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Fresh Chicken Not Frozen

Baked “Fried” Chicken (KFC Copycat) // Kevin Is Cooking

It would be easy to assume KFC and other fast food restaurants like it use frozen meat products for all of their menu offerings. Doing so would presumably amount to a significant cost savings over fresh proteins. But according to several former employers on a Quora thread devoted to how KFC chicken is cooked, the restaurant is committed to using quality fresh ingredients.

Said former employee Daniel Schroeder, “Our chicken was always fresh chilled, but not frozen. It was supplied by a local poultry company, and already cut into pieces: leg, thigh, breast, & wing. There was nothing really special about the chicken itself the poultry supplied numerous other restaurants with chicken, so it was all actually chicken… KFC, at least from my experience, is very picky about their food.”

Robert Lawrence, who worked at KFC for almost six years, elaborated on the chicken procurement process. “The chicken was delivered to the restaurant in these big, plastic totes with snap-on lids,” he said. “The chicken itself arrived pre-cut and packaged into what we called a ‘9-cut,’ which was a mesh bag containing 2 legs, 2 thighs, 2 ribs, 2 wings, and 1 breast… essentially, one chicken .”

Fresh is best, right?

Who Has The Best Grilled Chicken

Chick-fil-A actually snagged the top two spots with its Grilled Chicken Club and Grilled Chicken sandwich. Following Chic-fil-A in order was Wendys, Hardees, Zaxbys, McDonalds, Bojangles and last place Burger King. Chick-fil-A earned the top spot because of the juicy and grill-charred chicken breast.

Creating Fakeaways On Slimming World And Weight Watchers

Just to get the record straight, I wasn’t eating this every week, hell I probably wasn’t even eating it once a month, but a combination of all those unhealthy foods combined together was definitely what caused me to gain weight in the first place.

Which is why I love Slimming World so much. All those free foods at our disposal, we can create healthier and most often tastier versions of all those foods we love. Which in turn means we don’t ever feel like we are missing out on anything.

It’s a much more manageable lifestyle of healthy eating and not a fad short term diet that you can not stick to.

Now I can’t promise you the latter two things . But I do promise you everything else.

AND – I am going to blow my own trumpet here. My version of this ever so popular take out meal is pretty darn amazing if I do say so.

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Kfc Fried Chicken Recipe

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KFC fried chicken recipe with easy step by step photos. Traditional fried chicken is the epitome of comfort food, but its appeal and history go far beyond the way we know it today. Although its origins are evident in other cultures such as Scotland, Korea and China, we typically associate fried chicken with the American South. What is universally true about it is that it is deeply satisfying.

The Comeback Of Grilled Chicken At Kfc

Copycat KFC original recipe chicken

The KFC grilled chicken is back in action. It has been a long time since this product was available. Customers have been yearning for it ever since they discontinued its production in 2013.

KFCs marketing team is probably one step ahead in terms of knowing what customers want or need at any given time, who knows.

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Kentucky Fried Chicken Recipe

This, of course, is not the real secret Kentucky fried chicken recipe, but it really does taste like it.

KFC chicken isnt something any of us is going to eat every day, but when you want that down home fried chicken experience, it sure does hit the spot!

Our recipe for Kentucky fried chicken is very easy to make, either in a regular skillet or deep fryer.

It is actually perfect for a deep fryer. Either way, just make sure to cook the chicken right through.

How Much Does Kfc Grilled Chicken Cost

The price of KFC grilled chicken varies from one restaurant to another, depending on pricing guidelines.

However, you can buy KFCs grilled chicken for as low as $3.99 to as much as $24.99 per piece.

In some cases, additional items such as fries or a side dish will increase the price of the grilled chicken.

Also, its possible to buy a three-piece meal offer, including a box of fries, a medium drink, and a small salad.

Additionally, you can buy the basic KFC Grilled Chicken in quantities of six, nine, 12, 15, or 18 pieces.

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Can This Made Dairy Free

Because the buttermilk is used to make this chicken and really helps tenderize the chicken, I don’t recommend skipping the buttermilk in this recipe.

However it would possibly work by using a dairy free yoghurt instead with some lemon juice and marinating in that overnight like you would with the buttermilk. Do let me know how it turns out if you try.

Does Kfc Still Have Potato Wedges

KFC Chicken Recipe, But Healthier

In 2020 KFC removed its famous potato wedges from its menus when they launched their new and improved french fry recipe.

Many KFC fans were upset when their favorite item was removed and went to social media with their upset.

Hopefully, Potato wedges will find their way back onto the Kentucky Fried Chicken menu.

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Kfc Reveals How Its Chicken Is Actually Cooked

In a new interview with, KFC defends its cooking practices. The new managing director for the chains South Pacific region told the Australian newspaper that fast food is misunderstood.

Her comments come just after Cancer Council Australia called for fast food chains to start labeling their products with health ratings.

