How Long Do I Bake Pork Tenderloin

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Do I Need To Remove The Silverskin Before Cooking

How To Make Roasted Pork Tenderloin – Dinner in 30 Minutes!

If your pork comes with the silverskin intact, you will need to remove it before cooking. Many packages of pork tenderloin, however, will come pre-trimmed and ready to go.

The silverskin is part of a sinew on one side of the pork and looks like thin, silvery fat. You will want to remove it because it can become tough and chewy when cooked. To remove the silverskin, slip a sharp knife in between the silver skin and the meat then cut it away until free. Take care to just remove the silverskin and not a big chunk of meat!

Best Cookware Recommendations To Cook Pork Tenderloin

A sturdy cutting board is essential especially when youre working with big pieces of meat like pork tenderloins. This board acts as a great base for trimming and slicing the tenderloin and saving you the mess.


  • The teak used to make this board is naturally resistant to water, bacteria, and staining which makes this very durable.
  • The checkered construction makes this a slip-resistant surface, making sure that whatever is placed on it stays in place and gives the user a good grip.
  • The board boasts two beautiful steel handles that allow it to double up as a serving board. It is perfect if youre a fan of presenting charcuterie boards at parties.


  • The hefty look and design of the board can make it difficult to store in a compact kitchen.
  • This is a medium-size board. So if you need to prep in large quantities or serve to big parties, you could take a look at the other cutting boards.

2. Boning Knife 6 | Shogun Series – Dalstrong

Trimming the pork tenderloin to perfection is very important and to do that you require a blade that is razor-sharp and can do the job with precision. This is why I recommend this knife. The narrow blade is shaped to glide along the contours of bones and is ideal for pork, beef, and other wild game.



A slice is only as good as the knife that cut it. Carve out beautiful slices of pork tenderloin with this blade that is designed to give you long, thick, or thin, uniform slices of large cuts of meat.





Can Pork Tenderloin Be Pink

The pork tenderloin is pink at the center when it is not fully cooked. This means the internal temp of the meat is below 160 degrees. It typically happens when you cook at high temperature of 400, 425 and 450 degrees. At such high temperatures, the exterior is cooked much faster than the interior. Thus this result in the pink center. If you like to have the crust from the high temperatures, try a dual temperature approach. After the crust is formed, lower the cooking temperature to about 350 degrees and cook for another 20 minutes per pound until the internal temperature at the pink center reaches 160 degrees.

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Do You Wash Pork Tenderloin Before Cooking

Rather than just rinsing the meat with water, a good idea is to wash it well in cold running water and then pat it dry. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F. Place the pork on a rack set inside a roasting pan or shallow baking dish.

Roast for 10 minutes per pound of meat, 15 to 20 minutes for pork tenderloin thats 3/4 inch thick, and 25 to 30 minutes if you have one measuring 1 1/2 inches or more.

Cover with aluminium foil after about 30 minutes of cooking time so that the roast doesnt become too browned during roasting time.

How To Prepare Pork Tenderloin

how long do i cook a 1.7 lb pork loin

It is incredibly versatile, you can make roast pork tenderloin either baked in the oven, on the BBQ, or even in the air fryer. Pork tenderloin can be prepared in so many different ways in addition to roasting, stuffed pork tenderloin or herb-crusted pork tenderloin are favorites too! We sometimes even slice it into medallions for a fast weeknight meal.

It can be crusted or just simply seasoned with your favorite seasonings or even just a simple sprinkle of salt and pepper when you have a delicious, premium cut of meat, that is all it really needs!

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How Do You Know When Pork Tenderloin Is Done

My #1 tip for cooking this perfect pork tenderloin recipe in the oven is to buy a meat thermometer! Even better, if you can buy an in-oven thermometer that will beep as soon as the pork reaches the desired temperature, you will have perfect pork every time. I frequently use my in-oven thermometer for pork loin and tenderloin, chicken breast, and roasting whole chickens and can’t recommend it enough!

