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Q3 What Differentiates 7th Heaven From The Other Brands What Is Its Usp

Honeybaked Ham Company On How It Improved Franchise Sales

1.] 7th Heaven has a Live bakery concept. Any cake can be specially made fresh for the customer with 7-10 minutes. While 7th Heaven offers the freshest of cakes, other brands offer cakes that are a day old or two-days old.

2.] 7th Heaven is the only pure vegetarian Cake and Dessert Shop in India that caters to not just the vegetarian market, but also to the non-vegetarian market. It is the only brand that offers Eggless Macarons in India.

How Much Does A Honey Baked Ham Franchise Owner Make

Honey Baked Ham franchise earnings and revenue can vary significantly from one franchisee to another. The Honey Baked Ham franchise owner profits can be influenced by labor costs, lease rates, hours worked as well as other factors.

Honey Baked Ham discloses financials at the unit level. In other words, they show how much Honey Baked Ham franchisees made in the past. Through analyzing this information available in the metrics tab, it can serve as a good basis to further explore the opportunity or not.

At Vetted Biz, we advise you to speak with 5 to 10 franchisees to understand how much money they are making from the Honey Baked Ham franchise. Roughly 60% of franchises disclose financials and it makes the process easier when filtering potential franchise opportunities like Honey Baked Ham. Dont just speak to existing franchisees, call franchisees who have recently left the system and try to find out how much those Honey Baked Ham owners were making.

Visit the Honey Baked Ham metrics tab to explore the financials for this business.

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Honey Baked Ham Franchise Owners Contact List

Names, phone numbers and addresses of current and former HONEY BAKED HAM franchisees. This list can be a huge help when trying to collect accurate testimonials and reviews of a franchise opportunity. Ask real HONEY BAKED HAM franchisees what its like to own the business and ask if theyd recommend it.

Historical Sales And Certain Expenses For 152 Franchised Stores For Calendar Year 2020

The Honey Baked Ham Company Franchise Cost &  Opportunities
  • Part 3 presents Net Sales, Cost of Goods Sold, and Hourly Labor expense data for 152 franchised Stores that were open during the entire period from January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020 and that provided year-end profit and loss statements to the franchisor on its standardized form for this period. The franchisor has not audited or verified this information.
  • Part 3 does not include any data related to 63 franchised Stores that were open in 2020, that did not provide profit and loss statements to the franchisor, or whose statements were not provided to the franchisor in the correct format.
  • Cost of Goods Sold includes the total costs of food and beverage sales as well as paper and packaging supplies.
  • Gross Profit is calculated by subtracting Cost of Goods Sold from Average Net Sales.
  • Hourly Labor Costs include only hourly employee wages.
  • Store Operating Profit After COGS and Hourly Labor is calculated by subtracting Cost of Goods Sold and Total Hourly Labor Costs from Average Net Sales.
  • The cost and expense data presented in Part 3 does not reflect all costs and expenses that must be deducted from the Net Sales figures to obtain your net income or profit, including store operating expenses such as manager salary, fringe benefits, payroll taxes, supplies, menus, uniforms, credit card fees, bank charges, utilities, dues and licenses, maintenance contracts, trash removal, exterminators, royalty fees, contributions to the advertising fund, local advertising, and rent.

All Stores

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Honeybaked Ham Company And Caf Case Study

Case Study first published inThe Franchise Valuations Reporter

HoneyBaked Ham Company and Café Case Study:Incorporating Multiple Possible Revenue Streams for Franchisee Growth

The key to success in franchising has always been the success of the franchisees. Without successful franchisees, any franchise system is doomed for eventual failure. So, what can a franchisor do to help improve franchisees revenues and profitability? The HoneyBaked Ham story provides an interesting example of how one franchisor did it. I recently had a chance to sit down with members of the HoneyBaked Ham franchise development team to discuss their unique model and why it continues to expand nearly 60 years after its first location opened.


