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“This is a simple and creamy basic mac and cheese!” says Allrecipes Allstar Christina. “I used light Velveeta and 2 percent milk with great results. Very easy to put together, and a nice recipe to customize to your own tastes.”

“For a simple macaroni and cheese recipe as the title suggests, this recipe was fabulous!” says reviewer Karli F. “I’m throwing out my box macaroni!”

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Tips For The Best Mac And Cheese Recipe

  • Boil the noodles in very well-salted water. The salt in the water seasons the noodles, adding flavor to the dish.
  • Cook the pasta just until its al dente almost tender, but still firm to the bite. You dont want to completely cook the noodles until theyre tender, because they will continue baking in the oven.
  • Allow the cheese, milk, and half-and-half to come to room temperature before adding them to the recipe. They will blend together smoothly if theyre not cold.
  • Start with blocks of cheddar cheese that you grate yourself at home, rather than using bags of pre-shredded cheese from the store. The pre-shredded cheese includes stabilizers and other ingredients to prevent the cheese from clumping, which inhibits its ability to melt smoothly into the dish.
  • If you prefer a crispier, darker brown top on your mac and cheese, place the dish under the broiler during the final few minutes of baking. Just be sure to keep a close eye on it so that the top doesnt burn.
  • Cooking for a smaller family? Cut all of the ingredients in half and bake the casserole in an 8-inch square casserole dish.

Can I Make Kraft Dinner Without Milk

Can I Make Kraft Macaroni And Cheese Without Milk Or Butter? If you want to skip dairy altogether, you would have to use artificial cheese or a natural, vegan cheese substitute. If you just want to make it without milk or butter, you can use more water. The problem with that is it wont have a very creamy consistency.

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Cheese Sauce Tips & Tricks

  • After adding your liquid to the roux, keep whisking and cooking over medium heat until its thickened. Youre going for the consistency of a thin gravy. It should coat the back of your spoon.
  • Use blocks of cheese and grate them yourself. Pre-shredded cheese has added starches which doesnt make for the creamiest cheese sauce.
  • Remove your pan from the heat before you add the cheese. Cooking the cheese in the sauce can make for a grainy sauce.

Combine: When the cheese sauce is ready, stir in your cooked macaroni and mix well to coat the pasta in all that glorious cheese!

Go ahead and give your mac and cheese a little taste. Season with extra salt and pepper, if you think it needs it.

Layer: This macaroni and cheese casserole isnt called Million Dollar Mac for no reason were going to really take it over the top now!

Pour melted butter into the bottom of a 2 quart baking dish and then spoon half of the macaroni and cheese mixture into the dish.

Next spread the sour cream over the top of the macaroni and then sprinkle on the Havarti and gruyere cheeses!

Spoon the remainder of the macaroni and cheese over the top.

This method creates the ultimate cheesy layer in the center. Its absolutely divine!

Finally, youll make the tasty Panko topping in the next step. Dont skip it!

Topping: Since this is a baked mac and cheese, were going to top things off with a little Panko for some crunch.

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Include Vegetables For A Nutritous Crunch

Baked Mac and Cheese Recipe: How to Make It

The addition of vegetables to cooked mac and cheese will bring both a satiating boost and a pleasant textural crunch to the dish.

“My favorite way to upgrade boxed mac and cheese is to add vegetables to make it a more nutritious option and to add fiber, which will make the dish more filling overall. This also allows you to clear out your vegetable crisper to reduce food waste,” says recipe developer Taylor Stinson of The Girl on Bloor.

Stinson recommends broccoli for mac and cheese purposes, but summer or winter squash, cauliflower, bell peppers, and peas also make excellent additions.

Quick Tip: To give your boxed mac and cheese some added protein, stir in cooked chicken, ground beef, tofu, plant-based meat, or greek yogurt.

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Best Cheese For Baked Mac And Cheese

Dont be scared when using cheese for this recipe. I used three types of cheeses to grace every noodle of this dish. For the best flavor, I highly recommend adding a sharp cheddar to your baked mac and cheese. Just a warning though, dont use the pre-shredded bagged cheese as it has preservatives that make it drier compared to fresh-grated cheese.

Sharp cheddar cheese, mozzarella, jack cheese, are my top fave. Or you can also use pepper jack cheese, gouda, fontina, and Gruyere.