Theres a perception that, because its fast food, its going to arrive pre-cooked and then it gets thrown in a fryer and then served up, Lawson told the newspaper. The art of cooking that goes on is something that gets misunderstood.

Lawson took writer Dana McCauley behind the scenes, where she gave her a detailed break down of how KFCs chicken is fried.

First, the fillets, which apparently come out the refrigerator fresh, are dunked in a bucket of cold water. We dip it in there because it just helps the flour adhere to the chicken, Lawson explains.

Then the fillets are covered in the breading mix, and then loaded onto a rack that is lowered into a vat of hot oil. The secret is the spice mix our own people dont know the recipe, she says.

Lawson hopes that her explanation will help dispel the myth KFCs food comes to its kitchens frozen or pre-fried.

While it might be a relief to hear that KFC fires their chicken by hand, that doesnt exactly mean its healthy: The Zinger burger, for instance, which is made with a fried chicken patty, still packs 18 grams of fat.

Does Kfc Have Grilled Chicken In 2022

KFC does have grilled chicken, and there are many options for you to choose from as of 2022. The company introduced a new line of grilled chicken as an alternative to its extra crispy fried chicken because the grilled products have fewer calories, less salt, and less fat.

In this post, Ill share everything you need to know about KFCs grilled chicken, if its healthy, when KFC first started selling grilled chicken, and more!

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A Potent Punch Of Salt

It’s a well-known fact of life that salt makes everything taste better. It doesn’t matter how bland it is, salt can bring it back to life. Even if the flavor profile is near perfect, salt can make it better. So, is it really surprising that KFC’s scrumptious chicken is chock-full of sodium? Nah. That clever Colonel Sanders knew exactly what he was doing.

In an interview with NPR in 2012, researcher Paul Breslin at Philadelphia’s Monell Center pointed toward the peculiar paradox of humans’ love of salt. “If you don’t keep up your sodium level in your body, you’ll die,” said Breslin. But, he continued, “there’s no question that people who have high salt intakes are at risk for a heart attack and stroke and death, and that lowering their salt intake will save lives.”

Still, people don’t let a little thing like looming mortality get in the way of our appreciation for salt. In one international study of salt consumption globally, researchers found that salt might be the unspoken universal language. “All across the planet, with few exceptions, most people consume more or less the same amount of sodium,” Breslin told NPR.

This ties into KFC because their fried chicken, as you might have guessed, is incredibly salty per their own nutrition chart, one Original Recipe chicken breast has a whopping 1,190 mg of sodium.

What Nutrients Does Kfcs Grilled Chicken Have

ChoÄ przepis na panierkÄ do sÅynnych " Kentucky Fried ...

While KFC grilled chicken is one of Americas most popular fast-food items, very few people know its nutrients. Here are some of the nutrients:

The amount of fat in KFCs grilled chicken depends on the type of chicken ordered, with the thigh fillets containing more fat than the breast fillets.

Typically, grilled chicken contains low fat compared to crispy chicken. For instance, a grilled chicken breast contains about 8 grams of fat, while extra crispy chicken breast contains 33 grams.


The number of calories in KFC grilled chicken vary per piece, depending on the size.

The amount of calories in grilled chicken is less than half the calories in crispy chicken, and one grilled chicken breast provides up to 210 calories.

Saturated fat

The amount of saturated fat found in a serving of KFC grilled chicken is 2.5 grams, which is less than the saturated fat in its crispy chicken.

The American Heart Association recommends a total intake of fewer than 16 grams of saturated fat. Since grilled chicken has less saturated fat, its not too terrible for your heart health.


There are 105 milligrams of cholesterol in each serving of grilled chicken.

Before buying KFC grilled chicken, note the amount is somewhat higher than the recommended daily cholesterol intake.


KFC grilled chicken breasts have about 460 milligrams of sodium, nearly half the recommended daily intake.


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Air Fryer Fried Chicken

For those health-conscious cooks who crave fried chicken, but want to steer clear of deep frying, an air fryer may be the ticket. Bear in mind that an air fryer really is not a fryer at all, but rather, a small convection oven that circulates hot air with the use of a fan.

This dry heat method has been known to create crisp results with a golden brown crust. The key here is to use perforated parchment sheets to line the air fryer basket and spray the surface of the chicken with an oil spray.

I would recommend cooking at about 375 F degrees, depending on your machines suggestions, and about 25 minutes depending on size. To determine doneness, always check the temperature with an instant read thermometer and make sure you cook it to 165 degrees.

The Story Of The Kfc Recipe

The original recipe is a closely guarded secret that is in a vault at the company’s headquarters. Handwritten by the Colonel himself, it is said. This story is about the nephew of the Colonel, Joe “H.D.” Lexington and a family album he inherited.

In the album is his aunt’s will, and on the back of the will is a handwritten note titled “11 spices”. He believes it is real, and he mixed tons of this at his uncle’s restaurant as a child. I tend to believe it. Especially after my trial cooking.