Shortly after HoneyBaked Ham opened its first shop in Detroit in 1957, it became known for its slow-smoked, spiral-sliced hams perfect for celebrating family meal occasions. Its one of those iconic brands that has withstood the test of time and growing competition in the premium food retailer space.

Over the course of nearly 60 years in operation, including a generation of franchising, the concept has incorporated multiple revenue streams beyond the cornerstone hams that originally built the brand. In large part, HoneyBaked Hams flexibility and willingness to adapt is a big reason why the brand remains relevant today.

A change in attitude at HoneyBaked More than just a carryout concept

Why multiple revenue streams work for HoneyBaked Ham

Net Sales Of 194 Franchised Stores Open At Least Three Years For 2020 Fiscal Year

  • Part 1 displays the average and median Net Sales of 194 franchised Stores that were in operation for three years through the end of the companys last fiscal year, which included the period from September 30, 2019 to September 27, 2020.
  • Fifteen franchised Stores were excluded from this data because they were not open at least three full years.
  • The franchised Store information in Part 1 is based on sales reports received from the companys Customer Management System or POS system. The franchisor has not audited or verified this information.

All Stores

  • Highest Net Sales: $1,646,350
  • Lowest Net Sales: $230,098
  • Part 2 presents Average Net Sales and other sales data from each of the last five fiscal years for franchised Stores that were open for three years and operated continuously throughout the applicable fiscal year.
  • The franchisor excluded 21 franchised Stores in 2016, 16 franchised Stores in 2017, 15 franchised Stores in 2018, 17 franchised Stores in 2019, and 15 franchised Stores in 2020 that were not open at least three full years.
  • The franchised Store information in Part 2 is based on sales reports received from the franchisors Customer Management System or POS system. The franchisor has not audited or verified this information.

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Our Family Tradition: Making The Worlds Best Ham

Our signature Bone-In Half Ham is what were famous for. Only the top 10% of hams go on to become Honey Baked Hams smoked over a special blend of hardwood chips for up to 24 hours, spiral-sliced, hand-glazed and wrapped in our iconic gold foil. But were more than just ham for the holidays. Our franchisees benefit from an array of products and services that help keep business flowing.

What Is The Honey Baked Ham Franchise For Sale Rate

New place to eat: Logan Farms Honey Glazed Hames & Market Cafe

The franchise for sale rate for Honey Baked Ham over the past 3 years is 6%. Over the last year we have data for, Honey Baked Ham had a franchise for sale rate of 5%.

Without a comparison, this number doesnt mean much. Compare how the Honey Baked Ham franchise for sale rate compares to 2,000+ other franchises and Industry franchises like Honey Baked Ham. More info in the Honey Baked Ham metrics tab.

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To Becoming A Franchisee


Well set up a time to talk with you to learn more about your goals and share an overview of our program. If your goals align with ours and the territory that youd like to develop is available, well email you more information and schedule a more in-depth conversation.


Once youve talked with us and completed an application, youll spend some time learning from a webinar that includes a more detailed illustration of the HoneyBaked brand.


After attending the webinar, you will receive the Franchise Disclosure Document and return the receipt page. Begin reading and compiling your questions.

Q & A

Discuss your questions in a Q& A session with your Honey Baked Ham Co.® Franchise Development contact. By the end of this session, you should understand the revenue streams, terms and fee structure.


During this step, you will receive our business template. The template will help you create business-building scenarios.


Next, youll speak with current franchisees to learn about our business from their perspective, gain insight into your business planning scenarios and validate your business plan.


Visit The Honey Baked Ham Co.® team for a Discovery Day in our corporate office in Atlanta to better understand the tools and level of support we provide to help you grow your business.


1. Franchise Fee: $20,000 to $30,000

The Honeybaked Ham Company Seeks Franchisees In Iowa And Kansas

Three owners tell how they built a better life by buying a franchise

Atlanta, GA Jobs are one of the hottest topics in the US right now. At both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions, the need to create more work was at the forefront. Fortunately, according to the International Franchise Association, there are jobs in franchising close to 18 million actually and theres opportunity for growth in Kansas. Thats why The HoneyBaked Ham Company is actively seeking potential franchisees in the Des Moines, Cedar Rapids and Wichita areas.

