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The Benefits Of A Heat Recycle System

Paint Spray Booth & Curing Oven with track system

Changing over to a direct fire system may be one of the best purchasing decisions you can make as a business owner. If youre converting an old heating system to a heat recycle system, the money spent on your installation can be made up in a few months if youre buying a brand new paint booth, youll be happy to know that the cost of a direct fire system is more or less the same as an indirect system, so theres no reason not to switch to a more energy efficient model.

Here are some of the benefits youll get from a direct fire system:
  • Cleaner combustion, which makes for a safer workplace environment with better air quality
  • Higher air temperature that makes paint dry at a much faster rate
  • Better temperature control
  • The chance to save as much as 30% of your monthly fuel spending

In addition, the direct fire heat system comes with a number of optional features to enhance your performance, including the SmartPad and EnergySmart systems, which enable to you make modifications to airflow, drying cycles, and a number of other settings from an easy-to-use computer program.

Overall, heat recycle is an incredible technological advancement that has revolutionized the painting industry. By using downdraft pit tunnels or duct connections, the heating system is able to recirculate the air from the workspace, which means that approximately 80% to 90% of the heat is reusable.

Investigate Before You Buy

While its certainly true that heat recycle systems have become the norm in paint booths, that doesnt mean that you should assume that every booth comes with modern heating systems. Some manufacturers only add heat recycle systems when specifically requested to do so, and this means that you could end up buying a paint booth thats literally wasting heat. This results in you spending more time and money to complete an operation that a modern heating system could finish with ease.

If youre in the market for a new paint booth, its important that you do some research before finalizing your purchase. Have a look at customer reviews and see what other owners have said about heating options and dont allow yourself to become fooled by labels like air mixing, air slow down, air recirculation, or other types of attention-grabbing terms. None of these advertised features mean anything if the paint booth doesnt have a properly certified air recycle system, so always ask the manufacturer or sales representative if their paint booth provides around 80%-20% recycling capabilities.

Should I Make The Switch To Direct Fire

There are a number of excellent benefits that come with using a direct fire system for your spray booth. Itll reduce your bake times, which translates into more productivity, and will also cut back on the amount of money you spend on energy every month. In addition, most direct fire heating systems can retrofit older paint booths, making the installation process quick and easy. So why wouldnt anyone want to scrap their indirect fire heating for a system thats designed specifically for recycling heat?

The primary reason some shop owners dont make the switch is because of money. While its undeniable that a direct fire heating system will save you a lot more money in the long run, they can be expensive to install especially on bigger booths for trucks and industrial equipment, which may require additional ductwork before switching the systems. In addition, the process of converting over to a direct fire system takes an average of two days to complete, and some smaller body shop owners just cant afford to suspend their operation for two days.

If youre interested in making the switch and are worried about the up-front cost and downtime that comes with the installation, it might be a good idea to start a savings plan months before you plan on making the switch. That way, you can weather the downtime and get back to running your paint booth without feeling any unnecessary stress.

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Electric Car Spray Bake Paint Booth Painting Oven Booths

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  • Specification:26cubic
  • HS Code:8419899090

We can provide rock wool wallboard, EPS wallboard, electric heating, diesel heating, natural gas heating, all kinds of filtration systems.We can also design a suitable spary booth for you according to your actual site.Contact us and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.different colors different configuration for your choiceOzmatix Co., Ltd. is a company co-founded by senior automotive equipment practitioners. We combine the advantages of nearly 20 years in the automotive industry to form a one-stop shopping service company with high-quality products in the automotive repair and maintenance industry.We are committed to changing the existing business model of automobile repair and maintenance industry, and will make great efforts to create its “Ozmatix” brand products. We are committed to providing global agents and users with standardized services such as quality standardization, installation, training and after-sales service of automobile insurance products.Customer actual picture display1,As for auto spray booth,what kind of heating system do you have?2,What is the thickness of wall panels metal sheets?3,What is the roof material?4,What is the relate of outside height and inside height of auto spray booth?5,As for auto spray booth,what is the height requirement of vehicles which will be sprayed and baked?6,What is the main purpose of flat steel grilles?

How Does The Car Spray Booth Work

SPO 5000 spray bake paint booth car spray booth outdoor ...

The car spray booth is generally used to spray and bake car paint. Therefore, the exact description of the car spray booth should be car paint booth. Next, I will introduce the working principle of the car painting operation and the working principle of the baking work for everyone.

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The car spray booth is generally used to spray and bake car paint. Therefore, the exact description of the car spray booth should be car paint booth. Next, I will introduce the working principle of the car painting operation and the working principle of the baking work for everyone.1. How the painting operation works

When painting, the inside and outside of the paint booth should be kept clean and free of flammable and explosive materials the car must be in the state of being painted the fan should work for a period of time before painting the operator must be the body Wear clean overalls, wear protective masks, etc. when spraying, the spray gun must not exceed the height of the breathing belt.2. How does the baking work work?

