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Miles Very Own Butterflake Rolls

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Looking for the flakiest and most buttery dinner roll around? We have it!!! This signature roll can be found year round in our bakery but is especially popular around the holiday. Baked fresh in house our signature butterflake rolls are made from layers and layers of dough and butter that are put into our ovens until they are a beautiful golden brown crisp on the outside and soft and flaky in the center. Youll never go back to a basic dinner roll once you have these!!!

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Shiplap Or Other Wood Wall Accents

Of course, no discussion on farmhouse style would be complete without mentioning shiplap. Of course, true shiplap is a type of wooden board used commonly as exterior siding in the construction of residences, barns, sheds, and outbuildings or a rough-sawn pine paneling often used in barns and historic homes . But most of us arent so lucky as to live in old or historic homes that have true shiplap hiding beneath the drywall, so we have to fake it with simple horizontal planking. Weve shiplapped a few walls in our homes, including a bathroom with pine tongue and groove planking and a kitchen and laundry room with cheap plywood cut into strips.

A Bakery Like Your Grandmothers Kitchen

The minute you walk into Miles Farmers Market you may pick up on the wonderful scent of fresh baked warm cookies, hot-out-of-the-oven bread, and rich pastries.

Along with our famous Jumbo 1 1/2 lb. Italian and Rye breads, we have over 20 varieties of Artisan Breads, and our famous homemade Pepperoni Breads, Chop Block Breads, Rolls and Sweet Breads.

Come try one of our fresh baked fruit pies. We have several assortments of Apple pie, Peach pie and 20+ more Fruit, Cream and No Sugar Added Pies to choose from, plus our famous Fruits of the Forest Pie .

Our cake case houses a selection of Specialty, Layer Cakes, Tortes and Cheesecakes, with this being just a small sampling. Plus, our expert cake designers can create a spectacular cake for any occasion. We also decorate cupcakes, baby cakes and giant cookies. We bake our signature cookies around the clock, with our muffins that come in 14 flavors, stuffed cookies and our famous Chinese cookies. Our bakers long time recipes of Russian tea biscuits, bear claws, assorted Danishes and nut & cinnamon rolls are a real treat!

Along with our famous Jumbo 1 1/2 lb. Italian and Rye breads, we have over 20 varieties of Artisan Breads, and our famous homemade Pepperoni Breads, Chop Block Breads, Rolls and Sweet Breads.

Come try one of our fresh baked fruit pies. We have several assortments of Apple pie, Peach pie and 20+ more Fruit, Cream and No Sugar Added Pies to choose from, plus our famous Fruits of the Forest Pie .

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Freshly Baked Pies Sign

Apply Vinyl Design To Glass

" Fresh Baked Pies"  Autumn Sign for Fall

Once youve uploaded and cut out your design, you will need to weed away all the vinyl you dont want included in your design.

Then, cut out a piece of vinyl transfer tape that is 8×10 and lay down over the top of your weeded design . Use the scraper tool to smooth out the transfer tape and to help it adhere to your vinyl design.

Now its time to apply the vinyl design to the back of your glass. Carefully align the design over the glass without touching the glass. Once you have it perfectly aligned, lower the vinyl design onto the back of the glass working from the middle outwards.

Use the scraper at an angle to smooth out the design and to get a good adhesion to the glass.

Slowly remove the transfer tape from the glass and vinyl design.

Apply hot glue to each corner of the back of the frame.

Lay the glass inside the back of the frame and apply some pressure to each corner. Be sure the glass side is down and the vinyl side is facing you.

OPTIONAL: You could also cut out a colored mat for the backing on your glass sign. Simply cut it to 8×10 and place or glue into the back of the frame.

Your frame is now ready to be hung or displayed! My husbands grandfather made our frames. Fortunately, he included a little groove in the back of the frames that make them perfect for hanging. You could also drill small holes into the wooden frame, attach little eye hooks and hang with a chain, jute cord, wire or rope. Be creative!

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The Best Apple For Muffins

Fall wouldnt be fall without apples. Or pumpkins. But I am focusing on apples. At the moment. Granny Smith apples to be exact. Tart, green, firm Granny Smith apples.

Granny Smith apples are my go to for muffins and pies. The flavor and firmness of these apples are perfect for baking.

