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Just For Valentines Day // Cupcakes Shipped Nationwide!

Lets dive into Valentines Day cupcakes, limited edition collections available for delivery in Hoboken and JC. With 13 different bundles and gift boxes to choose from , you could send Valentines Day cupcakes to literally every one of your loved ones and no one would get the same thing. And if cupcakes arent your sweet thing of choice, Baked by Melissa also offers macarons.

To order, head to the Baked by Melissa website here ASAP or via delivery platforms . Who needs Prime Now when youve got Baked by Melissa? Jussayin.

And no, this isnt sponsored, were just that excited, love Melissa and her team, and really want Baked by Melissa to open a storefront in Hoboken if thisl local delivery situation works out. Youre welcome. xoxo

Whats your take on Baked by Melissa extending delivery to Hoboken and Jersey City?

Let us know in the comments below!

Order Gourmet Cupcakes Online

Searching for the perfect sweet treat? Look no further. Every gourmet cupcake, on our menu is made with the perfect ratio of flavor, so each bite is as decadent as the last. We have fun options like signature Tie-Dye, classic Red Velvet, PB& J and Cookies & Cream . Cupcakes are perfect for just about any birthday or holiday celebration – always a crowd pleaser!Great at the party, even better as gifts! Best birthday present EVER. Need to say thank you, congratulate a friend or coworker, or simply bring a smile to someones face? We can do all that and more! They even come in lovely decorated boxes, no wrapping paper necessary.We are firm believers in treating yo self. Satisfy your own sweet tooth with mini cupcakes. Every bite-size morsel is the perfect, decadent sweet treat. The best part? You dont have to stop at just one – we make them small so you can taste as many as youd like. Move over chocolate bar, bite-size cupcakes coming through.Order cupcakes online today! We ship nationwide so your treats arrive fresh at your door on the date of your choosing. You can also order online and pick up your treats at one of our store front locations in New York City, free! Either way, these handcrafted bite-sized goodies will be just as perfect as the moment they left our bakers hands!


Order Halloween Cupcakes & Treats Online

Halloween certainly looks different this year, but that doesnt mean you cant have fun with spooky halloween desserts! Instead of trick-or-treating this year, order halloween treats online that are perfect for the kids and friends alike. Our Halloween cupcakes come in a variety of spooky-sweet flavors like Mummy, Eyeball, Bear-ied Alive…

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What You Can Expect From Your Meal

All treats from Baked by Melissa cupcakes, macarons, as well as gluten-free and vegan varieties are bite-size pieces, not much larger than a dime. They recommend accounting for 4-5 cupcakes for adults and 1-3 for children.

The treats contain less than 50 calories each some go down to 38 calories! Pleasure guaranteed without the guilt-trip that’s what we call a win-win.

Baked By Melissa Deals


From time to time, Baked by Melissa will run free giveaways. In the past, it’s given away free 25-packs of cupcakes and included free shipping to sweeten the deal.

These deals typically go quickly, so have your recipient’s address information ready when you visit the website. When the company ran a giveaway deal earlier in the year, I redeemed it to send birthday cupcakes to my roommate. They arrived safely and tasted great , and my roommate loved the surprise, so I highly recommend taking advantage of the deals. We’ll update this post whenever we hear about the next Baked by Melissa giveaway.

Previously, the brand offered a “cupcake insurance” feature due to nationwide shipping delays. If you ordered the Give Thanks 25-Pack for delivery on Thanksgiving, you were eligible to change the delivery address up to three days before November 26.

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What Are The Best Cupcakes To Order Online For Nationwide Shipping

Now that you know this feat of modern ingenuity is possible, youre likely wondering where to even start. There are indeed lots of awesome online bakeries to choose from for your cupcake delivery needs.

Not to worry, weve done the detective work for you! We researched dozens of cupcake companies and looked at customization options, price, shipping speed, and of course tastiness.

There are many options to keep in mind when choosing which cupcakes to order online.

Nearly all stores offer standard-sized cupcakes in traditional flavors. But some places also mix things up with flavors youd find in gourmet desserts. A few places also offer delivery of mini or jumbo versions. Some are even shipped in adorable jars!

With all of these choices, why not try something new and work your way down the list?

Keep reading for our insight and reviews to find the best cupcakes to order online for all of your parties!

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Baked By Melissa Locations

While having cupcakes delivered to your doorstep is a convenient option, you might want to visit a cupcake shop in person.

All of their sweet treats are baked at one central location and delivered fresh to their stores on a daily basis.

How many Baked by Melissa locations are there?