Current HoneyBaked owners come from all corners of the country and all walks of life. But most will say the same things when asked about their success as franchisees. Its not simply being an owner/operator at HoneyBaked Ham that makes their jobs so satisfying. They say its about exciting work, a strong support network, and a great balance of home and family.

I knew I didnt want to be an employee for someone else for the rest of my life, and I wanted my children to get a good education, so I had to get my priorities in order to make that all happen. Working with HoneyBaked Ham, both as an employee and as a franchisee, gave me more time to be home with my children. I have been able to drop them off at school and football practice, guitar and piano lessons. Its been hard work, but thats what its all about. You have to work hard to be successful.


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What Is The Average Salary For Honeybaked Ham Employees In The United States

HoneyBaked Ham employees earn $30,000 annually on average, or $14 per hour, which is 75% lower than the national salary average of $66,000 per year. According to our data, the highest paying job at HoneyBaked Ham is a VP of Supply Chain at $171,000 annually while the lowest paying job at HoneyBaked Ham is a Food Service Representative at $14,000 annually.

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Q11 What About The Raw Material Needed To Make The Products

HoneyBaked Ham Franchise Information: 2020 Cost, Fees and Facts ...

Most of our suppliers, supply on all India basis and we have a tie up with them. So we shall tie you up with the suppliers / distributors in your city. Incase the supplier is not in your city, we shall tie you up with the supplier nearest to your city as most of the raw material has expiry life if 6 months to 1 year, you can buy it once in 6 months also. We only use the best, highest quality raw materials to make our products and it is essential that our franchisees use the same raw material, helping us standardize the quality of our products pan India. Your initial investment for raw material would be approx 1-1.25 lakh rupees for the classic model, 1.5 lakhs for the plus model and 2 lakhs for the cafe model, which is not included in the franchise set up cost. This is part of your monthly rotational expense which you will cover back from your sales.

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How Much Does A General Manager Make At Honey Baked Ham Co Llc In The United States

Average Honey Baked Ham Co. LLC General Manager yearly pay in the United States is approximately $52,327, which is 6% below the national average.

Please note that all salary figures are approximations based upon third party submissions to Indeed. These figures are given to the Indeed users for the purpose of generalized comparison only. Minimum wage may differ by jurisdiction and you should consult the employer for actual salary figures.

When Was Honey Baked Ham Founded

Honey Baked Ham started offering franchises in 1998. Honey Baked Ham was founded 24 years ago in 1998.

At Vetted Biz, we recommend franchises have 3-5 corporate locations and 5+ years of experience before offering a franchise. There needs to be proof that the business model works and is replicable before offering the franchise to other!

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How Much Does A Honey Baked Ham Franchise Cost

Are you wondering how much is a Honey Baked Ham franchise? Before starting a Honey Baked Ham franchise, it is important to know the franchise fee, working capital and other costs required to start the business.

The minimum investment amount required to open a Honey Baked Ham franchise is $292,900 and can go all the way up to $567,900. Keep in mind, you should also allocate additional funds to live off of while the Honey Baked Ham business ramps up. This can take as little as 6 months to over 2 years depending on the franchise opportunity. You should speak to at least 5 Honey Baked Ham franchisees to understand the true cost of opening the franchise and how long it takes to: 1) start a Honey Baked Ham business 2) pass break even 3) hit significant income.

After you pass the point of earning significant income from your Honey Baked Ham franchise, there may be enough margin to hire a day-to-day manager and work less hours in the business.

Franchise Net Unit Growth

The Honey Baked Ham Company

Honeybaked Ham Recipe Copycat | How To Make Honey Baked Ham In 30 Minutes
The Honey Baked Ham Co.

Honey Baked Ham Store

The Honey Baked Ham Company is a food retailer which sells hams, turkey breasts and other pre-cooked entrées, side dishes, and desserts. It was founded in 1957 in Detroit, Michigan, and its headquarters is in Alpharetta, Georgia. As of June 5, 2020 there are 492 outlets.

