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Are There Any Circumstances In Which Other Vehicles Will Be Boarded Instead Of Mine Even Though I Have A Reservation

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In certain circumstances, an ambulance or a private vehicle may be boarded on a preferential basis, in accordance with the provisions of the Steamship Authority’s Emergency Transportation Policy. In that case, other vehicles with reservations may be bumped from their reserved trips in order to accommodate the ambulance or customer needing to travel on an emergency basis.

In an emergency, the Terminal Agent will first ask for volunteers, informing them when they will be transported if they agree to be bumped from that particular trip. If an insufficient number of customers volunteer to be bumped to meet the emergency situation, the Terminal Agent will then bump the last vehicle which checked in at the terminal for that particular trip.

We will refund each affected customer’s one-way fare for both the bumped vehicle and its passengers. Bumped vehicles will have priority for boarding on the next vessel leaving the terminal , and vehicles bumped as a result from that subsequent trip will similarly be considered as having been bumped due to an emergency situation.

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How can I track Bakers Authority deals?

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Do I Need To Have A Written Confirmation Of My Reservation

Customers need only have their reservation confirmation or reservation number upon checking in at a terminal in the event the terminal employees are unable to confirm their reservations. Customers making reservations online may print copies of their confirmations on their own printers. Customers making reservations by telephone will be told their reservation numbers by our reservation clerks. Customers may also obtain copies of their reservation confirmations at any of our ferry terminals or Reservation Offices . A new reservation confirmation will be issued for any change made to a reservation. Although we do not routinely mail reservation confirmations, we will do so upon a customers request if the request is received more than 10 calendar days in advance of the scheduled sailing.

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I Have Purchased Individual Passenger Tickets At The Regular Fare Are There Any Restrictions On Their Use

Passenger tickets are transferable among individuals who are eligible for the fare charged. Generally, each ticket is valid for passage only if used within one year from the date the ticket is sold. Note: in response to COVID-19, passenger tickets are now good for two years from the date the ticket is sold.

How Much Baggage May I Bring With Me On The Ferry

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Passengers may travel with their personal baggage, at no additional charge, except for bicycles, surfboards and other large objects for which a fare may be charged. Please note, for security reasons, no baggage may be left unattended or placed on any passenger seat or table. Passengers traveling without vehicles may be required to place some or all of their baggage on luggage carts for the safety and convenience of other passengers. This can include larger items that are too heavy to be placed in the passenger area, such as medium-to-large roll-on luggage, large duffle bags, cartons, coolers, sports equipment, and any other items that may create a hazard to passengers. While luggage carts are provided at no additional charge, the Steamship Authority assumes no responsibility for any baggage placed on any luggage carts.

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How To Get Free Shipping At Bakers Authority

It is surely that Bakers Authority Free Shipping will be advantageous for you. You should learn more about the Bakers Authority Free Shipping Policy. Please pay attention to that the free shipping is only available for the minimum purchase amount. But the page of Bakers Authority Free Shipping is saved and used by you. Please pay attention to that Free Shipping does not take account into the minimum.

I Am Traveling In A Camper Do I Pay A Normal Commercial Fare

No. Although we consider campers to be commercial vehicles, we have established special commercial vehicle fares for certain vehicles such as campers. Usually such special fares are still increased based upon their length and width, but they are generally lower than our normal commercial fares.

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Do You Charge The Same Fares For Adults And Children

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Individuals who are 13 years of age or over are charged the adult fare children who are five years of age or over and under thirteen years of age are charged the child fare, unless eligible for a lower fare, but must be accompanied by an adult who is responsible for their care and conduct during the passage.

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Can I Transport Or Consume Alcoholic Beverages Aboard The Ferry

Massachusetts law also prohibits passengers from consuming alcoholic beverages aboard any Steamship Authority vessel other than those sold by our licensed concessionaire. Passengers are not allowed to bring alcoholic beverages on or off a vessel except for beverages that they are transporting as personal baggage in unopened containers, which may not be opened while the vessel is underway. Further, the Steamship Authoritys licensed concessionaire may not serve alcoholic beverages to any passenger while the vessel is at dockside or prior to casting off. Nor may alcoholic beverages be served on trips of more than two hours to any passenger within one-half hour before the vessel docks.