They are also what I use to make my apple cranberry oatmeal cookies. So yummy.

Recently, I baked an apple crumble pie from scratch. Yes, from making the pie crust to peeling and slicing the apples. All of it. Oh my, what goodness that was. Why do I wait so long to make apple pie?

Follow these tips for a flaky pie crust. You can make pie crust from scratch. Its easy and better than store bought.

Well, I had a couple of apples left over from my pie. The apples that didnt make the cut for the pie. I couldnt let them go to waste. So, they went into these easy apple cinnamon muffins. Or I could have made my apple loaf cake but the muffins won out.

How Long Is Pie Good For

A pie that has been properly stored at room temperature will be good for 2 days. However, fruit pies can also be refrigerated for up to 5 days, says Lana, giving you a few bonus days of sweetness. For the best flavor and texture, its best to eat the pie within one to 2 days . That shouldnt be too hard to manage, right?

Whats your favorite pie to bake for Thanksgiving? Let us know in the comments below!

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Grandma Helens Famous Cherry Pie

One of the best things about being married to Ryp is celebrating holidays and baking cherry pies. His Mom has the best recipe and I believe it should be famous.

The first step is the crust. I have this cute little recipe box with handwritten recipes from my mom and other dear friends. My husband wrote out the recipes for this and the pie guts for me. I love the cards almost as much as the pie but neither as much as him.

The trick is splitting it in the right portions. It is like a 60/40 split to have the right amount to do the top. Sometimes we use cookie cutter to cut our the dough for the top and make patterns and fun things. Sometimes we criss-cross.

The pie recipe is easy. I learned the hard when when shopping for cherries the first time for this on my own, canned pie filling is NOT the same as pitted tart cherries. I got sent back.

And here is Ryp on his birthday with his birthday pie. Which by the way, he shared.

Let me know if you make it. I would LOVE to know what you think.

Cherry On,

What Is Farmhouse Style

Big Y World Class Market: Lyman Orchards Pies

The modern farmhouse look has become a very popular and trendy style in the last few years, especially with the rise and widespread popularity of Fixer Upper, Chip and Joanna Gaines show on HGTV. But farmhouse style has been around for years, just utilizing different names like country, primitive or rustic style. I remember helping my mom decorate my childhood homes with ducks and other farmhouse country things as a kid. And in Deans and my first house, we decorated with primitive country-style pieces.

Todays farmhouse decor, unlike past renditions, tends to steer clear of being too cute or kitschy by balancing old and new and not going overboard with any one thing. Like roosters or pigs. Its a bit like the country style of the 80s , but all grown up.

Farmhouse-style homes aim to look collected over time and are definitely not matchy-matchy. They are primarily cozy and comfortable and not at all stuffy or formal.

Farmhouse style is very approachable and comfortable. Its also versatile and family-friendly. If your kid gets a scratch on the dining room table, who cares, it just adds to the authenticity of the worn and lived-in look.

Farmhouse style can have many sub-styles too like modern farmhouse , French country farmhouse , and industrial farmhouse .

September 15, 2016 by Breanna Carlile

Fall is my favorite season! SoI was happy that this charming DIY autumn sign will last me September to November, and for some, all year round!

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In This Post: Farmhouse Style Is A Decorating Style That Is Categorized By Its Coziness And Warmth It Is Relaxed Comfortable And Laid Back Heres Our Ultimate Guide To Farmhouse Decor To Help You Get The Look In Your Own Home

As much as I love the idea of living in an actual farmhouse, surrounded by land and fresh air, our current house is not exactly a country farmhouse in the traditional sense. We do live near cornfields and farms, actually much closer than we ever have. But we live in the suburbs with neighbors close by, to be close to my husband Deans work. Thats the great thing about farmhouse styleyou can create it in just about any style of house regardless of location.

How To Store Apple Pie

Of course you may be asking, do I have to store the pie? What if I just ate the rest of it right here, right now? I hear you. I see you. And Im with you. But if youre a responsible adult that can practice restraint around baked goods like apple pie, you may want to learn how store it properly so that it stays good for Black Friday and beyond. So whats the best way to store apple pie? Once the pie is baked and fully cooled, store it at room temperature on a cool counter , under a pie dome, in a pie box, or wrapped in plastic wrap, says Lana, the office manager of Sister Pie in Detroit, Michigan.

