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Tips For Smoked Baked Beans

Grilling with Bush’s Beans

These smoked baked beans are easy enough to throw together in 15 minutes because of the use of canned pork n beans. Ive made a pork belly baked beans recipe where I soak my beans and cook everything from scratch , but sometimes you need a little bit of a shortcut when youve already been smoking a brisket for 15 hours. The canned beans give me the shortcut I needed without losing out on flavor.

I prefer to smoke my baked beans in a cast iron skillet. This allows me to do the whole process in one pan, which makes for much easier clean-up. These are slightly acidic beans, so many people worry about it stripping the seasoning. I just make sure it is well seasoned before I start cooking and swipe with a thin layer of oil after cooking and it works great.

This recipe calls for thick sliced bacon. I prefer it because each person gets their own nice thick piece of bacon. The bacon doesnt really get super crisp, just rendered and incredibly tender. If you want the bacon to be even more tender and fall-apart, go with a thinner sliced bacon and use a couple more slices of it. If you want the bacon to be crisp, broil the skillet of beans for 2-3 minutes after pulling it off of the smoker. Watch closely so the sugar in the beans doesnt burn.

Tips For Amazing Smoked Baked Beans

  • Drain the liquid from at least one can of baked beans prior to adding them to the pot. For a shorter cook, drain both cans. If you have time for a longer cook, only drain one can.
  • Our homemade BBQ sauce recipe and homemade BBQ rub recipe really take this BBQ baked beans dish to the next level. Its worth the extra time if you can afford it to prepare these homemade ingredients.
  • Be sure to stir your pot of beans every 45 minutes to an hour. This will help prevent the beans from burning and sticking to the bottom of the pot, as well as give all the beans equal opportunities to take in some smoke throughout the cook.
  • Weve used leftover smoked pork butt in our recipe. But you could easily substitute your other BBQ leftovers as well. Weve included bacon, brisket, smoked sausages, and even steak in our BBQ smoked beans before.

How To Make Pellet Grill Baked Beans:

Preheat your smoker for 250 degrees F.

  • Gather your ingredients for smoked baked beans. Combine the BBQ sauce, ketchup, molasses, Dr. Pepper, brown sugar, and BBQ rub in a medium-sized bowl. Set aside.
  • Next, heat the oil in your cast-iron skillet. Add the onions to the pan and cook over medium heat for 2 minutes. Next, add the minced garlic, and continue cooking for 30 seconds.
  • Add the baked beans to the pan and pour the BBQ sauce mixture over them.
  • Add your choice of meat and stir it all together.
  • Take the entire pan out to the smoker. Set it into your pellet grill, close the lid, and let the baked beans cook for 1 1/2 to 2 hours at 250 degrees F.
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    Can I Adapt These Barbecued Baked Beans

    YES! The nice thing about this recipe is its totally adaptable! You can add or take out whatever ingredients that dont float your boat.

    • Dont want to use bacon? Fine. You can use pancetta.
    • Add smoked meat. If you have any leftover brisket or pulled pork lying around , then heat up some brisket in place of the bacon . These BBQ beans are so stinkin good with brisket! You can also use leftover pulled pork.
    • Make them vegetarian by leaving out the meat. We always cook a vegetarian batch when we serve these beans at catering events, like the batch below.
    • Change up the beans. You can even just do one type of bean if thats all you have.
    • Want to make it a little darker? Add a little bit of coffee to the pot.
    • Want them a little sweeter? Add more brown sugar or a couple tablespoons of maple syrup.
    • Want some kick? Add a few dashes of hot sauce or red pepper flakes. You can even add in a couple tablespoons of your favorite BBQ sauce to jazz the baked beans up. Its up to you.

    Speaking of events, this recipe is easily doubled or tripled for a crowd. We start it on the stovetop then transfer into a large aluminum baking sheet to cook on the smoker.

    Are Bushs Baked Beans Sweet

    4 CANS Bush

    When hamburgers and hot dogs are on your table, it only makes sense that Bushs Baked Beans go on the side. Our Sweet Heat Baked Beans recipe uses tender navy beans, slow-simmered in a rich, spicy blend of jalapeño and brown sugar.Bushs Best Sweet Heat Baked Beans. Total Fat 0.5g 1% Total Sugars 15g Added Sugars 13g 26% Protein 7g 9%.

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    How To Make Canned Baked Beans Better: Bbq Side Dish

    Posted on Last updated: May 17, 2021

    Making canned baked beans even better is a simple way to add tons of sweet and smoky flavor into everyones favorite BBQ side dish. Using just a few extra ingredients, including bacon and liquid smoke, this easy comfort side dish is elevated to drool-worthy levels!

    We love a good BBQ! These doctored up baked beans are a good one to go along with our Honey Mustard Pork Chops or our Beef back ribs.