Are Parking Permits Generally Available

We generally have an unlimited number of off-site parking permits in connection with our Woods Hole and Hyannis Terminal operations. However, because of the limited number of parking spaces available at the terminals themselves, we annually issue permits that allow parking at each terminal to customers with physical disabilities .

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What Happens If I Simply Do Not Use My Reservation

In the event a reservation is neither cancelled with at least 14 days advance notice , nor changed with at least one hour advance notice, nor used as reserved, no refund shall be issued for the reservation.

In these circumstances, the reservation shall be valid only for standby travel on the date for which the trip was scheduled. At our discretion, the reservation may instead be valid only for standby travel on the following day. In either case, the vehicle shall have no priority over other standby vehicles.

Due to COVID-19, we have extended the time period in which customers can use a passenger ticket or vehicle reservation. The tickets or reservations are now good for two years from the date of purchase instead of one to allow for greater flexibility when rescheduling plans.

Common Questions For Ontario Airport

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Where is Ontario airport located?

The Ontario airport address is 2500 E. Airport Drive, Ontario, CA 91761. This is for Terminal 2. The Terminal 4 address is 2900 E. Airport Drive, Ontario, CA 91761.

How can I call the Ontario airport?

The Ontario airport phone number is 937-2700.

What is the Ontario airport code?

How much is long-term parking at Ontario airport?

Find the ONT parking rates for short term and extended stay parking at the official website for Ontario International Airport.

Where can I find ONT Ontario airport parking coupons?

Check out our Top Travel Deals page for most recent coupons for ONT off-site lots or Ontario hotels with free airport parking packages, as well as discounts on other travel needs like airfare, car rentals & more.

Where can I find the Ontario airport map?

Click here for a direct link to the ONT airport map, also referred to as the Ontario airport terminal map.

What’s the best way to get to Ontario International Airport?

To find the easiest route to ONT, it’s a good idea to map it prior to driving to the airport. You’ll click the Directions’ link and type in your starting location and let Google do the routing for you. Either print out the directions or use your smart phone and follow the detailed directions. With your smart phone you’ll also be able to get traffic alerts, which will enable you to alter your drive, if necessary.

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How Soon Should I Arrive At The Terminal Traveling Without A Car

All passengers and vehicles must be at the dock and ready for boarding at least 30 minutes prior to scheduled departure. During the summer months, we recommend you arrive 45 minutes to 1 hour prior to the scheduled departure time, as passenger capacity may be reached on popular sailings prior to departure.

How Do I Enroll In The Preferred Profile Or The Preferred Excursion Profile Program

To enroll in either program you will need to fill out the appropriate application and submit to the Reservation Office or Ticket Office by the end of the year. Application forms are available on our website. Navigate to the About section and click on the Policies, Forms and Information page in the drop down menu.

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Bakers Authority Discount Codes: Complete Timetable

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My Car Won’t Start And I Need To Transport It Off

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Generally yes. We can provide you with towing/pushing services, where an employee and a vehicle tows or pushes your vehicle onto or off of a ferry at the time of the vessels loading or unloading. This service is available for an additional charge and is subject to certain conditions .

We may refuse to move a vehicle that cannot be loaded onto or unloaded from a ferry under its own power if, for example, the loading of the ferry may be unduly delayed, or if the appropriate equipment is not available to tow, push or transport the vehicle safely.

If you utilize our towing/pushing service, you will be required to immediately remove your vehicle from the terminal upon reaching your destination, or you will be subject to parking and additional charges.

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Are Group Fares Available

Yes. Generally, 20 or more individuals must travel together as a group in order for the individuals to be eligible for a regular group fare. All individuals in the group must travel together on the same dates, from the same point of origin to the same destination and back. One person in the group must be designated as the individual responsible for picking up the groups tickets and for coordinating all other aspects of the groups travel. Please consult the Customer Handbook for eligibility requirements.