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Half 2 Common Internet Gross Sales Of Franchised Shops By Fiscal 12 Months


  • Common Internet Gross sales: $705,531
  • Variety of Places Above Common: 84
  • Proportion of Places Above Common: 43.8%
  • Median Internet Gross sales: $662,953
  • Highest Internet Gross sales: $1,800,000
  • Lowest Internet Gross sales: $157,000


  • Common Internet Gross sales: $730,618
  • Variety of Places Above Common: 91
  • Proportion of Places Above Common: 46.2%
  • Median Internet Gross sales: $684,636
  • Highest Internet Gross sales: $1,930,000
  • Lowest Internet Gross sales: $161,000


  • Common Internet Gross sales: $746,838
  • Variety of Places Above Common: 87
  • Proportion of Places Above Common: 43.9%
  • Median Internet Gross sales: $698,557
  • Highest Internet Gross sales: $1,972,066
  • Lowest Internet Gross sales: $264,644


  • Common Internet Gross sales: $721,168
  • Variety of Places Above Common: 81
  • Proportion of Places Above Common: 41.8%
  • Median Internet Gross sales: $666,467
  • Highest Internet Gross sales: $1,646,350
  • Lowest Internet Gross sales: $230,098


  • Common Internet Gross sales: $793,178
  • Variety of Places Above Common: 84
  • Proportion of Places Above Common: 40.2%
  • Median Internet Gross sales: $732,435
  • Highest Internet Gross sales: $2,066,337
  • Lowest Internet Gross sales: $240,473
  • Half 2 presents Common Internet Gross sales and different gross sales knowledge from every of the final 5 fiscal years for franchised Shops that have been open for 3 years and operated repeatedly all through the relevant fiscal yr.

B Trade Secret Misappropriation

Defendants contend plaintiffs’ trade secret misappropriation claim must be dismissed because Heavenly is not the owner of the trade secrets and defendants may, pursuant to Section 11 of the agreement, legally license and use the trade secrets.

Plaintiffs respond that Heavenly owns all trade secrets comprising the Heavenly Ham product and, even if the court finds otherwise, Heavenly was at a minimum an exclusive licensee of the trade secrets. Further, if the court finds Heavenly does not own the Heavenly Ham formula and does not have the right to bring a misappropriation claim as exclusive licensee, plaintiffs contend the record is devoid of evidence refuting Heavenly’s ownership of the remaining trade secrets comprising the final product, such as the slicing at the manufacturer, glazing, refrigeration and wrapping. Plaintiffs argue the trade secrets were misappropriated because defendants’ exclusive license to use the trade secrets was conditioned on Heavenly supplying the Heavenly Hams and slicing machines.

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Why Should You Enter The Bakery Industryfast Growing Market: The Indian Bakery Market Is Valued At Inr 850 Crores Growing At A Phenomenal Rate Of 20

Bakery is a very safe business. Any area having a decent resident population is a potential area, as there are hundreds of birthdays occurring every day, besides a huge number of anniversaries, and special occasions like Mothers day, Valentines day, New Year, Weddings, Diwali, Eid, Christmas, Raksha Bandhan, Fathers Day, Easter, and so on. Cakes sell. Bakery is a safe businessHIGH PROFITABILITY:

The profit margins in food business are very, very high. If various factors are taken care of properly , this business can result in earnings of very good amounts every month, and sets up a regular source of independent decent income for life.EASY TO RUN:It can be a very easy to run business .A PRESTIGIOUS BUSINESS, IDEAL FOR ALL AGES:7th Heaven currently has all types of people running our Franchise, be it Professionals who have given up their jobs to be independent businessmen , educated homemakers who wish to own a prestigious business and not be bound by their offices, elderly people seeking a good regular source of income, young people wanting to start out on with a safe and profitable business, and so on. It is a matter of pride to own a modern and contemporary successful business for all ourfranchisees.

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