The above is about the “working principle of automotive spray paint room“, the information is provided by the 25-year coating production line manufacturer Guangdong Chuangzhi, more information about the coating production line, welcome to pay attention to us to get updated information!

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Heating System Options For Your Paint Booth

If youre looking for a paint booth setup that boosts your productivity and decreases the amount of time it takes to finish a paint job from start to finish, youre going to need a good drying system. Purchasing a heating system that recycles air is one of the best investments that a paint booth owner can make, especially for small business owners who need to increase productivity and cut back on energy expenses.

Three Easy Steps To Big Savings:

Only Nova Verta’s paint spray booths feature three-mode operations. Because of this unique process, over the complete painting cycle, no other competitive system achieves the cost-efficiencies available from a Nova Verta solution. Dont be fooled by single-mode process comparisons, evaluate paint spray booths on the complete start-to-finish process:

Prep Cycle

Spray Cycle

Once prep work is completed, a single press of the Controller shifts the Nova Verta spray booth operation to the Spray Cycle. At this stage, a steady stream of freshly heated air is provided into the spray booth and a constant, ideal booth pressure is automatically maintained at a minimum. The exhaust system is dry filtered using a reverse incline direct driven fan using a variable frequency drive for motor speed control, eliminating the need for inefficient pressure control dampers, or operator intervention.

Cure Cycle

After the painting process is complete, another press of the Controller puts the booth in Cure/Bake Cycle. The Bake Cycle, like the Prep Cycle, effectively re-circulates air, minimizing electrical and fuel consumption. Compared to other paint spray booth systems in its class, Nova Verta’s spray booth provides higher-velocity airflow, shortening cure times on conventional and waterborne paints.

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Spray Bake Paint Booth Stats

There are total 267 trusted spray bake paint booth companies. These include:80 – Manufacturers,53 – Exporters,27 – Wholesalers,67 – Suppliers,16 – Retailers,8 – Buying Houses,11 – Traders,3 – Services,3 – Others,There are 447spray bake paint booth importers and buyers on ExportHub.Out of these,179 needs one time,9 needs on weekly basis,18 needs on monthly basis,45 needs on quarterly basis,63 needs on six months basis,134 needs on yearly basisThe top spray bake paint booth exporting countries include:Australia, United States, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Canada, United KingdomThe top spray bake paint booth importing countries include:China, India, Lithuania, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, South KoreaThe price range of top spray bake paint booth products is between 1.0-8.0.The minimum order value of spray bake paint boothbuyers on ExportHub is 1 while the maximum Order Value is 22.The total business generated in spray bake paint booth category is 55136 USD last month.The top varieties of spray bake paint booth products include Different Range. There are total 6 paid members of spray bake paint booth on ExportHub.Out of these, 2 are Standard members, 3 are Gold members and 1 are VIP members. ExportHub Buyer Consultant Team hasConnected 130 buyers and suppliers recently.Approximately 77 new buyers of spray bake paint booth join ExportHub every month.

  • Low MOQ spray bake paint booth Manufacturers
  • Nearby Shipment Port

Serving Nj Ny Pa Ct Md & More

DIY Spray booth and paint curing oven

From maintenance to component replacement, we can handle any paint booth service need large projects and small. We supply all filters at competitive pricing and can troubleshoot any issue you have. We change motors, service burners, replace lamps, and our industrial control technician can easily fix any problems with switches, starters and the like.

Burner issues? We are gas burner mechanics.

Problem with metal halide lamps? We have two solutions for your needs.

Paint booth down? With our 22 years of experience, we know how to find the problem.

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Genlab Combined Spray/bake Downdraft Spray Booth

Genlab S-Line Range

Genlab offers the ultimate spraying room conditions with 3 product lines in our range, all with full width roof filteration ensuring uniform air movement throughout the booth. All ranges combine decades of experience in heat treatment and airflow designs to offer premium levels of performance, efficiency and accuracies. We prise ourselves on creating the ultimate clean air environments for spraying to ensure faster drying times.

Genlab S-Line booths are designed with compact, high performance rear wall extraction spraybooths, ideal for any bodyshop. The range of rear wall extract semi-downdraft spraybooths offers a high level of performance and specification that out performs its rival yet is extremely competitive.

Genlab S-Line+ is our flagship design of booths offering excellent downdraft performance on a solid raised floor hence no need to excavate floors on installations. Manufactured with 75mm insulated double skin panels, it helps prevent heat loss and makes our booths efficient and quiet to run. Downdraft boots are generally accepted as the best air flow to control overspray and contamination by creating a protective envelope of air around the vehicle.

Genlab S-Line XL booths are designed for large commercial vehicles. They offer the same premium levels of design and build as our S Line+



Intelligent Controls


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We Are A Proud Australian Company

Manufacturing custom engineered solutions for the spray painting industry, Truflow Spray Booths is a diversified designer, manufacturer and installer of industrial and commercial spray booth products.

Used and trusted by Australian and International companies such as Bombardier, Caterpillar, Qantas and Rolls Royce just to name a few, any paint shop in any industry is home to a Truflow Spray Booth.