The company has 14 store locations in the New York City and New Jersey areas.

Be sure to check the store locations map on the company website for up-to-date details.

Baked By Melissa Launches Same

Baked by Melissa’s Valentine’s Day Cupcakes | Comsopolitan

Mini cupcakes delivered straight to your door

Just in time for Valentines Day, New York cupcake shop Baked by Melissa is launching same-day cupcake delivery in Jersey City, Manhattan, and Hoboken.

Co-founded in 2009 by New Jersey native Melissa Ben-Ishay, Baked by Melissa is a cupcake phenomenon thats been featured everywhere from Oprah to Time. The bakery makes tiny, bite-sized cupcakes in a variety of flavors that range from Cookies & Cream to their signature Tie-Dye Cupcake. Most of the cupcakes are less than 50 calories and Baked by Melissa also offers vegan and gluten-free options.

Hoboken Girl reports that Baked by Melissas local-delivery is only available in zip codes 07302, 07310, and 07030. That roughly covers downtown Jersey City, Newport, and Hoboken. They also report that Baked by Melissa could open a storefront in Hoboken. Ben-Ishay currently resides in Hoboken and this could be their dry-run before they announce a new storefront.

To get your same-day cupcake delivery, just place your order online, choose same-day delivery at checkout, and voilà. Deliveries begin as early as 9am and run as late as 9pm. . In terms of cost, a pack of 25 cupcakes costs $30. Same-day delivery adds an extra $9.95.

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Spread Cheer With Christmas Cupcakes & Desserts

When it comes to holiday gifts, weve got the perfect goodies to send for Christmas! Our limited edition holiday gift boxes come fully equipped with mini cupcakes and treats that were made for sharing. Plus we ship nationwide, so they make a great surprise christmas dessert delivery to loved ones near and far! Looking for Christmas food gifts in Manhattan? Even better! Skip a trip to the store and order Christmas treats online for same-day Manhattan delivery. So I guess the answer is yes, you can have your holiday treats delivered and eat them too!

What Id Change About Baked By Melissa

These tiny cupcakes pack a lot of flavor in each bite.

As with any relationship, I hold a lot of love for Baked by Melissa, but there are a few things I dream of changing. Namely, the pricing. Baked by Melissa is on par with its high-end baked good competitors, including Milkbar and Jenis. The difference is that you can crush a package of Baked by Melissa cupcakes in one evening , whereas with Milkbar or Jenis, you get enough treats to last several days.

One 25-pack of cupcakes from Baked by Melissa starts at $32, but if you live outside of the New York or New Jersey area, shipping starts around $15. That means for 25 mini cupcakes, youll pay about $50. Its less expensive than a cake from Milkbar or a pack of ice cream from Jenis, but still more money than an average buyer may be willing to spend.

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Cupcake Delivery: On Your Schedule & Guaranteed Fresh

Nationwide cupcake delivery makes giving a gift easy as pie, or in this case, cupcakes!

With a guarantee that they will arrive in perfect condition no matter how far away your loved one is from receiving their gift these delicious mini cakes make it easy to surprise them without having to worry about whats inside.

Ordering cupcakes online with Baked by Melissa is simple. Just select which mini cupcakes and other treats you would like to send.

Then pick your preferred arrival date. Thats right You can choose an arrival date that works for your schedule!

They guarantee your order will arrive fresh because their special custom packaging ensures that they stay safe during their travels.

Need to find a perfect birthday present? Send cupcakes! Browse the Birthday Party Packs.

Baked By Melissa Promo Codes & Coupons

Pin on Food

By signing up for our Baked by Melissa newsletter, you will be the first to know about new flavors, sweet promotions, limited edition, small-batch unique flavors, and more. Plus, if you join our Sweet Rewards, youll earn points on every purchase that can be redeemed for discounts, freebies, & more! Click on the links below to learn more about becoming a member. New customers, use code GETBAKED10 at checkout for 10% off your first purchase of $30 or more.*

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Q Can I Personalize A Cupcake Delivery Service Order

A. When you order cupcakes online, most do not come with customization options.

What we found is that the majority of bakeries offer a variety of gourmet and specialty flavors, and theres not much room for changing things up.

However, a select few companies do offer small ways to personalize your orders. This can be, for example, a certain sprinkle color preference or special candy toppers.

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New Flavors Seasonal Flavors And Mini Of The Month

The real magic happens with the ever-changing rotation of seasonal and holiday flavors. Plus new flavors are coming out all the time with their mini of the month.

