How To Cook A Baked Potato In An Air Fryer

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How To Cook Air Fryer Baked Potatoes

How to Cook a Baked Potato in an Air Fryer

Youre going to love these air fryer baked potatoes! The potato skins come out crisp but you still get that perfect fluffy baked potato center! Great with all of your favorite baked potato toppings like: butter, cheese, bacon or sour cream!


Baked potatoes are a perfect side dish and I love that they can be filled with all types of toppings! They can be served plain for picky eaters and topped with classic baked potato toppings to accompany a meal or things like chicken and steak to become the main entrée!

Ive showed you how to cook a baked potato in the microwave in a previous blog post, but today is all about cooking up the perfect baked potato using your air fryer!

Air Fryer Baked Potato

Posted on Published: August 30, 2019

I love how simple the Instant Pot Vortex air fryer makes things, such as these air fryer baked potatoes. I make an Instant Pot Vortex air fryer baked potato almost the same way that I do in the oven, but by using the Vortex, I dont have to heat up the kitchen so much. I often use Alton Browns recipe for the regular oven.

What Oil To Use

For cooking jacket potatoes in air fryer, you want to use an oil with a high smoking point so it can withstand the high temperatures of the air fryer without burning.

We recommend using avocado oil, rapeseed oil , olive oil or coconut oil.

You can use cooking spray oil to coat the potato skins or roll them around on a plate with oil on.

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About Air Fryer Baked Potatoes

Can you make a baked potato in an air fryer? You sure can! The method is similar to oven baking, but an air fryer baked potato comes out with an even crispier skin in my opinion. You can also eat the super crisp skin! Mostly I like that I do not have to heat up the entire oven to make these. The Vortex Plus 7 in 1 air fryer works perfectly for them.

You can also make baked potatoes in any other brand of air fryer. Simply follow the directions, put them in the basket, and dont crowd them.

How Long To Cook Baked Potatoes In Air Fryer

AIR FRYER BAKED POTATO!!! + Tasty Air Fryer Recipes

Potatoes are probably one of the most versatile and delicious vegetables out there. You can make fries, tater tots, or even the topic of today, baked potatoes. Commonly, we hear people roast baked potatoes in the oven. But not everyone have an oven at home. A more common appliance would be an air fryer instead. Now you may ask. can you air fry baked potatoes? The answer is yes! Making great tasty air fried baked potatoes is all about using the right combination of air fryer temperature and cooking time. Many friends ask me these. How long to cook baked potatoes in air fryer? What temp to air fry baked potatoes?In this post, lets touch on them and hear tips on the recipe for baked potatoes in air fryer.

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Instant Pot Vortex Baked Potatoes As A Main Course Or A Side Dish

Most people will serve an air fryer baked potato as a side dish, but I like to use them as a meal as well. You can top your potatoes with all sorts of good things, and if you top them with quite a few items, you might suddenly find that they are a meal in and of themselves.

Try any of these options, or get creative and just put anything that you love on top:

  • Butter and sour cream
  • Loaded with bacon and cheese
  • Chives or green onions
  • Blue cheese dressing, add a dash of buffalo wing sauce for spicy
  • Greek yogurt instead of sour cream
  • Sloppy joe mix

Toss Sliced Carrots And Diced Red Potatoes In A Tablespoon Of Olive Oil And Air Fry For 15 Minutes At 400f

In case you cant tell from the photo above, you can get away with imperfectly sliced carrots and potatoes here. Aim to keep the potato slices around the same size as the potatoes, and youll be perfectly fine.

As a quick air fryer note, I use a 301 model Ninja Foodi for air frying. If youre using a smaller or larger air fryer, youll probably need to slightly adjust the cook times.

Use the photo below to get an idea of what your potatoes and carrots should look like after air frying the first time. Youre looking for some wrinkling on the potato skins and some browning around the edges.

You want your veggies to be mostly cooked and fork tender before adding a little extra olive oil and the seasoning blend. Theres no harm in extending the time in the air fryer by a few minutes in this step if youre unsure about them being done.

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Which Air Fryer Is Best

We have 2 air fryers so we can thoroughly test air fryer recipes, but it depends on your needs. Not all air fryers are created equal so get to know your air fryer, peek in on your food to check progress, and adjust recipe timings as needed.

  • Basket Style Air Fryer we have the 5.8 Qt Cosori Air Fryer which takes up slightly less counter space, works well for our family of 4, and has the easiest cleanup because the air fryer basket and liner are dishwasher-safe.
  • Toaster Oven Style Air Fryer takes up a little more space, but is great for bigger families and you can cook most recipes in one batch. Depending on your particular model, it can cook faster. I cooked the bacon in the toaster oven style for 8 minutes, while it took 9 minutes in the basket style.

Tips For The Best Baked Potato

Air Fryer Baked Potatoes | Crispy & Fluffy!

Different sized potatoes can have different cook times. If you find that your potato is not cooked threw after piercing a fork with it place it back in the air fryer for longer times. For even cooking times, keep the potatoes all the size if possible.