How Do You Keep Pork Loin From Drying Out

Place the pork loin in a roasting pan with the fat side facing up. When you place a fat layer on top of a roast, you are enabling the fat layer to baste the roast while it cooks. Pork should not get dry and rough during this process! Cook the pork loin for 10 minutes at 400 degrees in a preheated oven.

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Ingredients For Perfectly Moist Pork Loin

  • Boneless pork loin roast
  • Garlic powder
  • Onion powder

As someone who never really cooked with pork , I was a little overwhelmed when I was in the grocery store trying to buy meat. There are SO MANY different cuts of pork. Youve got pork chops, pork loin, pork tenderloin it can definitely be intimidating when trying to pick out the right cut!

For this recipe, youll want to purchase a pork LOIN. Not chops, not tenderloin. Youll know a pork loin from the other cuts of meat because it is wide enough to cut large slices from and it has a thick layer of fat on the top.

This layer of fat is actually integral to the cooking process because it helps to keep the juices inside the meat. Thats what makes it so moist!

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Other Marinades Of Pork Tenderloin

How to Bake Pork Tenderloin –

When it comes to marinating this meat, you can really use anything you desire. Here are some other delicious marinade options you can try for your pork tenderloin:

Sesame Ginger

This marinade will help you add an Asian flair to the dish. To prepare this marinade, whisk together coconut aminos or soy sauce, fresh ginger, sesame oil, rice wine vinegar, honey, and red pepper flakes. This marinade is the perfect balance of salty, sweet, tangy, and a hint of spice.

Mapel Dijon

Trust me when I say this marinade is a universal crowd-pleaser. To make this marinade you simply need to combine dijon mustard with maple syrup, apple cider vinegar, dried thyme, and salt.

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How To Cook Pork Tenderloin In Oven With Foil At 400

To learn how to roast tenderloin perfectly in the oven at 400 degrees Fahrenheit, you can consider following this recipe:

Step 1: Preheat The Oven At 400°F

Step 2: Prepare The Pan With Foil

While waiting for the oven to heat up, place the foil on top of a baking pan and fully wrap the foil around it.

Step 3: Evenly Marinate The Pork With Seasonings

Add garlic cloves, black pepper, a little lemon juice, salt, olive oil, and dried herbs to a bowl.

Spread the pork loin evenly over the baking pan, pour the marinade onto the flesh. Then use foil to wrap it thoroughly.

Step 4: Place The Baking Pan In The Oven

Set the roasting time within 25 minutes. Always check the internal temperature to ensure its at least 145 degrees F.

Remove the upper foil after 25 minutes. Allow additional 10 minutes for the loin to thoroughly roast until it gets the desirable golden brown color. You can speed up the temperature a bit for a better result.

Step 5: Remove It From The Heat

Remove the meat from the oven after 10 minutes and set it aside to sit for another 10 minutes.

Step 6: Serve And Enjoy

Use a sharp knife after the resting time and carefully cut it into thin slices and enjoy!

How To Make Lemon Potatoes

  • Chop the potatoes into wedges then put them in a baking dish with olive oil, lemon juice, and a few spices.
  • Now bake them for about half an hour.
  • Gently mix the potatoes around then put them back into the oven for another 30 minutes.

Here’s where you have two options:

  • If you’ve chosen a larger, broil-safe baking dish, you can simply drizzle the potatoes with a little extra olive oil and broil them for a few minutes to give them some color.
  • If your baking dish is smaller or is not broil-safe, transfer the potatoes to a baking sheet before broiling them for a few minutes.
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    What Temperature Do I Cook A 1 Lb Pork Tenderloin

    Additional marinade should be brushed onto the pork tenderloin before baking it in a preheated oven at 425°F for around 15-20 minutes, or until the meat reaches a temperature of 145°F, then remove it from the oven. Cooking the pork tenderloin at a high temperature of 425 degrees F ensures that it cooks rapidly and that it does not dry out throughout the cooking process.