Check out the original article at the Tribune. A very interesting read and has a picture of the note. But also check out their test cooking of the recipe.

Since published, lots of speculation has been floating around the internet. Is it real or isn’t it? Finally, the company said no but would they say yes? Or is it just “almost right” maybe the measurement issues are why it is not correct.

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What Is Kfc Chicken Made Of

What Is KFC Chicken Made Of? KFC chicken is typically made of dark meat, white meat, and wing pieces. The dark meat is a mix of the skinless thigh, breast, and leg. Each piece of the chicken is thoroughly inspected before being hand-breaded and about 7 times in KFCs signature blend of herbs and spices.

Best Cuts Of Chicken For Kentucky Style

Kentucky Fried Chicken in the Air Fryer – KFC Copycat Recipe

As for what pieces of chicken to use that is entirely up to you, but I recommend bone in, either drumsticks, thighs or quarters, just make sure you remove the skin and any visible fat, so that those chicken pieces prior to coating remain lean. Avoid using breast meat for these, you just won’t get the same result.

It’s best to bake these chicken pieces on some baking sheets lined with parchment paper, it will prevent any sticking, as the last thing you want is to pull off all that delicious flavoured seasoned coating.

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Testing The Seasoning For Copycat Kfc Roast Chicken

That bottle of herbs and spices got me thinking that I should try a homemade version of that would be easy and a little healthier. Suddenly that idea had me anxious to try it, which I did the very next day.

Copycat KFC Roast Chicken.

I decided to straight up just use the amounts of herbs and spices in the other recipe as a test. It was very good indeed but it was apparent that it needed just one tweak.

Sprinkle generously with the seasoning mix.

Copycat KFC Roast Chicken ready for the oven.

One thing about the leaked recipe that Colonel Sanders nephew revealed in an interview is that it is very heavy on pepper. Both white and black pepper appear in the recipe in very healthy amounts.

Now I love pepper, but this was a little too much. When mixed with flour to dredge the fried chicken in, it is not so concentrated and is just fine.

No frying required.

In a seasoning mix though, there is too a high a concentration of pepper, even for my taste. So, I just reduced the pepper accordingly in this recipe and it was just fine utterly delicious really!

Copycat KFC Roast Chicken. The result.

The chicken pieces cook in only about 45 minutes and as you can see the chicken was tender and juicy on the inside.

So tender and juicy!

Everyone in the family loved it and we have since used the same idea on oven baked wings. They were exceptional too!

Next time, to make them even more juicy, I think I will brine the pieces overnight, using the same brine as in our Brined Chicken recipe.

It Touches On All The Important Tastes

Whenever you get a craving for KFC chicken, it’s the only thing that will satisfy the raging hunger beast inside of you. You don’t necessarily know why it’s so fulfilling to chomp down into a piece, but it is. And, in a Quora thread exploring KFC chicken’s inherent appeal, Chef Martin Bayer pointed out one possible reason you just can’t seem to get the Colonel’s menu out of your mind .

“KFC fried chicken tastes good because it is formulated to taste good. Sure, they brag about their 11 herbs and spices, which is great, but that’s not what you are tasting when you bite into some extra tasty crispy,” Bayer explained. “You are tasting sweet, salty, and umami, or savoriness. The human mouth craves those flavors and that is what makes you go back for more KFC.”

While two of the official tastes don’t present in KFC’s fried chicken which, c’mon, is surely a good thing Bayer makes a salient point. Per Savory Simple‘s Jennifer Farley, who studied culinary arts at L’Academie de Cuisine, food that is more balanced among the tastes is more appealing to the palate.

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Kentucky Fried Chicken Recipe 11 Herbs And Spices

Kentucky Fried Chicken Recipe 11 Herbs and spices

Kentucky Fried Chicken Recipe

11 herbs and spices as follows:1 Tablespoon Salt

4-5 pieces of chicken, breast leg or thigh2 cups flour

1. Combine dry ingredients 2. Mix eggs with water3. Coat chicken in egg wash4. Coat in flour and herb/spice mixture5. Repeat coating in egg wash and herb/spice mixture6. Shake off excess7. Fry for 20 minutes at 300 degrees8. Remove and place on paper towel for 2 minutes before serving9. Dust with pinch of salt

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  • Why Did Kfc Discontinue Grilled Chicken

    KFC Baked Oven Fried Chicken Tenders

    KFC discontinued grilled chicken because of the consumer. In 2012, they launched a new grilled chicken line that disappointed their customers and failed to catch on with consumers.

    The reason for this is large since KFCs burgers are more popular than its grilled items .

    This means people dont go out looking specifically for fried chicken. Instead, they tend to pick up some variant when it fits into their meal plans or cravings at any given time.

    This further points towards something like improving prices rather than discontinuing an item entirely as being sufficient enough of a change if there were any serious issues with sales.

    However, it would require testing first before implementation could even be considered over simply removing them from inventory and moving on.

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