How Do You Keep Mac And Cheese Creamy

Making mac and cheese creamy is all about using the right ingredients and techniques. Here are four tips to make your sauce delicious and creamy:

  • Use low-fat milk or cream for your mac and cheese. This will help keep it creamy.
  • Use a slow cooker to make your mac and cheese even more creamy.
  • Add diced onion, coungery meat, or other diced vegetables to your mac and cheese recipe for a Gazette of Cheesey goodness.
  • Serve your macaroni and cheese with a dollop of sour cream on top for extra enjoyability!
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    Ways To Dress Up Boxed Mac And Cheese

    • Add sautéed onions, garlic, broccoli, and spinach to the mac and cheese to get your daily servings of veg.
    • Add chopped pastrami to the mac and cheese, lay swiss cheese on top, and use rye bread for your topping for a Reuben mac and cheeseheck, I think Id even drizzle some Russian dressing on the top after I took it out of the oven!
    • Add chopped tomato to the mac and cheese, crumble feta on top, and use pita bread or chips for your topping to make a Greek-style mac and cheese.
    • Add leftover sliced steak and fried onions and peppers to your mac and cheese, top with provolone, and use hoagie rolls for your topping to make Philly cheesesteak mac and cheese. Dont forget the ketchup and hot sauce to dip bites into.

    Storing And Reheating Mac And Cheese

    How To Make Creamy Baked Boxed Mac & Cheese

    There is no easy way to tell you this: This particular baked macaroni and cheese will not reheat to its previous glory. Which doesnt mean it isnt good it’s just different.

    You can reheat it in the oven to re-crisp the breadcrumb topping, but the mac and cheese part wont be as creamy as it was when you first made it.

    Keep mac and cheese covered in your fridge, and microwave the leftovers for up to a week.

    Alison Bickel

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    Three Cheese Stovetop Mac And Cheese

    Ive had a new mac and cheese on my recipe plan for awhile. My baked macaroni and cheese is my most requested recipe and cooler weather is a great time to throw this super creamy three cheese stovetop mac and cheese version out there.

    This one is just as tasty, but doesnt require baking. Just whip up the cheese sauce and mix in cooked pasta. Easy as that.

    Can I Freeze Macaroni And Cheese

    I get asked that a lot and my answer is always no. As the pasta and cheese sauce sit, it will thicken and when you thaw it and bake it, the creamy consistency is just gone. Its thick and gloppy. Plus if you freeze it and its still a bit warm, water crystals will form and then thaw into your dish and could make it separate when you bake it. Besides, its so fast to make, theres not really a reason to freeze your macaroni and cheese.

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    How To Make A Baked Mac And Cheese Recipe

    This homemade mac and cheese is an ideal side dish that you can prep ahead for special holidays like Thanksgiving or for large family suppers. Assemble it in advance and keep it in the fridge for a couple of days! You can also serve the mac and cheese as a main course for dinner. Throw in some shredded chicken or diced ham, add veggies like steamed broccoli or frozen peas, and youve got a delicious and satisfying meal in one pan. The simple, old-fashioned combination of pasta and cheese is always crowd-pleasing!

  • Boil Macaroni. Cook the noodles in salted boiling water just until barely al dente, according to package directions. Drain and drizzle with a small amount of olive oil to prevent sticking.
  • Make Cheese Sauce. While the pasta cooks, make the roux and béchamel sauce in a Dutch oven or large saucepan with butter, flour, milk, and half-and-half. Whisk in the Worcestershire sauce, cheeses, and seasoning.
  • Add Noodles to Sauce. Stir in the cooked macaroni until all of the noodles are coated in the creamy sauce.
  • Bake. Pour the mixture into a 9 x 13-inch baking dish. Sprinkle grated cheese on top. Bake in a 325°F oven for about 15 minutes. The dish is ready when the cheese is melted on top and the inside is hot and bubbly.
  • Easy Baked Macaroni And Cheese Recipe

    Velveeta Mac &  Cheese

    This Easy Baked Macaroni and Cheese Recipe will quickly become a family favorite! Bonus…you don’t even have to boil the noodles first!

    Friends, this baked mac and cheese has been our family go to for years. We first had it at a BBQ years ago, and we’ve been making it ever since. For years, we called it Uncle Bill’s baked mac and cheese because we were originally told that the recipe was Matt’s Uncle Bill’s. Then a few years ago, we learned that it was Aunt Missy’s recipe. At least that’s what we think…whoever’s recipe it is, it’s our favorite. When we go to a cookout or pot luck, this is what I am always asked to bring…by both kids and adults! The best part…you don’t have to boil the macaroni first, and it only takes a few ingredients. Put it all together in a dish and pop it in the overn, and you are done! Without further adieu, her is Uncle Bill’s, Aunt Missy’s Baked Macaroni and Cheese!

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    How To Make Mac And Cheese

    If youve never made homemade mac and cheese before, it can seem a bit daunting. But dont worry, well break it down and take it step by step!

    • Boil the pasta, drain.
    • Make the cheese sauce by combining a fat , and starch , then whisking in the milk products.
    • Cook the sauce until its nice and thick.
    • Add in shredded cheeses, stir well.
    • Combine cheese sauce with cooked pasta.
    • Transfer half of the mac and cheese to a baking dish, sprinkle with more shredded cheese.
    • Top with the rest of the mac and cheese, top with more shredded cheese.
    • Bake and prepare to thoroughly enjoy!