    Watch How To Cook Pork Tenderloin:

    How to Roast Pork Tenderloin + Spiced

    Pork tenderloin is also reasonably priced , and I think its just as satisfying as steak! If you havent tried it, you must! Its also easy to double or triple the recipe to feed a crowd because it always disappears fast and leftovers taste just as good the next day sliced into sandwiches or served as a side. Im confident this baked pork tenderloin will become a go-to family favorite for you.

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    How To Make Pea Salad

    Making pea salad is very easy. We make ours with frozen peas as we always have them on hand. If youre lucky enough to have some fresh peas, youll want to boil them for a couple of minutes first.

  • Thaw the peas under warm running water then drain them well.
  • Mix the salad ingredients together with some yogurt, a little mayo, vinegar, salt, and pepper.
  • Cook the bacon until nice and crispy then chop it into pieces. Right before you serve the salad, add the bacon.
  • Full instructions in the recipe card below.

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    So What Are Company Potatoes Anyway

    These potatoes are a combination of grated hashbrown-style potatoes, sharp cheddar cheese, made-from-scratch cream of chicken soup , sour cream and two important seasonings McCormick Garlic Powder and McCormick Onion Powder. These two spices are the key to super flavorful company potatoes! Theres a difference in quality when it comes to spices and thats why my mother always used McCormick red cap spices, and why I do too.

    Thanksgiving dinner at my house just isnt complete without these potatoes and the only thing better than getting to have them once in November, is getting to have them twice! Hallelujah for Friendsgiving! Getting together with friends and sharing recipes from your home is what this holiday is all about and these Company Potatoes are what Ill be bringing this year and every year!

    And now for the fun part share your favorite Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving dish with the hashtag #NoFlavorLikeHome on Instagram for the chance to win a prize pack of McCormick spices. You can also enter here:

    Be sure to tag Creme de la Crumb on Instagram or Facebook l when you post a picture of your favorite recipe youre making for your holiday meal and use the hashtag #noflavorlikehome. Cant wait to see all of your tasty recipes!

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    How To Prep A Pork Tenderloin

    Pork tenderloin is very lean and doesnt require a lot of preparation.

    Most often, there will be a white/silver area on the pork which should be removed as it can be tough. Simply place a sharp knife under the silver skin and slide it along the skin to remove . If your pork tenderloin has any fatty bits, they can be removed as well.

    Why We Love These Greek Lemon Potatoes The Best

    How to Know When Pork is Done~Easy Baked Pork Loin New York Chops
    • They are LEMONY! Cause who wants to eat lemon potatoes with only a hint of lemon flavor?
    • They are an easy to make side dish that pairs perfectly with my two favorite staple recipes: Perfect Baked Chicken Breasts and Juicy Baked Pork Chops.
    • Soft inside and lightly crispy on the outside with a few delicious charred bits just for good measure.
    • One pan = super easy cleanup.

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    Do You Cook A Pork Loin Roast Covered Or Uncovered

    In order to get a crisp exterior on your roast, make sure the oven is well warmed before placing the roast in it. Also, avoid covering the meat while it is roasting. Preparing the exterior of a pork roast by searing before continuing with the cooking process is an excellent approach to lock in flavor and moisture.

    Now That You Know How To Cook Pork Tenderloin In Oven With Foil Try These Tips:

    We use heavy duty foil to line the baking pan. It makes clean up super easy and just make the entire process so much simpler.

    It saves a ton of time and dont we all need to save time? I highly recommend using heavy duty foil.

    It holds up better to baking and is much stronger and thicker than traditional foil. Dont even mess with the cheap stuff.

    You can also sit the baking pan on a baking sheet to catch any spills for easy clean up.

    Also, we like to dip the pork tenderloin in more barbecue sauce. Its totally optional but something we just love.

