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Top Tips: How To Mail Cookies

How to ship baked goods through the mail
  • Cool cookies thoroughly before packing.
  • Package cookie types separately so crunchy stays crunchy and soft cookies keep their moisture to themselves. Wrap bar cookies individually in plastic wrap.
  • Pack cookies in a sturdy tin or airtight container but don’t overstuff your container crowded cookies could damage each other. Likewise, don’t under-pack your container so the cookies move around too much. If you have too much space, crumple up a bit of clean tissue paper to fill the gaps. Cupcake liners are useful for keeping cookies from bumping into each other.
  • On the bottom of the container place a piece of bubble wrap or wadded tissue paper, then line the container with parchment paper or cellophane, leaving enough to tuck over the top once the container is fully packed. Place one layer of cookies in the container. Cover with a sheet of parchment paper cut out to fix the container. Arrange another layer of cookies, followed with more parchment paper, and continue this layering until the container is full. Tuck the cellophane or parchment paper over the top, then place another piece of bubble wrap or wadded tissue on top, and seal your container.
  • Seal the shipping box with heavy-duty shipping tape. Place a mailing label on the box, and you’re ready to send those treats on their way.
  • And finally, let your recipient know that cookies are on the way so the package doesn’t sit unopened for days.
  • And now, on to the kinds of cookies that are best for mailing.

    Bakery Goods To Send Or Have Delivered

    The best part about goods and treats being delivered is that our delivery services have become quite quick during the years. You can even ship frozen goods to others and theyre certain to be cold upon arrival.

    Many people ship bakery items and cakes, etc. for business purposes but you can totally ship them for fun, too!

    Im a fan of receiving anything in the mail that isnt a bill so feel free to ship me any type of pastry, bread, gourmet dessert or anything else that you fancy!

    How To Package Cakes For Shipping

    If youre wondering how to ship a cake with frosting, this is the best way to package frosted cakes for shipping:

  • Use a cake shipping box. A fitted Styrofoam mailerwill prevent the cake from jostling in transit.
  • Keep the cake cool. Remove frozen cool packs from the freezer and insert them around the cake.
  • Insert the mailer into a box. You want a mailer that fits the box perfectly and leaves no room on the sides.
  • Seal the box. Tape all its seams and smooth them down.
  • Use stickers to mark the outside of your box. Show where the top of the box is so transporters dont tip your cake upside down. Mark it as perishable and fragile.
  • Your cake is ready to be shipped. Choose overnight shipping and work with a carrier you have a good relationship with.
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    How To Ship Baked Goods

    Thanks to the e-commerce boom, selling food online is a viable business model. Shipping homemade sauce is one thing, but mailing delicate, perishable baked goods takes your food shipping business to a new level. Ensure your customers receive fresh, safe-to-consume, and intact baked goods by exercising extra precautions. Whatever type of bakery you manage, we will teach you how to ship baked goods so you can fill out-of-area orders.

    How To Ship Sliced Brownies

    7 Helpful Tips for Mailing Baked Goods in Care Packages ...

    Dont have any disposable aluminum brownie pans lying around? While you might consider buying some for the future, its not necessary. You can always bake and slice the brownies instead. To use the sliced brownie method, simply do the following:

    • Bake the brownies as normal.
    • Let them cool down entirely before slicing.
    • Slice using a plastic knife and clean the knife after each slice.
    • Store the slices individually in foil or plastic wrap.
    • Place all of the separate slices into one resealable plastic freezer bag.
    • Stick inside of a sturdy, brand new box.
    • Cushion the brownies heavily using packing material such as bubble wrap.
    • Ship and enjoy!

    While this method has a few other steps, you can rest assured that the brownies will arrive safely and undamaged from heat, humidity, or any other potential brownie-destroying elements. Not only that, but pre-sliced makes it easy for the recipient to enjoy right out of the box. Win!

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    Tips For Shipping Baked Goods

    While there is a ton of great information about shipping baked goods out there, you do need to be certain to remember three basic things.

    • Be mindful of temperatures If it needs to be cold, package it appropriately. If youre mailing desserts to someone during the summer, skip any recipes that have chocolate.
    • Secure, secure, secure You need a lot of packing material and a lot of packaging materials. Your baked goods should be inside of a container and then inside of a box. They shouldnt be moving around at all or theyll break up in the process.
    • Dont skimp on the shipping costs Its not always cheap to ship food quickly, but sometimes, its a must! You need to be certain that your baked goods arrive in a few days. The shorter, the better. Choose a delivery method and a company that you trust.

    And just in case you want to make a few treats for yourself to keep at home, check out these other dessert recipes as well!

    Address Customer Inquiries Swiftly

    Shipping issues are never fun to deal with, which is why you should have a plan in place to resolve them quickly and effectively. Although it might not be your responsibility when a package arrives late or gets damaged in transit, it is your job to make sure your customers are happy.

