How To Ship Baked Goods And Keep Them Fresh

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What Happens If You Ship Alcohol Usps

How to ship baked goods through the mail

USPS does not allow for the mailing or shipment of alcohol, domestically or internationally. On top of this, if you are using packaging that was once used to carry alcohol, any and all labeling or branding that shows it could carry alcohol should be covered, or else your package can be denied shipment.

Let The Recipient Know A Package Is Coming

While a surprise box of cookies would brighten anyones day, its better to give your customer a heads up when their baked goods are near. Help your customer out by keeping them up to date on the status of their sweet treats with a tracking number. This can help them keep an eye out for any packages, and get goodies into the fridge as soon as possible after delivery.

With these tips at the ready, youll be sending off your tasty treats in no time! What types of treats are you shipping to your customers? Let us know! Tag us on social media with #MyPaperMart. If you were interested in other affordable packaging for your baked goods, check out our website or reach out to us about your packaging needs.

Make Sure There Are No Restrictions Around Sending Food Through A Carrier

Major carriers allow for baked goods to be shipped rather easily throughout the United States.

Depending on where youre sending your package, you might be required to declare baked goods before shipping them off. Shipping cookies internationally requires customs forms, taxes, and duties. If youre sending cookies abroad, be sure the ingredients are compliant with local regulations and ordinances.

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Can You Send Homemade Baked Goods In The Mail

You can ship baked goods. If packaged well and sent via priority mail or overnight shipping, most baked goods will keep their freshness and form. It is best to freeze baked goods before shipping them. Sturdy items such as quick bread, unfrosted cakes, fruit/nut pies, cookies, and bars are the best-baked goods to ship.

Consider Freezing Before Shipping

17 Best Baked Goods That Are Simple and Easy to Ship

Hedeman is a big proponent of freezing, both as a way to protect the baked good by making it harder and more solid, and to help it stay fresh en route. He recommends enfolding the treat tightly in plastic wrap or a ziploc bag before freezing. For cookies, he says, you could even wrap them on a plate with plastic, and then freeze them in the arrangement youd like them to present in.

If going the frozen route, you dont need an insulated shipping container, says Hedeman just keep the cookies or baked goods in their plastic packaging and let them defrost as they travel. There might be some moisture due to the defrosting, but not so much that the package leaks, which would go against USPS rules. Still, just to be safe, Hedeman advises against using water-soluble packaging materials like biodegradable packing peanuts.

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Can I Mail Cookies

Yes, you can mail cookies! You can mail them via USPS, Fedex and UPS and, depending on how fast you want them to arrive, you can choose expedited shipping. You want your cookies to arrive fresh so I recommend using, at a maximum, three to four-day shipping depending on the kind of cookie youre sending.

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Packing Baked Goods For The Mail

When packing your baked goods for transit, keep in mind that travel is, well, rough. Pack cookies tightly side by side in a sealed container, then place that container in a larger box for shipping. If theres a significant size difference between your containers, try to cushion your package inside its shipping box. Use cushioning or padding or any other packing materials you might have.

If youre a perpetual baker like us, you might want to grab a roll of perishable and/or fragileshipping stickers for any baked goods you intend to mail. While these may mean the same thing to a delivery person, the perishable sticker is especially helpful for your recipient. It lets them know their sweet treats have arrived, and its a good idea to open the box right away.

I love to hoard packages during the gift-giving season. But a perishable sticker is an immediate call out to open something right away. Hopefully that will save anyone from sadly perished cookies.

Tips For Shipping Baked Goods For The Holidays

How to Package and Ship Baked Goods
  • Things that ship well: baked quick breads, fudge, flavored popcorn, cookies that stay fresh.
  • Wrap each type of cookie or baked good separately. Do not mix cookies etc. so that flavors do not mingle.
  • Choose cookies and baked goods that will stay fresh for at least 5 days in an airtight container. To ship cookies, use gallon size ziplock bags to pack up. Can place a sheet of cardboard in with the cookies to keep them on a flat surface.
  • Place parchment or waxed paper between any layers of cookies or baked goods.
  • For breads or muffins, wrap loaf or muffins individually in plastic wrap. It makes a really cute and complete gift to put a wrapped loaf or muffins back into a baking pan and ship the whole thing. Cute gift plus it helps keep the soft breads from getting squished during shipping.
  • The key to successfully shipping baked goods is to pack them tightly. Put a layer of packaging under your packed baked goods. Tuck packing peanuts or packing materials tightly around all sides and then over the top of the baked goods so that theyre surrounded completely by packing material. You want as little wiggle room as possible. When they wiggle, they crumble and we dont want that.
  • Think of including cute tags or a copy of the recipe.
  • Could package baked sugar cookies along with some frosting and sprinkles for kids to receive a cookie decorating kit.
  • Most craft stores and even grocery stores have decorative tins and containers for sale during the holidays.
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    How To Ship A Cake

    Unfrosted cakes, coffee cakes, Bundt cakes, and pound cakes are the best candidates for shipping. These cakes freeze and defrost well, so shipping them frozen is a great way to preserve product freshness. Frosted cakes are harder to ship than other baked goods, but it is possible with the right tools and techniques.