    If you are the same way, make sure you to leave some out for dipping. I use a small ramekin for the sauce and it keeps everything mess free.

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    What Temperature Should Pork Tenderloin Be Cooked At

    The ideal temperature for cooking pork tenderloin is 350 degrees Fahrenheit. You want to make sure the internal temperature of the pork tenderloin reaches around 150°F. The easiest approach to ensure that your pork tenderloin does not overcook or undercook is to use a meat thermometer to check the internal temperature and ensure that it reaches 150°F.

    Should You Cover Pork Tenderloin In The Oven

    How to Bake a 1.5 Pound Pork Tenderloin (with Pictures)

    Covering your pork tenderloin while it bakes can help the pork to retain moisture and keep that juicy, flavorful goodness youre after. It is not necessary to achieving juicy, tender pork but it doesnt hurt! When in doubt, go ahead and loosely tent your pan with a large piece of foil do not cover tightly. Covering the pan too tightly will cause moisture and condensation to build up on the inside of the foil and make your final dish watery.

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    Make Sure Its Pork Tenderloin

    Theres a few cuts of pork that have similar sounding names. Be sure the packaging clearly says pork tenderloin. They are basically long and slender and weigh around ¾lb to 1 ½lbs each. Its also quite common to find them in 2-packs. Other similar names including pork loin, pork loin filet and pork roast are NOT pork tenderloin and require different cooking steps.

    Tips For Making The Best Pea Salad

    • Add celery. It’s not an ingredient usually found in pea salad, but it gives it the best little crunch.
    • Chop the celery, cheese, and red onion so that they are all roughly the same size.
    • Let the salad rest while cooking the bacon it will help the flavors blend together.
    • Add the bacon last. Crispy bacon is best in this salad. Add it right before serving so that it doesn’t turn soft and chewy.
    • To bring this to a picnic, make the salad up to a day ahead and bring the bacon to mix in before you serve it.

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    Can You Bake Pork Tenderloin At Other Temperatures

    You can also bake pork tenderloin at 275°F, 350°F or 400°F. If your tenderloin is cooked in a 275 degree oven, the baking time should be 40 minutes per pound. Slow cooking at this temperature will offer the most tender and juiciest meat. Nevertheless, it wont five the tenderloin a nice and crispy exterior.

    If the oven is set at 350-degrees F, the tenderloin will obtain a much more prominent crisp. Cooking at this temperature will allow you to enjoy tender meat inside and crispy outside. The required rate is about 30 minutes per pound in this case.

    A brown crust will be visible if you go with the 400 degrees option, followed by a 20-minute-per-pound cooking rate. This also means that youll only need 1 hour to get a 3 pound pork tenderloin fully cooked. If you stick to this rate, make sure your family and guests are crispy fans who enjoy a sharp contrast between pink and moist interior and brown and crispy exterior.

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    Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin

    How to Cook Pork Tenderloin – Easy and Awesome

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    Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin is such an easy meal to prepare and serve! Seasoned pork tenderloin is wrapped with bacon slices and baked, or grilled, to perfection!

    Pork tenderloin is a tender cut of meat to begin with, but the addition of bacon really adds to the tenderness and flavor! By slicing the meat into medallions to serve, there is a little bit of bacon in every bite! Really, bacon wrapped anything is always a good idea!

    Pork tenderloin is one of my favorite proteins just simply roasted in the oven or stuffed pork tenderloin. Its incredibly juicy and tender and everyone in my family loves it. While I often simply season and cook pork tenderloin in the oven, this is one of those easy pork tenderloin recipes that is kind of next level and can be oven baked or grilled.

    We absolutely love to cook this pork tenderloin recipe on the grill, but we do use a grill mat to keep the bacon from flaring up. If youve never cooked on a grill mat before I cant say how much I recommend them! I theyre perfect for everything from Grilled Zucchini to Grilled Asparagus and we often to homemade burgers on them too. You still get that nice char but nothing falls through and theyre a snap to wipe clean.

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