Proudly Australian made with Manufacturing Facilities and Head Office in Melbourne, Truflow also has representation in all states. With satellite offices in NSW and QLD to provide local expertise and experience as well as distributors around the country and in New Zealand support is never far away.

Zodiac Sdd Spray Booth


Painting booths are an absolute necessity for anyone who is in the spray painting industry. Our spray booths give you a clean and highly controlled environment that will allow you to paint small items up to large vehicles rapidly.

The bake then cures the paint quickly, allowing you to empty the booth and get your next paint job client in. For painters around Perth, this can be the key to improving your productivity.

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We Provide Solutions For Our Customers

We listen and we work with you to provide a tailored solution to meet your exacting needs. Our aim is to ensure that the very best value equipment is supplied to our clients and that there business is setup with a paint facility that will ensure there final product as painted with the highest quality and lowest defects.

Truflow Spray Booths are installed Australia wide in a variety of industries including Aviation, Automotive repair, Industrial painting, Commercial Trucking and Cabinet Making.

The team at Truflow is dedicated to the highest quality products and servicing every spray painting industry no matter how large or how small the project may be. We care about our business and our customers business, that is what separates us from the pack and that is why Truflow Spray Booths has a solution for you.

With Decades Of Experience S& s Industries Spray Booth Won’t Let You Down

At S& S IndustriesSpraySafe , we understand that purchasing one of our spray and bake booths is an investment for your company. You can buy from us with confidence knowing that we have provided many clients with our services. We encourage potential customers to contact owners of our products to verify our dedication to quality workmanship. If you wish to speak to someone about purchasing one of our Zodiac booths in the Perth area, please ring us on 9274 6566 and speak to a member of our team. We are excited to work with you to create a great working space!

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Making The Switch To A Heat Recycling System

Youll need to get a permit before you add a heat system to your paint booth system. Adding a new heat system or converting an older model to a heat recycling system is a complex operation and should only be done by experienced professionals. If ready to make the switch to a better heat system, consider contacting Accudraft to find a licensed professional in your area. The conversion process is quick and easy, and within a couple of days, your new paint booth will be up and running.

Accudraft also has a number of new paint booths and paint booth accessories to help you get the most out of your operation. All of the paint booths are equipped with state-of-the-art heating systems that have been designed to increase productivity without putting too much of a strain on your energy expenses.

You may also want to consider adding a Variable Frequency Drive, or VFD, to your paint booth alongside your heat recycling system to further reduce the amount of money you spend on running your paint booths. Installing a VFD gives you the opportunity to regulate heat and energy expenditure more efficiently, and even has a number of different economy settings that can help you save a few thousands of dollars over the course of a year.

More Than Just Spray Booths Its About The Very Best Service And Backup

Spray Tech / Junair QADs Demonstration in the Bake Cycle of a Spray Booth

Brilliantly designed Australian Made Spray Booths might be most well known when you hear the Truflow name, however our services do not stop at spray booths only. We strongly believe in service maintenance and back up support. Which is why our ever expanding service team is ready to support our customers for the lifetime of there booth.

Truflow Spray Booths have continuously looked to innovation and customer service to ensure long term durability when designing the large range of Australian built spray booths. It is more clear today that Australians are more aware of their global impact and the running costs of their workshops as well as the OH& S implications of spray painting. TRUFLOW has worked to develop low emissions technology ensuring companies understand the ability to reduce their carbon footprint with new more economical, environmentally friendly heating systems, filtration and materials. We believe in building spray booths that are inexpensive to run and provide a cleaner painting solution.

TRUFLOW Spray Booths is the only Australian spray booth company to provide a complete service division. Truflow service and maintain all spray booths with scheduled servicing programs and quick response breakdown services.

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Spray & Bake Ideal For Paint Booth And Spray Booth Applications

AbsolutAires Spray & Bake direct-fired booth heating systems provide adequate, temperature-controlled ventilation during the spray process and then heat up the booth with high-temperature ventilation during the curing process. These systems can be fueled with either natural or LP gas and can accommodate 6,000 to 50,000 CFM for constant high or reduced airflow volumes.

The spray setting is meant for a high-volume of low-temperature ventilation ranging from 60 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. It is tested and excellent for operator safety. In the bake setting, high-temperature curing ventilated air helps speed drying and increases productivity. Circulation is maintained with 100% outside air or a combination of outside air and recirculated air, often at an 80/20 ratio.

But beyond the obvious need for air ventilation, AbsolutAires Spray & Bake systems are especially ideal for a number of other factors:

Low-Cost and Simple Installation

AbsolutAire makes it easy to incorporate a Spray & Bake model into your existing system. They come fully-assembled, pre-pied and wired, and with single-point connections for electricity and gas, simplifying set-up and startup. It only requires minimal adjustments for static pressure drops. Plus, they come in either upright or horizontal models and can be installed either indoors or out, depending on the layout of your building and the space you have.

Tested, Certified, and Under Warranty

High-Performance Spray & Bake Finishing Solutions

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