You can even talk a walk down the Flavor Hall Of Fame to see past flavors like cake batter crumble, tie-dye smores, Lucky Charm, cornbread crumble, cotton candy and Oscar the Grouch! If youre looking to place an order of 300 or more cupcakes, you can request any of these past flavors.

Thats the beauty of Baked By Melissa. There are always new and unique flavors of delicious mini cupcakes to keep you coming back for more.

What Is Baked By Melissa

How Baked By Melissa Became A Mini Cupcake Empire | Business Insider

Baked by Melissa is a New York-based business that sells tiny treats.

Baked by Melissa makes and sells tiny treats, namely cupcakes and macarons. It was founded by Melissa Ben-Ishay in 2008, and since then, the brand has expanded to include 14 locations and nationwide shipping. The cupcakes themselves come in packages of 25, 50, and 100, while certain holiday packs come in smaller sizes.

Cupcakes from Baked by Melissa are smallwere talking literal bite-sized treats. Each cupcake is made without paper and topped with a dollop of icing , making them extremely snackable.

Each package of cupcakes comes in a plastic container with domed tops to keep each cupcake held tightly in place without ruining decorations. You can also order special packaging for any cupcakes, including holiday and birthday boxes.

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This Is Not A Drill: Baked By Melissa Begins Local Hoboken + Jersey City Delivery

You are here:HomeEvents + NewsThis is NOT a Drill: Baked by Melissa Begins Local Hoboken + Jersey City Delivery

If you have a sweet tooth for popular gourmet mini cupcake sensation Baked by Melissa, then we have some very exciting local news for you. Baked by Melissa most famous for its handcrafted, bite-sized cupcakes owned by Hoboken resident Melissa Beni-shay has extended delivery service to Hoboken and Jersey City as of January 27th from a LOCAL distribution center .

Just in time for Valentines Day which, as you could totally guess, is Baked by Melissas busiest holiday cupcake delivery service will happen in Hudson County, right to the doorstep of your choice, from a local distribution center. Keep reading to find out more about the limited-time local delivery and how to get your hands on some mini cupcakes without leaving your house.

^ Melissa dropped by the HG office to share the news . Unfortunately she wont be able to hand-deliver ALL of the cupcakes, but shell be on the receiving end of your orders, thats fo sho.

I love so many things about Hoboken. Its peaceful and quiet, you can walk everywhere, and its close to the city. Theres passion and love for Hoboken in Hoboken, she shared with us.

The company is hoping for its next storefront stop to be the Mile Square, so long as the delivery debut goes well.

Everything I Loved About Baked By Melissa

Cupcakes from Baked by Melissa arrive in attractive packaging.

As I mentioned above, I am a huge sweets fan. I learned how to bake as soon as I moved out of my parents house because I didnt want to live in a world where I couldnt have immediate access to baked goods at any given time. As a result, Ive become picky about which pre-made treats Ill buy for myself since I learned I could get superior desserts by just making them at home.

All that being said, cupcakes from Baked by Melissa exceeded my expectations. These tiny treats tasted like they came straight from a nearby bakery, despite the fact that they were shipped from New York City. Each cupcake was deliciously moist and flavorful, and even though they were bite-sized, they delivered an immense punch.

Specifically, heres where Baked by Melissa excels:

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Is The Baked By Melissa Green Goddess Salad Healthy

Baked by Melissa

Obviously, says Lagner. Its mostly vegetables, and it has some healthy fats from the olive oil and nuts.

But it depends on who you ask, especially since the word healthy means something different to everyone: Some people use it when they really mean to say lots of vegetables,vegan,gluten-free, or low-calorie, Byrd says.

When Im looking at whether something is healthy, I like to look at the nutritional value and see veggies, healthy fat, and ideally, some protein if its going to be eaten for a meal, says Texas-based registered dietitian, Kaleigh McMordie, RDN.

Byrd and Langer agree that a healthier salad entree contains vegetables for fiber, vitamins, and minerals lean protein for sustainable energy and healthy fatsthink avocado, nuts, and seedsfor satisfaction and to help absorb fat-soluble vitamins found in the vegetables.

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It doesnt hurt to have a variety of textures and flavors, Langer adds.

While the Baked By Melissa Green Goddess Salad checks most of these boxes, it lacks a significant source of protein, meaning it might not stand alone as a healthy meal.

After all, the entire recipewhich doesnt list the number of servings, but is clearly meant to be sharedonly calls for 1/3 cup of nutritional yeast, which contributes about 13 grams of protein and 1/3 cup of nuts, which can contribute 5-7 more grams.

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