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National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition

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Baker College won the National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition: 2008, 2009. Baker College won the Michigan Collegiate Cyber Defense Network state championships in: 2007, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018., 2020, 2021, and 2022. They won the Michigan Collegiate Cyber Defense Network Cyber Wars championship: 2012. In 2019, Baker College was included in the Michigan Collegiate Cyber Defense Network Hall of Fame for being the only educational institution in the United States to win the national championship twice as well as for first and second place in multiple cyber defense competitions.

What Is Social Science Research

Examines social science research designed to improve the effectiveness of criminal justice strategies, interventions, policies and practices. The course uses empirical studies to explore research methods commonly used within the social sciences to introduce and apply the concepts of evidence-based practices.

Affording Student Loan Payments And Post Graduation Salary

Can I afford to attend Baker College of Muskegon? In the end, the answer comes down a determination if you will earn enough to comfortably pay back a student loan with your post graduation salary. This is an extremely important point to consider. In order to afford student loan payments and still meet all your other costs of living, it is recommended not to borrow more than you can pay back using 10% of your monthly income earned after graduation. If you’re considering attending Baker College of Muskegon, you need to carefully consider if it will be realistic to make the post graduation loan payments based on your expected salary.

Using the 10% of salary threshold, an annual income of $58,492.63 would be needed to afforda $487.44 monthly payment in the example $48,760.00 loan modeled above. You will need to determine if it is at all realistic that you will be earning this type of salary after graduation. This assumes a loan payback over 10 years. You can change the terms of this example loan using the student loan calculator below.

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Whats The Average Cost Of Tuition By State

Your cost of tuition will vary depending on whether you attend a public or private school. Itll also depend on where you attend college in-state tuition tends to be much cheaper than out-of-state tuition.

This table shows the average full-time undergraduate tuition and required fees by state for the 2019-20 academic year.

How Can I Afford Baker

Why college tuition and fees are rising faster than financial aid

You should use a variety of financial tools to offset the cost of Baker.

Its easy to lose track of all the assets at your disposal, but the most common can be categorized into grants, loans, andscholarships.

At Baker University , 0.1654% of students receive a pell grant. Furthermore, 0.3224% of students borrow federal student loans to help pay for the school.

If you will use student loans to help pay for Baker, these providers below all work with Baker students.

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How Your College Savings Can Reduce Your Child’s Future Student Loan Debt

Student Debt vsAnnual Income after Graduation

The more you save for your child before college, the less they will have to pay back after college. A good rule of thumb is to keep total debt less than your child’s expected annual income. That way they should be able to afford to repay their loans in 10 years or less.

Percent of Your Child’s Monthly Income that Goes into Paying Back Student Loan Debt

You’ll also want to compare your child’s monthly payments to their monthly income. Anything less than 10% is considered affordable, 15% is a stretch, and anything over 20% is not recommended.


This analysis is based on projections of college savings and college costs. It demonstrates the impact of savings on debt after graduation. The more you save, the less you’ll have to borrow. This tool can help you determine how much you need to save to ensure that your child graduates with an affordable amount of debt at each college or university.

This tool assumes that a college’s net price will continue to increase at the same rate as recent increases. It also assumes that the earnings in a college savings plan will reflect historical averages. Since past performance is not necessarily predictive of future performance, actual cost and return figures may vary. This tool is intended to educate consumers about the relationship between college savings and student loan debt.

Helping families save for college since 1999

Key Resources

Baker College Of Muskegon Tuition And Financial Aid

This guide is designed to answer one question for you: How are you going to afford Baker College of Muskegon?

You probably know that planning for expenses is an important part of the college application process. What you may not know is how many different things you need to keep track of to pay tuition and apply for financial aid.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • How much does Baker College of Muskegon tuition cost?
  • How much financial aid do students at Baker College of Muskegon usually get?
  • How much debt is typical for students at Baker College of Muskegon?
  • How much will Baker College of Muskegon cost YOU, and can you actually afford it?
  • Is Baker College of Muskegon a good value for you?
  • What are other schools that might be a better value than Baker College of Muskegon?

School location: Muskegon, MI

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Rankings For The Baker College Bs In Engineering

If you’re having trouble deciding which school is best for you, you may want to check out our many college rankings. The bachelor’s program at Baker College was ranked #411 on College Factual’s Best Schools for engineering list. It is also ranked #19 in Michigan.

Here are some of the other rankings for Baker College.

Ranking Type

Pell Grants And Other Grant Aid

Understanding Bread Making Step-By-Step | kneading, proofing, bulk fermentation, shaping

88% of Baker College of Muskegon students received grant aid in 2018/2019. The average total aid amount was $5,331. 73 percent of students received aid in the form of Pell Grants from the U.S. Federal Government. The average Pell Grant awarded for 2018/2019 was $3,502. To apply for a Pell Grant to attend Baker College of Muskegon, the first step is to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid .

Net Price and Financial Aid for Baker College of Muskegon

Financial Aid Summary

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Customize A Learning Experience Tailored To Your Lifestyle

At Baker College, were all about students being in control of their path toward an education. With three different formats of taking a class with On-Campus, Baker Online, and Online Live, learning your way is easier than ever. Find out what learning format is right for you and fit a Baker College education into your lifestyle.

Choosing Your Way To Learn

At Baker College, we understand each student is unique, and were proud to offer our learning formats, where students have control of their learning with preferences, personal schedules, and learning styles all taken into account. We offer multiple ways to mix and match classes to create the learning environment best suited for you.

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Cost Per Credit Hour And Cost For A Class

Some schools offer the ability to take single classes by paying on a per credit hour basis. The reported price per credit hour and estimated cost for one class at Baker College of Muskegon are as follows. Per credit costs are for reference only as many schools will not allow students to pay by credit hour.

Cost per credit hour and per class at Baker College of Muskegon

Price per credit hour

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Estimated Future Cost And Expected Tuition Increase

Baker College Tuition 2020

What will it cost to send your child to Baker College of Muskegon in the future? Nationally, university tuition prices are rising around 5% per year. Looking out five, ten, fifteen or eighteen years, these are CollegeCalcs estimates how much you could expect to pay for a 4 year degree assuming tuition increases at the national average rate. Estimated future prices are based on the current 4 year cost of $61,920.00. Use the college savings plan calculator below to perform a more comprehensive analysis on future costs and how much you will need to save for Baker College of Muskegon.


College Cost Analysis.

  • CollegeCalc is a source for students and parents seeking college pricing data and higher education cost calculation. Learn more.

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How To Withdraw From A Course

A student will be administratively withdrawn from a course for any of the following reasons: 1 Students who do not initiate academic activity during the first week of the course may be withdrawn. Note: Students are responsible for withdrawing from courses they do not plan to attend and will be held financially responsible for tuition charges for classes not dropped/ withdrawn from during the drop/add period. 2 The student is not progressing academically in the course. Faculty will submit an Early Alert and communicate the students status in the course. All administrative withdrawals will be at the discretion of the Director/Vice President of Student Affairs . 3 Violation of the Basic Principles of Student Responsibility Policy or other reasons based on a case-by-case basis

What Would It Cost You To Attend Baker College Of Auburn Hills

Finally, we get to the bottom line: what will Baker College of Auburn Hills actually cost YOU? Every family has a different situation, and depending on your income level, youll have to pay more or less to go to college.

What is Net Price, and Why Does it Matter?

Above, weve covered Baker College of Auburn Hillss Cost of Attendance . We also covered its typical financial aid in grants, loans, and scholarships.

The Net Price is the total cost minus the total aid given. In other words, this is the price you have to pay to the school out of pocket. The lower the schools cost, and the more aid you get, the lower the Net Price.

Well cover two ways to get your Net Price for Baker College of Auburn Hills the fast way, and the precise way.

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Is Baker College Going Out Of Business

The Flint Journal reports the school said Thursday it plans to close its Flint Township campus by the end of August 2020 and move operations to its Owosso campus. The newspaper says Baker College also plans to move operations from Allen Park, Auburn Hills, and Clinton Township to a flagship Detroit-area location.Jan 11, 2019

% Get Any Grant Money


This is 1% LOWER than the average for Private not-for-profit schools, which is 89%.

Although itâs useful to know how many students get grant aid, itâs also important to know how much grant aid people tend to receive. The bigger the average grant award, the better.

So how much grant money do students at Baker College of Muskegon tend to receive?

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How Much Will I Pay For Baker College

This is the million dollar question – literally! Baker College students pay a variety of prices to attend the institution, as you already know. A very easy way to determine an average price you can expect to pay is by using your average family income and comparing it to the table below.

For additional insight, try using the Baker College net price calculator.

Family Annual Income
The median debt for first-generation students 14949.0

Baker College Undergraduate Tuition And Fees

Part-time undergraduates at Baker College paid an average of $415 per credit hour in 2019-2020. This tuition was the same for both in-state and out-of-state students.Information about average full-time undergraduate tuition and fees is shown in the table below.

In State
On Campus Room and Board $6,300

Learn more about Baker College tuition and fees.

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Undergraduate Tuition And Fees

Off Campus


Baker University offers both on-campus and off-campus housing. It can be quite a task to find off-campus housing, however, it might be the option some students are looking for as it is a bit cheaper. Campus expenses include room and board as well as some miscellaneous expenses. In case of any student attending Baker University, the room and board expenses for an on-campus student is $8,310 and for an off-campus student, these expenses amount to $8,180.

