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HOW TO BAKE A BIRTHDAY CAKE FOR DOGS | Healthy Organic Dog Cake Recipe

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Alright, you fur baby parents, tell me this..

Have you ever made a birthday cake or special diet treats for your pet? I think I need more recipes! I love it! Next up, snack cakes for dogs. Haha.


Although we dont have kids, I consider Oakley our child. I dont really know how to get into that talk about having kids/not having kids. Its really not in our cards at the moment. Health wise and all. Maybe thats something to share another day.

Thank you all for reading and supporting.

Making A Meat Lover’s Cake

  • 1Preheat the oven to 350ºF/180ºC.
  • 2Grease a small cake pan or muffin tin. This recipe makes a small cake in a serving size suitable for your dog and a friend. If you have more canine guests, you’ll want to double the recipe.
  • 3Cook the bacon until crispy. You may do this in the microwave or on the stovetop. When the bacon is crispy, place it on a paper towel to drain the grease.
  • 4Mix the ingredients in a medium bowl. Crumble the bacon into the bowl, and add the ground beef, cooked barley or rice, carrot and egg. Use a spoon to thoroughly mix the ingredients together.
  • You know best what your dog finds tasty. Feel free to add a handful of other vegetables your dog likes to “sweeten” the cake for him or her.
  • You could also add herbs for some gourmet flair. Add a tablespoon of chopped parsley if you know your dog likes the taste.
  • 5Press the mixture into the prepared pan. Use your fingers to press it evenly into the pan. Use the back of a spoon to smooth the top.
  • 6Bake the meat cake for 45 minutes. The beef should be fully cooked at this point. Remove the cake from the oven to allow it to cool, then invert it onto a plate. You may have to run a knife around the edges to help loosen the cake.
  • 7Ice the cake with cream cheese. Wait until the cake is mostly cool, or the cream cheese will melt. Advertisement
  • Mini Dog Birthday Cake

    What better way to celebrate your pup’s special day than with this Mini Dog Birthday Cake?! Complete with peanut butter and cheese and over 87 five star ratings, it’s sure to please!

    This mini dog birthday cake is a huge hit, because dogs deserve cake on their birthday! My baby turns TWO todaylike, how? I figured she deserved a dog birthday cake this year. Though my personal favorite cake is my chocolate vegan birthday cake, it’s not exactly dog-friendly, so I figured I should make a separate recipe for Layla.

    I’m completely biased, but Layla is simply the best. She keeps me company all day every day while I work from home, she has an adorable underbite, she increases my daily step count thanks to having to walk her, and she brings so much joy into my life.

    Oh, and if your pup loves this recipe, be sure to check out my pumpkin dog cake, too, along with other dessert recipes.

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    Making A Sweet Apple Cake

  • 1Preheat the oven to 350ºF/180ºC.
  • 2Grease a small cake pan or muffin tin. This recipe makes a small cake in a serving size suitable for your dog and a friend. If you have more canine guests, you’ll want to double the recipe.
  • 3Mix the ingredients in a medium bowl. Place all of the ingredients in a bowl and mix thoroughly until the batter is smooth and creamy.XResearch source
  • 4Spoon the batter into the prepared pan. Use the back of the spoon to smooth the top of the batter.
  • 5Bake the cake for 15 minutes. Test to make sure the cake is ready by sticking a toothpick in the center. If it comes out clean, the cake is done. If it’s wet, give the cake a few more minutes.
  • 6Let the cake cool for 10 minutes. Once the cake is cool, invert it onto a plate for serving.
  • 7Ice the cake with extra cream cheese. You can sweeten it with a little honey if your dog has a sweet tooth.
  • 8
  • Pumpkin Peanut Butter Dog Cake

    baking a cake for my sister Logan

    If your dog loves to lick spoonfuls of peanut butter, this is the cake for them! Top it with dog beef jerky or a mini bone for decoration. If you add a candle for a photo op, make sure to remove it before your pup digs in. This recipe makes five mini bundt cakes.



  • Preheat oven to 350.
  • Mix together pumpkin puree, peanut butter, eggs and honey. Then stir in flour and baking powder.
  • Grease tins with coconut oil and fill with batter. Bake for 20-25 minutes until the center is firm.
  • Mix together yogurt and peanut butter. Once cake has cooled, frost and decorate with dog biscuits.
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    How To Bake A Dog Friendly Cake

    1. Preheat oven to 350°F

    2. Mix together flour and baking soda.

    3. Add remaining ingredients and mix well.

    4. Spray the cake pan with a nonstick spray.

    5. Pour the mixture into a cake pan of your choice. I recommend making them in a bone shaped cake pan. We couldnt find one locally so make sure to order online way in advance!

    6. Bake for 40 minutes.

    7. Allow the cake to cool and add frosting of your choice. You can use peanutbutter or low-fat cottage cheese. Decorate with carrott pieces or your doggies favorite treats!

    We added Chuy Chihuahuas fav treats, Little Jacs.

    He loved it!