    How To Ship Cookies Usps

    As the largest shipping service in the United States, the USPS has plenty of experience carrying cookies. Their premade boxes and simple shipping and handling make it easy to get started as a small business.

    Hereâs what to be aware of when learning how to ship cookies USPS:

    • Choose the right USPS box. You can pick from Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, a First Class box, or Retail Ground. Each shipping service comes with different box sizes and weight limits. In most cases, a First Class package or Priority Mail will suit cookie shipping needs. Just make sure that youâre matching the box type to the service you selected otherwise, USPS will delay your shipment and charge you the difference.
    • Find the post office or USPS drop box closest to you. USPS has millions of drop boxes throughout the country, making it easy to drop packages on the go. Alternatively, you can go to a USPS office, especially if you need help with several packages. Be advised that USPS wait times tend to be extensive, especially during afternoons and weekends.
    • Send your cookies to your customers. Once all of the above steps are complete, you can drop your shipments off! Pat yourself on the back knowing that you made the effort to ship your goods in top condition.

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    How To Ship Banana Bread

    We explain how to wrap, package, and ship banana bread. You can use this method for other moist, quick loaves such as pumpkin, zucchini, and glazed lemon bread.

  • Lay plastic wrap on a flat surface. You can use a baking sheet, cutting board, or cleared countertop.
  • Place the loaf on top of the plastic wrap. Leave enough plastic wrap on the left-hand side to fold over the banana bread.
  • Cut a piece of wax paper the size of your loaf. Lay it on top of your bread to preserve its moisture.
  • Wrap the banana bread in your sheet of plastic wrap. Fold the plastic wrap to the left of your banana bread over the loaf. Then, roll the bread down the length of the plastic wrap. Tuck the plastic wrap at the top and bottom of your loaf into the roll as you turn the bread.
  • Freeze the banana bread. Freezing the banana bread before shipping will help keep it fresh.
  • Lay down a sheet of aluminum foil. Not only will aluminum foil protect your loaf, but it will also shield your banana bread from flavor-altering odors.
  • Remove the banana bread from the freezer and place it on the foil. Place the foil on the left side of the banana bread over it, then roll your loaf in the aluminum foil, tucking the top and bottom pieces of foil into your roll as you go.
  • Place your loaf in a sturdy bakery box, tin, or container. Choose a container that fits your loaf snugly. Add packing materials to any empty spaces.
  • How To Pack Up Baked Goods For Shipping By Mail

    How to Keep Pastries Fresh

    Doubling up on packaging is essential. First, the box to hold the baking. Bakery boxes work, of course, however Tupperware or metal tins are preferable for airtight seals and reusable options. Choose appropriately sized containers to hold everything close. If there is headspace, fill with bubble wrap, balled up plastic wrap or parchment paper, so nothing tumbles if inverted. If you are concealing the interior contents with festive paper, make sure to include an open now tag so the recipient doesnt hesitate to unwrap.

    Place the container inside a slightly larger shipping box. Stuff the surrounding gap with crumpled recyclable paper, scrap fabric, or an additional gifta scarf, gloves or rolled socks. When you think all is set, give the box a light shake, understanding the mailing process might not be as gentle. If nothing shifts with the movement, youre good to go.

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    Can I Send Perishables In The Mail

    Perishable items can be sent by USPS as long as special precautions are taken when packing the shipment. Keep in mind, the USPS defines perishable mail as being sent at your own risk. No matter where your item falls under the perishable category, its packaging must meet the outlined requirements.

    How To Ship Baked Goods So They Stay Fresh

    But seriously, who wants food that just isnt good or fresh? The last thing that you want is to have stale cookies, bread, or other dessert items.

    However, if youre careless in your packaging and care, this is exactly what is going to happen. Instead of spending time baking food that is just going to go to waste, package your food carefully for shipping so that its certain to arrive on time and tasting like it was just freshly baked.

    These Peanut Butter Cup Brownies would be the perfect baked good to ship!