Make sure you poke holes in the potatoes. If you dont do this the potato might explode and make a mess all over the air fryer!

How to know when a baked potato is done? Potatoes are ready when you can pierce them with a fork and the fork comes out clean!

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Dont Cook A Baked Potato From Scratch

Baked potatoes are usually cooked in an oven and then served. But theres a much healthier and more convenient way to prepare this classic side dish. A baked potato is actually a quite simple dish, but it can be difficult to get just the right texture. This problem is easily solved with air fryers. An air fryer is an appliance that heats oil in a vessel with an electrical heating element, which cooks food using hot air, instead of heat from above. Because an air fryer doesnt use a traditional oven, you dont have to worry about getting the temperature just right. An air fryer also means there are no greasy craters on the surface of your food. Its great for making breaded chicken tenders, baking potatoes, or even frying eggs.

How To Bake Potatoes In An Air Fryer

Air fryer baked potatoes are surprisingly simple and can be made with any make or model. Chebotar’s step-by-step instructions are as follows:

  • Wash your potatoes. Scrub them gently under running water to remove any dirt and pat them dry.
  • Lightly oil the skin. Spray or brush the skins with a light, even coating of oil.
  • Season liberally. Sprinkle sea salt and pepper all over your potatoes.
  • Arrange potatoes in the basket. Lay the potatoes in the air fryer so that they are not overlapping and there’s space for air to flow between them.
  • Cook. Air fry up to four potatoes for 30 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit, turning them over halfway through.
  • Do the fork test. Insert a fork into the potatoes to check if they’re done. If it doesn’t slide in and out easily, they need more time.
  • Remove the potatoes when done. Your potatoes may finish cooking at different rates, especially if they vary in size. Remove any potatoes that pass the fork test, and return any potatoes that are not finished cooking to the basket for five more minutes or until they’re fork-tender.
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    Tip For Making Air Fryer Baked Potatoes

    Dont crowd your tray. You want to ensure there is space between each potato. This is going to allow the hot air that circulates really get around all the spots on the potato. Giving it that even and nicely cooked potato that you want. If you pile potatoes on top of each other, you will find you dont have an even cook.

    Kitchen Tips For Air Frying Potatoes

    Air Fryer Baked Potato Recipe
    • Reheat: You can reheat your potatoes in the Air Fryer instead of putting them in the microwave. This is the best cooking method to reheat because the skin will be crispy instead of soggy.
    • Don’t overcrowd: Depending on the size of your Air Fryer, you can put around four medium potatoes or three larger potatoes in the basket. However, you don’t want to overcrowd in the oven space or air frying basket, or else they won’t cook properly.

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    How To Make Baked Potato In Air Fryer

  • Wash and scrub potatoes before air frying, then pat dry with a paper towel.

  • Pierce potatoes with fork, to pierce at least 8-10 holes, covering entire potato.

  • Place the potatoes in the Air Fryer basket and gently brush entire potato with oil to coat the outer skin.

  • Sprinkle the potatoes with salt and pepper.

  • Return the seasoned potato to basket to the Air Fryer and air fry at 400ºF for 40-45 minutes cook time. Flip potatoes at least one time during cooking process.

  • Use oven mitts to remove from basket, as they will be very hot. Serve with a piece of butter, or your choice of toppings.

  • Can You Bake A Potato In Air Fryer

    Have you ever wondered how to make baked potatoes? Yes, you can. With an air fryer, you can bake anything, including small or large potatoes, very easily, fast and healthily. There are a variety of potatoes you can choose from, including sweet, russet, and red potatoes. Youll be surprised by how useful this appliance can be.

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    The Crispiest Air Fryer French Fries

    The air fryer method for making homemade French fries is the easiest method for cooking fries. Not only is it so easy to make, but they are also much healthier than frying in oil.

    This recipe is so simple thinly sliced potatoes lightly tossed in oil and seasoning, then cooked until crispy and crunchy. All you need is a Juicy Burger or classic BLT Sandwich to go with these.

    How Long To Cook Bacon In The Air Fryer

    How to make baked potatoes in an air fryer EASY recipe!

    The cook time for this recipe can vary depending on the doneness of your bacon, the thickness of the bacon, and the style of your air fryer. Also, we do not preheat the air fryer for bacon.

    • Regular Cut Bacon for softer bacon, air fry at 350F for 7 minutes, and for crispy bacon, cook 8 to 9 minutes
    • Thick-Cut Bacon for softer bacon, air fry at 350F for 9-10 minutes, and for crispy bacon, cook 10-12 minutes.

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    How To Bake A Potato In The Air Fryer:

    • Wash the potato and pat dry.
    • Using a fork, poke 5+ shallow holes all over the potato.
    • Brush the outside with a little oil and/or butter. Season with salt.
    • Air fry at 400°F for 30 minutes, flipping once in the middle of the bake time.
    • Check by piercing with the sharp knife. If the knife easily slides in, the potato is done.

