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Easy baking as a family can provide more than just yummy treats. Most of us take basic math for granted, but following a recipe can help kids develop their math skills. Theyll also get to practice reading, step-by-step directions, and working together.

And when kids help make their own food and get hands-on experience cooking and baking in the kitchen, theyre more open to trying new things! Luckily, if your little ones dont get along, baking can also help to encourage cooperation. Whether theyre making simple cookies or chocolate cake, theyll have to work together to follow the recipe. If they really enjoy it, you may even want to consider kids baking classes in the future.

Fun Easy Recipes For Baking With Kids

This social distancing thing is tough, and its even tougher when you add kids to the mix. If youre looking for ways to entertain yourself and the rest of the family, take a look through these delicious, kid-friendly recipes. We promise theres something for everyone, and the recipes are easy enough for your little ones to help out with. In fact, we bet theyll be mastering the basics of baking in no time with some of our added #BetterYourBake tips.

Cookies for the Win

Who doesnt love cookies? If your little ones havent helped you make cookies before, gather them to watch this video on how to roll cookie dough. Then, try these two cookie recipes that taste just as good as they look: Frosted Animal Cookies and classic Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Its All About the Toppings

These Baked Vanilla Donuts with Mocha Glaze are fun to make and even more fun to eat. Your kids can also get creative with decorating the donuts by topping them with fruit, chocolate chips, sprinkles or nuts. If you havent made donuts at home before, be sure to watch this video alongside your little bakers that demonstrates how to prep and use a baking mold.

Get Crafty with Your Cakes

Sure, cupcakes are great, but we think cupcakes in ice cream cones are even better! For a whimsical, unique dessert, make these Rose Water Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes. You can also teach them how to pipe the frosting into the cake cones with a homemade pastry bag.

Easy, No-Bake Recipes

Biscoff White Chocolate Blondies By Anna Wierzbinska Anna Banana

Who cant get behind a baking recipe that cuts time and effort with the help of prepackaged ingredients? And if you and your kids have never had a Biscoff cookie, this is a great way to try them out. Their caramel, spice profile pairs perfectly with the white blondie dough and because theyre layered in a baking pan, theyre an easy recipe for kids to assemble. Find the full Biscoff white chocolate blondies recipe here.

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Easy Quick Bread And Cake Recipes

Vegan Chocolate CakeWho needs cake mix when a rich, moist chocolate cake is so easy to make from scratch? To take this cake over the top, slather it with my luscious chocolate frosting! Tasting it, youd never guess that theres a secret veggie ingredient hiding inside it.

Carrot CakeIts hard for Jack to pick favorites when it comes to baking recipes, but if he had to, this carrot cake would be his #1. Its moist, delicate, and warmly spiced perfect for a celebration or anytime youre craving a sweet treat.

Banana BreadThis banana bread is on the healthy side, made with olive oil, almond flour, and whole wheat flour. Still, its totally irresistible. Whenever I have it on hand, I can never help going back for a second slice.

Yogurt Pound CakeMany traditional pound cake recipes call for sour cream, so I thought, why not yogurt? It gives this simple loaf a wonderful moist texture and lightly tangy flavor. Serve it on its own, with yogurt and fruit, or with a dollop of coconut whipped cream for a more decadent dessert.

How To Have Fun Baking With Kids This Winter: 5 Easy Kids Baking Recipes

Fun Things to Bake at Home with Bored Kids

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With the holidays quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to dig out the baking dishes and have fun baking with kids! With the days getting shorter, and us spending more time indoors these days, why not begin testing out some easy kids baking recipes, so they will be experts come Christmas time. And seeing their faces light up with sparks of excitement from experiencing the transformation from a few basic ingredients to a tasty treat is rewarding both for the kids and parents. Plus, this activity will make for some fun photo opportunities even if the photos are messy from batter splattered on aprons to fingers covered in dough and everywhere in between. You honestly werent planning on sharing these treats anyways!? But before we start creaming the butter, lets uncover some of the tactile lessons baking offers, then we will begin exploring our 5 favorite easy kids baking recipes.

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Super Fun Baking Recipes

Theres no more joyful way to spend an afternoon than baking. I do most of the cooking in our house, but baking recipes are the ones that bring Jack and me together. He might stretch a batch of pizza dough while I prep the toppings, or well work together to make a jumbo tray of cinnamon rolls to devour the next morning. If you have kids, easy baking recipes are a great way to get them into the kitchen. Let them stir together brownies and lick the spoon or decorate a batch of cookies with bright sprinkles and frosting. The process might be messy, but the results will be delicious nonetheless.

I hope these 25 easy baking recipes inspire you to set yourself a new cooking challenge, just for the fun of it, or to spend a few hours in the kitchen with someone you care about. With cookies, quick breads, bao buns, and more, youre sure to find a recipe youll love.