When it comes to books and supplies, the prices easily touch $1,200 while the other miscellaneous expenses amount to around $5,070 for all students.

Whats The Average Total Cost Of College In The Us

School stats: Who gets how much under stateâs new education budget? It ...

The total cost of college is more than the price of tuition. Other costs you may have to pay while attending school include:

  • School fees In some cases, you may need to pay lab fees or other types of fees depending on the classes you attend.
  • Room and board Costs vary depending on whether you live on or off campus.
  • Supplies These can include notebooks, lab equipment, or a laptop.
  • Books Textbooks will affect your total costs.
  • Study abroad programs If you study abroad, you may need to pay for things like an application fee, airfare, and other living expenses in addition to tuition.
  • Child care or dependent care If you need to pay for daycare in order to attend classes, this will add to your college costs.
  • Transportation Examples include fare for public transportation, parking passes, and gas for your vehicle.

You can use student loans to help you cover these additional costs if your financial aid doesnt. The average total cost of attendance for the 2019-20 academic year was $21,035 for in-state public four-year schools, and $45,932 for private four-year schools, according to NCES. Keep in mind that these are averages, and your total costs could be higher depending on what you need to pay for to attend college.

With Credible, you can easily compare private student loan rates from multiple lenders in minutes.

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Baker College Promises A Better Life But Few Ever Graduate And Those Who Do Often Leave With Crushing Debt Useless Degrees No One Has Intervened

Baker College graduate Bart Bechtel holds his diploma at home in Essex, Maryland.Mary F. Calvert, Special to Detroit Free Press

This article was co-published with ProPublica.

Baker College sells itself as a place where students thrive and lives are transformed: a haven for those who dream big.

From humble beginnings as a small business school in Flint, Baker rose to become the largest private college in Michigan, forging a presence in online learning and in Michigan towns where many students thought a college degree was beyond their grasp. For decades, the schools marketing touted low costs and employment rates of nearly 100% for job-seeking graduates making the dream seem both affordable and achievable.

But for many, the Baker reality is neither, an investigation by the Detroit Free Press and ProPublica found.

What the colleges ads dont say is that less than one-quarter of its students graduate far below the national average for private four-year schools, according to federal data. Baker has the third-lowest graduation rate among 26 private four-year schools in Michigan.

The ads also dont point out that 70% of Baker students who took out federal student loans have problems making payments two years after leaving college. An exceptionally large number of former Baker students with loans have filed claims with the federal government that they were defrauded or misled by the college.

I will never get that time in my life back, he said.

If You Need Help Paying For Community College A Few Sources Of Funding Are Available

You can pay for community college in several ways, including federal aid, scholarships, and student loans. Learn more about each option.

One of the main advantages to community college is that it tends to be less expensive compared to a four-year college or university. But you may still need assistance, such as student loans, to fill in any funding gaps.

Here are four ways to pay for community college.

If you need to take out private student loans, visit Credible to compare private student loan rates from various lenders in minutes.

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What Would It Cost You To Attend Baker College Of Cadillac

Finally, we get to the bottom line: what will Baker College of Cadillac actually cost YOU? Every family has a different situation, and depending on your income level, youll have to pay more or less to go to college.

What is Net Price, and Why Does it Matter?

Above, weve covered Baker College of Cadillacs Cost of Attendance . We also covered its typical financial aid in grants, loans, and scholarships.

The Net Price is the total cost minus the total aid given. In other words, this is the price you have to pay to the school out of pocket. The lower the schools cost, and the more aid you get, the lower the Net Price.

Well cover two ways to get your Net Price for Baker College of Cadillac the fast way, and the precise way.

Baker Spends More On Marketing Than Student Aid

Gap year volunteering – Who gains more? | Charlotte Baker Maher | TEDxKingAlfredSchool

In the 2019-20 school year, Baker Colleges marketing spending outstripped what it devoted to financial aid.

In 2019, Chief Operating Officer Jacqui Spicer gave a rare response to critiques of Baker when residents in Ferndale, outside Detroit, pushed back against the colleges plan to move its main campus there. Some complained at public meetings about Bakers academic reputation and called the school predatory.

More: Parking crunch derails Baker College in downtown Ferndale

Being predatory, I dont think thats the way in which we operate, Spicer told a reporter at the time, adding: We always put our students first, and I think its just disappointing people think that were predatory, because we really do have the students theyre top of mind for us.

Baker began as a for-profit school in 1911 but became a nonprofit in 1977, then entered a period of rapid growth. Since the recession, however, enrollment has been in a tailspin.

Competition in the online education market contributed to the erosion, as did its own decisions to close campuses, including those in historically industrial communities like Flint and Allen Park, while eliminating most certificate and associate degree programs. It is now Michigans second-largest four-year private college by enrollment, after Davenport University.

Your path to your dream career begins at Baker College, the ad declares.

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