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Simple Bakery Order Template Download Free

Create a Supermarket Order Form for your Grocery business | Get started with ready-made template | This template is designed for the ease in work of bakery manufacturers. It has different attributes to mention. Like Avg. demand, Net profit, Quantity to bake, Shortage, Excess supply and Revenue. The format of this template is quite informative for the users and it also is very spacious so clarity is maintained in the template.

Why Do I Need An Online Form

With delivery services booming, you cant be left behind. Luckily, with Typeforms intuitive, customizable templates, dozens of question types and slick user experience, its easy to move online. Plus, payment is a breeze. Add a dedicated payment section and Calculator to your bakery order form and youre covered. Now its time to take those pre-orders, cut waste, and keep bellies full.

Wedding Cake Order Form

What is the sweetest moment in weddings? Of course the arrival of wedding cake! Consequently, a wedding cake that has peerless beauty and taste is always in demand. If you are a wedding cake baker and would like to accept online orders, this wedding cake order form template is perfect for you. With this wedding cake form, you can ask detailed questions to your clients about how their dream wedding cake looks like such as size, flavor, filling, tier etc. No need to search for another cake order sheet, this wedding cake order form template will cover your needs for sure!

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Benefits Of Cake Order Form Template

A cake order form template comes with a lot of benefits and advantages of being used. They not only help the cake and confectionary shop workers to receive cake orders from their customers but also make their work go in a smooth and peaceful manner. Also, the variety of designs on some cake order form templates bring some professionalism to the shop. You may visit Sales Order Templates.

Get This Cake Order Form Template And Benefit From These Perks

Baked Goods: Baked Goods Order Form
  • Create the order forms you need with our form builder
  • Keep track of all cake orders in a secure online repository
  • Process payments online using one or multiple payment gateways like PayPal
  • Add photos of your cake products to the order form
  • Embed your cake order form to your website and social media page

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How To Create A Basic Cake Order Form In Pdf

Every bakery and patisserie shops will have their own identity ranging from their color schemes, the occasion themes that they offer to their clients, as well as the variations of baked goods that they can serve to every client and customer. Due to this, there are also different types of cake order forms to make in order to ensure that the identity and the goal of the bakery will be met. However, before an intricately designed and complex order form will be made, the bakery should consider creating a basic document to have a building block and a template for their future order forms if they ever will prefer to make updates and changes. A basic cake order form template will have the essentials or the important fields which should always be present in the form to collect relevant information from the client. To begin creating a basic cake order form, the steps below must be followed:

Step 1: Prepare an empty document sheet to start with. In preparing the document sheet, the margins and the outlines to be followed should be incorporated. A cake order form in .PDF can be made using text and word processors, as well as photo-editing and creation software applications or tools.

Step 2: Make the header of the order form. The header is where the name of the bakery or the baking shop will be placed along with the logo of the shop and the title of the form. In addition, the contact information and the address of the shop can also be stated below the shops name.

How To Edit Your Bakery Order Form provides a great bakery order form template for your bakery shop. After adding your products into the product basket field, you can use the form as it is, or customize it to create a special online order form. The cake order form template comes with the necessary fields, such as contact information, delivery address, payment, and so forth. But if you need to add extra fields, you can easily do so on the edit page.

After selecting the bakery order form template, you will first find a product basket. Change the existing photos with the photos of your yummy pastries, add their names & descriptions, and lastly their prices. Now people will easily select the products they want and add them to the basket. When you review or adjust the remaining questions, your form is ready to collect orders.

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Bakery Order Form Template

Bakery Order Form Template

Bakery Order Form Template Overview

Bakery shops around the world give us completely amazing confectionery creations and warm breads that make life a little more delicious and inviting, but in order to deliver on their promises of deliciousness, they need to have clear, concise order forms for customers. Thats where our bakery order form template comes to the rescue. Cake shops looking for a simpler, easier to use order form will be delighted at options like our bakery cake order form template and other excel templates that let you make life easier for your customers.

Your customers form an impression of your business with each and everything they see in your shop. The order forms you give them to use for larger bakery orders will make a big impression on them, so you need to rely on our templates in order to give your business the professional, simple style and reputation youre striving for. If you have a more sophisticated bakery shop that is upscale, thats no problem either. You can easily use our more elaborate forms to customize your order forms in a way that reflects well on your business.

How to Use


Get Specific

When your customers come to you to order from your bakery, they often have a very specific order in mind, so you want order forms that allow them to get as specific as possible. When you download our templates, you can let your customers pick out:

  • Cake size
  • Add in flowers to accompany the cake
  • Specific colors

Some Tips

Bakery Dramatic Play Center In Preschool

FREE Adobe After Effects [ Baked Goods Menu ] Tutorial & Template

Bakery dramatic play center printables for pretend play in preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten.Do you struggle to find time to change out the props in the dramatic play center? These printable props will help you change up your dramatic play center into an adorable bakery thats packed with a ton of learning and fun!

Give your basic housekeeping or dramatic play center a makeover by adding a few simple props. Your preschool or pre-k students will love baking and serving pretend cookies, pies, cakes and muffins in their very own bakery!

Bakery is a fun theme to do any time during the year, but can be especially fun around the holidays. During the holidays, baking may be taking place in homes and children may be tasting lots of yummy holiday treats making this theme even more meaningful.

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Whats In A Bakery Order Form

Some bakery shop and pastry shop owners prefer to use a bakery order form that has varying colors and hues that defines their services and baked goods. However, regardless of the format and the customization that bakery owners will use for their forms, a bakery order form must have the following significant areas:

How To Design Your Online Bakery Order Form

A professional design will definitely affect peoples choices. With, you can customize your bakery order form in a matter of seconds. offers you free themes that you can easily choose for your form. While this will only take a second and allow you to have a wonderful design, you may also want to make detailed changes to your form. Luckily, provides powerful features for designing.