    Things go wrong in this world, and its not anyones fault , Hedeman explains. Ask yourself if its more important to lose a bit of money on this orderbut keep the customer for lifeor if youd rather keep their money and tell them it wasnt your fault and your hands are tied. You may keep the money, but youll lose the customer, he says. And theyll be sure to tell all their friends about the experience they had with you.

    If a delivery fails to meet your customers expectations, you should go above and beyond to course-correct. Offer a refund, reshipment, or discount on a future order to demonstrate to your customer that you take their satisfaction seriously. Then, work out the logistical issues with your shipping carrier to prevent a similar problem from happening in the future.

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    When To Ship Cookies For Holiday Delivery

    The postal system has been functioning at holiday levels since the pandemic began, and will undoubtedly ramp up as the days continue. Canada Post advises sending national packages by December 9 via Regular Parcel service and all the way up to December 21 for Priority. The safest bet is to send perishables sooner than later, and choose the fastest method that is financially sensible.

    Canada Posts new flat-rate boxes are an if it fits, it ships solution with a stress-free, set fee for packages under 5 kg. They are handled slightly faster than basic service.

    All this said, dont fret. Even if its late, however many crumbs are in the box upon arrival, and no matter if nonpareils are in disarray, the gift will be welcomed with cheer. Although the holidays might look differently than pre-pandemic times, there is pleasure in sharing, the appreciation of the giving, and comfort in the enduring taste of tradition.


    Consider Par Baking Your Bread For Shipping

    The Best Way to Mail Cookies

    Par baking stands for partially baking. To par-bake bread, bake the dough 80% of the way and then freeze the loaf. Quick freezing kills the yeasts future power and creates a stable inside without browning the crust. The customer can finish the bread by baking it for an additional 10-15 minutes when it arrives. This allows the customer to enjoy a truly fresh, perfectly browned, and warm loaf of bread.

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    Best Baked Goods To Ship

    The best baked goods to ship are sturdy and arent prone to melting. Whole baked goods stay fresher than cut baked goods, so shipping a pie vs. a slice of pie is always best. Ideally, you want to ship baked goods you can wrap individually. We provide a list of the best-baked goods to send in the mail with examples by their type below:

    • Bread – Quick bread such as banana bread, pumpkin bread, and zucchini bread does great in the mail.
    • Cakes – Unfrosted cakes such as pound cakes, bundt cakes, and coffee cakes arrive intact and fresh after shipping.
    • Pies – Fruit/nut pies like cherry, apple, blackberry, and pecan are perfect for mail-ordered sweets.
    • Cookies – Most cookies with eggs in their recipe ship well. Cookies without sticky mix-ins such as oatmeal raisin, snickerdoodle, and chocolate chip ship best.
    • Bars – Brownies, blondies, and magic bars are some of the best baked goods to ship.

    Freezing Baked Goods For Shipment

    Even if your baked goods arent naturally stiff or dense, theres another way to protect them from the inside out. Consider freezing your baked goods before shipping. This will keep them fresh and secure before handing them off to the post office.

    Depending on the shape of your treat, you can wrap your goods in plastic wrap or a Ziploc bag before freezing. It might seem a bit abnormal, but theres no need to pack the goods with an ice pack: let them defrost as they travel to your loved one.

    When it comes to homemade cookies, freezing them ahead of time can give you more creative control over your cookie presentation. Place cookies as you would on a plate or tray. Then freeze them to the plate and cover tightly with plastic wrap.

    In transit, your cookies will slowly defrost but remain in place. This will allow your cookies to be just about table-ready once they arrive, without having too much moisture being released to cause leakage.

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    How To Choose The Right Shipping Container And Packing Materials

    Once your cookies are baked and cooled, its important to carefully package them. Weve found that wrapping cookies in plastic wrap works the best for preserving, but small resealable bags will also do the trick. Line the bottom of a durable, rigid box or cookie tin with cushioning material , then place larger and heavier cookies on the bottom, and smaller cookies on top. You can also add a layer of parchment paper or wax paper between each cookie for additional protection.

    Ship Baked Goods At The Beginning Of The Week

    17 Best Baked Goods That Are Simple and Easy to Ship

    The best time to ship baked goods is early in the week. Sweets shipped on Fridays often get stuck in sorting facilities over the weekend. The odds of delays go up later in the week, increasing the chances that your customers will receive stale, or worse, sweets that have fallen into the food safety temperature danger zone.

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    How To Ship Cookies

    Given their hearty nature, cookies are one of the best baked goods to ship. They transport so well, ghost kitchen entrepreneurs have created entire concepts around cookies. Household name Mariah Carey even has a virtual brand, Mariah’s Cookies. However, some cookies ship better than others. Cookies with eggs in their recipe are sturdier than their eggless counterparts , making them better candidates for shipping orders. We explain the ins and outs of how to ship cookies below:

    How To Pack Cookies For Shipping

    Once youve baked your cookies, its time to get them ready to go. Your packaging needs to do a few things: Protect the cookies, keep them fresh, contain crumbs, and look pretty enough to feel like a gift. Before you start sorting and sealing, keep these rules in mind.