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    Tips For Shipping Baked Goods

    There are just a few major points to keep in mind when youre preparing to mail baked goods from your home or business to somewhere else.

    • You can never overpack with stuffing The more tightly your baked good is inside the box, the mess it will move and break around. Add in some tissue paper or kleenex to make the food items as tight as possible in the shipping container.
    • Take the top of the container holding the food Just as an extra layer of security, tape on the lid so that it stays put just in case it somehow tries to pop off during the process.
    • Dont forget to add a handwritten note! Just to show a little labor of love, add in a handwritten note to really put the cherry on the cake!

    See how simple it can be to ship baked goods? All you need to do is follow these simple steps to have your yummy food delivered without worry!

    Ensure Cold Items Are Kept Cold

    How To Safely Pack & Ship Baked Goods | Postal Bakes | Posting Cupcakes | Brownies | Cakes | Cookies

    Some desserts or baked goods might need to be shipped and kept cold, so youre going to want to buy insulated storage bags or even ice packs that will last and have them included in the shipping container. Youll also need to be certain to choose a faster method of shipping so that your item will arrive while its still cold.

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    The Cheapest Way To Ship Baked Goods

    In most cases, USPS is the cheapest way to ship baked goods. We break down the cheapest ways to ship baked goods using USPS below.

    • Packages Under One Pound – USPS First-Class Package Service is the cheapest shipping option for packages that weigh less than 1 lb. . This service will deliver packages between 1 and 3 business days. Depending on where youre shipping to, it may only cost $3 or $4 per package. However, First Class Package doesnt provide USPS insurance, so we recommend purchasing shipping insurance in case something goes wrong.
    • Packages Over One Pound – USPS Priority Mail Cubic prices shipping fees based on a packages outer dimensions, not its total weight. This allows you to ship fully loaded packages for the same price as lightly loaded packages. USPS Priority Mail Cubic offers 1-3 business day delivery and comes with insurance up to $100. The fine print: the packages total weight must not exceed 20 pounds and its total volume must be under 0.5 cubic feet.

    What Happens If You Decline Cookies

    What happens if you dont accept cookies? The potential problem with refusing to accept cookies is that some website owners may not allow you to use their websites if you dont accept their cookies. Another downside is that without acceptance, you may not receive the full user experience on certain websites.

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    Lower Refined Sugar Levels

    We all know baked goods are loaded with sugar, hence why we avoid them as much as possible. But thereâs always that time when PMS strikes or youâre at an event with a sumptuous spread of irresistible desserts! If youâre trying to indulge in a healthier dessert, consider making baked goods from scratch. There are a million websites you can find that offer fruit-based ways to cut unneeded and refined sugar from your baked goods, ultimately leaving you with a much healthier treat!

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    Can You Ship Baked Goods Internationally

    How to keep baked goods moist...placed a ripped piece of ...

    If youre asking yourself, How do I ship baked goods internationally for Mothers Day, then youve come to the right place. All the above couriers – USPS, UPS, and FedEx, will get your goods to international destinations across the world, including Canada, the EU, and Asia. You can even use USPS to send baked goods to military destinations.

    The US only allows the shipping of baked goods if they are going from one individual to another. It must be marked as a gift on the customs form. So, if youre shipping to a relative in the US from Canada, do keep that in mind.

    Some countries dont allow home-baked food items to be shipped at all. Australia, for example, only allows commercially-made and packaged goods with no raw parts through its mail service. Make sure you check that in advance. You may also need to consider taxes and duties if youre shipping cookies internationally. Dont forget, youll also need to fill out customs forms. Easyship can help you with this by automatically generating these for your shipments.

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    What Is The Best Way To Mail Cookies

    Mailing cookies successfully is the result of quality packaging, fast shipping speed, and giving customers flexibility with add-ons. If youâve packed your cookies well enough such that they wonât break and youâre sending them out soon after orders are received, thatâs 80-90% of whatâs necessary.

    Each cookie should also be individually wrapped or placed in a cellophane sleeve. This keeps cookies fresh, lessens the chance of breakage, and ensures they last as long as possible. If you donât have cellophane sleeves fitted to size yet, research how much they cost. Itâs faster and simpler to drop cookies into sleeves than it is individually wrapping each one.

    How Do I Ship Baked Goods To Canada Post

    Once you have packed your airtight container, place your cookies inside another container that leaves 2-3 inches of space for more padding. Wrap your cookie container with bubble wrap, or stuff scrunched up newspaper or foam peanuts on all sides of the cookie container.

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