If you won’t be serving the apple pie for a day or two after Thanksgiving, you can store it in the fridge, but Lana recommends letting it come up to room temperature before serving. However, she advises against storing a fully baked pie in the freezer.

Video: Best Apples for Apple Pie

The trick for all of these methods is to make sure the apple pie is at room temperature before storing it otherwise condensation can gather from the warm pie and make the whole thing a slick, soggy mess, advises Lana.

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Top 10 Fresh Baked Pies Sign Of 2020 On The Market

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Fresh Baked Pies Sign

" Fresh Baked Pies"  Sign : EBTH

The other day I blogged about how I had a list of items I wanted but that I probably wouldnt buy, because funds.

Well, I decided to get my thinking cap on because I really wanted to fill my kitchen space with that sign, Fresh Baked Pies. Only thing is, its over 150 CA to purchase. I bought these letters from Amazon a few months back, I think they were like 6.49 for a pack of 200 and Ive used them to make Est & last name signs in the past.. so then I thought, why cant I make a Fresh Baked Pies sign?!

This sign literally cost me under 10 dollars, and just took a bit of time. Since we are builders we had most of the items that we needed.. the only thing I purchased was a small roller to paint the wood white. If youre new to DIYs, here is a list of what you will need.

  • Polyurethane This seals the letters onto the wood. Check to find a tester of poly so you dont have to buy the entire can.
  • Black Spray Paint or Paint
  • Thats it! Even if you had to buy everything on that list, it would cost under 30.00 You can guy into your nearest hardware store and purchase a tester of white paint and it is under 4 dollars!

    First step is to lay all your letters out to see how long your sign might be. Im making my sign 6 tall. Once your letters are laid out. Since it was 6 in length, that is how long I bought my plank of wood lucky me!

    Ignore the crappy photos. The light left my house at 3 PM! I told you.. I live in the darkest home, ever.

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    How To Store Apple Pie For A Fresh Slice

    No matter how many guides there are for making the right amount of food for Thanksgiving , there are always leftovers. Not that anyone complains. As youre wrapping up leftovers on Thanksgiving night, you may be wondering how to store apple pie so that the crust stays crisp and the filling stays flavorful. On Friday morning, enjoy a slice of pie to accompany your breakfast sandwich made with cranberry sauce, turkey slices, and stuffing piled between a sliced buttermilk biscuit. Ahead, find even more delicious tips for ensuring that your apple pie tastes fresh days after Thanksgiving.

    But Waiti Havent Baked It Yet

    If you are ahead of the game and prepared your pie a few days early, first of all, props to you! But second of all, there are a couple of steps to follow to properly store a pie before baking it. While we don’t typically recommend assembling apple pies too far in advance, we would recommend that you store a pre-made, unbaked fruit pie in the freezer and then pop it into the oven to bake from frozen, says Lana.

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    This Will Be Better Than Drive

    We invite you to visit us at 3712 Lawndale Drive in Greensboro to discover what’s new, from hot coffee roasted to perfection in our store and biscuits served warm all day, to brick oven pizza and wine and beer by the glass! Explore the higlights below and keep scrolling to read our 27-page Special Edition Greensboro Magazine that includes our full menu.

    The Fresh Market is excited to bring you a new sensory experienceRoasting Plant Coffee. Enjoy a selection of the highest grade specialty coffee in the world, roasted to perfection in our store throughout the day. Roasting Plants signature Javabot system brings the expertise of Roast Master Genevieve Kappler to every single-sourced bean and every cup served.

    The Fresh Market and Roasting Plant Coffee are committed to bringing you the best quality coffee you can buy, and the absolute freshest. Ready to enjoy by the cup in store while you shop or to take home and brew using your favorite method.

    Spice up your breakfast or lunch, afternoon snack or dinner on the go routine with our delicious new biscuit menu. Our biscuits are made with cream cheese for a softer, more tender bite, and topped with exclusive ingredients and flavor combinations.

    Enjoy peppered candied bacon or The Fresh Market Sausage with scrambled egg and savory cheddar, or try one of our Chicken Biscuits Fried Chicken & Pimento Cheese or Korean Fried Chicken with Korean BBQ Sauce and Feisty Slaw.

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