    Making A Dog Birthday Cake

    When you bake a dog birthday cake yourself, you have more control over the ingredients. And this is great news if you have a fussy mutt, or a dog with special dietary needs!

    Weve put together a number of recipes that you can choose from. Most of them have simple ingredients and dont need expert baking skills. There are also lots of ideas for puppy-friendly cake decorations.

    Read on to discover easy-to-follow recipes for your dog friendly birthday cake, a rundown of the best cake mixes available and ideas for decorating your creation.

    We even cover cakes for dogs with allergies or health concerns, and the best grain free options.

    Armed with all this information, you wont just know how to make a dog birthday cake, youll know how to customise a recipe, decorate it for your pooch and be the best doggy baker on the block!

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    How To Make Cupcakes For Dogs

    Making these cupcakes is very easy and straight forward. Even if you dont have baking experience, you can successfully make this recipe for you puppy! So lets get to it!

    Lets discuss how to make these dog cupcakes, as well as the ingredients that are needed for them. First, please take note that below, you will find discussion, expert tips, and answers to frequently asked questions about the recipe. The full printable recipe itself, with exact measurements and instructions, is found at the bottom of this page.


    Ingredients used have been determined safe by the author for her dogs. If you have any question as to the safety of ingredients for YOUR dog, please check with your veterinarian.

    Steps To Take

    To make your pupcakes, begin by preheating your oven to 350 degrees. Then, in a large bowl, combine the flour and baking soda. In a separate bowl mix together sunflower oil, peanut butter, applesauce, and pumpkin puree. Once combined, mix in egg until incorporated well.

    Spoon out your batter evenly between the muffin tins. You can fill them up to the top, because the batter is so dense, the cupcakes will not rise a ton. Also, you may want to smooth out the top of the batter in each tin with the back of a clean spoon to make them nice and rounded.

    Lastly, top your pup cakes with a cute dog treat! Check out my easy, homemade dog treats that are made with very similar ingredients and are the perfect pup cake topper!

    Easy Four Ingredient Dog Birthday Cake For One

    How to bake a birthday cake for your dog – 2 easy recipes

    So sad to report our Sweet Chloe Died at age 7 unexpectedly 1/2019. We hope that by continuing to share this Easy Four Ingredient Dog Birthday Cake for One, we are sharing her memory.

    Check out this microwave dog mug cake for an even quicker homemade dog cake.

    Scroll down to the end to get the for the single dog cupcake recipe!

    Do you bake a puppy cake for a dogs birthday? This year our pup did not have her traditional dog birthday. I know it sounds crazy but I usually make a healthy dog birthday cake or dog cupcake recipe.

    Give them to some of the neighbor dogs on her birthday which also happens to be National Dog Day. Dont be shy to throw an inexpensive Birthday for your dog.

    Knowing that most of her pup friends were out of town this year, I was thrilled to find an Impossibly Easy Four Ingredient Dog Birthday Cake for One.

    As much as Chloe would like to enjoy a piece of a healthy dog cake daily, this was the best option to keep her weight in check.

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    Allergies Dietary Concerns And Sandwich Cakes

    If your dog has dietary concerns, make sure you discuss these treats with your veterinarian. Remember, these are treats and should be served in moderation. If your dog has favorite pre-made treats that he enjoys and is not allergic to, consider making treat sandwich cakes by spreading peanut butter, yogurt, cooked pumpkin or cooked sweet potato between the treats.


    Entertainment And Information Only Not Veterinary Care

    The Dog Bakery blog operates an online information and opinion blog and is for educational and entertainment purposes only. Reading this blog or using any of the information you expressly acknowledge and understand that there are risks and limitations associated with any advice, recipes, formulas, products given.

    The blog is NOT a substitute for veterinary care, advice, facts or opinions, and we cannot provide advice or consultation regarding such. If your pet is sick, injured, or in need of medical attention, please contact your regular veterinarian or local emergency animal hospital immediately.

    The contents of The Dog Bakery, such as text, graphics, images, and other material contained on the Site are for informational and entertainment purposes only. The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional veterinary advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your veterinarian or other qualified provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on the Site.

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    Grain Free Dog Birthday Cake

    Diagnosing food allergies in dogs can be a long process of patience and perseverance. But finding out your dog is allergic to wheat doesnt mean the end of the line for birthday baking. In these Grain Free Mini Dog Cakes by A Cozy Kitchen, wheat flour is replaced with chickpea flour for a grain free dog birthday cake recipe.

    Chickpea flour also contains twice as much protein as all-purpose flour, and these protein packed cakes also contain a lot of eggs and a huge dollop of peanut butter. Its not exactly enough to make them healthy, but its a nod to giving dogs the nutrition they need, and not just empty calories.

    What Are Human Foods That Dogs Cannot Eat

    Dog Birthday Cake Recipe For Your Furry Friend

    Even though this no-bake dog cake recipe is edible for dogs and humans, there are plenty of human foods that dogs cannot eat. Chocolates are the most common food that dogs should never eat. The darker and less sweet the type of chocolate is, the more poisonous it is than milk chocolate, one of the sweet kinds. Likewise, tea and coffee are harmful to dogs to eat because it contains caffeine. It leads to hyperactivity, elevated heart rate, tremors, and seizures.