    Baked Beans On The Grill

    Cliff Bartlett said:Thanks everyone!Bob, it’s funny, I was wondering if anyone would comment on the Vegetarian Beans. This cook was kind of a hybrid, but the recipe I started with was very specific about Bush’s Vegetarian Beans and then the bacon as an additional ingredient. Guess they were concerned with a bacon overload, if there could be such a thing!

    The boy’s got skills! I’d eat them vegetarian…..in fact I’m eating rice n bean burrito rt now . Very nice though… what I’d aim for, probably not what I’d hit.I especially like the extra crispy bacon – did that turn out like you wanted?

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    Why We Never Use Liquid Smoke

    Because the flavor of most store bought liquid smokes is, frankly, terrible. This is especially true when adding to something like baked beans. It gives an artificial smoky flavor, rather than something that can be achieved naturally, from your smoker or grill. I didnt realize this until we started experimenting and comparing the differences.

    What to use as an alternative to liquid smoke?

    • Molasses. Adding molasses to the dish brings a rich, sweet flavor. As it reduces, it tends to get a smoky characteristic mimicking liquid smoke .
    • Bacon. This recipe contains bacon, which has a naturally delicious smoky flavor!
    • Or even better, cook the beans ON your smoker or grill to get the most natural smoke infusion.

    Other Methods To Prepare

    Bush’s Baked Beans recipes, perfect for Summer Entertaining
    • If you dont want to grill these you can easily pop them into the oven at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes.
    • Stove Top would work too. Just heat them in a saucepan over medium heat and then reduce to a simmer for 15 minutes to warm through and let the flavors meld.
    • Another option would be to mix everything in the Crock Pot and turn them on low and heat 1-2 hours or until warmed through.

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    What’s In The Baked Beans

    Onion-I always like adding an onion baked beans. I think it adds so much flavor to the beans.

    Jalapeno– For a little kick, I like to add a jalapeno. If you don’t want the beans to be really spicy, you could use a green bell pepper instead.

    White Beans-I like using all white beans, but you could also use a combination of kidney beans and white beans.

    Tomato Sauce- This is the liquid that the beans will cook in.

    Flavorings- I like to add brown sugar for a little sweetness. I always like to add ketchup and mustard to my baked beans. A little apple cider vinegar balances everything out.

    Spices– Smoked paprika and chili powder add a little extra flavor to the baked beans.

    Tips For Doctored Baked Beans

    • There is no need to drain the baked beans, you want the liquid. Most of it will reduce down with the added ingredients to become a full-flavored sauce.
    • Be sure and not overcook the bacon, you want it softened, but not completely crisp. The bacon fat will impart into the sauce of the beans as it cooks. You just want to get it started a little in the microwave first.
    • Alternatively, you can partially cook the bacon in a skillet too, following the same advice. Then, I usually pour a tablespoon of the pan drippings into the beans for more bacon flavor.
    • Any canned beans you like will work. Even pork and beans as a starter will turn out well with this recipe.
    • The sriracha adds a little heat. If you dont have any available you can use a little bit of tabasco sauce instead.
    • Ketchup is pretty standard in baked beans. Use BBQ sauce for a change in flavor profile.
    • The temperature is lower on these beans so they dont turn to mush. Dont rush them by turning up the heat.

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    How To Improve Canned Baked Beans

    There are few things I think are pretty good premade. Baked beans and Jiffy cornbread are a couple of those things. Not only is buying premade a time-saver but with a few tips and tricks, you can improve on taste and make it just like you made it from scratch.

    This recipe will give you foolproof steps on how to make canned baked beans taste homemade. With just a few simple add-ins, the secret ingredient of liquid smoke, nobody will be the wiser! This is one from my moms recipe box, which probably came from a magazine, where she found so many recipes. Im just not sure where.

    When theyre all done and youre smelling that sweet, smoky goodness, toss them in the slow cooker to keep warm. Have it set out so that everyone can serve themselves!

    How To Make Bbq Baked Beans


    Because were using canned beans, this recipe really is quite easy to put together.

    We prepare and cook the whole recipe in our cast iron Dutch oven.

    First we sauté the onion, green bell pepper, and jalapeños in a couple tablespoons of butter on the stove.

    As the vegetables release their moisture and begin to get tender, we stir in the dry seasonings. At this point we add in 1/2 of the BBQ rub and 1/2 tablespoon of our all-purpose rub . Stir the seasoning into the vegetables to evenly distribute the flavor.

    Then add in the rest of the ingredients: 2 large cans of baked beans , leftover smoked pork butt, barbecue sauce and the remaining BBQ rub. Stir it all together to thoroughly combine.

    Now its ready to put it on your smoker for a couple of hours.

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    How To Cook Canned Baked Beans

    Thats simple. You can use any oven proof dish you like and mix your canned baked beans right in there. Then bake until they are hot all the way through and bubbling around the edges.

    As they cook the baked beans will thicken and get a little sticky crust around the edgesthat makes them look like theyve had ages in the oven doing their thing.