    How Much Do I Love Kraft Mac And Cheese

    I loveKraft Mac and Cheese . I will eat it hot, cold, leftover, for breakfast, and even massively expired, apparently:

    And although it will taste fine if you just follow the instructions on the blue box, I always use four simple tricks to make it so much creamier and even more delicious! Trust me, once I show you how to make box Mac and Cheese better, you wont want to go back to the box instructions.

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    How To Make Box Mac And Cheese Better

    This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy.

    We are obsessed with box mac and cheese . Have you ever wondered how to make box mac and cheese better? This is our go-to way to make box mac and cheese. Its so creamy and flavorful youll never go back to the boring way!

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    What Is Mac & Cheese

    Quick and Easy Baked Mac and Cheese | Kraft Dinner | Box Method

    Mac and cheese is a classic American food. Its made with a mixture of different cheeses, including mozzarella, cheddar, and pepper jack, and a variety of other ingredients. Some restaurants also include a meat like nuggets or bacon as well. However, there are different types of mac and cheese that are made with different types of cheese. This includes the mac and cheese that comes in a box or tub. This is typically a product of Kraft. This type of mac and cheese is made with a variety of cheeses, including cheddar and pepper jack. The other type of mac and cheese are those that come in a box. This includes other types of food, like meatloaf or lasagna. This is typically made with mozzarella and pepper jack cheese. Mac and cheese can be good for you if youre watching your carbs or if youre eating low-carb. However, mac and cheese can be high in sodium if youre not careful.

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    Simple Ways To Take Your Mac To The Next Level

    If you want to prepare next level mac and cheese, its easiest to start with the box and doctor it up from there. Create your own cheese sauce or buy a jarred cheese sauce such as Ragu Classic Alfredo sauce.

    Macaroni refers to the shape of the noodle, so if youd like to mix it up, you can use shells, elbow macaroni or even penne. The macaroni shape holds the cheese sauce well, which is why its a classic paring, but feel free to mix it up as you see fit!

    You can also bake mac and cheese. The simplest method is to prepare a box variety, add pre-seasoned breadcrumbs, extra cheese and simply broil for a few minutes until melted. If you DIY your own cheese sauce, then pre-boil the noodles until theyre nearly done, before adding to a casserole dish and baking. While real baked mac and cheese is awesome and yummy, it does take longer to prepare .

    The best way to take your basic mac and cheese recipe to the next level is simply add-in additional ingredients to make it even better. Its simple, fast and will take your meal from basic and boring to delicious.

    What Does Putting An Egg In Mac And Cheese Do

    When making macaroni and cheese, it is important to follow the proper recipe instructions. However, there are a few Variations that can be made to make this dish even better. One Variation is to put an egg in the Mac and Cheese. This will make the dish creamy and flavorful. Another variation is to add green onions into the Mac and Cheese before serving. These additions will give the dish a more delicate flavor and look.

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    Krafts Classic Mac & Cheese Is The Best Boxed Mac & Cheese

    The best boxed mac and cheese is Krafts classic mac and cheese, which is no surprise. This recipe is not only extremely affordable, but it also provides an ideal ratio of cheese sauce to noodles, resulting in a creamy and delicious dish. Adding a tablespoon or two of cream cheese to the sauce can make your mac and cheese even better. If you want to try Gordon Ramsays recipe for a truly unique and delicious boxed mac and cheese, please do so.

    How Can I Dress Up My Macaroni And Cheese

    Classic Baked Macaroni and Cheese Recipe

    This baked macaroni and cheese may be the most versatile dish ever.

    Add in some red pepper for kick, any cheeses you like , add veggies like broccoli and chopped chicken and its a one-dish meal even.

    Or BACON. Hello. Yeah. Make some garlic bread crumbs for the top if you want some crunch and throw those on. Its really endless.

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    Do You Need To Bake Mac And Cheese

    Creamy mac and cheese recipes that start with a roux-based sauce , do not need to be baked before serving. A creamy stovetop mac and cheese recipe is designed to go straight from the pot to the plate no oven necessary. You could also serve this mac and cheese without baking it will just be really saucy. By contrast, Southern-style mac and cheese recipes must be baked in order to cook the egg and help the dish set.

    Add Actual Cheeseor American Cheese

    One need only look to pizza to understand how something already made with cheese benefits from extra cheese. Improve both the taste and texture of boxed mac and cheese by adding some actual cheese to the mix: Mozzarella makes it stretchy, gruyere adds sweet and savory notes, cheddar keeps it classic, and even parmesan adds depth and additional saltiness. Or franklyeven though it doesnt qualify as actual cheesea couple of slices of American cheese does wonders for instant ramen noodles, so why not for mac and cheese?

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    How Bad Is Velveeta Shells And Cheese

    Velveeta Shells & Cheese

    Dont let Velveeta fool youwhile this mac and cheese is made with a packet of cheese sauce, its not necessarily healthy by any means. From the 12 grams of fat and the ridiculously high amount of sodium, its best to leave this liquid gold on the shelf. Keep in mind this is just one serving!

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