We use ULINEs 6×6-inch Flat Polypropylene Bags, and Wilton Favor Kits.

Large cello-style or brown paper bags for larger items: We use 17.5 Basket Gift Bags by Celebrate It.

Bakery boxes for larger items and bundles: We use 10×6×3.5 White Donut/Bakery Boxes.

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How Do You Package Items For A Bake Sale

How you package up your bake sale goods goes a long way to getting the most for your organization. Cookies are easy to wrap, cupcakes are easy to put in boxes, and candy mixes should go into small containers or baggies.

Learning how to wrap cookies in a pretty way will allow you to charge a bit more or have different price points.

For example, a dozen wrapped peanut butter cookies will probably not be purchased by a student, but wrapping individual cookies in addition to packaging by the dozen can get you two different price pointsmeaning more sales!

What Material Should I Use For My Bakery Product Packaging


The best material for bakery product packaging should be strong enough to protect its contents against possible contamination during transport and storage. At the same time, it should not hinder baking quality by trapping heat or moisture even after exposure to these elements for an extended period.

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Package Your Sweet Treats In Our Quality Bakery Boxes And Containers

Whether you specialize in making intricately frosted cakes or baking delicious cookies, its important that you have a reliable way to send your guests home with their favorite baked treats. With our selection of bakery boxes and containers, you can do just that. We offer a wide range of containers for cakes, muffins, cupcakes, cookies, and pies, making it simple to find just what you need.

Most of our bakery boxes have a clear design to show off your sweet treats and boost impulse sales. Some of these products are also safe to use in the oven, so you can conveniently bake and display your treats in the same product. We even have cake circles, pads, and boards that sit underneath your decadent treats to prevent them from falling apart while in transit.

Additional Resources

Give Your Cakes Decorative Coverings Using Festive Boxes And Bags

Cake boxes can be just as important as the delicious treats that you put inside them. If you are still searching for some nice containers for your traditional cakes and cupcakes, take a look on eBay to find a wide range of options at prices you can afford. Getting to know a bit about the various types of cake boxes available and the features you can choose for them will help you find the bags you need.

Types of cake boxes you can get

There are a few types of cake boxes you can get on eBay. The kind of box you choose depends on what cakes you are baking and how you might want to display them. Here are just a few of the main choices you’ll come across during your search for decorative dessert boxes:

  • Singles – If you are making miniature cakes and want to display each of them by themselves, you search eBay for individual cupcake boxes with clear lids that show the frosting and other decorations you might add.
  • Palettes – A rectangular cake box with a window is a standard option for displaying traditional cakes. You can also use this kind of container for several cupcakes in one batch.
  • Unique shapes – You can get house-shaped mini cake boxes in fun colors. These boxes have handles for easy carrying.

When should you consider used cake boxes?Can you get personalised cake boxes?

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Bakery Product Packaging Features

There are a handful of features worth highlighting for the packaging of bakery items. While not necessary, these small additions to your stand up or lay flat pouches and rollstock can attract the attention of customers and guarantee satisfaction with the packaging of your product. Some features include:

Packaging For Baked Goods

Bake sale packaging, Bake sale treats, Cake stall

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Cheap & Easy Clear Baggies

Another one of my favorite ideas is to create DIY cookie packaging. This is great for Christmas cookies and is a total cheap and easy bake sale idea. Want to hear it?

Just add your cookie to a plastic food-safe bag and tie a ribbon at the top to keep it fresh. If you REALLY want to make your cookies look cool, use cookie stamps like these on your cookie so they catch eyes.

Store Crisp And Soft Cookies Properly

For crisp cookies the general rule is to store them in a container with a loose-fitting cover. If you prefer soft cake-like cookies, store in a container with a tight-fitting cover. However, if the weather is humid, you should store crisp cookies in a container with a tight-fitting cover. Using waxed paper between the layers should keep them separate and from sticking together.

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Bakery Products Packaging Faqs

When packaging bakery products, maintaining freshness is key. At ePac, we use premium-grade films that help prevent harmful environmental elements, like oxygen and moisture, from getting in, while retaining the freshly baked aroma within the packaging.

Flexible packaging is the ideal pacakaging format for baked goods. We offer flexible pouches and rollstock for a variety of different bakery products, including breads, baking mixes, pre-made cookies, cakes, muffins, brownies, and more. Contact us today to learn how we can support your brand with high-quality flexible packaging and best in class customer service.

We offer a handful of packaging features for bakery items, including easy tear notches, resealable press-to-close zippers, transparent and clouded windows, spot embellishments, and unique film finishes. To learn more about our unique packaging features, .

Yes! At ePac, we have a variety of different sustainable packaging options, which you can learn more about here.

Our turnaround time is 10 business days for rollstock, and 15 business days for finished pouches, once your artwork has been approved.

Create An Ingredients List

Oil Dispenser Bottle with Brush #oil dispenser for kitchen

Create a list of ingredients and include the list on the packaging on the side. The first item on the ingredient list should be the ingredient that the food contains the most of. For example, if you’re selling strawberry jam, list strawberries first. List the remaining ingredients in descending order of use.

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Great Ideas For Packaging For Baked Goods

By Lucy

Whether youre baking cookies for your new neighbors or helping out at your schools bake sale, the right packaging for baked goods will ensure the food arrives fresh and ready to be sold. Check out this article for ideas.

Gift-giving is not only fun. Its actually good for you.

Both you and the gift recipient benefit, and searching for a gift can even be a form of de-stressing.

If you dont have the money to buy something extravagant, dont let that stop you. Simply giving some beautifully wrapped baked goods is more than enough.

Weve got 7 great ideas for packaging for baked goods to make your favorite recipe feel even more special.

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