    More Air Fryer Recipes you might enjoy:

    Ingredients For Roasted Potatoes

    Just a few ingredients is all you need to make these roasted potatoes for your dinner tonight. Most of these ingredients youll have in your pantry. When you look for potatoes, try to find them uniform in size and free from eyes and blemishes.

    • Yukon Gold Potatoes: Baby golden potatoes if you can find them. Regular Yukon golds will work too.
    • Olive Oil: Just enough to coat the potatoes for seasoning to stick
    • Italian Seasoning: A complete full of flavor herb blend
    • Garlic: Freshly minced
    • Salt and Pepper: To taste
    • Parmesan Cheese: Use finely shredded cheese for the best texture.
    • Chopped Parsley: This is optional and for garnish.

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    Tips For The Best Air Fryer Baked Potatoes

    Heed these tips and tricks from Chebotar for the best air fryer baked potatoes.

    • Use russet, Idaho, or sweet potatoes. These have a thicker skin and a light, mealy texture thanks to their high-starch content.
    • Use similarly sized potatoes to ensure they’re done at the same time.
    • Rely on the fork test to determine whether they’re done. Cook times can vary significantly based on the air fryer model, as well as the size and number of potatoes.
    • Use a cooking oil with a high smoke point, like olive oil, avocado oil, or canola oil. Low-smoke-point oils like coconut oil may burn.
    • Don’t overcrowd the basket. Leaving some room between the potatoes allows the hot air to cook them evenly on all sides. A standard 7-quart capacity air fryer will fit a maximum of four potatoes.
    • If you’re using especially big potatoes , or air frying more than four potatoes in a larger capacity air fryer, you may need to add up to 10-15 minutes to the cooking time.
    • Always use tongs or an oven mitt to remove the potatoes from the air fryer basket as they will be very hot.
    • If you don’t like crispy skin, skip the oil and wrap the potatoes in aluminum foil before placing them in the air fryer.

    How To Make Air Fryer French Fries

    Easy Air Fryer Baked Potatoes

    If Im being honest, French fries are the food most familiar to my air fryer. Its just so easy for when youre craving fast food! You can easily throw frozen French fries in an air fryer, but today were making them homemade. Heres how to make air fryer sweet potato fries and French fries! Use sweet potatoes or large white potatoes, like Russets.

    Step 1: Cut potatoes into matchsticks using either a knife or a mandoline slicer .

    Step 2: Soak sliced potatoes in a bowl of cold water for 1 to 2 hours. This removes starch to give them that perfectly crispy texture!

    Step 3: Preheat air fryer to 390 degrees F . Drain and pat dry potatoes. Add to a bowl, then drizzle with vegetable oil and a pinch of salt.

    Step 4: Add fries to your air fryer, spread out in as single of a layer as possible. Cook for 15 to 20 minutes, shaking the basket a few times during cooking to evenly cook.

    Pssst, want to level up your fries? Truffle fries are the answer.

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    Which Potatoes Are Best For The Air Fryer

    Similar to these Roasted Potatoes and Slow Cooker Potato recipes, the potatoes you use in the air fryer matters. Heres what it boils down to:

    • Russets: These will air fry beautifully. They will crisp up wonderfully with a pale golden color. Their insides will be soft and fluffy with a mild flavor. Always a good choice!
    • Yukon Golds or Yellow Potatoes: These are a favorite for air frying because they will crisp up perfectly but also turn a bit deeper golden color because of the lower starch and higher sugar content. Their crisp will be a tad softer than a russets however, their insides will be creamy and full of flavor.
    • Reds: Red potatoes when roasted will turn an even darker golden brown because of their even higher sugar and lower starch content. They will be crispy coming out but soften quickly on the outside. Their insides will be creamy and soft.
    • Baby Potatoes or New Potatoes: These are not a variety or type of potato. They are regular potatoes that have been thinned from the crop early. These potatoes have a high sugar content and roast in the air fryer perfectly as well as hold their shape. Although they can be hard to find in the grocery store as they are somewhat seasonal they are usually a favorite.

    How To Cook Potatoes In The Air Fryer

    Just follow these simple steps for perfect air fryer potatoes every time! The complete air fryer baked potato recipe is in the recipe card below.

    PREHEAT YOUR AIR FRYER: Preheat your air fryer to 400 degrees F. Preheating your air fryer ensures that your potatoes will cook evenly.

    PREP THE POTATOES: First, scrub the potatoes well and pat them dry with a kitchen towel. Then, poke them a few times with a fork to create small holes across their surface. This will prevent them from exploding in the air fryer.

    SEASON THE POTATOES: Next, rub them with olive or avocado oil and sprinkle them with kosher salt .

    COOK THE POTATOES: Transfer the potatoes to the basket of an air fryer and cook at 400 degrees F. Youll want to cook until the outside of the potatoes are crispy and the insides are easily pierced by a fork. This should take about 30-40 minutes, depending on the size of your potatoes.

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