    A note about sending sugar cookies: Tis the season for baking and decorating sugar cookies, but youre better off saving those delicate cut-outs for Santa than sticking them in the mail. If sugar cookies are your signature sweet to send, choose smaller, less intricate shapes and leave them plain or decorate them with melted chocolate and sprinkles instead of royal icing. Royal icing, the classic sugar cookie frosting, has a lot of moisture that makes the cookies more tender, even when the frosting is completely dry.

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    Cool Your Baked Goods Completely

    If you stick steamy cookies in bags or boxes youll end up with soggy cookies, so be sure that your treats are totally cool before packing. You can even go a step further and freeze dense baked goods, like chewy cookies and loaves of pound cake. Freezing can give you extra insurance because the desserts will be nice and firm when you pack them. Its also a great way to preserve your treats if youre not mailing them right away.

    For Cookies And Baked Goods Over 1 Pound Priority Mail Cubic Is The Best Option

    How to Package and Ship Baked Goods

    If the total weight of your package exceeds 1 pound , then the cheapest option is USPS Priority Mail Cubic. Similar to First Class Package and other Priority Mail services, delivery occurs between 1-3 business days. In addition, Priority Mail Cubic comes with $100 of built-in insurance.

    The cool thing about Priority Mail Cubic is that its prices are based on your packages outer dimensions, and not its total weight. That means that you can load your boxes up with as many cookies and baked goods as you can fit to maximize your margins! As long as it doesnt exceed 20 pounds the total volume stays under 0.5 cubic feet, the price wont change.

    Pro Tip: Priority Mail Cubic rewards smaller packages with higher levels of savings. So, the smaller your packaging is, the more money youll keep in your pocket!

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    Mailing Baked Goods Doesnt Have To Be Complicated

    • Cakes: Carrot cake, pound cake, and fruitcakes
    • Candy: peanut brittle, rock candy.
    • Wrapping cookies- Cookies can be placed back to back and wrapped securely in plastic wrap. Place a piece of wax paper in between the cookies to prevent sticking. Place each cookie pair in a separate plastic bag. Nestle the cookies securely in a container, ensuring they can not move around if shook. If the cookies are decorated wrap them individually.
    • Wrapping bars and candy- Bars and candy are best shipped in containers, used wax paper to separate the layers. A decorative tin container works well and will keep them protected.
    • Wrapping quick breads and cake- Wrap each slice in plastic wrap and place into a container. Make sure that they can not shift around if moved.

    Tips To Mail Cookies And Other Baked Goods

    So today, were taking a look at some top tips to mail cookies and other baked goods. We all need a bit of comfort and love these days. Sending a loved one a batch of your favorite cookies is sure to send the message this holiday season.

    The Best Baked Goods to Send via Mail

    Almost every cookie can be shipped successfully with enough planning. But theres no denying that some cookie types are sturdier than others. Here are a few types of cookies that are great options for packaging and shipping.

    Dense, Chewy Cookies

    These will dry out if not eaten quickly. So its best to let your loved one know that they should consume these within a week if possible. And be sure to use air-tight containers or cookie tins to keep the moisture in and the air out.

    Either inside their original baking tray or packed closely together. Cupcake boxes with inserts can also offer additional security to your goods.

    Cupcakes and Dense Cake

    When packing your baked goods for transit, keep in mind that travel is, well, rough. Pack cookies tightly side by side in a sealed container, then place that container in a larger box for shipping.

    Packing Baked Goods for the Mail

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    Think Strategically About How And To When Ship

    If you are doing weekend baking, the best time to ship is Monday or earlier in the week. Dont want to wait until late Friday night to drop off your package because there is a chance it will sit in the sorting facility over the weekend. Shipping can be costly, especially when it is expedited, but the best shipping option for perishable goods is overnight-air, next-day-air, or two-day-air. Its recommended that you pack all your goodies in a brand new box thats sealed with packing tape instead of duct tape or masking tape. Even though surprises are always great, its not the worst idea to alert the people you are shipping the baked goodies to, so they can look out for the package.

    How To Ship Bread

    5 Tips for Sending Baked Goods Overseas

    Homemade bread is time-consuming to make but oh so delicious. Many would rather order bread from a premium bakery than try to make it themselves. However, not all loaves of bread ship as well as others. The best type of bread to ship is quick bread leavened with baking powder or soda such as pumpkin, zucchini, and banana bread. Unyeasted, “quick bread” is heartier and has a longer shelf life than yeast-risen dough. Your next best choice is bread leavened with sourdough. Yeast leavened bread has the shortest shelf life and is the most fickle, making it the most challenging type of bread to ship.

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