Where Do I Park If I Am Not Traveling With My Vehicle To Either Island

For Martha’s Vineyard Travelers

While there is no dockside parking available at our Woods Hole terminal,there are several off-site lots in Falmouth. We encourage you to arrive an hour before your departure time so you have the time you need to park your car and ride our free shuttle service to the terminal. For your convenience, all shuttle buses have bike racks, capable of accommodating two bikes during daylight hours. A bike shuttle bus is available every day throughout the summer season. Due to COVID-19 precautions, we are limiting capacity on our buses and ferries and passengers are required to wear a cloth face covering, per the order of Governer Baker.

Current/real-time parking lot information is readily available by logging onto our mobile website at, by calling our parking information line at 457-7275 , or tuning into 1610 AM on your radio.

For Nantucket Travelers

Because parking is limited at our Hyannis terminal – especially during the summer season and holiday weekends – we encourage you to arrive an hour before your departure time. That way, you’ll have time to park in one of our off-site parking lots. To make that experience as stress-free as possible, we offer free shuttle service to and from our terminal. Due to COVID-19 precautions, we are limiting capacity on our buses and ferries and passengers are required to wear a cloth face covering, per the order of Governer Baker.

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Do Any Passengers Have Priority In Boarding The Ferry

Although the Steamship Authoritys larger ferries will generally have sufficient capacity for all passengers who wish to travel on a particular trip, if the Steamship Authority determines that the vessels carrying capacity will be reached before sailing time, passengers traveling in vehicles with reservations have boarding priority over both passengers traveling in standby vehicles and walk-on passengers. In addition, passengers with vehicles traveling on a standby basis have boarding priority over walk-on passengers.

I Have A Disability Is There Anything Special I Should Do

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We attempt to accommodate the special reservations needs of customers with disabilities or those who are traveling with someone with a disability. If you require this type of assistance, please contact us so we can discuss your particular situation and review what accommodations we can provide.

If youll be traveling with a vehicle reservation and will require assistance because of a disability, our Reservation Office will add this information to your reservation so that our employees at the departure terminal will be alerted to your needs. Similarly, if youre making your reservation online, you can check a box during the check-out process indicating that you will require assistance boarding a vessel and/or to access to the vessel’s elevator. At the time of boarding, our terminal employees will also inform the vessels crew of any assistance you will require while aboard the vessel. For more info, check out the Accessibility page.

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Are The Steamship Authority’s Ferries Accessible For Passengers With Disabilities

All passenger areas of the following vessels are accessible by elevator for passengers with disabilities: the M/V Eagle, the M/V Island Home, the M/V Martha’s Vineyard, M/V Woods Hole and the M/V Nantucket.

While the passenger areas of the following vessels are not entirely accessible by elevator, those that are accessible enable our passengers with disabilities to be provided with all amenities: the M/V Iyanough, the M/V Governor and the M/V Sankaty.

Because none of the passenger areas on the following vessels are accessible by elevator, passengers with disabilities will have limited access to passenger amenities: the M/V Gay Head and the M/V Katama. For more info, visit our Accessibility page.

Does The Steamship Authority Have Any Security Procedures

Yes. In compliance with the Maritime Transportation Security Act of 2002, we have developed and implemented certain policies to assure the security of our terminals and vessels, as well as the safe sailing for our passengers and crews. Although most of these security measures should not in any way inconvenience you, some will require your cooperation.

For example:

  • Only baggage accompanied by a ticketed passenger is permitted on the luggage carts.
  • Access to our vessels is limited to those individuals with tickets or official Steamship Authority identification.
  • Once boarded, passengers are not permitted to disembark without the Captains permission until the vessel has reached its destination.

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Is There A Bakers Authority Free Shipping

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Bakers Authority Return Policy

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Your orders should be dealt with as soon as possible after receiving and returning them by the way of email or in-store. You need to notice that your original package and invoice should be also returned if you want to return the goods. If your products are verified to be in original condition and have no problems, Bakers Authority will refund you. You need to know that the charges that you have paid for the shipping are not included in the refund. Using Bakers Authority Free Shipping Code to purchase is usually a good way to reduce your loss of returns.

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