Cookie And Bar Baking Recipes

No Bake CookiesOk, ok, this isnt a baking recipe, strictly speaking. Still, these 7-ingredient no bakes are absolutely worth making. They have a chewy texture and an intense peanut butter chocolate flavor. What more could you want in a quick and easy treat?

Pistachio Oat SquaresThese 6-ingredient squares could pass for breakfast or dessert, which is good news, because youll want to eat them all day long. If you dont have pistachios on hand, feel free to swap them for whatever nut you do.

A Love and Lemons classic. These 7-ingredient cookies are bright, buttery, and perfect alongside a hot cup of tea.

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Almond Butter Rice Crisp Treats

A vegan twist on rice crispie squares, made with natural almond butter and brown rice syrup, is easy to put together and not quite as goopy as the marshmallow version.

Kids will feel super pleased with themselves, and because rice crips are so chewy, these might just slow them down long enough to sit.

Get the recipe by Angela Liddon of Oh She Glows

Raspberry And Cream Cheese Brownie Bites

Emma and Kate makes Cookie Monsters DIY Fun Kids baking!!!

Who doesn’t love the classic combo of chocolate and raspberry? Add some sweetened cream cheese and you have the perfect dressed-up bite-sized brownies. For little and big kids: Let them help measure, mix and fill. For a bittersweet grown-up version, use strawberry jam or orange marmalade.

Get the Recipe: Kids Can Bake: Raspberry and Cream Cheese Brownie Bites

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Every parent knows that baking with children can sometimes be a messy, time-consuming and patience-testing experience. While you might be tempted to just whip up your favorite sweets solo, we know a foolproof way to make baking fun for you and your little ones: the Food Network Kitchen app. Whether youre on the hunt for an easy recipe for tonights dessert or you just want to teach your kiddos a few new skills in the kitchen, the app has tons of easy, on-demand classes perfect for your next baking adventure. Here are a few of our favorites:

Chocolate Rice Krispie Cakes

Whip up some tasty treats with a classic childhood cereal. These cute Rice Krispie cakes are so simple to make and don’t need an oven. Just leave them to set in the fridge for an hour and then get decorating with sweets, nuts or dried fruit.

More like this

Find out more ways to use Rice Krispies in our video on how to make fridge cake

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Baked Brie With Jam And Nuts

This dish is not only insanely beautiful, but its sinfully simple to throw together.

Baking the cheese will really amp up the flavor and makes it a little too easy to eat, especially when you add those amazing extras.

The trick is to bake it with the rind on, which is absolutely edible. If you dont like the rind, you can always cut it off and wrap the whole thing in pastry or bacon.

Either way, it needs something to keep all that sensational gooey filling from oozing out.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Energy Bites

Three Fun Baking And Activity Kits For Kids Bundle By Craft &  Crumb ...

Although chocolate chips and coconut are hard to top, the base of these energy bites could lead you in all kinds of different directions.

Get creative in making different flavor combos, based on whats in your cupboards. With a bit of flaxseed in there, youll boost the omega-3 content which is important for kids.

Get the recipe by Marly of Namely Marly

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Our Top Fun And Easy Baking Recipes For Toddlers & Kids With Quick No

If youve never baked with your kids or are just looking for something simple, then these easy baking recipes for toddlers and kids are a great place to start. Weve got lots of recipes on the site to suit all occasions and level, but here youll find our really easy baking recipes for toddlers and kids. From simple biscuit recipes for kids to try themselves to easy bakes and puddings that toddlers can help you to make, there should be something here for even the youngest, newest baker!

These recipes are a great place to start if youre stuck at home on a rainy day or are looking for activities for homeschooling children or preschoolers.

Ive separated our top recipes into sections depending on what youre looking for:

Tips For Baking With Kids

  • Embrace the Mess: If you feel most calm in a tidy kitchen, set your expectations before starting. Baking with kids can be messy, but thats the fun of it.
  • Big Bowls: From experience use very large mixing bowls so theres plenty of room for stirring, pouring, splashing, etc.
  • Pre-Measure If Needed: If youre baking with more than 1 child, its likely helpful to have some ingredients pre-measured so all they have to do is pour into the mixing bowl. If youre baking with 1 child who is beginning to understand math, it might be fun to have that child help measure so theres learning involved. For example, We have 2 cups flour and 1 cup cocoa powder needed, how many cups total do you think that is?
  • Allow Enough Time: Baking takes time and baking with kids takes longer. The recipes listed below include the average time, but including children in the process may slightly extend those times. Consider it a fun journey rather than a means to an end.
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    Chocolate Cherry Nice Cream

    With just four ingredients, this is the epitome of easy recipes for kids and is so incredibly delicious! Cherries have such a rich flavor, and this will make for a supremely decadent dessert. Homemade ice cream without all the sugar and dairy is a totally healthy way to wind up the evening.

    Get the recipe by Dianne Wenz of Diannes Vegan Kitchen

    Raw Vegan Candy Apples

    Easy Recipes Kids Will Love! | Tasty Cooking Recipes For Kids

    This could make a fun choose-your-topping adventure. The vegan caramel is so easy to whip up. Then set out small plates with different toppings, and kids can create their own masterpieces. These are just as much fun to eat as they are to create!