    You can heat them just in a pot on the stove, butmehnot as good. Do give them 20 minutes in the oven and it will be worth it.

    Smoked Baked Beans With Bacon

    Baked Beans in a smoker are not only delicious but are an easy side dish for all your spring and summer barbecues! Topped with bacon, these homemade baked beans are the BEST and is the perfect pair to any smoked meat.

    Smoker recipes are an absolute must for spring and summer. A lot of people like to stick to smoking only meats on the smoker, but I love smoked side dishes, as well. Some of the best smoker recipes are side dishes. Smoker side dishes are simply the best! Especially these smoked baked beans!

    I don’t know about you, but when I go to a barbecue there is always a side of baked beans accompanying grilled hamburgers, a good Idaho potato salad, hot dogs, ribs, and some type of delicious marinated grilled chicken. But if you’ve never had smoked baked beans, then you are in for a real treat!

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    How To Make Canned Baked Beans Taste Homemade

    Do you know how to make canned baked beans taste homemade? Its one of the easiest adjustments to a store bought side dish you can make and a secret you can keep or shareno one will ever know.

    This feels wickedly unfair. Because its not really a recipe to mebut I know what the reality is:

    Im not making baked beans from scratch and neither are you.

    But we can make those canned baked means taste more like homemade and fool your guests without a lot of fuss. In fact, I do it with only three simple ingredients and a few minutes in the oven.

    I used ketchup, mustard and brown sugar in these canned baked beansbut you could also add a dab of barbecue sauce if you wanted to and the bacon on the top is totally optional as well. I just think it makes things look and taste like your sneaky side dish never saw the inside of a can.

    How To Smoke Bbq Baked Beans

    Bush’s baked beans with yellow mustard homemade barbecue sauce and Brown sugar

    While you certainly could bake this bean recipe or fix it in your crock pot slow cooker, you would be missing out on its full flavor potential. What makes this recipe more awesome than the rest is the very fact that it slow cooks on your smoker.

    For the purpose of our video, we smoked our pot of beans on our Oklahoma Joes Highland offset smoker using pecan wood splits.

    But weve also cooked these baked beans on nearly every grill weve owned. And since reviewing grills is kind of our thing, weve seen our fair share of grills and smokers.

    Regardless of the grill youre using, the only thing that you must remember is that you must be using indirect heat.

    Typically we fix these beans when were already doing a long cook on one of our offset smokers.

    We first get the brisket, pork butt, or ribs going in the smoker and then turn our attention to the baked beans.

    We find this smoked baked beans recipe tastes best when its been on the smoker for about 4 hours. But like I said, that makes sense if youve already got the smoker rolling for the main dish.

    If youre doing a shorter cook you could pull the beans sooner, but you may want to drain both cans of beans since it wont have as long for the liquid to evaporate.

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    Easy Bbq Baked Beans Recipe

    One of the very first recipes we served to our friends at the inauguration of our first smoker was BBQ Baked Beans. At the time I didnt really know what I was doing. I followed a few recipes and picked the items that sounded good, then threw a bunch of stuff in a pot and hoped it would turn out okay. And you know what? It wasnt too shabby. But much like my first BBQ sauce I made a huge rookie mistake. I used liquid smoke to achieve that smoky flavor. Thats something we do not use anymore, ever!

    Pellet Grill Baked Beans

    Sabrina Baksh bbq beans

    Need the perfect BBQ side dish? Try my recipe for pellet grill baked beans. These flavorful smoked baked beans are filled with pure, delicious goodness and then cooked to perfection. This smoky Southern classic makes the perfect BBQ side dish for brisket, pulled pork, ribs, chicken, sausages, and hamburgers! We start this recipe on the stovetop, assemble it, and take it to the pellet grill.

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    Common Questions In Making This Recipe For Southern Style Baked Beans

    Can I make this dish ahead of time? Semi-homemade baked beans are even better the second day. Make them a day ahead of time and just warm them up when you need them. I usually put them in a stockpot to warm them up on the stovetop. You can also bake them to reheat them.

    Can these be made in a slow-cooker? Baked beans are easily made in a crockpot. Follow the same instructions on assembling the ingredients. Then cook them on high for about 2 hours, or on low for 4-5 hours.

    Bbq Baked Beans On The Grill


    If you are grilling this summer you need to try these BBQ Baked Beans On the Grill for a quick and easy side dish recipe. With three different types of beans, seasonings and BBQ Sauce they are delicious. So easy, always a hit so youll be making them again and again.

    Sometimes I have weird life goals. One of those weird ones is the goal to make an entire meal on the grill. Now, that calls for a big grill but also some awesome planning! These BBQ Baked Beans on the Grill are perfect for making the goal become a reality

    To make my entire meal come together I served these with Grilled Ranch Pork Chops and Grilled Cheesy Garlic Pull Apart Bread. Go all out and make dessert on the grill with this quick and easy Apple Dump Cake!

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