    Also, raisins and grapes because it can lead to kidney failure. Limes and lemon are toxic for dogs, which results in gastrointestinal symptoms like diarrhea and vomiting. Never feed your dogs raw yeast dough since alcohol is produced when yeast cells are fermented. As a result, it can lead to alcohol poisoning. Avocados lead to breathing difficulties for dogs since there can be fluid accumulation in their lungs.

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    Feed Cake In Moderation

    A cake binge can be as uncomfortable for dogs as it is for humans. Too much food — especially calorie-dense treats — can lead to obesity and health complications. More than half of adult dogs are obese, notes the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Talk to your vet about weight and feeding to help keep your dogs on track for optimal health. Digestion varies by dog so some “safe” foods could cause stomach upset, according to veterinarian Betsy Brevitz, author of “The Complete Healthy Dog Handbook.”

    Always check with your veterinarian before changing your petâs diet, medication, or physical activity routines. This information is not a substitute for a vetâs opinion.

    Tips Tricks Questions & Answers

    What if I dont have whole wheat flour?

    First, always consult with YOUR veterinarian about what is best for YOUR dog. I personally prefer using whole wheat flour or oat flour for these treats. Ive made them with both and my dog had zero complaints either way. Dont have whole wheat flour or oat flour? You can substitute white wheat flour or all-purpose. Just be sure to feed them to your pup in moderation!


    Keep these in an air tight container or zipped bag for easy storage or make many batches at once and store them in the freezer! No need to thaw before rewarding your dog with a frozen homemade pumpkin dog treat they last longer served that way.

    Need a fun gift idea for the dog lovers in your life? Make a batch of these, put them in a jar wrapped with a colorful ribbon and a note and you have a unique and thoughtful token of appreciation for human and doggy friend alike!

    If you love these, you should also try my Dog Cookie Recipes and Dog Donuts! I hope your furry friends love these treats as much as mine did. Dont forget to give them an extra pat on the head from me!

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    Pumpkin Banana Dog Cupcakes

    Not only will your dogs love pumpkin banana pupcakes theyre a great breakfast item for you as well. Using oat flour, honey, banana, peanut butter, and a little pumpkin pureee, its actually a delicious cupcake with a healthy twist. If your dog has a sensitive tummy, overweight, or still a puppy then exclude the honey and frosting from this recipe.

    Picture: Love From The Oven

    Favorite Recipes From Crazy For Crust

    How to Bake a Dog Cake

    **Did you make this recipe? Dont forget to give it a star rating below!**

    It was all I could do to get photos without her jumping on the counter

    All text and images © DOROTHY KERN for Crazy for Crust. Please do not use my images without prior permission. If you want to republish this recipe, please re-write the recipe in your own words, or link back to this post for the recipe. Disclaimer: Nutrition information shown is not guaranteed to be accurate.

    This post may contain affiliate links. For more information, read my disclosure policy.

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    Pumpkin Dog Treats Recipe

    After realizing how many additives and preservatives are in many store bought treats, I started making my own. After making Peanut Butter Dog Treats and Homemade Dog Treats, I decided to try a version with both pumpkin and peanut butter. Pumpkin and peanut butter are both found in my popular Spoiled Dog Cake recipe and Dog Cupcakes, so if you love those recipes, make sure to add this one to your collection as well!

    Based on the fact that the dog inhaled these pumpkin peanut butter dog treats and was immediately back at my feet for more, Id say they turned out pretty well! These treats are so easy to make and a great way to use up any leftover pumpkin puree you have from your pie or muffin baking.

    Carrot Cakes For Dogs

    Carrots are healthy for dogs. Not only are they a good source of fiber and vitamins for dogs but theyre also recommended by vets as a low-calorie snack.

    What better ingredient for a birthday treat if you need to watch your furry friends weight.

    Allrecipes has a very simple carrot cake recipe for dogs with hundreds of 5-star reviews.

    Check out the recipe here.

    One reviewer commented the her husband decided to try a piece of the cake. He liked it so much that he ended up feeding one piece to the dog and one piece to himself.

    So with this cake the whole family can join in the celebration! To make it even tastier you can add a bit of ground cinnamon as well, which is quite safe for your dog.

    This recipe, and many of the others contain oil. If your dog is on a low fat diet, you can swop this out with applesauce making the cake sweeter and healthier too.

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    How To Make Oat Flour

    The rolled oat to oat flour ratio is 1:1 meaning one cup of rolled oats will yield approximately 1 cup of oat flour. For this recipe, you will need 1 cups of oats.

    Place oats in a food processor and pulse the oats until they are ground into a powder-like consistency. This process should take about 60 to 90 seconds. Stop and stir to ensure that all the oats have been finely ground.

    Now we are ready to bake this puppy cake!

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