    Get the recipe by Vanessa Croessmann of Vegan Family Recipes

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    Banana Splits In A Brownie Bowl

    When my toddlers start to get cranky or, let’s be honest, when I’m in need of a little pick-me-up I bake with them. Cookies, muffins, brownies it’s all fair game! But when toddlers are your baking partners, things can get a little . . . messy. Also, they have very short attention spans, so it’s not a good idea to commit to 20 minutes of stirring chocolate on the stove. I’ve compiled a list of the most delicious, toddler-approved, easy-to-bake recipes that you can pull out next time you have a parent-toddler baking day. Tie your apron, pull up a step stool, and get ready to discover your new favorite treat in the slides ahead.

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    SheKnows on

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    The Slightly Chewy Easy Anzac Biscuit Recipe You Need To Make Today

    ANZAC Day is almost here, which means it’s time to start making our favourite quick and easy biscuit of the year. This recipe is very close to the traditional version we all know and love, but with slightly higher amounts of coconut, golden syrup and butter, the end result is more chewy than crumbly.

    “These biscuits are a healthy version of the traditional Anzac biscuit, delicious on their own or sandwiched with ice cream,” says Phoebe Wood. Vegan ice cream sandwiches – perfectly indulgent without the guilt.

    Monterey Jack Cheese Crackers

    Fun Things to Bake at Home with Bored Kids

    Snack time just took a savory turn for the better. Kids and adults! of all ages will love these deliciously cheesy crackers. Use your kids favorite 1 in. cutter for a fun shape. Also, adjust the taste to your personal preference Colby Jack or Cheddar or any firm cheese works well with this recipe.

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    Choose An Easy Dessert Recipe

    A difficult recipe isnt the place to start when youre baking with kids. Instead, choose a pastry or dessert, like chocolate cake or an oatmeal cookie. You could also choose a simple sugar cookie recipeperfect for using cookie cutters and making shapes with the dough. You could even start them off with a kids baking set thats specially made for small hands.

    Easy Homemade Soft Pretzels

    Do you order the pretzel as a bar snack when you go out?

    Can you just taste that unique, salty, soft, warm delight right now? Then you just have to try this recipe.

    Its a yeast-based dough, which means kneading and resting/proofing.

    Theres also the extra step of boiling your pretzels in a baking soda and water mix. Its the key to their unique flavor.

    I know it sounds a little complicated, but if you do it once, youll see its pretty straightforward, and you can have a batch on the table in less than an hour.

    German chocolate cake is a super moist cake filled with heavenly coconut and pecan frosting.

    This cake incorporates all of that, plus some cheesecake swirls that just push it over the edge.

    I like to add coconut and pecan to the batter, so youll get a lovely texture inside the cake. Plus, you can always add the frosting to the top!

    If youre anything like me, then youll eat potatoes in any and every form. That being said, is there anything better than a crunchy, salty potato chip?

    Making your own is a double-edged sword.

    Theyre baked and super easy to add flavor to, but theyre also a little too easy to eat. Just be prepared for them to fly off the tray.

    Cowboy cookies perfectly incorporate everything you love about a good cookie.

    Theyre crisp on the outside, tender on the inside, and are loaded with chocolate and oats.

    Youll need both white and brown sugar for this, plus baking powder and baking soda.

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    Roasted Turkey And Basil Cream Cheese Pinwheel Sandwiches

    These colorful pinwheels can be made in the morning and kept chilled for an easy lunch or afternoon snack. For little kids: Let them wash and spin-dry the lettuce. For big kids: Let them layer the ingredients and roll up the sandwiches.

    Get the Recipe: Kids Can Make: Roasted Turkey and Basil Cream Cheese Pinwheel Sandwiches

    Baking Lessons For Kids How Does Baking Help In Child Development

    EASY NO-BAKE DESSERTS & Cute Easter/Spring Themed Lunch Ideas

    Before we start buying the ingredients, lets uncover the importance of exposing kids to baking at a young age and why this is not only a fun activity, but can be a great learning opportunity through:

    • Baking with kids showcases the power of science and reactions. This is especially true when making cakes or loaves which requires hints of baking soda and/or baking powder
    • This activity allows kids to exercise their creativity muscle whether its playing with colors when stirring up the icing or decorating a funky pattern to finish the cake
    • Easy kids baking recipes practices execution by reading a recipe, gathering the ingredients, measuring, and then following through with the correct course of action

    Lastly, baking allows children to hone in on real world skills such as developing their ownership and independence. Parents are there to support and provide guidance, but they can swoop in if there are any mishaps along the way. Kids can realize the magic of taking an array of pantry items and evolving it to something completely different. While its great to have mom serve up after school treats, its more rewarding knowing they put in the effort to enjoy this treat themselves.

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