On the design menu, you will find numerous options, such as changing the color set, font, background, and more. By using these options, you can have a matching design with your brand logo or website. After finishing your design, hit the eye button and preview your form. This way, you will be able to see how it will look on other PCs and mobile devices.

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Cake Order Form Template

If you bake cakes and are looking to automate the selling process online, this cake order form template is for you. Youll have a complete overview of what cakes you will need to bake, where and when to deliver. Youll be able to customize the form the way you like it and connect it to one or more payment gateways like PayPal or Square to receive payments online. And thats not all! With 123 Form Builder, you can add price calculations and discounts on the total amount. Great, right? Moreover, you can publish the cake order form on your website or share it on social media. No coding is needed.

Walmart Bakery Cake Order Form Free Template

Bake Sale Order Form Template | This Walmart Bakery Cake Order Form is an ideal bakery order form which gives complete details about the bakery items. This form is divided into 4 parts namely Customer information, item/size, flavors, icing. And the details given are Name, order date, phone #, sheet cake, round cake, cupcake and cookie etc.

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Custom Order Form Baked Goods

How Can I Publish This Form

We provide many ways to get your bakery order form to where the customers are. For example, copy the generated code and paste it into the website of your bakery. Alternatively, send the form URL via email or messaging apps, or post it on the social media pages where you have fans. And because we provide only mobile-friendly templates, your customers will be able to order loaves of bread and muffins even from their phones.

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When Is A Cake Order Form Template Needed

Whenever a cake and confectionery shop has o take a lot of cake orders from a lot of customers and deliver each of the orders in correct time period, cake order forms are needed by the cake and confectionery shop workers and owners to avoid the turmoil and confusion. They serve as a big help in times of urgency for the shop workers.

Set Up Automated Client Intake Workflows In Minutes

Create Bakery Products Order Form for Online Bakery Business using Google Forms

First impressions are everything. Here’s an example of how to set yourlaw office up for success during the client intake process.

Linda fills out the contact form on your website, specifying she needs a divorce attorney.

Once the contact form is submitted, Linda receives an automated email containing information about next steps and what to expect during the client intake process. Her information is routed to the lawyer best suited for her case.

An email with Linda’s information is sent to a divorce attorney.

Once Scott reviews Linda’s initial request, he begins the intake workflow process by adding her to the new client form portal. Linda receives an email alerting her to new forms she needs to complete, including forms for emergency contacts, case details, and personal information.

Linda receives reminders about unfinished forms.

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Data is transferred to your most critical business systems.

Linda’s data is automatically sent to your most critical business systems every time she completes a form. This eliminates manual data entry for your staff and gives them more time to focus on other tasks.

Payment is secured.

A better way to create contracts.

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How Can I Sell My Cakes Online

The easiest way to sell your cakes and pastries would be to create an online order form with 123 Form Builder and share it with your customers through your website or social media page. You can start with a template and continue with the visual code-free editor . You can also add payment options to your cake order form and collect payments for each incoming order.

Transform Your Client Management

Using the right technology can help your law office become more efficient and improvethe client experience. Formstack provides powerful tools and a variety of featuresthat can help your office run smoothly so you can secure more clients.

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How Can I Edit This Cake Order Form Template

Once youve created an account and imported the form in the editor, you can drag and drop fields, customize the layout, and add your bakerys logo on the form. This way, not only does the form look better, but customers will trust it more when sending their orders. If you have photographs of your bakery goods, you can add them to the order form through a file upload. Other options include a payment summary, calculations, a discount system, personalized confirmation messages, and theme colors. However you want your cake order form to look, you can easily do it on 123 Form Builder.

Examples Of Cake Order Forms

21+ Bakery Order Templates

There are several different variations of cake order forms to fit every need and preferences of clients as well as the offers that a bakery can present. Below are some of the common examples used by bakeries and cake makers:

Bakery Cake Order Form Some bakeries specialize in making pieces of bread and pastries while there are some whose focus is to make cakes for their clients on different occasions and events. For these bakeries or bakery shops, a bakery cake order form is the perfect document to create and use. In this form, the client will be able to state his name, phone number, and pickup preferences. The name of the bakery staff who is taking the clients order will have to be indicated in the form as well. Then, the size of the cake, its filling, icing, flavor, color, writings, and decorations should be defined by the client in the form along with the indication of the celebrants gender and age category whether a male or a female, and a child or an adult.

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Top 5 Reasons To Invoice For Cake Order

When you take an order, it is an excellent practice to invoice your cake order for the following reasons.

  • You can document for financials for tax purposes.
  • Customer will get a bright idea about the work done.
  • It helps you to keep reminders and get paid.
  • You can also refer to document in future when you get bulk orders.
  • It projects you as a professional, and you can get more business.
  • What Can I Include In This Bakery Order Form

    You can include all of your baked goods such as cakes, muffins, and loaves of bread with pictures of how they look and their prices. Dont forget to ask for your customers contact details and delivery information. And, if you want to receive payments online, 123 Form Builder has got the payment integrations that will make it happen. Just have a look at our form integrations and pick the ones that work for you.

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    Sample Bakery Order Form Free Download

    Labeling | Home Bakery Business Tips (How to Label Your Baked Goods)

    PDF Template for Bakery Cake Order Form Download | This is basically a sample of a Bakery order form. It has fields such as Customer Name, Customer phone #, Date Order Taken, Order Taken by, Date order is picked and Total amount of order.Lower down it has a separate block of information about the order.

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